How to Be Happier at Work

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Hi Spirit Junkies!

We spend most of our life at work. Hours and hours go by in an office as we deal with difficult coworkers, demanding clients and annoying (or possibly toxic) office politics.

Even if you love your job, work can feel overwhelming at times. I want to address this issue head-on. If we’re going to put so much time into something, it should be fun! When we’re happier at work, we become happier in every area of life.

If you’re struggling with some aspect of your job or simply seeking a fresh perspective on work, then check out this video! In this Dear Gabby video, I share 3 foolproof tips for how to be happier at work.

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  1. Perfect timing as usual…law of attraction at its best! Thanks for the much needed pep talk. This goes for anyone who is also transitioning out of a career, which can be very difficult. It’s a good reminder to stsy as elevated as possible during the transition and continue to appreciate what you still have while manifesting what you want. ????

  2. Perfect timing as usual…law of attraction at its best! Thanks for the much needed pep talk. This goes for anyone who is also transitioning out of a career, which can be very difficult. It’s a good reminder to stay as elevated as possible during the transition and continue to appreciate what you still have while manifesting what you want.

  3. Hey Gabby –

    Thank you for this! I’ve been battling debilitating anxiety at where ever I’m working for years. I meditate regularly and have a therapist, but I always think I’m on the verge of getting fired (for no reason). I’m still working on it! xo

      1. I’ve tried the meditation to prevent freaking out – it’s just a matter of changing my hard wiring since I can’t sit in meditation every fifteen minutes in my office (unfortunately!). But I am lucky that I work somewhere where I lead 5 minute meditation breaks once a day 😉

        I’ll look up the Peace Beings With Me meditation though!

  4. Perfect timing for me as well! I am working at a job I dislike because I need the money while I work on my own business on the side. I keep telling myself to detach from this job, and remember that I Am a successful entrepreneur – just as you did for years before publishing your book. These tips are going to help me make the most of the situation while I manifest my dream – thank you!

    1. I was too busy yesterday to watch this but thought I would take a break today and just quick catch it. Not only is the video perfect timing for me but this comment Emma is me to a tee!! I have really been down these last few weeks and have been having a hard time remembering this too!! Thanks to both you and Gabby for the pep talk!! 🙂

  5. This could not have come at a more perfect time and, of course, the universe knew I needed to hear this. Lately, I have felt so much anger and resentment at work, but I have not been focusing on the good aspects of my job. I work with students, and they are what keeps me going- not praise, not merit increases. When I see my students succeed, I feel such joy. Though there are still parts of my work environment that could be better, I am grateful for the reminder to focus on the good- and on who you were able to help today. It doesn’t always have to be about your accomplishments. Thanks Gabby!

  6. WOW. It’s totally what I needed today – I love how the universe works! Cause I was just thinking about all those upsetting things going on at school, and suddenly I realized I don’t need to think about it, let alone worry about it! Anyway, love these Glamour videos. My favorite tip is number 2, because sometimes I blame myself for some things and I forget how helpful and powerful it is to forgive – mostly myself. Thank you, Gabby! <3

  7. These are great tips! I think these ideas can be applied to other areas of our lives as well.

    Gabby, I am a follower of your work and a spirit junkie and was curious if there are any opportunities to support your team. If there are any possibilities, let me know how to reach out and follow-up.

  8. Hey Gabby,
    Thanks so much for these tips I really appreciate them (these videos with Galmor have been awesome!). I am definitely in a space where I’m ready to move on from my job of 9 years and I am scared. I’m using the April Get More Gabby “The Universe Has My Back” like a full time job right now, but I find that the more positive and happiness I bring to my current job the more my ego has to show me “see it’s not that bad here” “see you have good days, you can be happy here” “you’re never going to find anything better than this” over and over. So how do I stay positive and happy at work and still gain the courage I need to leave? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you. xox

  9. Hey Gabby,

    Great advice! I do have a question for you regarding this situation from another angle: How do you know when it’s time to stop making the best of things and actually leave your current job?

    I’m a life coach [aka happiness enabler :)], a Reiki practitioner, and a yoga instructor and I’m massively fulfilled by my spiritually guided career paths, but I keep a job waiting tables on the weekends to ensure that ends always meet. However, I’m starting to feel like my weekend job is interfering with the time and energy that could be spent on my passions.

    How do you know the difference between job fatigue and a hit from the Universe that it’s time to take the leap and let go?

    Thanks for reading & I’ll see you soon for SJMC! <3

    Michelle Shea Walker

  10. You’re absolutely glowing, girl! I’m thinking you’re either rocking an awesome highlighter, or you’re PG. In either case, keep doing what you’re doing.

  11. Amazing how perfect your timing is sometimes. My husband is very unhappy and anxious at work right now and fortunately for me I am at a very good place right now so I am trying to take on his burden to help him out of his dark place so I am for sure going to share this with him. As others have commented, I think these three tips apply to life in general.

  12. Right on time! I am trying to recommit to my goals at work and in life. Thank you for awesome MasterClass video. I watched it several times!

    Love and digital hugs!

  13. Thank you so much, Gabby! This was perfect timing! Low self esteem patterns were kicking up and I felt awful this morning. After watching your video I wrote a gratitude list about my job and some affirmations about how great I am 😉 What a turn around! Thank for being the messenger of miracles!

  14. Such great advice Gabby. No matter what type of job of business we have, it’s how we do our work and the type of energy we bring that is what matters. I see with my business that the services we offer are needed and appreciated but it’s how we deal with our clients and how we make them feel that has the greatest impact.

  15. Such a great reminder! Whether you work for an employer or you ARE the employer, so much comes down to your “inner game” and what you focus on. Thanks for the tips and affirmation that negative thoughts are part of the human experience… strangely comforting 🙂 I’m excited to focus on all that is good today. Thanks for this!

  16. This is making me cry. There is a super stubborn part of me who kept saying that everyone is mean to me, they keep repeating what they know, which I know already! It is my major anger, because my parents aren’t people who listen to me deeply and I have experienced being hit by mother, met a crime, blur blur. Therefore, I keep rejecting all the advice like this. It really is a fundamental thing that you should forgive yourself and focus on good things. It is like, old saying, and never new. Why am I listening to this and why do I have to put myself in a ditch and be miserable to listen to this?? I love yoga, I love surfing, I love meeting people, I love laughing, I love going to new contracting, I love planning campaigns, why do I have to drop down to here where I have to struggle to focus on a sunny side of things? I am so angry at me. I love myself and I need to rescue myself. I know everything, and I keep paying money for other people and I am skint. Help me.

  17. Hi #askgabby

    Love this, thank you! I constantly hare people talking about how much they hate their jobs. It really is as simple as you have made it out to be.

    Peace and Love, Jessica x

  18. Hi,
    I been following your work for so many years only now I had the chance to Thank You for what you are doing it’s very inspiring, my dream is to follow the masters steps I am on the beginning of my Path. Please I would to email you, so can you please send me your email address. Lots of blessing and Love. Mary

  19. Thank you Gabby. I have been following you for a while. Now that I have full-time job, I feel that I need to change my attitude towards being in a cubicle and sitting most of the day. This video really makes see that I want to appreciate what I have around me. The big take-away for me is, FORGIVE YOURSELF and say nice things to you… you’re the only one listening.

    Thank you


  20. Thank you for the video,I have been getting my self n a rut and pulled into the gossip. I cam home last night and spent the night regrouping and getting my self together. I got up this morning and feel refocused, I am letting people at work question my ability and making me feel small. I don’t know how to not let that happen.

    1. Try beginning each day with a prayer for strength and compassion. Do your best to recognize that whatever is going on with others is about them — not you. Practicing compassion can help you see them with love and recognize that we all use judgment in an effort to protect ourselves. My new book may serve you greatly! It comes out 1/2/18 — so until then check out these videos for further guidance:

  21. Hi Gabby,
    I struggle with stress and anxiety at work and have been doing office/admin for over 10 years because I can’t seem to figure out my true purpose or what I should be doing to bring myself more fulfilment. Financially I need to stick with the job for now whilst I explore other options. Your talk felt very inspiring and I can already see myself bringing better vibes to work, not losing my shit and not letting bosses and customers get the best of me.

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