A Super Attractor Tip for Practicing Patience

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OMG… Super Attractor has been out for a week!

I’m so excited for this book to be out in the world.

It’s been a long time coming.

I planned to write this book years ago, but I had some healing to do first.

I had to be patient

I’ve talked (and written) about how I had a severe panic attack during a yoga class in 2015. While it was terrifying at the time, it was the catalyst for receiving divine guidance. After meditating one day, I started free-writing in my journal and wrote the words, “This is your resistance to love and freedom.”

I take spiritual guidance very seriously. I knew I had to transform my fear to faith.

Tweet: When you’re patient, you clear space for the energy of the Universe to support you in ways you cannot imagine. @gabbybernstein #superattractor

Trusting in the timing of the Universe showed me just how powerful patience is.

For instance, it took me three years to conceive my son, Oliver, but as soon as I became patient and strengthened my faith, I relaxed. I now know that he arrived at the perfect time.

Super Attractor also arrived at the perfect time. I wrote this book when I was ready to teach methods for manifesting… and now it’s your turn to practice them.

One thing I want you to know: Trust that you’ve been guided to Super Attractor for a reason. Maybe you’ve read all my books, or maybe this one will be your first. It doesn’t matter. If you feel the call, this book is for you. You’re ready.

Super Attractor will help you to understand the importance of living in alignment with the Universe every day.

I want to give you a tip from Super Attractor you can use now, whether you’ve started the book or not. This is a tool for practicing patience.

How to be patient

When I'm patient, I let the Universe do for me what I cannot do for myself | Gabby Bernstein | Super AttractorIs there something you feel impatient about? Maybe you want to resolve a problem fast or you’ve been rushing a new relationship. Or maybe you’re eager to read Super Attractor and put all the methods into practice so you can see results ASAP.

The idea of being patient when you really want something (even if you’ve released the outcome) can seem impossible at times. But patience is key to manifesting, and by committing to use the prayer below you’ll find that it gets easier all the time.

Practice patience to manifest what you want

Patience implies you know that what you desire is on the way. When you’re patient, you let the Universe do for you what you cannot do for yourself. You clear space for the energy of the Universe to support you in ways you cannot imagine. Practice patience and allow.

A prayer for patience

Here’s a prayer for patience from chapter 8 of the book. Use it in whatever area of life you feel impatient.

I lean in to the inspiration of my desires and I know it’s enough to lead me toward what is of the highest good. I surrender this desire to the Universe and I know I’m being guided.

Patient people give off an energy of expansion, peace, and grace. That vibrational frequency is exactly what the Universe responds to.

When you practice the methods in Super Attractor, you’ll be able to watch with patience as the amazing gifts of your creation naturally come into form. You can admire the work and the timing of the Universe. If you let go and allow, you’ll be in awe of what transpires.

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It’s easy to be patient when you have faith

I feel my way into faith one step at a time | Gabby Bernstein | Super AttractorWhen you trust that the Universe has a plan better than your own, patience comes naturally. In Super Attractor I open up about my own spiritual beliefs, but yours don’t have to be the same as mine! My mission is to help crack you open to a spiritual relationship of your own understanding.

When we believe in a higher power we can stop worrying, controlling, and obsessing over the how, when, or why. We can get out of the way and allow spirit to guide us. We can let others help us, let intuition flow and create from a place of inspiration.

Believing in spiritual guidance gives us certainty and the freedom to keep dreaming even when we can’t yet see the result. If you’re waiting for a result, it’s spirit that gives you peace in the interim. When what you desire feels far from reach, it’s spirit that gives you direction and the inspiration to move forward.

Spirit gives you patience. So allow yourself to feel your way into faith one step at a time, trusting that you are a Super Attractor.

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