How to Apologize

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Super Attractor book launch in NYCLast week I celebrated 14 years of sober recovery.

And today is an opportunity to practice the principles that saved my life.

So here goes…

I’ve had a REALLY busy last couple of months. So much has been going on, with Super Attractor coming out and my book tour kicking off.

I’ve been having so much fun at the events, going on podcasts and shows, and teaching lessons from the book.

But amidst all the excitement I also had a really difficult experience — and I had to relearn an important lesson.

This is what I want to share with you today.

I’ve talked before about how one part of being on a spiritual path is taking care of your side of the street.

In order to grow, we must be willing to get honest with ourselves and others in a loving and compassionate way.

That’s what I want to do right now, in this post. I want to own up to some very uncool behavior on my part during my NYC book launch.

My talk onstage was filled with joy. But I blew it during my book signing. I wasn’t acting in my highest self, and I want to apologize. This is also a chance for me to share how I turn questionable behavior into a learning opportunity to be a better version of myself.

During my book signing in New York, I was tired and overwhelmed. That’s how I felt, but it’s no excuse. Midway through the signing, I stopped thinking about all the loving people who had come out for this experience. I focused more on my overwhelm and exhaustion. I was anxious to get to everyone before it got late, which made people feel disconnected and upset.

I woke up the following morning hungover with guilt. I felt saddened by my attitude, but worst of all I felt horrible that I had disappointed people. The more I tried to forgive myself, the more I knew I had to speak up.

This is how I show up when I’m wrong: I out it.

I’m outing myself for not being the Gabby I truly am. I want to take care of my side of the street and apologize for anyone I rushed on the book line. I love you all, even if I don’t personally know you. I honor your journey and I honor your commitment to love.

I honor your journey and I honor your commitment to love.

As I embark on the rest of my book tour, I am filled with immense gratitude for all of you. Thank you for being part of this community. Thank you for coming out on my tour. Thank you for reading Super Attractor. Thank you for being a force of love in this world.

So here’s the lesson, and I hope it serves you.

When you make a mistake, it’s okay to admit it. It’s okay to not make excuses for yourself. And it’s safe to apologize. I do this in my personal relationships and I’m doing it here now.

There’s great freedom in owning your side of the street. This is a powerful lesson I learned years ago in my recovery program, and as I said above, I continue to learn it and live it.

We all have a part in every situation. Our ego will want to place the blame on others, but our higher self knows we can take care of our part.

How to apologize and take responsibility when you make a mistake

Step 1: Own your part.

The first step is to gently and lovingly witness your own behavior. If you tend to beat yourself up over mistakes, this can be a challenge. But do your best to be the nonjudgmental witness. We’re all human; we all mess up.

Your ego may try to shift blame or get defensive in an attempt to protect you from pain. Again, just witness it. You might even want to thank your ego for doing its part to protect you, and let it know that you’ve got this.

Step 2: Forgive yourself.

Forgive yourself fast - How to apologizeEvery moment is an opportunity to shift, see things differently and change your energy. When you make a mistake, meet that moment with a different vibe. Forgive yourself instantly.

Radical forgiveness is one of the greatest tools for living a miraculous life. Self-attack keeps you stuck in fear and chaos and negative patterns. Forgiving yourself is what helps you heal and grow.

How to forgive yourself

I share 4 steps to self-forgiveness in my book Miracles Now:

  1. Witness the attack thought.
  2. Breathe into the feeling of discomfort.
  3. Feel the feeling.
  4. Say to yourself, “I forgive this thought. I know it is not real.”

Step 3: Take care of your side of the street.

What do you need to do in order to clean up your side of the street? In my case, I needed to apologize.

I also needed to put some practices in place for myself so that I don’t do that again, such as grounding into gratitude and calm after my talk.

There’s great freedom in taking care of your side of the street.

Taking care of your side of the street can look different depending on the situation. It often means listening to what someone else has to say once you’ve apologized or spoken your truth.

In some cases it may mean drawing a clear boundary.

It may also mean clearing negativity on an energetic level, such as with a cord-cutting meditation.

You may also recognize a spiritual assignment being presented to you and choose to show up for it.

We can choose love

When we make a mistake or act out of alignment with our highest self, it’s easy to wallow in regret and shame, deflect blame to avoid witnessing our behavior, or numb out with drinks, drugs or other addictive patterns.

That’s one way we can go.

But there is another way. When we’re wrong, we can out it. We can take responsibility, apologize and choose to see the gift in a painful experience. We can choose love.

I hope this post serves you. If you feel called to share, please leave a comment below. I’ll be reading all of them.

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  1. Hi Gabby,
    I write you because something happened to me after finishing your book “Super Attractor” last week and now I don’t know how to deal with it. I was recommended this book by a friend because although I consider myself a spiritual person sometimes I tend to be a pessimist about things not turning out right and blame myself. I decided to read your book and finished it last week. I really enjoyed it because I identified with a lot of the things you wrote and started to feel better. By the last chapter I was feeling super positive and used your tools to ask the Universe for an opportunity to see someone I hadn’t seen for a while and care a lot for, without forcing the encounter. Miraculously it manifested super fast, all of a sudden this person contacted me and I was able to schedule the meeting naturally with him like I had longed. Everything was going fine and I had promised myself something but at the end I didn’t fulfill it. Now I’m left feeling that although your book was a wonderful help and I felt the positive energy that connected me to the Universe to manifest that meeting, I was the one that failed. I did not keep up to what I had told myself I would do if I had that opportunity, and now I don’t know if the Universe could give me a second chance to make it right for me. Let me just say that I did not hurt the other person, I ended up hurting and failing myself. Although at the moment it felt everything was completely right, from a place of love, and the meeting ended well, now I’m the one left doubtful, hurting, feeling bad. It was clear the Universe gave me the chance that I asked for, but I feel I ruined it for me. How can I recover from that? Is it possible to ask for a second chance? I think the worst feeling is when you feel you’ve failed yourself.

    1. You can absolutely ask for a second chance. When something is truly meant for us, it will come back around. Before you call in this opportunity, it might be helpful to release the self judgment that is coming up. Here are some practices to help you do that: and Also, if fear kept you from fulfilling the promise you made to yourself, you may want to check out this post as well: Sending you lots of love and compassion as you work to overcome your fear of failure. xoxo

  2. Gabby, I really needed to reach out to you desperately. I was brought up in a abusive home. As a young adult I drank a lot and I had done many horrible things to those I loved by wanting the attention of men. I had so much anger and 10 years later I was diagnosed with BPD and Complex PTSD. I have a fiancé and have been with this kind man for 5 years. The things I have done in the past are so shameful that I can not bare to bring up and contacting these people so many years later to tell them what I had done makes me so sick to my stomach because I could never imagine doing those things now. I don’t know if I should contact all those people and tell them what I had done because I have not seen them in years, or whether I need to tell my fiancé so he knows that I once did those things. I am very hard on myself but just feel so guilty and shamed that I ever did those things. Gabby please, I would love your thoughts on this xoxo

    1. I would also like to note that I have always been faithful to my fiancé and it’s whether or not I should tell him about my past so he knows that I used to be capable of such things. This all happened years before I met him. Thanks so much xoxo

    2. I want to honor you, Alicia, for doing all that you can to show up for yourself. It takes courage and strength to change habits and make amends. I know that in this blog post Gabby talks about the importance of apologizing and taking responsibility for your actions, but in the 12-Step Program they say that there is one thing that we should consider before making amends.

      According to Step 9, if there is a situation “where to make a full revelation would seriously harm the one to whom we are making amends, or, quite as important, other people” then we can re-consider making a “complete disclosure.” In other words, we want to apologize and take responsibility for our actions except for when it would do more damage than good to the other person. In these cases, the work would be internal, (between ourselves and the universe).

      If you feel like it might be helpful, you can visit to find an online meeting. It is a very supportive community and the path to recovery is laid out for you in the Twelve Steps. Being in the program, you would have a sponsor to support you as you go through the steps, including step 9, making amends.

      Sending you big love! xoxo

      -quotes are from the book: 12 Steps and 12 Traditions

  3. Your book was recommended to me & it’s been so great to me! I’ve been depressed for over a year following a break up and my heart hurts so much. Despite everything I want him back in my life & I know you can’t manifest anyone to come back. I look for signs but everything just feels like a mess. I’m an emotional mess. I feel empty, worthless and unloveable. He chose to be with someone else and he gets aggravated when I message him yet he tells me he still loves me. I desperately want him back and this is my first time admitting it. I just feel like there’s a strong connection but it’s too painful to be rejected every single time. I guess where I’m going is…I need help. I want to control that urge & I want to manifest a real that makes me feel valued. im reaching out for guidance and I’m willing to accept all help. Thanks so much!

    1. I’m sending you much love and healing light, Aracely, and I’m proud of you for reaching out. First, if you have not seen my SuperSoul talk where I discuss the 5 Steps of Spiritual Surrender, I suggest checking it out here: Second, starting on January 1st, I’m leading a 21 day manifesting challenge. You can find the details here:
      I hope you find this helpful! xo

  4. Gabby, I love your work and energy. but I have truly reached a difficult spot. My brother died this year (on his birthday) from kidney failure, my family is totally hostile and broken, but I have some contact and love. My partner broke up with me, a few months after brother. and we have some contact that I usually initiate on text. I even ask for my sign that we will get back together. I often see it but nothing changes. I carry so much hurt and longing inside me and I just move from fighting tears from one day to the next. I have just started EMDR to address the trauma’s of my family and brother dying. I am hurting and just cannot see the end of this troubled time. I would really appreciate some guidance please as all I do is cry and try and force myself to accept and engage in distractions.

    1. Gabby,
      I made a mistake at work recently and lost my job as a result. I found this post looking for guidance.
      I am so ridden with guilt I can’t eat, sleep, or be present with my 2-year-old daughter.
      I know there is a lesson in this, and This post helped, but I honestly don’t know how I can or will move past this.

      1. Hi Anne. Thank you for your honest share. I want to honor you for doing all you can to show up for yourself and your daughter. If you haven’t see it yet, I encourage you to check out my free 1 hour anxiety relief workshop. You can access it here: You may also find these tools and practices helpful:
        May you be guided to the right and perfect resources to support you during this time.

  5. I feel the universe brought me to this article. Is there ever a time where we apologize, yet that apology is not accepted? How do I get over the guilt of the situation and of the apology not being accepted? And how you do you move on from waiting for them to apologize in return. About 3 months ago I had a rare panic attack while my in-laws were in town. Not to get into too much detail their visit ended very abruptly and on extreme negative terms. To the point where they consider me out of their life. I’ve apologized and they still want nothing to do with me. And speak very poorly of me which to me is only based on one day of my life, one of the lowest days of my life, when the stress of their visit caused me to spiral into a panic attack. Now I’m at the point of “why should I apologize when I legit had a breakdown.” Why are they not apologizing for their behavior?

    I’ve been a fan for ages. You’ve helped me through many chapters of my life.

    1. Thank you for your honest share, Aimee. I’m so grateful that my work has served you. To help you heal from this situation, here are the links to three blog posts that I think will help you accept your in-laws for who they are, re-write the story you are telling yourself, and cut the energetic cord that is contributing to your feelings of guilt and fear. I hope this helps!

  6. I’ve been on my journey to heal for a while now. But I’ve had some past mistakes I made thrown at me this week. I acted terribly towards sisters when I was hurting from years of their pain. I can’t forgive myself even though this was a long while ago. What can I do please?

  7. Thank you so much for sharing this! I recently had an incident last night that I could not wrap my head around in solving.

    I am a person in recovery and in my outpatient group session I lashed out on fellow memeber’s when the discussion, I felt, was going way off topic.

    I allowed my anxiety and inpatient to come through and acted against my usual upbeat and supportive behavior.

    This article helped me to solve the problem on forgiveness.

    We are all only human but thankfully growing from these experiences.

    Thank you again!

    Many Blessings,
    Amanda M

  8. Thank you Gabby for this timely and very helpful post.
    Recently I wasn’t acting in my highest self and I’ve just used this information to give a heartfelt apology to someone.
    It’s so liberating to own my part and then apologise appropriately.
    Thank you.

  9. Hey Gabby,
    Just felt to comment on this.I think it is wonderful you are apologetic and conscious about not being as ” present” as you should have at your book signing.It shows humility and grace However, you are only human.Self care doesn’t make any of us invincible.We can, and should, strive to be at our best but even when we do, there are times when it doesn’t seem ” enough” for ourselves or others.Just sayin’.

    ” To err is human, to forgive is divine.”

    Lots of Love XOXO.

  10. First and foremost, you are here in a human body going through all these worldly experiences… overwhelm and exhaustion are part of that as is the occasional reaction of just not having the energy to keep going… and so in those moments our integrity isn’t at its best. That is part of this human journey. The ownership of those times is what we so often miss, which is where we grow. Thank you for this fearless post. I hope you’re giving yourself grace, and I hope you’ll find others providing you with it, too. Much Love, Shannon P.S. Loving Super Attractor

  11. Thank you for sharing and for your candid remarks. I’ve felt terrible (a.k.a. had a guilt hangover) when I haven’t been present. Your apology is a great reminder to clear your energy and hopefully revitalize some one else’s energy.

  12. Thank you Gabby. I was at the book signing! I was feeling so great from your talk. I would have liked a little more time with you. However, I did manage to connect with you for just a few seconds. I waited for you to look up at me after signing my book. I smiled and just said “thank you, it’s so nice to meet you”. You warmly smiled back and said “thank you my love.” Now I will say what I didn’t get to say then: THANK YOU! Your words, books, youtube videos, a d messages have helped me so much over the past couple of months. I was in a very dark place after suffering yet another personal loss. I was consumed with pain, grief, fear and loneliness. Your book, The Universe Has Your Back was recommended to me by a dear friend. Something in me changed when I started listening to it. I have found my way out of that place. I am still a work in progress, but now I choose love over everything else just a little more each day. ❤️

    1. Dear Brenda, thank you for coming out. ♥️ I’m so grateful this work has been supporting and encouraging you. And so grateful for these beautiful shifts you have experienced. You are worth it! Continue to choose love. Sending you much light and love.

  13. You are only human Gabby. I appreciate your honesty and humility. I appreciate how you take these experiences and share them to help the rest of us who make the same mistakes. You are a great light and you certainly have been one for me. Just wanted to share with you something special that happened to me after reading “The Universe Has Your Back”. That book was such a gift to me that even before I finished reading it I woke up one morning a totally different person. I felt I had died and went to Heaven but I was still here on earth. I researched my symptoms I was feeling and what happened to me was what is called “Kundalini Awakening”. I said to myself I’m going to do whatever I have to do to stay in this state. Thank You Dear One.

  14. Thank you for reminding me to forgive myself quickly. Your description of the negative emotional trap we can get into with self pity is spot on. I’ve been working on myself so much that I get so embarrassed and frustrated when I still act in ways that aren’t ideal. Specifically for me it’s the pattern of getting ready for work in the morning, I am controlling, short and often just plain rude to my family. Then I feel horrible guilt the rest of the day. It’s a pattern I’m using your teachings to help eliminate.

    1. Thank you for this honest, heartfelt share. Continue to implement these tools and be open to all the amazing shifts ahead. <3

  15. Dear gabrielle
    i am sorry to ask you for some help yet again. I am not sure if relevant and trying to explain this is hard in couple lines but as a kid and young adult i struggled feeling bad because i could not eat healthily. I was either left eating whatever i wanted with my mothers pantry/fridge overfilled with too many food or toxic food. For my mother eating is in front of tv on the coach in the dark alone eating cereal ( the sugary kind) pretzels nuts ( salted bought in large bags ) fudges ice cream toast … sometimes she eats a meal but usually says because working too late she too tired.. even if i could do healthy stuff. I manage to get myself disciplined enough the last 7 years to buy myself a normal sizing of fruits salad vegetable… i repaired my gut could go everyday felt beautiful in the morning happier but i have cracked 2 weeks ago and started to get salty peanuts every night… i feel bad disgusting and not myself scared of gaining and everything seems like i can’t stop as i see her eating that everyday and i don’t know what to do … if i ask her too get healthier not big sizing unsalted… she says that i am the reason for her eating because she would buy large amounts of vegetables meat pasta cheese etc ( remember the unhealthy kinds in abnormal amount )It’s not my home and i just wish there was nothing in that quantity or as fat/modified/salted as these has i tolerate only couple fruits vegetables ( mostly salads) had ibs in the past.Thank u for your help…

    1. Hi Cynthia. In Super Attractor, I talk about how we can choose again. Sharing here is a beautiful sign that you want to make some shifts and choose again. A great place to start is by sending immense love and gratitude to yourself for wanting to make some healing changes. Forgiving yourself will help you start to be open to some big, exciting shifts. Sending you lots of love! <3

  16. Well said, open and vulnerable…you have beautiful courage! I love how you explain this process and the levels involved. Not just forgive yourself or apologize, there’s more to it…to really heal and move on.

  17. Thank you Gabby for sharing an apology and sharing how you forgive yourself. Forgiving myself has been one of my biggest challenge and so this email is really helpful to me. I didn’t experience any of the behavior you apologized for as I wasn’t there however I get your apology and so appreciate you sharing your commitment to your real self and how you get back to that. I SO appreciate you and what you bring into my life. “You’re good people.” No, “you’re GREAT people! Bless you and I love you Gabby ♥️ xx

  18. Such divine timing. This appeared in my inbox at just the right moment. Thank you. Thank you for recognizing this and explaining how to go about apologizing properly. I appreciate your work.

  19. So with you, Gabby! I’m 20 years clean, and NOTHING creates such freedom addressing mistakes, regardless of anyone else’s part (‘cause even the flattest pancake has two sides!) Sometimes these convos make waves at first, but my GUT always settles—which is like my compass for integrity + truth!

  20. Such a mature, well thought out response. Way to take ownership, and empower others to do so in a healthy way.
    You are greatly appreciated

  21. Hello Gabby my name is Roberta
    This past weekend I went to Houston to see you and Dr. Dispenza and it was amazing experience. I am a miracle member and Ive been following you for a while, but this is the first time that I see you in person, and at the end I saw you face to face when you signed to me your book.
    I said thanks to you for the work that you do and I said God bless you forever, and you looked to me very serious, and I thought that maybe you get mad because I said God instead of Universe or something like that, but after that I started thinking that you was very tired, and maybe you wanted to go to rest and sleep, it’s ok I understand, you are a human being like me and everyone, and now I was on my Instagram talking about what I learned this weekend with you and Dr. Dispenza and as I finish I saw your Instagram and saw this letter, I must confess that I’m very surprised, and is something that make me admire you more, and like I told you on Sunday, thanks for your work, and God bless you forever.

    Sincerely Robb.

  22. thanks for teaching us so gracefully. reading your post made me feel uncomfortable for you at first.. even tho i don’t have the ability to do so, i felt like i wanted to shield you from speaking on this situation. even tho i know from my own screw ups. owning them is where the peace is… but i made excuses for your being tired and needing to go home and rest.. i felt for you that way… but you know best! and i deeply appreciate you.

  23. This piece really really really resonates with me today because of a mistake I made yesterday. I have faith that I will not relapse on alcohol again. The good thing is I am still sober from drugs. I appreciate the sincerity of this Gabby. Much love and respect to you. Forgiveness.

  24. Hi Gabby,

    I love your honesty! On a couple of different notes. When you shared that photo of you being pregnant last year, I literally gasped with joy, I felt like it was one of my friends after announcing! So delighted & happy for you, that your little boy has finally arrived!

    In my life, I just wanted to share my exciting news! I’m getting married in 3 weeks!!! To my Love, my absolute sweetheart and best friend. This is my Dream come True. 5 years ago I desperately wanted to meet him and was going through the toughest time in my life. I know all your books & the medi-dating meditations were instrumental in allowing me to bring him into my life. I am forever grateful to you for sharing your message.

    Thank you!!!!

    Love Roisin xxxx

  25. Hello Gabby,
    I am so glad I read this today I really needed this! This weekend I realized my certain behavior and apologized for it but it is still not enough to the person I upset, which is my boyfriend! How can I prove not only to myself but to him that I am truly sorry and I want to move passed this and let him know that I am working to change?


    1. Hi Rebecca. Showing up and asking for support is a sign that you are open to making some big shifts. Continue to implement the steps in the blog, which will help you forgive yourself, and that energy will also show up in your relationship with your boyfriend. XOX

  26. Gabby,
    You are such a beautiful soul who leads by example and I am so incredibly grateful for you! Your post spoke so strongly to me as forgiving (and therefore loving) myself has been the greatest lesson I will ever learn.

    3 years ago I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Between severe depression and terrifying paranoia, it was impossible to function, much less hold down a job. I began to hate myself so, so deeply that I projected that darkness onto my entire reality. I couldn’t handle being such an embarrassment and a burden to my family so I gathered the necessary materials to kill myself and prepared for the right moment. That moment never came because thankfully, beautiful Spirit led me to The Universe Has Your Back. At that point, I could only concentrate enough to read a couple pages at a time. But the truth in those pages took hold of me and I kept at it. The more I read, the brighter my light got and slowly but surely, the darkness began to dissolve. That book was the catalyst in my healing and opened the door to a beautiful spiritual journey.

    Now 3 years later, I am teaching at a school I love and am starting my own freelance copywriting business. As with any new venture, I feel like I have no idea what I’m doing but that’s okay – Spirit is always leading the way! I still definitely struggle with the darkness from time to time but now I can breathe into my light and outshine any storm that comes my way.

    The Universe Has Your Back was with me through my evolution into who I am today. As I continue to grow and thrive, Super Attractor will be with me through this next beautiful evolution. It’s going to be a fun one!

    Gabby, thank you for being such a beautiful vessel for Spirit. Your healing words are so incredibly powerful and I will forever be grateful for your lifesaving work.

    1. Eileen, I have tears in my eyes as I read your story. Your story will heal not just you but others as well. I am so grateful, deeply grateful, that you found the book when you needed it most. This is why I do this work. You asked for guidance, whether consciously or not, and you received it. You saved yourself, and I am humbled to have played a part in it. I honor you. I am so proud of you and so excited for all that is ahead. Lots of love to you, sister. Thank you for sharing this.

  27. Oh!! I thought you were going to apologize that I never did receive the book on Audible that I pre-ordered at your request via email, which included a free online seminar that I never saw ‍♀️

  28. Thank you Gabby,
    I wish I could express how big your support is to my life, my healing journey and creating my best life.
    So grateful for having you as my teacher ❤️

  29. Gabby, today I made a mistake too. In fact I have been making a lot of mistakes recently and hurting the people whom I love and who, despite it all, miraculously love me.
    I attracted your audio book just a few days ago and it has led me to this post.
    I have found apologising the most difficult thing in my life and failed to do so. The person I find it impossible to apologise to above all others is myself.
    Your post is brave, honest and so helpful to me on my personal journey out of my own version of fear and darkness.
    Thank you.

  30. Hi Gabby, beautiful soul. Don’t take it too hard. The funny thing is, I could feel it in Maastricht, the Netherlands. I didn’t blame you. Rebecca gave u an envelop with a poem on the pink paper. Written in Divine Chemistry. 888 floated by on a car while listening to Alain Clark (recommend!!, all in synchronicity) The vibe was just splendid creating it. I envisioned you at the event and giving good vibes. I’m sorry it didn’t last. You’re not too blame. I just hope you got your New Beginning. (the poem/song! I still wish you this.) You are one great phenomenona pushing the envelop. Thank you&mense love for you. Keep flowing! U are the Grace. The understanding. I learned a lot. To let go. And see the connectedness in All. See U! Lots of love, M.

  31. A lovely post shared by you. I always have this guilt when I make a mistake but my ego also prevents me from admitting it. I leant a lesson today. I ll start owning my mistakes and apologise too. It will free me from the guilt and give me freedom. Thank you so much for this.

  32. Thank you for making mistakes, so that I now have this beautiful blueprint to identify and grow from my own mistakes.

  33. Thank You So Much For Your Work, Gabby. I am eternally grateful to You and Your Team. Much Love and All the Best & Highest For You & The World!

  34. Thank you Gabby for being so beautifully honest. I love your forgive yourself and choose again. It is a process, as I am so good at being hard on myself without forgiveness. Thank you for this offering, it has become a practice.
    Love Tania❤️

  35. I’m not surprised at all that you got overwhelmed and tired – anyone would have experienced the same because you took on a lot in one day. All that energy – and then trying to meet people and sign books. And everyone wants to share a special Gabby moment and you only have so much to give. I’m sure it must be hard. #firstworldproblems – right? Rare is the person who would own that behavior and call it out. That’s why you will always have so many loyal fans – I among them. You’re the real deal. with much love, xx00

    1. Thanks for sharing here Becky. AA has been a big part of my sober recovery. Sending lots of love and healing your way.

  36. Thank you for this Gabby. I was there on the NYC book signing. everything was great until the book signing. I was disappointed by the book signing. I felt rushed and I was tired too from my long day and long night (9pm I am in bed like a baby), I also had another 1.5 hour commute home. I really wanted to be in your energy and exchange smiles without feeling rushed.

    Thank you for the apology, I greatly appreciate it. It lives up to your truth and wat you represent and absolutely love you and respect you more for it.

    I am sooo loving SUPER ATTRACTOR!!!

    Till your next book 🙂

  37. Another wonderful book Gabby! I couldn’t stop listening on audible, finished today!. Last weekend, before I headed home from a trip, a friend felt that I should know what someone was saying about me. Not going to lie, I found myself shook and a little upset on my long drive home back to LA. Just as I felt my upset begin to rise in my body, I heard “don’t allow others to dim your light” then suddenly your voice came over my car radio, where you discussed your experience in super attractor, when someone bad mouthed you on FB. In that moment I knew that my guides needed me to hear that chapter, it touched my heart, and I instantly felt calm, present and in my body. Just when I thanked My guides and you A car pulled in front of me with a license plate ending in 444!
    Thank you for being an amazing spiritual teacher. Your work is truly inspiring and helped me along in my own awakening. I signed up for SJ Masterclass in the early stages of my development, dove head first in every module. Now here I am, nearly two years later.. I am revisiting the modules all over again as I’m now in the early stages of my spiritual business. I look forward to your book launch here in LA! See you soon :))

  38. Gabby,, this is so powerful. I’ve been stuck on a certain step for a while now in my recovery . I will be using this tool you just gave me to move forward. Thank you soul sister xo.

  39. You are so courage! I love you and honour you sister! ❤️❤️❤️
    Thank you for outing and for bringing the light with you! For you example and the inspiration and courage you give me ❤️❤️❤️

  40. Hi Gabby
    Since I started my spiritual journey I have always been drawn to you. You say exactly the thing I need to hear at exactly the time I need to hear it. And in language that speaks to my soul. This journey is not always sunshine and roses but I honour your honesty and that you are so approachable and vulnrable. I have also been going through tremendous highs and lows as my consciousness level increases. Every Blog and every email from you brings calmness and healing.
    I have bought almost all of your books and I am sitting at the edge of my seat waiting for the delivery of my copy of Super Attractor. Whoop Whoop!!! Thanks for your raw apology and I am sure there was a lesson to be learnt from what happened at the book signing. Much Love and Light from South Africa – Yes, you have Spirit Junkies in South Africa too. My dream is to meet you one day………………

  41. You know what though Gabby? I think that we (your audience) need to apologize to YOU. You have no idea how much people idolize you, thinking you’re some Jesus-Buddah-holy chosen one and not a regular human being who makes mistakes too! You are totally allowed to fuck up and get frustrated and look imperfect. Just because you’re at a high in your career doesn’t mean that you have to be impervious to all the stresses that any normal person would be to. Sure with more power comes more responsibility, and while I think it’s good from a PR stance that you apologized, it’s not like you rashly insulted someone’s baby. We all have our moments, EVERY damn person in the world, and anybody who doubted your amazingness because of that one mishap moment clearly doesn’t know who you really are. Thank you for these steps, but truly I hope you’re not taking that moment to heart too much. You should be so freakin proud of yourself for this fantastic new book. You deserve all the praise in the world Gabby. ❤️

  42. You’re human. We all make mistakes and have complicated emotions that we have to navigate at all times. I admire you. You’re split in to a million different jobs… mother, wife, friend, daughter, public influencer… Thank you for your honesty and vulnerability!


  43. From a man who has succumbed to addiction for 20 years and recovered, I can honestly say thank you, you have not been aware that you have been a huge part of my shift and progress, you’re a winner ♥️

  44. Hi Gabby,
    Thanks for your heartfelt honesty. The fact that you find teachable real and raw moments and share them so openly is why I can call you my teacher and why you are not just another self help author. I have a story to share. Last week I received the message that Super Attractor had been delivered to my doorstep. I was excited to get home and dig in. On the drive I home my vehicle was hit by a careless driver. Luckily I was not seriously hurt. After my car was towed, I got home thinking my date with Super Attractor was not to be. I was shaken and couldn’t bring myself to open the book. But after I finished reporting the incident, something inside me directed me to open your book. I read the first 2 chapters. I read the Choose Again Method several times over. That evening and in the days that followed whenever I felt stressed or anxious on the road I used the method. I accepted how I was feeling and chose the next best thought, focused on little positives. Yes I had hassles to contend with. Yes I was a little stiff and my relatively new vehicle may be written off. But I applied the Choose Again method as many times as I needed to and not once did it let me down. So powerful! I can’t wait to apply more of the methods in the book . Thanks so much. By the way, listening to your recent podcasts about the book kept me on track too.

  45. You are amazing!! Exactly what I needed to hear. I am scared to be vulnerable. You showing your own vulnerability and healing inspires mine!!!!!!!

  46. Beautiful Gabby… feeling your pain as your sister of the Universe, honoring your wisdom and humility as your student. You are a gift beyond measure, Super Attractor. ~Carla

  47. This resonates so deeply, to hold yourself in a space where you are always operating from your highest self is actually debilitating. It removes the chance for lessons to occur. Because of this situation, you now understand the importance of decompressing before pushing yourself further! It’s something to explore now and provide a deeper experience later! After all, I wasn’t at your book signing but you’ve now genuinely connected a message on a massive scale! The universe knows what you need, thanks for sharing the downs & ups!

  48. Beautiful! Congratulations on 14 Years! I knew there was a reason i resonated with your meditations, and your talks. It’s the recovery, I have been sober for 36 years and I am so grateful. I love being sober! What you wrote was so beautiful and true. It is easy to forget to take ownership and forgive myself. I have just started listening and following you a few months ago. I was stuck, I found out that I was forgetting to appreciate. I love Super Attractor (just started reading it) and I am looking forward to seeing you in Sacramento in a couple weeks!!! Thank you for your truth and sharing life lessons.

    1. Thank you for this gorgeous share Joan! Grateful that you’re part of this inspiring Spirit Junkie community.

  49. Gabby thank you! I am just now reading this and it came at the perfect time. Thank you for sharing. So I got pulled over for making a u turn where it said no u turn. I honestly didn’t see it. I saw the lights and I pulled over and I had no idea why. The officer asked for license and registration and I asked why he pulled me over. He said you just made a u turn across the road where it says no u turn. I said I’m sorry, I honestly didn’t see the sign. I fumbled for my license and said I’m not lying. I didn’t see it. He went back to car and I started crying. Anytime I’ve been pulled over I cry bc I feel overwhelmed and I feel shame and I worry about the fine. He was kind and said he would be at court and make it no points bc I have a clean license. I couldn’t stop crying. H
    He said it’s okay everyone makes mistakes. He asked if I was upset about anything else. He said don’t let this ruin your day. He said it’s ok I’ll give you a break at court, but I still have to pay judge’s fine. I made a mistake, and I felt shame and like a child. I forgave myself and went through choose again. I’m grateful for his kindness and compassion. I see this as a sign that I’m out of alignment, so I got home and meditated and tapped. Every time I tell the story I cry. I’m a 51 year old woman who cries in the face of authority or being told I did something wrong. Thanks for sharing your experience. It makes me feel less alone. Have a great night

    1. Thank you for sharing from the heart Traci. Continue to come back to these steps and your spiritual practices. You’re doing beautiful work. <3

  50. BOOM Gabby!!! What a great learning and a heartfelt lesson for us all! By sharing your lesson, you’ve helped me grow too, so thank you rock star for shining your light so brightly! BIG HUGS!

  51. Gabby.
    Congrats on your 14 years of sobriety. I know how hard that was and I am so proud of you even though I don’t know you.
    You see I was married to the love of my life and after 3 years of not even knowing she had an addiction to crack. I tried everything o help, from medical, to mental and counseling. How ever that was more important to her than me and my daughter. My life has sure had its ups and downs and am looking for counseling . Wow if I could only talk with you. LOL
    I liked your post on taking care of your side of the street, I had did something that my mouth shouldn’t of said, I did apologized several times , however I lost a friend over it. However I did what you said and that’s all I can do but to put it in the spiritual hands.
    Thank you so much , I enjoy your post and everything you have accomplished in life.

  52. Another part of owning it is to do things differently next time a similar situation arises. I find it’s usually an unchecked ego that is the root of a lot of bad behavior on my part. I’ve witnessed this in so many people as they become more and more well known. Hope you are able to stay strong and in your light along your journey. Best of luck

  53. thank you for this message. I was there that night, and for the most part, it was amazing. The booking signing had an overall feeling of overwhelm to it, so it wasn’t completely just you. I was just so happy to be there that those feelings kind of fell off. There will be a next time and we will welcome you with open arms.

  54. Gabby,

    Just wanted to let you know that I read your book at rock bottom yesterday and it changed my life. I quit my job as a therapist a few months ago to go on a spiritual search. I had read so many spiritual books after that and learned so much, but yesterday I was more lost than ever and out of energy to keep going. So I just sat there by the pool and I was like, *blank* for 5 minutes. There was nowhere to go, nothing to do, or say or even think. But I happened to have your book on my kindle app and I read a few chapters. When I did something changed. It brought together everything I had learned and I just felt myself shift. The Universe aligned with me and I looked at the book which was in immersion reading mode and there was 3:33 left in the audio, it was 44% through and I noticed it was the 55th book I had read since my search began. Repeating numbers are my personal sign from the Universe that God is with me and they always have been. I immediately told my closest friends that my life had changed forever. Today I got an email about a job opportunity even better than the one I had quit and I knew that my search was over and the time had come for me to return back to the world I had come from. But neither I nor my life will ever be the same.

    Of the 55 spiritual books I read, Gabby, (and I read only the giants), I can honestly say that yours was the best. It just has a spiritual energy and light in it, that’s the only way I can describe it. Whatever it was it did what all those other books couldn’t: be there with me when I really needed it and change my life the way I wanted it to be changed.

    Jesus said, “he who endures until the end will be saved.” As I go back to work the end of all things has passed away and the beginning has come anew. And the dawn of the light of that new morning for me came when I was immersed in your words.

    Just wanted you to know that there’s something special about you and that you will change the world. I know that for sure.



    1. Nima, I have tears in my eyes reading your message. Thank you so much for your kind and heartfelt words. You are being guided, and I am honored to be part of your journey. Lots of love to you sister.

  55. Hi Gabby,
    I love this, something we all have to work on , as it part of our “ humanness “
    I’m half way through your new book and I wanted to share this with you. I’ve been an RN for the past 29 years.. and I recently decieded that I would follow my passion and become an end of life doula. I’ve been asking for signs about my decision, and started to read your book to get some inspiration. Last night , I read about the Archangels, and when I got to the archangel Azrael ( one that I wasn’t aware of ) … I couldn’t believe it!!!!! talk about a sign …. I just sat there looking at the page in disbelief. It’s as if it was written just for me. My vibration was high from reading the first part of the book , and then this happened. I’m now certain , I am on the right path and will ask for Azraels guidance in the process. Thankyou so much for writing this book❤️

    1. What a beautiful and special calling — after 3 decades of caring and serving others, too. Azrael will be your guide. I’m so grateful for the work you’ve done and will do. Thank you for being the light.

  56. Oh Gabby, thank you!!! Your experience and wisdom has come to me at the perfect time!!! I love that you share your humanness with the world. I believe that is why you are such a fantastic teacher. Thank you for inspiring me and teaching me to apologize with such grace and love…♥️

    Love you, Kim

  57. Gabby,, thank you for being genuine. I will be using your term taking care of my side of the street!!
    I can visualize this and have needed a tool to keep me responsible for my actions. My life is my responsibility and today my life is a mess.. I have been attempting to make my choices better but always feel pulled in some directions that have hurt me. I believe I choose from guilt and today I will no longer. I am going to take care of my side of the street, and walk done a cleaner happier wiser road.. lol thank you.. oh and congratulations for having the courage and love for yourself to stay healthy..!!
    Healthy wishes,

    1. Trish, I honor you and your journey. Thank you for sharing this. Be very kind and compassionate with yourself about your past, your present and your future. Sending you lots of love

  58. Hello Gabby! I think that took vulnerability to apologize. It is never easy, so good for you. However, I do think it is always better to have a pause between the apology and giving advice to others. Maybe the apology could have come from a place not combined with teaching others? Just amends first? Then lessons on making an apology later?

    I was not there so have no first hand opinion of what happened. But I do know I was at a book signing with a famous author who was very distracted, and it really has been hard for my daughters and I to feel the same way about him…silly but true! This author was not a self-help or spiritual teacher, and maybe we set the bar a little higher even for those of you who are? Like if you follow what you teach maybe that would come through on a personal meeting.

    I think now days there are so many spiritual celebrities, we do look closely at what they are like off stage. My friends were in Hawaii a few years ago and heard a man being really treated badly by the airlines…a canceled flight, a missing reservation, rudeness…just a mess of issues and very unhelpful airline staff. The man (customer) stayed incredibly nice and polite. My friends looked around the corner to see who could stay so understanding in that situation and it was the late Wayne Dyer! It really impressed them. They became fans after that.

    Having said that, I understand spiritual teachers / authors are just human, and we all get overwhelmed and are not our best sometimes. Blessings and respect to you!

    1. What a lovely story about Wayne. He was, and still is, a model for all of us. I am always learning. Thank you for sharing xx

  59. Both of my parents were alcoholics and everyone I was surrounded by were dysfunctional. I joined Alanon and I got a Sponsor and worked the 12 steps. Infact I got multiple Sponsors and worked the steps many times. Alanon was formed for the wives of Alcoholics, granted they modified it for husbands and children. Alateen was formed so that kids could have a voice. I found that when I was in Alanon that it really was about the wives. I did find some groups of men and I found some that had the child.

    I have been introduced to Adult Children of Alcoholics. This program is about children growing up in dysfunctional homes of any sort. There is a laundry list that I would suggest you read. If you can relate to anything on the list (I related to everything) then this might be the program for you. I am dealing with my Inner Child which I was not able to do in Alanon.

    As far as forgiveness goes. My Higher Power guided me back to the place that I grew up and then guided all the people that I had to make amends to. My Higher Power was there every step of the way giving me the strength and peace to do so. I blocked out most of my childhood. I do not remember my parents fighting or even my mother drinking but I do remember my behavior. I want to be set free of that behavior and to leave it behind.

  60. After reading this article, I realized I needed to apologize to a friend of mine.. thank you Gabby for letting me show up with love <3

  61. Amen Sister! Keep walking the walk! It is not easy to own your mistakes and forgive yourself but the freedom you experience, is worth it!

  62. THIS is why I adore you so so much. I love your vulnerability and truth. The fact that you can write a blog post, share and OUT it… is amazing and real. I honour you for every time you show up regardless how you feel. I honour you and all of you… we’re all in this together and I’m sending you big big love today and always! May you continue to bless those whom are meant to hear your voice and their truth speaking through you. May you feel blessed as you walk through each day… letting yourself off the hook for what was. One of my fave parts in the new book is something like… “forgiving the past, letting go of the future… just being.” You’re a rockstar and are doing a fantastic job!!


  63. Beautiful said! I love that you are HUMAN; and even though you have so much to offer all of us with your wisdom, knowledge and experience, you are the first to admit you too can fall.
    Thank you for sharing such informative tools to help us relate and project us forward as well.
    Wishing you an amazing book tour full of PEACE and LOVE!

  64. Hej Gabby,
    thank you for this mail. I think it is okey that you were not acting from a aplace of alignment because you were exhausted. You are doing a tugh job at the moment and the beauty is your readers are the ones who understand you best because you taught us the tools and also the moments when we feel unaligned. You share your stories so openly with us that we for sure understand and see when you are acting out of tiredness. So cool that you even appologize for that!!
    I was actually thinking a lot about “choosing love”, “being patient” and “forgiving myself” today. My boyfriend is an alcoholic and uses othe rsubstances as well. When he is not using he gets so depressed that he calls off the whole relationship. He said I shouldnt trust him when he is on drugs or drunk, what ever he says he might not mean it. He says that to protect me from pain but he puts me in even more pain by “breaking up”. When he is in a very bad place some kind of promiscuity shows up as well. I am still working through some incidences from this summer but I get triggered by some things and women. Just like today.
    I saw something in his apartment today and a whole wave of triggers and feelings of being unloved, rejected and jealousy came over me. I shut down. He notices that and he is very sweet by always asking me what I am thinking about , at the same time is he struggeling with my answers when it is about something serious, negative or our relationship. he gets angry and impatient then. So I dont dare to say something then. i got better so I start by just saying what I think without any judgment. He still got defensive and I didnt get a real answer.

    I learn to be patient with myself and him and us. I can see he is suffering from an emense anxiety when he is sober. he gets very depressed. When he did something wrong he shuts down or gets very angry. He pushes me away then. I get that and say he needs his space in those moments. I am there if he needs me. However his shame is sometimes bigger. I feel helpless and I am afraid of being left by him because he feels unworthy – he often says that, he cant believe I love him and he doesnt deserve me. I dont think like that.
    My biggest mantra is from the course “Those who are certain of the outcome can afford to wait and wait without anxiety” and seeing him in the light, every day I see him as this kid with this major wound trying to find a way to connect with the world and me. I see him with new eyes everyday. It helps me and him. He is a very proud man though.
    The outcome I think is what is best for the both of us. Even if that means we are not together but that makes me so sad sometimes. On some days I cant stop thinking “The outcome is Kim! ( thats his name) The outcome is us.” But usually I can let it float like this: whatever is best for us lets go for that! Just give some love to him and me and us.
    This got very long. I am sorry. I guess my wish is to hear from someone who is sober for incredible 14 years to give me a little hint what it is like to be an addict? I am not and I think it is killing me on some days that I just dont understand his anxiety. He is so alone with this. I hate it so much. I just want to do the right thing for him. I just wanna be there but sometimes my fears and thoughts hit in and i make it so hard for him and me. Gabby can you just tell me anything that can help me understand addiction a bit better. Or any kind of small advice or tool for me.

    You know, keeping my side of the street clean …I think i force that on him. I just wanna take it less tense without being afraid of being left. I dont know.

    Thanks in case you read all this. I totally understand if you dont. I think you are amaying and so tuff and cool!! And smart and brave. Just please dont stop your amazing work and promise to take a break if you need one. We dont want to lose you 🙂
    Kiss Anu

    1. Anu, I can feel your loving spirit radiate through your words and I can feel how much you love your boyfriend. My best advice for you is to look for a local Al-Anon meeting. It’s a group for people who are worried about a loved one’s drinking. These groups have helped many people heal.

  65. Thank you for sharing, Gabby! This apology is one of the main reasons you mean so much to me and why I devour anything you create: you’re real, you’re human, you’re humble, and you walk the talk (live the talk, actually)…
    In gratitude,

  66. It’s funny how the Universe works. I had to apologize to my boyfriend this morning due to acting out of fear and ego, and then I saw your post. I was at your NYC book launch, and I was so excited to see and meet you because you’re books have literally helped save and change my life. I don’t know if you remember, but I was one of the last people to get their book signed that night.. I was the girl who said “I have to tell you that I’m teaching a 3 week Judgment Detox Workshop next month!” You said to me, “Music to my ears!”.. I’ll be honest and vulnerable; I was scared to say anything to you because I felt as though the line was rushed and I would be bothering you, and I felt confused because that’s not the Gabby picture when I think of you (not that I know you)… I left feeling slightly disheartened, and when I started Super Attractor, almost unable to connect because I didn’t feel as connected to you after meeting. Thank you for your apology. I didn’t realize I needed it until you gave it today. We are human, we all get tired, we all make mistakes. Thank you for acknowledging that, and acknowledging us who were there and so excited to just share the same space with someone we look up to so much. Thank you for practicing humility and leading by example. Thank you for being a real one! I apologize to you as well, it must be hard to live up to other people’s pre conceived ideas of you. I apologize for having unrealistic expectations when you’re only human. I’ve already started some of the tips from Super Attractor, but feel excited to keep going with it now. I hope our paths cross again someday and we both get to choose again!

    1. Thanks so much for this note, Heather. I truly appreciate that you came out and I love that you’re so committed to the Judgment Detox process. Lots of love to you.

  67. Hi Gabby,
    I am truly sorry that this happened – I was the first one in line for that book signing and gave you the caricature to thank you for being YOU! We are all human and there were so many people at the event. That being said, some of the toughest lessons are what we have to learn in order to grow to be the best versions of ourselves. Sending you huge hugs and I hope those folks will understand that we can only do our best!
    Much love,

  68. I followed your launch on Instagram stories and it was so inspirational. The venue, the music, the speech, you…utterly breathtaking! My vision was amplified!!!
    If there were upset people then why are they looking to you to fill that void, instead of connecting to spirit/source which is the same loving source you connect to.
    Once I really understood this work (thanks to all your incredible SJM lessons) and deeply practice every single day, there’s less outer projection and more inner connection/love which means expansion. Love you Gabby! ✌

  69. I honor and appreciate you busting yourself, acknowledging and owning your behavior and your courage to step into it fully.
    I feel that I need to practice self forgiveness most everyday as I feel pangs of guilt when I am not being truly authentic. Thank you for sharing this beautiful piece of real life with us!

  70. Yes! Apologizing properly includes admitting what you did wrong, expressing sincere remorse, asking how you can make it right, and actually make the amends. And forgive yourself for being human.

  71. Thank you for the apology. I didn’t stay to meet you and get your autograph because it was soooo overwhelming. I can’t imagine how you felt if I was overwhelmed by the sheer numbers!! I am sure I will have an opportunity in the future!!! Thank you for writing your books, walking the talk and being YOU!!! Xxxooo

  72. Love your authentic self and showing us grace. I had a situation over the weekend and you gave words to what I was feeling. Thank you

  73. Thanks for sharing this Gabby. This email has come at a strange time in my own life…. I was not at your meet and greet but I can imagine how overwhelming the entire experience can be. I’m sure you want to reach out to as many people as possible but you need to recharge before doing so. Just a quick story: My wife and I are sadly separating after 20 years of marriage. I did not cheat on her, I quit a job that was making me sick. She insisted I stay because the benefits were incredible but I would not have survived. Anyway, she is separating (and possibly divorcing) from me over this. I told her a few months back that even though my decision has caused her so much pain and anger, I have forgiven myself. This made her even more angry. I admitted that my decision was wrong because I made it alone but I also knew she would not “allow” me or support me to leave my old position. So I had to forgive myself for the pain I caused her and I have had to forgive her strangely enough for not supporting me in this process. She has not forgiven me to this day and its been 6 months. Sadly, I can see how much her refusal to forgive has aged her. Its been a strange series of events but I am writing my first book and honestly, all of this “stuff” is feeding me pages and pages of ideas and thoughts. We need to forgive ourselves. We forget that. Its easier to blame our behavior on others but at the end of the day we have to be accountable for our actions and forgive ourselves as well or else we just keep re-living the past. Be Well.

    1. Thank you for sharing your story so honestly. It sounds like a really tough situation but you are handling it with a lot of grace and strength. Sending love & light your way. xo

  74. I really relate to all you share and I admire your courage to write posts like this. This world needs more people like you willing to be open, honest, and vulnerable. I follow a lot of the same principles. This Friday I will celebrate five years of sobriety. I have learned so much about the person I truly am in those five years and the tools to keep my side of the street clean. Last year a friend recommended I read “The Universe Has Your Back” and it changed my spiritual practice immensely! Thank you! I look forward to reading your new book and hearing you speak in San Francisco.

  75. I am sorry you felt that way. I was at the NY event and could tell that the signing part was going to be chaotic because no one knew which way to go or where the line was. Even though I had a VIP ticket I chose to leave without waiting because I could see that it was going to be a huge hassle. But I felt guilty leaving!!! You really gave your all during the event–so maybe your team should rethink the signing post event.

  76. This is very helpful and encouraging, Gabby. Thank you for sharing! I once learned from a friend of mine, a former Navy SEAL, his definition of forgiveness. It is, “giving up hope for a better past” and, further, “you can forgive the person but that doesn’t mean you necessarily condone the act.” The forgiveness piece to this equation is obviously an important variable. Yes! It is absolutely ok to forgive yourself and not condone your behavior — you step out to step in if you will. I went to your NYC book launch at The Riverside Church and loved every single minute of it! Thank you!!

  77. Hi Gabby,
    Oh how easy it is for us to forgive others when they step up and authentically own their behaviors like you have done. Yet how difficult the struggle is to extend that same compassion and understanding to ourselves. Feeling as though somehow we are different and undeserving of being “let off the hook”. I could go on ad nauseum, but clearly you totally get it. I will just say thank you so much for sharing your experience. Sometimes we (I) need permission to open my heart with love – to my own self. Love and light.

    1. Thank you, Beth. I completely understand. That’s why our forgiveness is radical. Be willing. Be compassionate with yourself and know the self-forgiveness is coming, and that you are worthy of it. xoxo

  78. WOW WOW WOW! This came to me at the absolute most PERFECT time!! Over the past could days I have and not been in tune with my highest alignment. I returned to old patterns that I have been working on for the past six months to change. It has greatly affected my relationship I have spent the last two days beating myself up over it! I am so quick for forgive others but I find it so hard to forgive myself! I started reading the book Super Attractor yesterday…then this came through today. It feels so good to have the support! Thank you for your honestly!!

  79. I was in New York and I bought VIP with the understanding that there would be a meet and greet and book signing! After the amazing season (which I wish I could re attend and Do all over again, good thing I got it online ❤️) everyone got into line for you to sign there book and meet…
    I left because that crowd was amazing..but for my self I was super over whelmed! It was way way way too many people..
    I started to get upset with my self since I travelled from Canada
    To be apart of this and I wanted to meet you so bad…
    so thank you for this very thoughtful and generous post. Honestly In the pictures I seen in the Miracle member group you couldn’t tell you weren’t Gabby!
    But these steps will help me get over the self shaming of not waiting and doing what I really wanted to do! Your an inspiration and gabby everyone has bad days!

    Keep rocking girlie xo

    1. Thank you so much, Dawn! Thank you for coming all the way from Canada and for being part of the Miracle Membership community too. so much love ❤️

  80. I love that you shared this, Gabby… I didn’t know that I needed to hear it, but I did. Not because I was in NY for your recent launch talk, but because I felt disconnected energy at SJ in NY in August and have worked to justify it as “just what folks in public eye have to do to protect themselves… zip way, WAY up. Disconnect.” Yet the more I tried to forgive (both you and me), the more it needled me. Your humanity and openness are key qualities that drew me to your teaching. When the energy clunked to a guarded numbness (?) during the book signing (as if I might mean to take something from you), I felt let down. I really didn’t want to think or feel that way. I only sought a connection.

    I’ve been continually forgiving the thoughts and reminding myself how hard it must be on your side of the street with thousands of people flying at you, starry-eyed. Your self-aware apology has helped me breathe and take a look at that fine line between zipped up and disconnected.

    Why is it that sometimes we DO need to have energy cleared on both sides, not just our own, to feel like the energy circle is mended? What’s up with my not being able to just let go of this on my own (sans apology)? Can you offer insight or suggestions for being at peace faster?
    Thank you again, and much love.

    1. Thank you for this note, Julie. I’m so grateful for your honesty and kindness. And I want to thank you so much for coming to Spirit Junkie Live and for doing this profound work. I understand what you mean about feeling like we need energy cleared on both sides. Sometimes we do receive that, and of course other times we do not. I believe this is where patience comes in. Sometimes all we can do is forgive, cut the cord, heal judgment, and release on our end, and we can fully trust that our energy is felt by the other person/people. We may not get what we want in return, but if we practice patience with *ourselves* we can trust that the healing is coming. And if we still feel unhealed, we can take that as guidance that we still have more forgiveness to do. More resentment to release. And we can trust that it’s okay to be patient, to let it go and know that it’s being taken care of. I hope this makes sense. xo

  81. Gabby – Thank you for being so honest. Most people would not even feel that this irritation and behaviour was their responsibility. I think that most would turn the blame to situations and others. Again you model what it means to live with love. Loving yourself and everyone else enough to recognize and respond In such a humble way. Your post brought tears to my eyes, and once again you inspire me reconnect with my journey so that I can try to take better care of my bc side of the street.
    God bless you, Janet

  82. I’m so grateful you shared this!! Your talkin CT was great! I was so thrown off by the vibe of the meet and greet- it felt so off to me. The crowds, the rush, the chaos, the not even being able to ever get the word hello out without being pushed right out of the picture when I met you. As a student, one who was in Kirpalu with you int he past year (That was the thank you breath I was trying to get out in 3 seconds) I left feeling icky. I was questioning why was it so celebrity like versus the authentic Gabby I’ve come to know and love. It took away from the high vibe talk. I decided to not even get my booked signed after how icky the meet & greet was. I hope you can recieve this with love!! Because we are all love!! And it’s so nice to know you picked up on some of this. Don’t ever change Gabby no matter how big your audience grows. I would even say don’t do the meet and greet if it has to be like it was in CT because it totally took away from the amazing talk. xoxoxoxox Brianna from CT

    1. Thank you for your note, Brianna. I’m so sorry you felt rushed and chaotic afterward. I want to thank you so much for coming out, and I appreciate your kindness and honesty. I’m taking it all in with love. xo

  83. You describe the recovery as a sober one. Does these mean you have abstained from all alcohol and any illicit drugs? I am looking for some guidance on what “sober” means.

    Thank you.

    1. Some folks have other definitions of sobriety, but for me it means what you said above — I abstain from alcohol and illicit drugs.

  84. I appreciate this post, and i often hear your mantra or words from your books pop into my mind while I’m out living my life. I return to spirit junkie regularly and I’m so excited you finally came all the way out of the spiritual closet in Super Attractor!

    It must be so hard to balance things out when you are so intuitive and in the public eye. You can feel and deeply KNOW everyone’s desire to meet you and their desire to be seen and heard by you, and of course you want to try to fill that need for them. You’re only one woman 🙂 Sometimes loving them is through saying no, or not right now. Perhaps they required this spiritual lesson as well – to not hold to expectations of anyone, and instead enjoy the entire experience of being there? Perhaps many of them were meant to meet each other.

    I love your leadership and ownership and love your energy and work!


    1. Thank you so much, Allie. I love being out of the spiritual closet and want to thank so much for reading my books and being a force for love in the world. xoxo

  85. Dear Gabby,
    Thank you for being not only a truth seeker, but also a teller of the truth. I honor your truth and how very human we all are. Oh girl – we are all so human!

    I recently had a situation with my partner and I dug my heels in deep, but it was only because I felt a ton of shame for my behavior. It was my messy human-ness and owning it was really a gift. – Quite the opposite of the shame I was feeling for my behavior.

    I appreciate this blog so much.

    I have been a human my whole life, and it feels really good to accept all of me.

    The wonderful, magically, joyful parts and the parts where I mess up.

    It’s in the owning of the mess-ups that I grow even more to my fullest potential in this life. – And to me, that’s living a grateful experience.

    See you next week <3

  86. Was just reading and journaling on this chapter last night. Still looking at years of personal betrayals and beliefs, trying to apologize to self for them. Also feeling compelled to consider how I moved those betrayals and beliefs to others or let them intrude in other relationships. Still journaling (when I am in an online seminar – More apologies needed). So much to learn. Thanks.

  87. Thank you for sharing and being so honest! You are proof in how the Universe really does have our back! All morning I have been battling angry/judgemental thoughts towards myself for various situations from the past. I have been working with the mantra “I forgive myself” and it has been bringing a lot of the pain from the past I have been carrying to the surface as I am seeing my part in things. Thank you for offering up such valuable wisdom and for being so brave and vulnerable! Your book “The Universe Has Your Back” has helped me tremendously!! Wishing you many blessings ❤️

    1. Thank you so much, Stephanie. I truly appreciate it. Forgiveness will find its way to you. Be very compassionate and kind with yourself. xo

  88. I love that you are teaching by example!! Showing your human and that this can happen to anyone is awesome!! See you in Boston!

  89. Beautiful. You’re human! A book signing has to be a lot of energetic weight to take on–everyone’s hopes and expectations are difficult to meet, especially to match the energy and excitement of each person there, with every signature and smile. I hope you have people helping to hold the spiritual space for you while you’re on tour, especially during the signings. I’m sure people would even volunteer for these positions, like line cheerleaders, or as hired-contractors–selected graduates from your programs–to further advertise and talk up your on-going services and products. These people will help to extend your brand of energy to those waiting. It may be interesting to look into having someone near you to simply surround your with a familiar loving energy, to create a love bubble of protection around you at the signing table–someone to really hold the energetic space for you. (A magical, energetic space bubble safety net of peaceful, serenity, love and calming energy.) All the best Gabby. With gratitude, Jennie

  90. Oh man! Do I need to clean up my side of the street today. I too have guilt hangover today over how reactive I was with everyone in my path this weekend. Thank you Gabby for yet another divinely placed message!

  91. As always, so beautifully written and incredibly inspiring. I am so grateful for your positive words of wisdom and for sharing your vulnerability and courage. It is truly a blessing to listen and learn from you Gabby!

  92. Beautiful! Thank you for sharing a piece of your vulnerable heart. Your book is sitting on my nightstand right now, and I am so thankful to be reading something so eye-opening and full of love.

    1. Dear Gabby,

      I respect you so much for always being honest and vulnerable with us. I can’t imagine doing all you do in one night and all the people you meet and interact with. It seems like a lot and I remember thinking that when I saw you in CT. I’m happy you were able to forgive yourself and thank you for sharing these tips !

  93. It works if you work it 😉 I’m a fellow 12 stepper – Appreciating this very important reminder. & love that you’ve put some extra emphasis on your self-care to prepare. God has spoken to me several times through your Creative works.

    Thank you Gabby! & Happy Anniversary!!! <3

  94. Hi Gabby,
    Congrats on a beautiful journey – it truly is amazing how far you have come and how much you have done. I live in NY but wasn’t able to attend your signing – I saw your note and feel comforted to know that you are human and that your world is not full of perfection – that is true inspiration. Best wishes for satisfaction with continued growth, excitement and passion.

  95. This is really beautiful. I talk to my daughters a lot about authenticity including accepting our own flaws and authentically apologizing, addressing the issue and learning from it. Life is all teachable moments.

    It’s hard for me to grasp the juggling act between your public presence and how to protect your own energy and privacy, as well as give in the way that you do. The fact that you’ve openly addressed what the vast majority of people in the public eye would brush off or deflect from is exactly the change in consciousness that we so desperately need. We are all such perfect works in progress… I celebrate you and the way that you own it. Your transparency and guidance will heal the world.. you’re teaching us all to join you in that. Bravo and big love to you, Gabby.

  96. Hi Gabby, I wasn’t there, but as people who get busy, become tired, and want to ‘accomplish’, ‘do’ and ‘complete’ all the responsibilities in front of us, completely understand how you may have felt.
    I’m responding in appreciation of your message and the authenticity in which you share. Do we each recognize the human experience in those whom we respect and from whose journey we learn? I know my own ongoing learning is about being rested to be energized and aware to recognize then act with intention on such feelings when they do present. Because they will. It’s life. How beautiful to be sharing the journey together. Be well. Enjoy! Many thanks!!—Sharon

  97. Thanks, this is a great lesson to remember at all times. I appreciate your honesty and explanation on how we all can learn and apply (over and over) this same lesson. With gratitude!

  98. Thank you. The most beautiful gift we can all hold together is the truth you speak here. We are ALL on the journey. NONE of us, including you Gabby, will do it perfectly or need to do it perfectly or 100% of the time. We are human. With consciousness, commitment, and connection with the universe and an openness to learning and to falling, we will unfold further, with greater ease, and more frequency into being in alignment with our authentic selves, in connection with and in service of others, and into feeling the unconditional support and love of the universe. Thank you for your honesty and your willingness to be real and call your self out in the service of yourself and others. I have begun Super Attractor and I am looking forward to continued reading. This letter is well timed for me, as I am aware of my own mistake I need to own with compassion for myself and respect for another. Thank you for all you give.

  99. Gabby, Thank you for sharing this. So honest. I shared something recently with someone that I shouldn’t have, I felt so terrible about it, I wanted to take the words back immediately. I was tired and not thinking clearly and didn’t realize my words could be hurtful. I apologized and tried to forgive myself, but it was really hard, it took me some time to get past it, and I’m nervous about seeing this person again. I really appreciate you sharing these steps. I need to forgive deeper and take care of my side of the street. Recognize that I need to take care of myself so I don’t get so far out of alignment again. Thank you so much! I look forward to reading your book. xoxo Steph

    1. So glad this is helping you, Steph. Practice the cord cutting meditation to dissolve any negative energy and if you have Judgment Detox, consider doing the EFT tapping on shame. Shame is a really hard one to deal with and tapping can be immensely helpful.

  100. As much as were trying to have a spiritual experience I try to allow myself to have my human experience as well

    overwhelmed in exhaustion does play a role in my halt
    and I hope people can hold the space for me to allow me to be human as I grow in my understanding effectiveness
    so I say to Gabby
    today I hold the space for you to be exhausted because I get it
    Put the bat down and pick up the feather
    be gentle with yourself

  101. Thanks for being real and admit how super hard it is to live at our higher selves all the time…May you find the light again.

  102. Thank you Gabby for this post. I know that there are some things in my life I place blame on other people, things and experiences. I need to accept my feeling, feel it and then let it go. Not continue to bring it up when it then turns into an argument with a loved one. That is what happened to me this weekend. I need to work on forgiving myself for how the past events made me feel and then become aware of when certain events trigger me to react instead of processing why that one event, thought or comment triggers my behavior. Thanks again Gabby! Working on being a better me! Every single day!

  103. Hi, Gabby! I love your new book, “Super Attractor”! I was on our annual Florida Girl’s Trip with 4 of my friends and bought it and read it on vacation. I listened to the Guardian Angel Meditation on the beach yesterday and it was so amazingly peaceful, loving and unbelievable! Everyone should read this book. What a beautiful, loving world we would live in if everyone read your book.
    Thank you for all that you do! You are changing the world, one person at a time and I am forever grateful.

  104. You are human – you are a new mother – I don’t think anyone in their right mind doesn’t understand that. I think we’d all rather see your human side than some kind of perfect act …. it’s ok 🙂 it’s more than ok … it’s real

    jess xo

  105. Gabby,
    Thank you so much for being real with your readers. I have been a student and group leader of ‘A Course in Miracles’ since its inception in the 70’s so I truly appreciate your willingness to share your journey. Although I am familiar with most of your techniques (there were years I became practically orgasmic over what I called “grist for my mill” when I recognized an opportunity to heal was at hand) I nevertheless find great value in your work. All on this path need to be reminded that a fall from grace may leave a few temporary bruises but does not have to leave any permanent scars.
    I am certainly no exception! I love your grasp of the principles and how well you presented our ‘Course’s’ message. Commitment to that intensive study is not for everyone and I have long believed the world needed a book just such as you have written. Kudos to you!
    My ‘go to’ affirmation is this:
    My connection to Infinite Intelligence is REAL!

  106. I truly needed to hear this…! Out of the nothing during the night I started remembering things that I have done and regret profoundly….and so I woke up with my energy shattered! Thank you now I know I have tools to help me when this happen!

  107. I was at your workshop yesterday in Houston. I thought that you gave so much of yourself on stage that you had probably depleted your energy by the time you got to signing everyone’s books. While I didn’t think you were particularly personable while signing books, I also recognized there was a huge line of people with books that needed your signature. The workshop was fantastic, and I thought you did a phenomenal job of addressing everyone’s questions. I know that it was extremely beneficial for me, and I woke this morning feeling at peace and ready to start my week. I’ve been so stressed with my work/career, caretaking, and living in Houston that your workshop was very much needed. I released a lot….Thank you Gabby for all you do!!!You share a lot of valuable information, and clearly try to give love and light to those who follow you.

    1. Amy, thank you so much for coming out to the workshop yesterday. It was a beautiful and joyful experience for me and I’m so happy it served you.

  108. I admire your honesty and vulnerability and apology. That is hard and we all learn from all of the experiences we share, especially mistakes we can relate to. I have been in that position before countless times as I am a teacher and have to be on all the time and when my energy is low for a group of students, I feel guilty. I have been trying to accept my feelings and breathe it out to forgive myself. It’s hard but if I put full intention into this process, I feel I can let it go. Thank you Gabby. I missed your NYC talk. I wish I was there. I hope to see you on the east coast again soon.

    1. I’m happy to hear that you have a process for yourself as well. Forgive, forgive, forgive.

      PS- If you want to come up to Boston on 10/26 I’ll be there 🙂

  109. I cannot express enough how grateful I am that you apologized for NYC. You see, I travelled from Toronto to see you and had to rearrange a great deal to do that and spend a night away from my family. I purchased a VIP ticket and was so disappointed at the end of the night and was having difficulty with it, feeling like a sheep being rushed through a line with no human connection to say the least. I tried to draft an email to you explaining the situation in detail, (as it had been the second time I travelled to see you and the first time you cancelled the actual book signing … )but it kept lowering my vibration and I decided to just let it go. Regardless of how justified I felt in my complaint, I took your advice from the book and I chose love.
    So thank you Gabby for your apology …it means a great deal to me and I appreciate it immensely.
    With love,

    1. Sharon, thank you for taking the time to share this note. I truly appreciate your words and I’m humbled by your decision to choose love even when you felt disappointed and upset. Thank you for being the guru.

  110. Thank you, Gabby! This is really helpful!! I have cut my halfsister and halfbrother I grew up with out of my life. It is very sad!! This post helped me to think of our past with LOVE even if now and going foreards has changed. It gives me PEACE to think of the past with my sister with LOVE. Xo

  111. This is exactly why I am drawn to your messaging because you truthful . Your authenticity shines through with a beautiful heart . I respect this immensely . Thank you for being transparent and acknowledging the human-side of emotions and sharing how to work through adversity by choosing honesty and love
    Blessings xo

  112. Good Morning Gabby,
    It is so incredible the power we all have within ourselves. I was one of the first 10 people in the book signing/picture line. I felt and saw how tired you looked, however excited to be there. I remember saying to you “please take care of yourself” it was a message for you that popped in my head.
    Last Thursday I met with someone that it’s very connected to energy/spirit guides and she asked me how the event was, and I told her that I was excited to be there, however it was not what I expected. I told her that I felt bad saying that since I didn’t want to put that on you, since it was my own perception. Her reply was “remember that we are all humans”.
    I was hoping to get a sign regarding a dream I had where I asked for my spirit guide to appear, and strangely Albert Einstein showed up. That was the night before your nyc event, so I asked that somehow you would confirm that, but I didn’t get it at the moment. I then found out that there is a carving of him by one of the entrances at the riverside church. And there has been tons of signs with his name popping up in conversations…etc. I still don’t know what that means for me, but I will continue to search for my purpose in this life time (current body)
    Please know that because of you, I am now on a different path, one that I was on 20 yrs ago, but hesitant to discover. I am now ready and willing to listen and be guided.
    Thank you for validating that you were not feeling 100% and that the message I received when I met you, was indeed for you.

    Please take care of yourself…and God bless you

    1. Thank you, Beatriz. This means a lot to me. As for your sign, remain open. Ask your guides to help you understand the significance. Be patient. It will be made clear. xo

  113. Gabby, you are not alone. We all make mistakes and I appreciate the fact that you are calling yourself on it. I made a huge mistake in getting a puppy last week and quickly realized that I did not have the time to train or be home with her and that my resources would seriously be impacted with all that went along with the first year of taking good care of a puppy. The old me would’ve hung on to that mistake and white knuckled it to avoid judgement from others for my lack of judgement or impulsiveness all while being miserable and resentful but the “Spiritual Me” realized I simply made a mistake. Once I decided to find a better home for the puppy, the universe immediately put in my path a loving couple who not only had experience with the breed, but were willing and able to give her a great home and lots of love. I have had to work on the guilt that came along with this experience so your post today, I believe, is my Higher Power letting me know it is ok to make mistakes but even more important to realize how we learn from them. Someone once said to me “If God, already forgave you maybe you should also forgive yourself”. Thank you Gabby for your honesty and your humility.

  114. Great post Gabby! I too have found so much healing and also experienced greater strength in my relationships by taking responsibility for my actions. It’s an amazing thing and I love that God gives me opportunities to practice this. I truly admire and love your work… thanks for having the courage to share so openly and honestly!

  115. I’m grateful for the apology. The talk was amazing but after was a bit chaotic and I had paid for VIP and it wasnt honored as everyone was getting a picture and I was sad that I didnt even get to look at you as the lady next to you was rushing everything. And only one book was signed. I just appreciate the apology.

  116. Hi Gabby, thank you for your apology – I attended your event. You were wonderful – and during the book signing part I felt that all of us where rushed but it was still a great experience- but I am humbled by your acknowledgment of feeling overwhelmed – thank you & remember we are human. Keep writing

  117. Thank you Gabby for your complete honesty and showing us all how to handle our mistakes with grace and respect. You are a gem!

    Thank you for continuously leading the way to miracles beyond what we can conceive.

    Be blessed

  118. So much love and immense respect. The ‘hardest’ part can sometimes be the self forgiveness! This is a gorgeous display of a soul having a human experience;) love to you Gabby!

  119. Dear Gaby,
    This took a lot of courage… outting when you were wrong and apologizing publicly. Thank you for the lessons and for leading by example. I am sure as you forgave yourself quickly, people in NYC and else will too. We are the light, let’s stay in it.

  120. Hi Gabby,

    I really appreciate you writing this. I was at the New York signing, and it felt off to me, especially in comparison to the Manifesting Jumpstart in August, which was 100% awesome.

    I am getting a lot from Super Attractor. I love having the Audible version that I can listen to while walking, commuting, etc.

    Your blogs are amazing. I really appreciate how much work you put into them. Thank you for all you do, and congrats on once again making the New York Times best seller list!

  121. You are still a human being, Gabby. We all support and love you. It is okay to feel tired and overwhelmed. Sending you so much love!!

  122. Thank you for your vulnerability. It’s impossible to be perfect all the time, and it’s important that we forgive ourselves when we slip out of grace. Your teachings mean so much to me, and although I hold you in a very special place of light, I also know (and love) that you’re human. Gratitude to you for reminding everyone, including yourself, of that. Take care of you, love.

  123. You’re a rockstar. I’ve been sober for 24 years (celebrated last month) and being humble and owning my side of the street is something I had to learn in recovery. When we follow through on owning our part, the feeling is incredible, right? I could not have done it alone though. I had to be teachable and willing to ask for help. It takes a lot of humility and I applaud your ability to do that for your audience. You are practicing what you preach and it is so admirable and brave! Not everyone can do this. Thanks for being an amazing example of living the spiritual principles of recovery and life. I am LOVING your new book, Super Attractor. xx

    1. Lisa, congratulations on your sober anniversary 24 years is remarkable and beautiful. Thank you for sharing here – I truly truly appreciate your words. And I’m so happy you love the book. xoxo

  124. Beautiful vulnerability. Although I had no personal experience with this circumstance, I so appreciate reading the humanness while reading this. Such vulnerability allows me (and I’m guessing many others) to exhale. Thank you for this. And if no one has told you yet today…know that you are deeply loved.


  125. Gabby,
    Thank YOU!
    Funny how we continually teach our kids to apologize and own their stuff but as adults we forget to do it and when we should!
    Doing Donna Edens 5 min. energy routine daily, especially before I am in front of people (work, parties etc), The Wayne Cook Posture and the ZipUp really keep your energies flowing and others at bay.
    Love all you do Gabby
    Have a fabulous day!

  126. Thank you. I wasn’t in that line in NYC, nevertheless, I’m grateful for your apology….for owning your behavior & less-than-grateful attitude. I too have been in Recovery for years and taking care of my side of the street was/is such a vital process in my well being.

  127. This is exactly what I needed to read this morning! Last night I had a freak out because I thought I ran out of a prescription and called the pharmacy in panic. They weren’t as helpful as I had hoped on the phone and I was definitely not the friendliest with them, and this took me right out of alignment. About 10 minutes after getting off this disappointing call, I found my re fills which had just fallen underneath some things on my shelf. Of course I had to call back and apologize. All morning i’ve been beating myself up about it. But I choose now to forgive myself and learn from the experience. Thank you Gabby. Xoxox

  128. Gabby, I think you are brave & you eloquently show your audience that you’re human in these moments, which is why I admire you so. Your moments of darkness become moments of teaching & I think that’s beautiful. Sending you love.

  129. No one, ever, always gets it right. Hopefully those who felt saddened or offended receive your apology in full love and acceptance. May it actually bring them closer to you and show them how to offer more grace to themselves.

    With love,

    Tiana ❤️

  130. Hey Gabby! This is a really sweet post. I could tell you were exhausted at the signing which is why I didn’t ask for a photo with you (don’t worry, I have several from prior events). You still got through everyone and I’m sure everyone was really excited just to have the chance to say thanks in person! xo

    1. Thank you, Allison. Thank you for being part of this community, for coming out in-person and for reading the book. I truly appreciate it. xoxoxoxo

  131. Dear Gabby, Your apologies are light on my life this Monday morning as I have never saw a spiritual leader showing up as you did. It’s a humble act of kindness and teaching to all of us that have you as a role model.
    Thankyou, Thankyou Thankyou

    and once I was in LA in your book signing and you were so present and shined a light into the world of my daughter that She started been interested in the spiritual journey by your inspiration. Muito obrigada menina Gabby. We love YOU so much ( yes, we are Brazilians ).

    My Mariana ( Daughter, She 30 years ) She changed her perspective on the spiritual journey when She went woth me to see you that day in LA.

    So, keep on being this start of creative possibilities

    1. Thank you so much Marizete. That’s beautiful to hear about your daughter Mariana. What a beautiful thing to share. xoxo

    1. I completely understand that. That is why our forgiveness is radical. It can be hard to access at first, so simply be willing and you will be led. xo

    2. Continue to come back to these tools Olga. I am using them myself! Know that it’s a practice and we get to show up each day. <3

  132. Dearest Gabby
    I love you for speaking up and out….
    I believe this too, but so few people do it!
    I do believe this is higher frequency living… thank you for putting yourself out there to teach… I know it is not always easy ❤️

  133. Heh Gabby, Thank you for sharing and thank you for simply being you. I wrote in my journal this morning how life is filling with hope, joy and possibility since I’ve found you. And since you’ve shown me that The Universe always has my back.
    I’m physically pretty much alone in my life…well I thought so until you showed me how to draw on the feelings of security I feel from the people that I work with & live near me. I’m not as alone as I thought. But mostly…I have The Universe. I’ve never felt so loved & safe until now. So thank you…a big breezy chilly fresh Thank you from my little cottage my the sea in Ireland…Xx AMx

    1. Ann Marie – I’m so moved by this note. You are putting the methods to work in such a profound way. Trust that by really feeling that sense of security and love, you will manifest more of it into your life, physically and spiritually. Beautiful work.

  134. So much power in this! Feels good to own our responsibility and also forgive ourselves. How the other responds will also shine a light on their own spiritual lessons on forgiveness, letting go, etc. Namaste Gabby xoxo

  135. I love this post Gabby. I’ve had the pleasure of seeing you speak in London and I was overwhelmed by how much you genuinely care. Thank you for sharing your experiences and wisdom to make the journey of life easier and more enjoyable for all of us. I’m sure even Wonder Woman needs to take a breather too! Much love, Natalie Jones

  136. Love this! And I understand how you felt in that situation and I think that people did too.
    You are human too and you make mistakes as well as others.
    You are a lovely person and it is okay to be tired sometimes when you are doing so much.

  137. Thank you Gabby for being so honest. This shows that we are all humans, we make mistakes and it is safe to own them. Apologizing for a mistake or an unwanted behavior shows greatness nit everyone has. Most people are talking about it but not everyone is living it. So again, thank you!

  138. Dear Gabby,

    I would love to read your book. But the language “barrier” is withholding me from bying. My English is okay. But I feel that it is difficult to master “Manifestation” in a different language than my homelanguage (Dutch). Certain nuances i miss when i read in english. Some words i do not know how to translate ergo feel in dutch. Do you understand what i mean?

    My question: do you think that your book will come available in different languages (Dutch)?

  139. Stop judging yourself. You are human. Perhaps cut your appearances down a little? I am an author and write for children. I have a large family and a business. If I do too many large book readings I fade. I drop afterwards because a live event uses up huge amounts of adrenaline. You drop automatically when you come off stage. It is quite normal. It is rather like depression. I know how to handle that feeling now and accept it as part of the process. I don’t judge myself for it. What goes up must come down. Just ease up on you. Carry on with your wonderful inspirational work, but not at the cost of you. You will find your balance. Love and light xxxx

  140. Gabby, congratulations on your amazing achievement of 14 years of sober recovery. What an achievement amongst raising the vibration of the planet.

  141. I love this post Gabby – thanks for sharing and your personal example gave the insight that much more resonance. An extra step I add for myself is – make amends. Where I’ve genuinely wronged someone I will not just apologise, forgive myself and take action to check my stuff – I will also take appropriate steps to make amends

  142. I love this post Gabby – it contains such insight and is made more powerful by the personal example you have shown. I would like to add one extra step I take (I guess it comes under Step 3) and that is – make amends. If I know I’ve genuinely wronged someone, besides apologising I will then (if appropriate) find a way to make amends.
    Thanks again and much love
    Kath xx

  143. Gabby, you are amazing. Your actions are such an act of humility, self awareness, and soul forgiveness. Nothing good comes from self punishment. We all make mistakes, that’s why there are erasers on the end of pencils:).

  144. This was an interesting blogpost for me to read, Gabby and I think it takes guts to apologize. Thank you for this post. Recognizing your exhaustion and overwhelm and putting into place steps to deal with it going forward including grounding in gratitude and calm as you mention are an important part of the process and I”m sure will make a big difference. I like to think that people are pretty forgiving, and although I wasn’t at your NYC book signing, I think it’s understandable that you were fatigued and overwhelmed. Your way of looking at the process of apologizing is very helpful and makes me examine who I need to apologize to, in my own life today!

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