How to Stop Trying to Make Things Happen and Access Your True Power Instead

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Our inner wisdom is much smarter than we are. It knows exactly what we need. It’s in tune with the Universe.

But so often we don’t listen to it. We push, manipulate and do whatever we can to “make things happen” the way we see them. We want our job to be a certain way. We want our house to look a certain way. We want our partner to fit a certain mold. We lean into fear and let it dictate our lives. As a result, we end up anxious, disappointed, maybe even downright miserable.

A Course in Miracles says that the presence of fear is a sure sign that you’re relying on your own strength. And your own strength has nothing on the strength of the Universe. There is guidance and wisdom far beyond what you think is right.

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So how can you access your true power? This is the secret: Stop praying for what you think you need. Pray instead for guidance. When you start to align with a presence greater than you and surrender humbly, you will be led to exactly what you need. You may not like every twist and turn on the road there, but the destination will be worth it.

In this video, I talk about how to quit relying on your own strength so you can access your true power. I want you to get psyched to accept that you deserve happiness and greatness and peace. If you’re reading this blog, you’ve shown up for the party that is you. I hope this video serves you. Watch it now:

If you want a deep-dive on how to awaken your hidden power and, check out my Transform Fear to Faith online course. When you take it you will leave doubt and uncertainty behind. These miraculous transformations will result from you finally releasing the blocks to the presence of love and connecting to your deepest source of power in order to show up for life and manifest what you truly desire.

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  1. As always, bang on time when I need to hear it! I’m sure I’ll be listening to it again but as I’m about to go into my fear-full, ego-full, low-energy meeting I needed to be reminded that I AM UNAPOLOGETIC about surrendering to the light and being guided!
    Thank you very much with much love & light sweet Gabby

  2. you are crazy spot on! thank you so much for the inspiration …. have a wonder filled day … ps love your book (spirit junkie) .. joe

  3. Just a thank you for the clarity and inspiration. I like seeing leadership for my age. I hope to keep you in my spiritual seeking via Internet. Thanks again. Peace.

  4. i surrender my plan for when im going to meet my twin soul (who i just meet) again.. i hope to God its soon, because the wait is just unbearable.. but i have faith that it will happen.. 🙂
    Thank you for being such an inspiration! Peace

  5. Love this! Just what we needed to hear. We are working on receiving! Would love for you to talk more about desires…how to truly find what you desire and align with it.


  6. Your words are always so inspiring Gabby. Thank you for sharing your light and help us shine too.

    I realized that I have been able to let go of control about my work but I have still a long way to go when it comes to my looks. I will keep praying.


  7. I honour the syncrinocity in my life!!! Yes yes yes! This morning while at the gym my ego mind tried to sneak up on me, I snapped out of it and told myself if I am being fearful I am relying on myself. I surrendered, forgave myself and chose love. Thank you for all of your wonderful messages and your positive impact on my life and this world!! I am beyond thankful to have you in my life. Super excited to see you in Vancouver December 5!!! Woooowooo!!! Xoxox
    God bless!!!

  8. I love the way you’re speaking at this end of this lecture Gabby- it’s like spoken word! Like Rha. Moving into a new arena? 😉 I love it.

  9. Dear Gabby,
    As always this came about the right time for me. Thank you so much! Gabby, would you consider to come to Germany soon? This is actually a kind of “SOS” call. It is a really scary at these times out in the streets. There is so much hate and anger, most of the people I know feel very insecure about the political situation right now. I know this is not easy, but I had to think very often about what you said in one of your courses of the aquarian age and really it feels like this. I have to work on it every day and doing Kundalini meditations, sometimes I feel it is not enough. Love, Diana

  10. Hey Gabby!

    This is exactly what I’m currently working on.

    Being a perfectionist and wanting to be in control at all times has been overwhelming.
    My spiritual awakening this year has led me to many different tools and people that have taught me to let go, and trust my guides and the universe always.

    Tapping into my higher self every day, and sharing my light and love along the way, makes me believe and have faith that I’m being directed exactly where I need to go at all times.

    Thank you for sharing your light.



  11. I was just sharing with some clients that life has been so fun lately. As I heard myself saying fun, I was surprised by my own experience. In the past, I had never viewed life as fun. Through spiritual principles and living substance-free, I’ve created a life that I love and adore. I hear you Gabby! My existence is truly fun and exciting! I let go of thinking I know what it should look like and allow myself to be guided!

  12. Bonjour gabby.. Please l need you .. Can you tell me how to live a relationship when everything is fine but knowing is gonna end.. I have received a message in my dream very clear about my relationship which warn me that is going to end anyway .. This man was an addict and came through a lot.. He finally became an amazing man so we just got back together.. He treats me so right Nd l know l have to live it but how can l living it fully knowing that the end will come and that he is not the future father of my child.. Please help me.. I feel that the universe alow me to live this relationship and at the same time giving me the info l feel that it s really confusing.. Sorry for my english.. I pray for you to answer to me

  13. Praying and surrendering each day to whatever plans God has for me that day has been the biggest game changer of my life. More opportunities, people, and experiences have shown up when I surrendered to whatever His will was for my life- better than I could have planned on my own!

  14. OMG. This was exactly what I needed to hear today. thank you, thank you THANK YOU Gabby! Right about when I was going to put deadline for something, this video popped up. Yup, so rather than rush things to conclusion, I will embrace where I am and where things are right now.


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