How Marianne Williamson Changed My Life AGAIN…

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I speak and write often about my love for Marianne Williamson, who has been offering up incredible wisdom and guidance for decades. Marianne is the New York Times best-selling author of A Return to Love and countless other titles. Ten years ago, when I got sober and reignited my spiritual journey, Marianne was my greatest inspiration. Her interpretations and teachings of A Course in Miracles rocked my world and set me on my path.

Marianne’s work greatly supported me in healing my darkest addiction of all: codependency. Through her books, talks and workshops I was led out of the inky depths of addiction and back to freedom and love. In fact, the week after my wedding I sent Marianne a thank-you note explaining that if it hadn’t been for her work I wouldn’t have been able to create such a healthy partnership.

A few weeks ago when I was in L.A. I had the privilege of sitting down with Marianne over tea. In an hourlong conversation she was able to tap into a new development in my spiritual recovery: my ability to be vulnerable and feminine. She helped me witness and understand a shadow side of myself that I had been unable to see on my own. She helped me see how I had lost my connection to my greatest source of truth: my femininity. Not only did she help me witness my shadow but she guided me back to the light. She offered me spiritual guidance, prayer and concrete advice. Once again, her words and teachings transformed me.

I was so blown away by Marianne’s capacity to open me up to such profound wisdom. After our time together I began thinking about the women in my life: my mother, my friends, my business contemporaries. Had they lost touch with their vulnerability and femininity too? It quickly became clear to me that I am not alone. If you’re a woman reading this, whether you realize it or not you may feel like something is missing or a part of you is lost. If that’s the case then have no fear! Nothing is lost — the flame has just dwindled. In an effort to support your feminine spark I decided to bring Marianne’s words to you.

In this interview Marianne shares why it’s so important for women to reclaim their femininity and vulnerability. We chat about her upcoming live and digital course, The Aphrodite Training. She touches on the ever-present issue of work-life balance and reveals the most transformational tools from her own practice of nurturing her femininity. I hope this interview serves you greatly.

Why is it important to align vulnerability with power?
First of all, our vulnerability is power … just a different kind. Magnetic power is as important as dynamic power, and most women feel emotionally bereft if we saunter out into the world yet find we’re lonely in the intimate realms.

How can we balance both our work lives and our romantic lives?
First of all, we have to make space for what we really want. Too many people today — men as well as women — have allowed our work lives to eat up too many hours of the day. We spend too much of our energy on work while leaving our romantic lives unattended to. Women as well as men started thinking that romance was either less important, or that it would just magically happen without too much effort. But the opposite is true. Living a romantic existence takes as much thought, time and energy as any other area of life. But it also gives us more time and energy, which is the amazing thing. Deep romance is a spiritual experience, and one of the most powerful in its effect on all aspects of our lives.

You have an incredible training coming up this month. Can you tell us more about the Aphrodite training?
The arc of my own journey was this: When my career became successful, my intimate relationships started to go south. For a long time I thought this was just my own personal drama, unique to me. But as I began to navigate the waters of my own emotional turbulence, I realized I wasn’t alone. This was a generational wound, a remnant of a flawed strain of feminism in which we suppressed the feminine in the name of feminism. In our manifestation of worldly power, a lot of us became so masculine that we started to succeed in a worldly sense but at the expense of other areas of our lives.

Practicing what I learned from Pat Allen [and] A Course in Miracles, plus going through various experiences of life and love, I ultimately began to heal in my broken places. And for a long time I thought the generations of women younger than me weren’t making the mistakes that mine had made; I thought they had self-corrected and would be okay. But over the last few years I’ve realized, “Egads! In some ways they’re even more wounded that we were!” I’ve seen that the journey I’ve been on is the journey of many women, of all ages, and I feel I’ve learned some things that can contribute to their healing process.

What can women expect from this training?
Most of us are carrying around a lot of trapped light, suppressed feminine, unintegrated Aphrodite. Athena, the goddess of wisdom and war, might be thriving in our lives, but she is a virgin goddess. Her sister Aphrodite, the goddess of love and romance and pleasure, can live in us too, but we have to make room for her. She can’t thrive where she is not embodied, and she can’t be embodied by a woman who is ashamed of her, or invalidates her, or disowns her. That’s what we will be talking about, and invoking, and celebrating, and allowing. I think there might be some tears for a few women, but there will also be dancing and loving and fun.

Great news! You can attend the Aphrodite training from anywhere in the world. To get all the details click here.

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  1. This is so incredibly timely for me as I have just committed to spending the next 90 days entirely focused on living as an expression of feminine energy. Its an experiment I am trying to see how it creates shifts in my life. I have been looking for tools to support this journey.

      1. Hi Gabby, as a long-time teacher of A Course in Miracles and a Certified Holistic Health Coach dedicated to helping people appreciate our inner truth, I think Marianne is always sharing new ways of seeing ourselves from the heart. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa! Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh!

    I have heard about this training from her newsletter. I depend on online resources because I cannot travel to U.S due to my health at this time for sjm2. I know this course is unlike sjm ,but would you recommend this as a way to further deepen my practice as a spiritual teacher? I am so grateful for sjm digital and I pray that you will find a way to open level 2 for a small group who can do the work but who are unable to travel. Thank you .

    Sat nam! Bachan.

  3. This is so true, Gabby. Especially in New York, we turn into aggressive alpha females with manly energy. Staying soft, staying in your goddess energy is so much more powerful. I have found yoni eggs really help with that. Whatever works! 😉 Thank you for sharing. Have fun at level 2! Much love + magic xoxo

  4. Hi

    Perfect timing (of course). I’ve been re reading Spirit Junkie – Spirit became my boyfriend which is super duper helpful. You reference Marianne Williamson’s audio lecture The language of letting go – and you said you listen to it heaps. I’ve never been able to find it? Can you flick me a link to get this lecture?

    Thanks darling xx

    1. I just tried to google this and it seems there is “The Language of Letting Go” (about co-dependency) by another author, Melody Beattie – or a series of audio lectures called “Letting Go and Becoming” by Marianne Williamson. Not sure if that helps (I haven’t finished reading Spirit Junkie so haven’t seen the reference you’re talking about)

  5. Thank you Gabby for this amazing information! Just like Georgina, I’ve been looking for the “Language of letting go” lecture myself. Also you mentioned that Marianne really helped you release Co-dependency. What resources of hers did you use? I really appreciate your guidance on this.


  6. Hi Gabby,
    Thank’s so much for your message that reached me at the right time. 🙂
    You are my inspiration and mentor! I’m glad that i found you and happy to know, that you’re living with me on this beautiful Earth 🙂
    lovely greetings from Germany! <3

  7. BRAVE! BRAVE! BRAVE! Namaste, Gabby. Thank you! In loving honesty, I have noticed a hardness emerge in your expression. It is ever-present in female spiritual leaders. May we allow awareness of our true nature rather than trying to claim a feminine facade or concept. As Marianne reflected to you, awareness cannot hurt us. Love and light <3

  8. I love you Gabby! Thanks for all you do. I’ve listened to Marrianne for a long time now and she has been a great influence in my life…I did notice a major persona change in her when she got into politics. She had to in order to spread her message to the masses. I don’t see that as something wrong but just something necessary at the time we are living in. This is just a natural stage in your life and it’s awesome to see your progression! I’m on the path to more masculinity myself 😉 I’m sure after I obtain material success I’ll be wanting to express more of my feminine energy. There is not wrong or right here is my point. Much love to you!!!

  9. This is such an important message. A Return to Love changed my life like so many others and lead me to find you years ago (so grateful for that) but in my life the past two years since I bought a house I feel this pressure to achieve and succeed so that I can “keep up”. Watching this I realize I’ve become disconnected from my fun, free wild feminine side and need that back. Thank you for this message!

  10. Love this Gabby. I am 53 and follow a lot of younger spirit junkies women online and I have always found that the missing voice for me was the fact that as many were not Mothers yet and did not seem to address in their work the huge impact of Motherhood . Now Kate Northrup is a Mother I am already feeling a new connection with her work. Praying one day you will be a Mother too and then believe me you will have no probs in connecting with your feminine side. xx

  11. Yes, yes, yes!!! But I just have to comment that YOU (Gabby) gave me this very wisdom a few months ago. Since becoming a mother six years ago, I had struggled fiercely with my identity. When I focused on my career, my entire world broke down because I had been turning my back on my husband and kids. When I course corrected and focused my energy on my family, I myself felt broken and empty because I was turning my back on me. Every decision I made meant turning my back on some important part of my life UNTIL you sent out an email that changed. my. life. You serendipitously introduced me to the Feminine Power Course which has changed EVERYTHING for me. I’m now a writer and a coach, sharing my story on how I now wear my years battling with anxiety and depression (linked to my lack of feminine power 😉 ) as my most cherished badge of honour. I don’t turn my back on any parts of my life anymore and I’m working my butt off on becoming a pioneer at how women can be successful mothers, wives, career women, spirit junkies, THEMSELVES, all at the same time. I’m working tirelessly on creating the systems that don’t yet exist for women (especially new moms as this is my story) to thrive in all areas of their lives. I would LOVE to attend Marianne’s workshop but I just bought your SJMP and the year long Feminine Power Mastery course so my family is in need of a little Mom/Wife time. Do you know if the audio will be available to listen to after the weekend? The universe is saying YES to this workshop, just not right now. So you may not have felt you were tapped into your feminine power but you certainly shined a light on mine and changed my world for ever. Your feminine beauty is definitely radiating in my direction! I totally stand with you in this intention and thank you for everything you do!

  12. This sounds amazing. I actually feel like both sides of me need help (I just moved to AZ from MA and am searching for a job). I know I won’t be able to do the live streaming but I am going to try to remember what the training is about and see if I can help nurture myself with it. But it sounds freakin’ amazing!

  13. This begins a conversation inside me about my feminine self,etc.Honestly, I don’t know if we have lost touch our feminine.I don’t think many of us are clear on exactly what it is.Surely it’s more than just about being a romantic partner and/ or a mother.I also think it’s important to see WHY the Divine Feminine has fallen out of favor.Intrresting..

    1. I actually blogged about what it is to be a woman a little while ago, along with my journey of healing the mother wound that many women experience. The Divine feminine has been suppressed for centuries in the patriarchal environment we live in that fears emotion and sees women as nothing more than the bearers of children and sexual objects. But feminine qualities include creativity, receptivity, rest, collaboration and empathy. There is a real zeitgeist around the awakening woman, and this can be seen in discussions like this and even in politics, with women like Marianne Williamson and Hilary Clinton climbing the ranks! Very interesting topic that I plan to write a lot more about 🙂

  14. Thanks Gabby! I love the work that you do. You are truly an inspiration to me. Your work inspires me to show up and be of the right energy, with better attitude and more loving faith. I am so happy to learn from you. I think you are amazing! All the best to you <3 <3 <3

  15. This is fabulous! As a woman of Marianne’s generation this resonated so much with me and it is now that I am working at tapping into that core feminine energy that we did not have nurtured. I wish we would have had this back in the 70’s. I am so glad that generations of women are being brought together as one and learning from each other, no matter what our age.

  16. Hi Gabby, Marianne Williamson has been a huge inspiration and teacher for me and I try and use the principles of A Course in Miracles in my everyday life. I certainly see the miracles and synchronicity everyday and am grateful. Thank you for supporting Marianne and encouraging your followers to attend the Aphrodite Workshop – Marianne’s teachings are amazing. Love

  17. I love this Gabby! As a Goddess Guide committed to honoring all aspects of the sacred feminine myself while empowering fellow women to do the same, I am so glad to see you reconnect with your own softer, vulnerable Aphrodite energy. You truly are a beautiful embodiment of wise and wonderful Athena, and as such, are a powerful force in the world. And it’s great to now see you and Marianne (whose work has changed my life as well) teach the importance of balancing this active, work and service oriented side of us with the more receptive, love and pleasure focused part of ourselves. Thank you both for sharing all your gifts, and may the Goddesses shower you with all of theirs! Lots of love <3

  18. THANK YOU for this! I have been feeling the lack of femininity being in a high powered ad job and astrology business, as well as animal rescue when I have free time. Love has taken a backseat to everything and it’s time to balance.

  19. Gabby,
    This is such important work. Thanks for bringing it to your followers. It is the reason why I am coaching women in all of this, and what my solo show, Hot Mama Mahatma, is about. It is about women saying “YES” to their feminine side and to pleasure. Having studied for the past several years with the top teachers in the country (Mama Gena, Charles and Caroline Muir, etc.), it has changed my life. This is self-love in practice. Louise Hay would be proud:).
    Thanks for all you do.

  20. This is a very timely topic. I work in the corporate world and while there is more concerted effort to raise female leaders, the leadership style we’re being taught is masculine – it’s men’s idea of what leadership is. As women, we have our own unique qualities and it’s time that we brought them to the table because they’re not less worthy than those of men. In fact, ours are more needed than ever because our world is out of balance. Women need to embrace their masculinity AND femininity, and men need to embrace their femininity. As expressed by others, we don’t even have a clear idea of what being feminine means. As I become more assertive and learn to stand up for myself, I question whether how I do that is in a way that’s more masculine than feminine. I’m also trying to figure out what all this means and am happy to see this topic get more coverage. On a final note, remember that being sensitive and strong are by no means mutually exclusive – we all need both. “Being both soft and strong is a combination very few have mastered.”

  21. Dear Gabby,

    I want to preface the point of this letter with many, many thanks and admiration for the message you share with the world. I was introduced to you a few years ago by my friend and fellow Spirit Junkie Kerin. Earlier this year I went on the May Cause Miracle journey and have since used the concept of shifting perceptions on a daily basis. Thank you! I am also a fellow Sat Namer, New Yorker, and spirit seeker, so it’s with much love and understanding that I’m writing today.

    Here’s the thing, a few weeks ago while visiting your site I got a weird feeling in my stomach when reading your tagline, “Become The Happiest Person You Know.” I wasn’t sure at the time what was rumbling in me, but I realized a few days ago and wanted to share.

    It wasn’t until a few minutes after she left my house that I caught myself thinking, “Well I’m happier than her.” I had just had lunch with a dear old friend and over the matter of hours much was shared. As she told me about her work life I could imagine the money that she must be earning and felt happy for her whilst a tinge of concern about my own career. She spoke about a lot of things, a new car, a new house, hardship in her marriage and the deep desire to move closer to her parents. And even though I’ve mostly grown out of comparing my life and status to others through devoted self work and the journey into my own truth (one of the best things about really “being” me is that comparison to others happen FAR less frequently), this virtue comparison happened. Then after quickly forgiving myself I was reminded that no one person is better than another person. The happiness and other positive virtues I acquire do not make be better, just different. That’s when I realized why your tagline didn’t sit quite right with me. Become The Happiest Person You Know, immediately puts me in comparison and competition with everyone I know and encounter and that’s not what makes me deeply well.

    I think righteousness and moral high ground is one of the biggest things we Spirit Junkies need to look out for as we forge our paths to truth, love and light, and I think getting there means just being happy, not being the happiest person we know, not even considering what being the happiest person we know means. I certainly know that my own brush with this comparison didn’t make me feel good inside and took a little bit away from the time with a special friend.

    It’s my hope that this note won’t be taken as a moral high ground in itself (it’s definitely not), but actually just for consideration in changing a tagline that reaches so many and may be pointing them towards competition and trying to one up their peers spiritually. We’re all in this together, but it’s with leaders like you that we can spread this light more quickly. Thank you for all the love you spread. You’re an inspiration.

    With kindness and love,

  22. Thank you for this post! I want you to know what you do really makes a difference in my life! I have been going through a difficult time in my life. I know this time is here to bring me lessons, but still very difficult for me. A few months back I bought a book at a second hand store. No idea what the book was or why I had bought it. Until I came acrossed this post today. That book was of course, A Return to Love. Nothing is a coincidence. Thank you God for giving me the guidance I need for this time ????

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