A Super Attractor Tip for Practicing Patience

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OMG… Super Attractor has been out for a week!

I’m so excited for this book to be out in the world.

It’s been a long time coming.

I planned to write this book years ago, but I had some healing to do first.

I had to be patient

I’ve talked (and written) about how I had a severe panic attack during a yoga class in 2015. While it was terrifying at the time, it was the catalyst for receiving divine guidance. After meditating one day, I started free-writing in my journal and wrote the words, “This is your resistance to love and freedom.”

I take spiritual guidance very seriously. I knew I had to transform my fear to faith.

Tweet: When you’re patient, you clear space for the energy of the Universe to support you in ways you cannot imagine. @gabbybernstein #superattractor

Trusting in the timing of the Universe showed me just how powerful patience is.

For instance, it took me three years to conceive my son, Oliver, but as soon as I became patient and strengthened my faith, I relaxed. I now know that he arrived at the perfect time.

Super Attractor also arrived at the perfect time. I wrote this book when I was ready to teach methods for manifesting… and now it’s your turn to practice them.

One thing I want you to know: Trust that you’ve been guided to Super Attractor for a reason. Maybe you’ve read all my books, or maybe this one will be your first. It doesn’t matter. If you feel the call, this book is for you. You’re ready.

Super Attractor will help you to understand the importance of living in alignment with the Universe every day.

I want to give you a tip from Super Attractor you can use now, whether you’ve started the book or not. This is a tool for practicing patience.

How to be patient

When I'm patient, I let the Universe do for me what I cannot do for myself | Gabby Bernstein | Super AttractorIs there something you feel impatient about? Maybe you want to resolve a problem fast or you’ve been rushing a new relationship. Or maybe you’re eager to read Super Attractor and put all the methods into practice so you can see results ASAP.

The idea of being patient when you really want something (even if you’ve released the outcome) can seem impossible at times. But patience is key to manifesting, and by committing to use the prayer below you’ll find that it gets easier all the time.

Practice patience to manifest what you want

Patience implies you know that what you desire is on the way. When you’re patient, you let the Universe do for you what you cannot do for yourself. You clear space for the energy of the Universe to support you in ways you cannot imagine. Practice patience and allow.

A prayer for patience

Here’s a prayer for patience from chapter 8 of the book. Use it in whatever area of life you feel impatient.

I lean in to the inspiration of my desires and I know it’s enough to lead me toward what is of the highest good. I surrender this desire to the Universe and I know I’m being guided.

Patient people give off an energy of expansion, peace, and grace. That vibrational frequency is exactly what the Universe responds to.

When you practice the methods in Super Attractor, you’ll be able to watch with patience as the amazing gifts of your creation naturally come into form. You can admire the work and the timing of the Universe. If you let go and allow, you’ll be in awe of what transpires.

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This is the easiest way to get started on your Super Attractor journey.

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It’s easy to be patient when you have faith

I feel my way into faith one step at a time | Gabby Bernstein | Super AttractorWhen you trust that the Universe has a plan better than your own, patience comes naturally. In Super Attractor I open up about my own spiritual beliefs, but yours don’t have to be the same as mine! My mission is to help crack you open to a spiritual relationship of your own understanding.

When we believe in a higher power we can stop worrying, controlling, and obsessing over the how, when, or why. We can get out of the way and allow spirit to guide us. We can let others help us, let intuition flow and create from a place of inspiration.

Believing in spiritual guidance gives us certainty and the freedom to keep dreaming even when we can’t yet see the result. If you’re waiting for a result, it’s spirit that gives you peace in the interim. When what you desire feels far from reach, it’s spirit that gives you direction and the inspiration to move forward.

Spirit gives you patience. So allow yourself to feel your way into faith one step at a time, trusting that you are a Super Attractor.

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  1. I have had two suicide attempts and ended up on life support. And, I am now reading Super Attractor. As soon as I started, my right ear began ringing and rings very loud while I read it. This has never happened before. The beginning was easy. Now, 10 months into the pandemic, I’m having difficulty practicing staying in connection with this higher level of thinking and vibration. I have not yet heard from my Guardian Angel and miracles are not happening. I am not hearing the still quiet voice of God or Jesus Christ. I read the book, meditate and pray. Nothing is happening. Why am I stuck? How can I find guidance from my Higher Power or my guardian angel when I’m not hearing them or receiving signs. I am lonely, living in a City I dislike and need new opportunities for me. I want to move back to my home town, find love, find new job opportunities and connect with others. I feed the homeless, I give gifts to children in my complex and I try to interact with love with others I encounter. Nothing is happening. I’m discouraged. Can you or someone on your team help me? I still hear the ringing in my right ear so I have hope. Thank you.

    1. Hi Catherine,

      First, I want to honor you for doing all you can to show up yourself. It takes courage and strength to seek support and stay committed to your healing/recovery.

      You’re doing all that you can to connect to your Higher Power, but so far nothing is happening. Often when this happens, it’s a sign that our expectations are interfering. When you call on spirit, release your expectations and surrender the outcome. Try to remind yourself that your prayers are absolutely being heard and that the universe will deliver at the right and perfect time.

      Here are some additional posts and practices that you might find helpful:

      Also, here are some additional ways to connect to spirit:

      You’re always being guided and protected– we just need to surrender and create the space for the sign/guidance to come through.

      Finally, if you’re not already doing so, we would recommend seeing a therapist, during these challenging times. This is a wonderful action in self-care. Gabby shares that she would not be where she is right now if it weren’t for her therapist.


  2. Sometimes it’s so hard to trust, allow and be patient. Especially now, with Covid, not having a job for one year, dealing with a chronic illness, and being single and living alone. Plus, I’ve been working really hard to get healthy, date (socially distanced) and get a job and it often feels as if I’m not getting anywhere. Oh, and I struggle with ADD symptoms on top of all that, which makes being patient even harder.
    But still, I’m trying and learning. Your work is helping me feel a bit better, so I’m very grateful for that

  3. Hi
    I’m reading the “universe has your back”. This book is the most beautiful book I ever read. I’m in love with it!❤️
    As you say, I’m so excited for what I’m learning. I can’t stop reading it.
    I think that I need to practice paciente…
    As I finish it I’ll read this one
    Thank you for your books, your meditations , your videos, your blog…
    Thank you for your love!
    I’m so grateful for your presence in my live. I’m sure it was the universe that put you in my jouney
    P.S. Sorry for my english

  4. Hi Gabby- I was lucky enough to speak with you on Dear Gabby 2 weeks ago. I have been meditating and tapping since- I had really been struggling with patience and still am – looking for an outcome of a job opportunity- my concern is taking care of me & my girls and not knowing what will happen next if I do not receive a job / income soon. I trust the universe yet find myself in a place of uneasiness. Thank you for this prayer and all your content that keeps me on my journey. Xoxo Deirdre
    (a single mom doing her best)

    1. Deirdre, it sounds like you are doing all that you can to care for yourself and your family. Amazing. Here are some tips to help you weaken your fear and strengthen your faith: /strengthen-faith-weaken-fear/. Keep letting the universe know what you desire and surrender the outcome.

  5. I am working with your awe inspiring book The Universe has your Back. I already purchased Super Attractor. I am looking forward to starting it. Work I’m doing with Universe has your Back feels more like a beautiful creation.
    Thank you for sharing your gifts with the world!!!!

  6. I believe in the universe very much so I know what it can do, over year ago I asked the universe to help me get thru the death of my 53 year old daughter and few months later a old classmate from high school got in touch with me he had lost his wife to cancer we have been talking for a year now we are there for each other just being patient and letting the universe do it’s thing has helped both of us we are in different states but we email and talk to each other the emails are every day so just be patient it works. Thank you for your books I reread the super attractor when I feel upset and say a prayer it helps again thank you.

    1. I’m deeply sorry for your loss, Karen. But I’m glad to hear that Super Attractor resonates with you and that you’ve experienced this miracle moment. May you experience many more blessing! xoxo

  7. I mean could this come at a better time.. It’s not like I am new to all this but for some reasons reading your content always gives me the calm that need, the reassurance that I craves and centers me back to my knowing. This week has been rather challenging, from being almost due to some financial hiccups, I found myself going in circle trying to control when it will all happen but reading this was so soothing and helped me ground myself back. Thank you so much Gabby, you are A M A Z I N G 🙂

  8. Thank you for all you do Gabby
    Your book Super Attractor was amazing and eye opening
    It has made me see my life in a whole new light

  9. Thank you for making me see things differently and guiding us to have the best life we are meant to have 🙂 I have a question for you… how can you manage to have patience and have faith when you have been jobless for a year and need to pay your debts and unfortunately no jobs in the foreseen future due to corona? I always trusted but now I’m becoming impatient (for obvious reasons).. what would u suggest to someone that feels is loosing her battle (I got your book now so will read it and hopefully be enlightened)

  10. Thank you for all you guidance Gaby! I am recently making the biggest move to give up my career as a lawyer as I feel like I have a calling to do some sort of spiritual work. This sounds crazy but that feeling is so strong! I don’t know what and where I am going but I am using your tools to surrender and patient. It’s scary but I am excited xxx

  11. I am thoroughly enjoying the book “Super Attractor.” I have also enjoyed reading the universe has your back that was given to me by a friend. I in turn purchased a copy of your latest book for myself and the friend that purchased your other book for me. I am also writing a book of my own. The super attractor came out at a time that I really needed it. I just had shoulder surgery and I’m a nurse out of work for eight weeks. So this gives me the time to work on myself. I thank you. Very grateful for your wise words. Much thanks, love and light, Ally Sabourin ~ Boise Idaho

  12. Dear Gabby, Thank you awesome.
    I agree with met Susan Klein. Thank you!
    I always think of possibilities to break through into success instead of worries. And I always fall back in again, as soon as I have the feeling to continue, I feel the joy and yet. This year was also a sad year with a lot of dows. But I continue to believe that ‘someday’ will be fine. The disadvantage of being patient is that ‘my happy time’ is always very short, not long. Luckily I am getting older, but with things that are always disappointing, things get a bit off.
    I let it go. I continue with the hope that it is still on time that I can continue to make dreams come true.
    Thx. again

  13. This couldn’t have come at a better time! I had doubts that I was ready for it but going to give it a go. Aligning with positivity alone will be beneficial xo

  14. Wowww…..

    When we believe in a higher power we can stop worrying, controlling, and obsessing over the how, when, or why. We can get out of the way and allow Spirit to guide us.

    I would love to have the book.

  15. I think this is a beautiful way to describe patience. It takes the “sting” out of it. My problem is: that I don’t always believe that what I want is actually going to come. I have doubt – not in that I want it, but that the Universe supports it too. I wonder if, because I’ve already waited for so long, if it’s really in the cards for me.

    1. Susan, I truly understand this feeling and I know it can be a very difficult one. The Universe supports you, and you will be given exactly what you need even if it doesn’t look like what you want. When there is a holdup, say “Thank you.” Stay aligned, find joy no matter what and trust that it’s working out. I know that can be the hardest thing sometimes. The hardest. But it also brings a lot of relief. You’ll open the doors for support to flow in. Right now your work is to surrender and pray for the highest good. Turn over your desire daily. It may be a moment to moment gig at times and that’s okay – that can actually be quite beautiful because it grounds you in the present. If you want more guidance, these other posts may help you along the way (links below). I’m sending you a lot of love.


  16. i want to surrender, i do the deed but the next morning im high on anxiety and fearful of everything in my path. i really think this means slow down but its like i have only 2 speeds,
    balls out or stop and grow roots.
    my whole life i have been trying to find a balance, do things in moderation, to not project or let someone else’s projection affect me.

    i have never been a patient person. i honestly think sometimes my anxiety is so high that i’m going to give myself a heart attack .

    God help me, give me the path i have always wished for. balance, moderation, spirituality trusting in you. Please don’t give up on me.

    1. Kellee, my anxiety reached a new level this year and it led me to one of the best decisions I’ve ever made, which was to seek help from a therapist and psychiatrist. I firmly believe that spirit works through people, and I encourage you to seek out someone who can help you manage your anxiety. You followed guidance here to this post and I’m here to tell you that you don’t have to do this alone.

      One tip I want to give you when your anxiety rises in the moment is to practice a breathing technique. Inhale for a count of 4, hold for 4, exhale for 4, hold for 4. Repeat 3 to 5 times. Commit to this and it will help you get grounded.

  17. Im so scared I’m not doing enough. I want to take my life and follow in your guidance because I believe in everything you say.
    But i am stuck in this world I made after my mom died, broke my shoulder and arm shattered,
    stuck in bed with pain medication and I have just had an MRI and discovered that my neck is completely without stability and aggression disc degenerated disease and arthritic all though my back. I wake up with tears and a hopeless feeling. I have been stuck like this for 5 years. I abused alcohol to the point of blacking out because I don’t want to feel like this anymore. I have no friends my husband is drifting away because he says i am making all this up in my mind. I am going to a psychiatrist but Im such a good actress, I can hide how i really feel. I just spent money I dont have to start an affiliate marketing company and I am now so overwhelmed and in so much fear that i will lose all this money 20k. It has been 3 months and the company that i gave all this money to made claimed that with this package i would recover the money within this 3 months. I haven’t sold a thing. Watching you tube has now made me stifled because 70% of the people that try this fail because they dont have the money to keep putting it into the business.
    most don’t see a profit for a year. I wanted to be able to contribute to our family money needs because we live only on my husbands paycheck since i have gone into this depression. Im afraid to visit my dad because im afraid to leave my house. I need a miracle.

    1. Kellee, I encourage you to open up to your psychiatrist or therapist. A Course in Miracles says, “The miracle comes quietly.” Consider this your miracle. You left this comment. You are asking for help. It’s available to you — and now it’s up to you to accept it. I know that when we are in the darkest hours of life it can be hard to imagine the light, but the light is there. Help is there. And if you don’t feel like you can open up to your doctor, I strongly encourage you to call a helpline such as the SAMHSA helpline – https://www.samhsa.gov/find-help/national-helpline. The number is 1-800-662-4357. It’s free and open 24/7. And if you think you may hurt yourself, please seek emergency help immediately. You can go to the nearest emergency room or call the National Suicide Prevention lifeline at 1-800-273-8255. Also available 24/7. I’m holding you in my prayers. Better days are ahead.

    1. Thanks for sharing here Hannah! I hope our publishers get it there very soon! In the meantime, I hope you can enjoy the audiobook. Stay tuned! XOX

  18. I am hoping to come to your book signing in LA! I’m just working a few thing out here in Vancouver to clear my schedule. I have definitely been patient manifesting my goals but it’s starting to wear off now! I need some guidance! <3

    1. Keep coming back to your spiritual tools Susan! I hope you can join us in LA. Sending big hugs. XOX

  19. “Patience. Patience. Patience.” That is exactly what my grandmother would always say. Never just once, but always in threes. Last week was the six year anniversary of her death. This week, patience has been highlighted more times than I can count. Often me being the one to share this great advice. Your post confirms that my grandmother is reaching out to me, letting me know that she is never far away. It is through patience that I can be with her once again. — You were right, your book called to me. Now I know why. I am a Super Attractor in the making! Thank you, Gabby! Feeling inspired.

  20. Thank you Gabby for all of your works but especially Super Attractor! Every time I read a something that gives me deep down feels I throw the book in excitement! I have thrown the book so many times I may have to get another one lol. Thank you for sharing and spreading a love that feels so accessible and intentional that I can never doubt that I am worthy of it.

  21. Thank you.
    I have my home up for sale, not because I want to but because I have to, but I have embraced the next adventure and am eager to start on my journey.
    It’s been hard to keep waiting, and trusting that my money will last till it sells.
    Thank you for the blog, and the prayer. It helps.

  22. Ordered the audio book. It for some reason called to me. I have been listening closely and am so hungry to learn more. Then ordered the hardback too. I want to feel it in my hands to be able to highlight, label and refer to often. Today your journal came So excited to begin this journey and really practice patience and appreciation.
    Thank you for making this available to me

  23. Thank you for this post, Gabby! After I read this, I looked up at the clock on my computer and it was 11:11. I give myself permission to stop trying to figure things out, let go and let God.

  24. Thank You!!! This was just what I needed. My biggest prayer is for patience. I don’t when I learned to not be patient, but I notice when I am not patient I do not feel positive and loving. I can’t wait to start the book, today!

  25. Hi Gabby thank you for this enlightening lesson. Can I ask how to apply it to my situation, which is hairloss? I want to believe that the universe has my back on this and won’t let me lose my hair – as a female it is extremely important to me. I am exceedingly patient, I think, but when the situation gets worse I am afraid as I can’t seem to control it – even with the most rigid diet. I continue with prayer every day and I hope that my prayers will be answered. I guess believing that you will be answered is part of the patience, but I don’t know how to trust in outcomes for this. Obviously I want a particular outcome! Thank you – and many congratulations on the success of your Super Attractor book. Ann

    1. Hi Ann – Thank you for sharing here so honestly. Hair loss can be extremely difficult. I don’t know what the answer will be for you, but I know that if you pray for guidance you will receive it. You may be led to a friend or doctor who can help you. You may be led to surrender, to a deeper spiritual relationship or in a very different direction you couldn’t have anticipated.

      It’s okay to have a desire. Turn it over to the care of the Universe as best you can, and tend to your energy. Do everything you can to feel good, and be very compassionate with yourself as you experience the full range of emotions. You ARE being guided. You ARE supported. xo

      1. Thanks Gabby it means so much to have your reply. I am determined to get through this illness but sometimes I get afraid and fall down. But I pick myself up by watching some of your teachings and other inspirational people. I always feel I’m supposed to learn something from difficult situations and I look to see what the message is and how I can make improvements in myself, or in my society by highlighting the need for medical improvements, for example. Trusting is difficult but I recently visited my ‘resistance to love’ which has given me a different perspective already and I am sure this will help my hair! With love from Ann

  26. I felt the beauty of letting go recently; while I was meditating I was struggling to breathe deeply. Then, it dawned on me that I was feeling frustrated by the breathing exercise which is the opposite of what I wanted to feel. As soon as I realized the real purpose and let go of my desire to meditate “properly,” my breathing calmed down and I was instantly at a different place. Thank you for reminding me the beautiful experience of letting go through this post, Gabby.

  27. Dear Gabby, the gift of your prayer for patience has come at the exact right time. Thank you. I felt the anxiety and stress disolve away as I let go the panic and melted into trust.
    Your audio taster for your book is inspiring and I feel re aligned again just from listening to your calm and clear explanation of the chapters in your book. My Gratitude and appreciation for your work.
    Kind Regards
    Jennifer Scott McDiarmid

  28. Thank you Gabby- for you! For all that you are in this world. ❤️ I believe The Universe guided me to you this spring, a time in my life when I was going through some really tough times. I borrowed your book The Universe Has your Back from the library and I couldn’t put it down. It gave me faith and hope and guidance that everything would be ok.
    Super Attractor arrives tomorrow and I feel like a kid at Christmas – I can not wait to read it! I appreciate all the emails and prayers and meditation you offer. You are a bright light in my life for which I an very grateful.

    1. Thank you for your beautiful share Renée. Grateful this work continues to empower and encourage you. So excited for you to get your copy of Super Attractor.

  29. Thank you so much for your mission and message Gabby, I valued your blog as I struggle with patience sometimes. Your techniques are already working; I have manifested money and astonishingly favourable outcomes that were definitely no coincidence by practising your tips from ‘The Universe Has Your Back’. Interestingly, when I knew in my head that I could have what I desired, but still felt a teeny bit of uncertainty about whether it would actually be manifested, I allowed the doubt, stopped focusing on it, and what I wanted manifested for me anyway! Just sharing that to help others not feel guilty if they don’t feel 100% certain about an outcome. I’ve just downloaded your new audiobook, so am looking forward to it. Sending love and blessings, Emma

    1. Emma, it’s important to get clear and communicate your dreams and desires to the Universe. And with that clarity, fully surrendering the outcome, meaning that you’re open to the greatest possible outcome. While you leave the details up to the Universe, it’s vital that you continue to take aligned action to move towards your desires. When taking aligned action and trusting the Universe, you’ll move forward in flow.

  30. Beautiful words I need to hear on repeat all the day through! Got the book coming soon, audible version downloaded, and will be at the Sacramento part of your tour. You change lives, Gabby. Thank you for your transparency! I’m currently trying to rebuild from one traumatic year…and once again, I will rely on the principles you teach and my faith to forge a healing path.

    Bless you on this upcoming book tour which you’ve worked so hard for!

    1. Beautiful Lindee! Continue to use these tools and be gentle and patient with your process. Sending you big hugs. XOX

  31. Gabby, it’s so weird how you seem to know exactly what I need. You have no idea how timely this is for me… it’s as if you are speaking to me, right now, as my life is in disarray. I am trying to be patient and trying to let the universe give me what I need. Your words resonate and I than you for all that you are giving me. I am filled with gratitude.

  32. I needed to hear this today. Your words are like a prayer.. they help me pray more effectively. Thank you for shining a light

  33. Reading this was such a “Light Bulb Moment” for me. Reminding me of almost 13 years ago when my husband and I were trying to have our third child. I kept having miscarriages. After the third miscarriage, feeling totally broken I asked God to tell me if I was supposed to try again or be happy with the two healthy children I already had. I totally surrendered to the answer. I prayed everyday, Please God just show me a sign, I will accept the answer whatever it is. While I waited for the answer I felt at peace. Surprisingly I got my answer pretty quickly. In the following years, I have forgotten/blocked that powerful message of surrender and patience.

    Thank you for reminding me! I have just started reading Super Attractor and already feel a shift happening inside myself. I know that I was destined to read your book and definitely at this time! I am new to your books, just found you from Hay House which I just joined.

    1. Welcome! And thank you for your beautiful share Karin. Showing up here sends a beautiful message to the Universe that you’re ready to make some shifts!

  34. Hi Gabby! Thank you for sharing this. It is exactly what I require at this current moment. I have been looking forward to receiving the pre-ordered copy of Super Attractor which is on the way now. I am looking forward to not merely reading it but studying and most importantly applying the techniques. Thank you Gabby!

      1. My copy of Super Attractor arrived today! I know this book is meant to be in my hands. I remember back in 2017, I was sat on a packed coach next to a man I’d never met before. I looked down at the book he was reading and thought, ‘wow this looks great, The Universe has your back by Gabrielle Bernstein’ and instantly I knew it was a sign and got my own copy. So Gabby, the universe literally introduced me to you aha. I am so ready to get stuck into Super Attractor – thank you for this beautiful book!

  35. Thank you for this book. I have been on a journey for the past 3 or so years to find – the life I was meant to have! And the Universe has lead me along a lot of “new” paths that I have not expected. LIKE THIS!! It took about a year for me to wrap my mind around all this new enlightenment that is coming my way. I could go on and on about how I dabbled as a teen but was told it was sorcery. Wish I had listed to my inner spirit instead of the naysayers. However, I forgot I ordered this book. It is my first by you and I am so excited to get started on more of my journey into enlightenment and knowing that I have been getting guidance just like I thought! Let the adventures begin…..

  36. Thank you Gabby for sharing your wisdom with us. I am enjoying all your blog posts about #superattractor . I feel sooooo ready to practice the tools for patience and manifesting for the highest good of all.

  37. Gabby,
    I have been reading your post and blogs and go to your website. It has helped a lot. In just two years I lost my parents, and then had health issues myself, and then they let me go at work 5 days before Christmas because of my health, they didn’t say that they said my position was eliminated then hired someone else.. I then had a quad bypass, and a cancer in mu colin which they removed and a Umbillical hurniea. I have P.A D in my legs and kidney stones and a couple aneurisms.
    So I have been really depressed and I have not been able to work since Dec 20 th 2018. I am about to lose my hose and all I own . I have been denied 2 times for disability.
    I cant get you book now , but I wanted to thank you for you post blogs and website and all that comes my my way.
    Your a blessing.
    Thank you Chris Shinabarger
    863 273 7927

  38. I am halfway through the book Gabby and, wow! I finally understand the concept of surrender and find myself trusting that all will transpire in the right time. Already little miracles are occurring daily and the best part, I notice every one of them. Can’t wait to write you again to tell of how my life has changed. Thank you! Holly

  39. Thank you so much for this Blog for your book – they have arrived at a perfect time for me to open and stand patiently in my greatness. The tools already are working so amazingly on opening myself to trust, faith and patience.
    Thank so, so, much
    MC George

  40. Gabby I am really struggling with patience I have finished your audio book on the universe has your back and super attractor and I absolutely love it I feel myself moving into a spiritual space and I am feeling a lot more relaxed…. I do have a question I have lived with a fear based story of being broke because I was infact been broke and without a job and a home before, recently I changed jobs, I actually have so many questions but the one thing that bothers me WHY now that I am on spiritual path and trying to better my life WHY am I in a very serious financial struggle at this moment what is happening and why does my finances feel so out of reach??

  41. Thank you again for the way you answered my question about knowing the difference between being patient and playing small. You replied, “You know. You know. Have faith and you’ll know.” (Or something to that tune. That’s how I remember it.) Mmmmm. Thank you, because I do know. And my faith in my timing is all part of my process… and, as you also reminded me, “to have fun along the way.” ✨

  42. Thank you for being a vessel of God. This book is so amazing. I’m listening to the audible, reading the book, and just ordered the journal. I am going to marinate on this teaching, so I can tap into the Super Attractor that I am. This couldn’t have come at a better time. I am ready to be FREE. I’ve been through extreme trauma and tired of giving purpose to the pain, any longer. It has kept me stuck in fear. I’ve been operating in fear all my life, due to the trauma, but not any longer, because you have provided the tools needed for me to be set free. I am a Social Worker and have overcome major obstacles. There’s a purpose bigger than I can imagine and I’m ready to serve in a higher capacity. The time is now. thank you very much for your inspired action

  43. Hi Gaby & team,
    Happy Monday ! I just finished The Universe has your back and got my physical and Audio copy of super atractor I was curios if you have the prayers and or meditations in workbook format or download version to print?

  44. I’ve been doing so much inner work that sometimes it feels exhausting. My mind is so overloaded from responding to turbulent external conditions that trying to remember to be mindful and turn things over to Spirit and do a meditation, etc. feels like even more work, on top of just getting through each experience.

    But I’ve found that, at the end of every night, as I’m lying in bed, more and more in my last moments before drifting off to sleep, I find myself telling my guides, “Just hold me. I can’t figure out the rest right now, but just hold me.” And reaching that state of surrender and learning to trust have been so huge, and have made such a big difference for me. I think it leaves room for them to answer prayers I haven’t even found the words for yet.

    I’m really opening up to love in a way that I haven’t been able to since I was a child, and that is what fuels my ability to practice patience. Because PTSD doesn’t allow us to understand that we are not in crisis at every moment, but that connection to love is the one thing that has helped me quiet that crisis response and surrender to patience.

    So, thank you for the guidance, Gabby. You’ve made a really big difference in my life, and I am so grateful.

  45. Hello dear soul,

    I am on Chap 6 of Super Attractor. Learning so much and feeling the healing. I am struggling lately. Patience with my anxiety driven husband has pulled me down. Also dealing with an old wound that surfaced in Therapy last week. So your whole spirit led thought around patience helps me so much. I am ordering audible today so I can have your angel of a voice with me everywhere.

    I live in deep east Texas. You are 2 hours away and yet I did not purchase a ticket and I am supposedly not going. I say it that way as I wonder if God will still get my attention and make it happen. I ask him again to guide me as to whether I am to be there.

    In any event, I will be with you in Spirit on Sunday. Sending you BIG love,
    back ❤️

  46. Gabby your book is the answer to my prayers. Over a year ago I did not know about you. My prayer was I wanted to attract more into my life. Now you have this book out that we all live called Super Attractor. Also I am feeling really good. Your the best.

  47. Thank you Gabby!

    I just found you yesterday through watching your interview with Marie Forleo. I believe you are a timely find and am thankful for the years of work that have set you up to bring truth and light to people like me today!

  48. Patience is not one of my virtues lol. But I have been trying to cultivate it because of your teachings. I’m slowly going through Super Attractor, though I feel that one of the reasons why I’m so slow in going through it is because my ego is fighting against it.

  49. Your message is so timely. I have applied to several jobs and I am in a holding pattern, waiting for my new opportunity. I realize that patience is a key spiritual lesson at this time in my life. I missed a call today and they did not leave a message but I trust in the Universe that they will call back, and that I am being guided, for the highest good of all. I have bought the book, Super Attractor, and have started to read it (also read the Universe has your back). Good luck at the upcoming Hay House event! Take care Gabby.

    1. This is beautiful Karen! I’m excited for you to dive into Super Attractor and for your journey ahead. <3

  50. Thank you Gabby, for spreading Love, Compassion and Joy.
    Super Attractor is another blessing; I am proud to shine with you, as a Leader of Light.
    Big or small, we all have a corner of the world that we can transform.
    Love and Peace from Canada 🙂

  51. I am reading- the universe has your back right now and this is how I learned about you Gabby…you changed my life and the first book is not even finished!! I ordered the super attractor and I can’t wait to read it!! I am following so many of your meditations ♥️♥️thank you!!!

    1. Grateful this work found you Maguy. Continue to trust in the guidance you receive and expect miracles. ✨

  52. I really needed to hear this, I have been feeling very impatient. My faith has been renewed and strengthened thank you Gabby

  53. The Universe knew I needed to read this today. I semi feel I am having an anxiety attack because I want what I’m manifesting so bad. Thank you!

  54. Gabby,

    The book is amazing! I got the hard copy AND the Audible version, so I can listen when I am working on my art, then go back and read and take notes on the hard copy!! So much of what you have written resonates with me and I am excited to have these tools!! Many blessings to you and thank you for the work that you do!! XO

  55. Thank you. In careful steps maybe I’ll be a Super Attractor for Halloween! I love that holiday. Each day I can prepare my gait, my costume, my voice, and my energy, to enjoy divine spooky! Ha ha ha. Halloween can seem like a holiday when without a date or love it is lonely. Fall in love in fall. I guess it could be as easy as a leaf from the tree. One being meets the other being and it all just flows. Possible. I’m just working out of that being single slump in mind and posture. Pretty scary when you give up on your dream whether it’s Halloween or not. Thank you.

    1. Hi Maude! I’m excited for you to dive into Super Attractor and use the tools to tap into your inner magnificence! Let’s keep those creative dreams alive!

  56. Dear Gabby!
    Thank you so much
    That hint came just in the right time!
    May you have a Life that reflects the GRANDNESS THAT YOU ARE⚘
    Love and Blessings

  57. Hi Gabby,
    I have been obsessively checking my email every 2 minutes all morning, impatiently looking for a reply. Your email showed up instead at the perfect time. I feel I can put my phone down, pray and trust in divine timing of the resolution of a relationship. I attended your book launch and am so excited and grateful for the opportunity to learn patience and allowing.

    1. Gorgeous Julie. Continue to tap into that inner guidance and trust. You’re doing great work! XOX

  58. I cannot wait to read this book! I am finishing a few first, but then this one will be top on my list. This will be my first book by you Gabby, bit I know I am meant to read it. Thank you for sharing your journey with the world.

      1. Hi Gabby, I have watched your NY book tour! Thank you for sharing! I’m truly looking forward to receiving your book here in Japan too!

        Sayuri xxx

  59. I release my contraction and worry, knowing I am here to create. I open my arms to the opportunities Spirit is sending my way with divine timing to help me bring my creations into being and into the hands and hearts of those who will benefit from them most.

  60. Thank you Gabby for the inspiration. I have funny story related to what you are sharing here: I wanted to buy your book Super Attractor for some times now. But I promised myself to finish another book first. It is very hard for me to be patient even more when I want to learn something from a book I can have right away. Anyway, I was like, I will be patient and the book will come to me at the perfect timing. Yesterday night I was chatting with a friend and he asked me what was my mailing address because he got me a signed copy of your new book! He is sending it to me today! Thank you for inspiring us!

  61. This post helped me so much today! I received a new job offer that came to me I didn’t go to it! It was for more money and my current job countered. Today I have to make the decision, but need patience for confirmation from God. In addition, I had a terrible break up and have been anxious about speaking to this person. I surrender it all here today. I did purchase the book and will begin reading soon. Oh how divine was this post to wake up to today. Thank you Gabby! I’ve bought all of your books. Keep them comin’ Spiritual sister.

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