How I got off coffee

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If you’ve been following me on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or Pintersest you probably know by now that I’m counting my days off coffee! (Today is day 25!) This is major for me. You see, coffee was my last addiction. I haven’t had a drink or drug in seven years, I’ve been off dairy for more than a year, and I barely even eat sugar or meat. Therefore, I was holding onto my coffee for dear life. I spent years trying (unsuccessfully) to give up the joe only to wind back up in the coffee shop ordering a large americano with soy milk. Then, 25 days ago, the stars aligned and a shift set in. In this video, I talk about what helped me make the move to get off coffee once and for all. I also offer advice for you to step into your own life change — whatever that may be. Watch now!

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    1. Hi Amanda, First, how awesome was this Vlog!! LUV IT!!
      I saw your Q and felt inspired to share my own experience with transitioning towards healthier sweets and reducing sugar, I hope it’s ok to share with you. As Gabby wonderfully points out, we have to be willing. That said, I first shifted the quality of processed sugar to agave or stevia. Your tastebuds may need rehabilitation because they’re accustomed, so be patient with those little guys. Also, I shifted white food-pasta, bread-to gluten free grain like quinoa, bhutan rice, millet etc. Y? ’cause the white food also triggers the diesire for the sweeties, it did for me. Make any treat that you have gluten free and only sweetened naturally to start. I drink veggie juice like a mo’fo. It helps take the edge off and keeps my body focused on all the lovely nutrients it’s digesting rather than focusing on what it’s not getting. I have often found that my clients and myself, are emotionally connected/addicted to food especially sugar. I noticed that there were specific feelings that would come up for me and then I was off to sugarville . Sadness, grief, craving(for more fulfillment/passion in my life). Gabby’s work offers such brilliant tools to process this part of it all and strangthening the awareness. I hope this gives you some good ideas and I have a blog on sugar detox at my site that may be useful for you or someone you know. Hope you rock sugar free! : ) Best to you.

      1. Thanks so much for this. I do use brown rice, wheat breads, etc. But I get this massive pastry cravings out of no where! ha! So now I’m thinking, “What is it I want?” Generally, it’s something that isn’t sugar. πŸ™‚ I will look into your blog as well.

    2. Hi Amanda,

      Thought I’d chime in too! I have a sweet tooth too but the biggest thing I’ve learned is the less sugar I have it the less I crave it. I just completed Ashley Pitman’s 5 day juice cleanse and have absolutely ZERO cravings for sugar anymore. Daily green juices help too since it nourishes your body! Or green smoothies if you have a blender. I highly recommend the cleanse if you want an immediate effect though and purge the cravings. Best of luck to you! xo

      1. I’m working on the green smoothie bit. haven’t found the tastiest one yet. I do like the Naked green machine juice, but they get pricey. πŸ˜› I’m not interested in a juice cleanser per say, but I will continue to look into more green stuff. πŸ™‚

        1. Hi Amanda,
          Have you ever checked our Sarah Wilson?

          Sarah is a journalist in Australia and she has written an I quit Sugar (IQS) 8 week program and a cookbook.
          It is a great program and I found it amazingly helpful in my life to get off the sugar.
          I hope this helps!
          Erin πŸ™‚

  1. Congrats and good for you! I’ve been releasing many things that no longer serve me month by month. Finally the last month of 2012 it will be coffee. I’ve had a relationship since 1994. It no longer serves me so I am letting it go, withdrawls, shakes and all. Pero is a good barley drink that I find is helpful with the transition. Be blessed!

  2. Way to go Gabby. I’ve converted many coffee users to drinking fresh green juices. So far it has worked successfully. Its a healthier choice and provides natural energy without any crash.
    Thanks for sharing your message.

  3. Hi Gabby!

    Thanks so much for sharing this. I really enjoy starting my week off with your Vlogs. I am a wellness coach, yoga teacher, and barre teacher and I didn’t not receive guidance to this amazing career path until I truly started living in a clear channel and letting go of the things that no longer served me. Hello autheniticty! Also, I read A Course in Miracles years ago and wasn’t ready for it. I found Spirit Junkie when you first wrote it and now have been able to go back and reread the Course. Just want to say thanks for all that you do! XO

  4. I listened to your video and said to myself “its time to give up wine, because its become a crutch”. Then looked out the window to contemplate that thought, and a butterfly flew by! Its Dec in NJ- a butterfly!? there’s my confirmation!
    Thanks for the video and for the clarity!!

  5. Great job Gabby! I have kicked the afternoon cuppa myself {for 2 months now}, and am down to my 2 cups in the morning. I am going to kick my second cup as of today as your video has inspired me!

    I will allow myself one cup in the morning only until I am ready to kick that habit too!!

  6. As I’m drinking my large Americano with Soy Milk, Im vowing to enjoy these last sips..Thank YOU Signs from the universe.. love to you and congrats..<3

  7. Gabby, this is amazing! There are a few things that are calling to me, and I am trying really hard to be present to how to shift them. I know this is the first step, and it is SO validating to hear your story. I know how big coffee is for you, and I am just so proud of how you’ve not only faced into your resistance to it but also used it as an amazing assignment. Rock on!! πŸ˜€

      1. Gabby, we need like and love buttons on here. So many amazing comments coming through!! This positive energy is exactly what I needed…a Monday pick me up way better than any coffee could ever give!!

  8. compulsive overeating! Its TIME. Would LOVE LOVE LOVE to hear any insights or wisdom you have to share related to your recovery with this. Thanks Gabby. The light in me salutes the light in all of you!

  9. Hi Gabby! I was told by a Iridologist friend that I needed to cut down on the caffeine but I wasn’t ready yet. I’ve been watching your progress and I remember how during times of fasting I kicked coffee to the curb so it’s just a matter of choice. This morning instead of my usual coffee I drank Mate Chocolate. It is delicious!! It does have caffeine but it’s tea so in my mind it’s healthier. πŸ™‚

    Love & Light

  10. Hi Gabby,
    Thanks for sharing your coffee journey. I love the smell of coffee and soon came to realise the effects were no where near as great as the smell. Coffee just doesn’t love me like it loves some people unfortunately. So I allow myself a coffee once a week if I feel like it, however I’ve not had any at all in 2 weeks and I’m not missing it. I love my fresh veggie juices I make every morning and my teas!

  11. I’m 36 days sober today from alcohol. Not ready to let go off the coffee but I’m working on reducing it. Congrats on your journey Gaby!

  12. love you
    letting go of anger always
    and I saw a killer sermon by Joel Osteen last night where he reminded me not to be snared by my words. I first really got good at this after your loveatarian vlog I changed my negative speak almost 100% BUT LTELY I HAVE BEEN SPEAKING THE SHIT SO THE SHIT HAS BEEN SHOWING UP SOOOO ooh so sorry I didn’t see caps was on- anyhow I’m dropping the negative spoken words like a bad habit πŸ™‚

  13. oh and comparison omg that has been creeping back like a mofo I’ve even had moments where I hated on your pics on fb and seriously had to remind myself that your abundance and happiness are my abundance and happiness ugh that one is so durn hard- you are great I love you xoxoxoxoxox

  14. Gabby m’Dear! HOW do we (ahem, “I”) let go of wanting immediate, earth-shattering “results” while practicing Kundalini? I practiced actively a few times a week 2yrs, ago, then abruptly stopped. Any advice from you AND/OR my sisties and bruthies here is appreciated. P.S. I’m proud of you. Sat Nam <3~~Erin in Chicago

  15. Congratulations Gabby, so happy for you. I think it is the krya from your last post that is unhooking me from cigarettes, when I had given up trying on my own. Truly miraculous… Thank you thank you thank you!
    Much love xo

  16. I’m on day 3 of removing coffee from my daily routine. I get terrible heartburn attacks and my doctor insists that I need to cut back on the caffeine. So here I am once again. Your message is just what I needed today. Thanks for sharing.

  17. Gabs,

    25 days free of coffee is a HUGE accomplishment. Great job staying strong with your intention and decision. It helps me realize that quitting is a decision, we just have to be ready to commit to it. Can’t wait to see what new messages you receive, sans coffee πŸ˜‰

    Much love!!

  18. Hello Gabby,

    Thank you for another inspiring and self motivating video. This rings true for me in another area, self indulgence on chocolate and cakes due to feeling unfulfilled in my life. I tend to go through a roller coaster and fall off the band wagon very easily.

    I feel guilty for not doing the things I love, even though I have every opportunity and am very committed in being in tune and in balance as that is very important for me. It feels like am not giving myself the real opportunity of stepping into my power and being in align with fear of other’s reactions, that’s what it boils down to. You see I live with my family, and what I eat isn’t in line with what they eat and my life. I think I am realizing now that where I am has left me feeling unimportant, thus powerless. This is a little sad and at the same time a revelation that needed to emerge so I am very grateful for this opportunity to express how I feel.

    I guess I realize now why there are cakes and chocolates in this house, to challenge me to step out of that cycle and into my own power to really stand tall in who I am.

    Thanks Gabby xx

  19. Gabby,

    Thank you for your inspirational video today and congratulations on kicking your coffee habit. Honestly, I am ready but not yet willing to give up smoking. I know it’s unhealthy and downright dangerous, but I find comfort in it. This is my truth at the moment. It feels shameful even to discuss it in a public forum, but I need to let go of this vice. Any thoughts or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for all that you do.

    Excited about your new book, can’t wait to read it!

        1. “the easy way to stop smoking, Alan Carr” worked for me too together with active reflection and working on changing the way I see myself, my identity shift, to being a non-smoker. The book makes logical sense but it wasn’t until I saw myself as a non smoker and not ex-smoker that I knew I had kicked smoking and could rejoice in the freedom and acknowledge the accomplishment. You have to want to shift… and even if you think you are not there yet just saying it out loud that you want to stop smoking sets a cause in motion even if you don’t believe it yet, you will soon. I was going to add “good luck” but you don’t need luck you can do it all on your own. xx

    1. if you’re finding comfort in it maybe it’s ok. maybe it’s not too late. maybe you’re avoiding something that’s even worse than smoking by being caught in this habit. you gotta consider things like that. just because people are really bashing smoking at the time and it’s like a trendy thing to quit doesn’t mean that you don’t know where you are on your path. you could be doing well. if you’re smoking and you look around and see better options that means there is better options. then when you have to make shifts. you get so deep into something and what the media and television and everyone else portrays that you forget a lot of the time it could be so much worse. sometimes if you get too lost in your friends you fail to realize it can be so much better. you have to take those chances to be a better person. if you don’t wanna take chances on the lottery or the stock market or following your dream to be a island owner or whatever then sure don’t do that. but take chances to make yourself better

      1. Joe you make a very valid point and and one I think Gabby was trying to express in this vlog. You have be ready do it for yourself because you know there’s something better for you. I took me months to realize this.

        I am happy to report that I haven’t touched a cigarette in a month. The shift came when I recently visited my doctor for something unrelated. Something inside me was telling me it was time to take care of myself. From that point on…I just stopped. It hasn’t been the easiest road to travel, but I know now that it’s something I have to do for me and not just to please others.

  20. I’ve been working on detatching myself from Internet/phone/Facebook. Internet detox. At the recent full moon I set the intention to release my addiction and the moon’s energy is powerful as the next morning I woke up and managed to leave my phone at home while I left for work. Great improvements since in the past it was the first thing I picked up in the morning. Gaining much peace and clarity by moderate usage… Next step is to drop the occasional social drink…

  21. Oh boy, the universe is sure screaming at me to quite drinking! I have been gluten free and dairy free for almost a year now. I have most recently decided that I needed to quite drinking all together for my spiritual growth. Your example came at the right time.

    Thank you Gabby!

  22. That’s it. I’m doing it. I’m giving up the idea that I need to sustain this level of material wealth and commitment to career.

    I’m giving my addiction to prestige and praise.

    I have no idea what a future without a golden carrot hanging in front of me looks like….but I’m going for it.

    I’m taking my first step in faith right now.

  23. Today I ditched my swim fins. I swim in the ocean a few times a week and I wear fins and I’ve been wanting to let them go but haven’t and today was the day. I struggled to keep up with my crew but I felt proud of myself for leaving my crutch behind. I can do anything. Then I rushed home and had an amazing Reiki session with a new client! Next is ditching coffee!

  24. I am curious. Maybe you have explained this in the last vlog and I didn’t hear it. Are you not drinking coffee any more for mental stability? Because it is something that controls your mind? Or is it because you think it is unhealthy for your body? Maybe both? I am curious because of studies that I have read that express in certain amounts coffee is good for your body and mental functioning.

    Thank you,


  25. Thank you for sharing this personal challenge, decision and journey with us. I absolutely need to release sugar and truly never have it again. This sounds dramatic, but it is really not. It dramatically effects my psyche, emotions, and physical well being (I have RA). What you said about opening your channels and clearing a space for more good work. The true why for doing something has more impact when it not only serves your higher good – it also serves others. Sugar be gone!!!! Let the work flow more clearly!

  26. Hi Gabby! 25 days free of coffee caught my eye today as I’m on day 4 of going without my cup of joe! It is a tough habit for me as I grew up in a household where my parents had a pot of coffee on at all times of day! The aroma alone brings memories flooding to me from my childhood. I am studying to become a personal trainer & want to lead by example when I advise others to give up their vices and coffee is one of those for me for sure! This is my second attempt at this, but this time I’m adding in great replacements that I know will soon become new favorites! Thanks for all your encouragement and kudos to you for pushing through this last challenge in detoxing your diet!

  27. Can you say what you replace coffee with to add natural energy, i.e. tea or juicing? For people who want to quit what is the best thing to replace with in the morning?

  28. Great Job Gabby!
    I too have given up all forms of caffeine…..although mine happened because I found out I’m pregnant and all forms of caffeine make me really nausous…..So it was easy to let go of:) Although….I do start to want some sometimes but as soon as I smell it…im grossed ouLOL
    Anyway! Great job again!

  29. Hi Gabby πŸ™‚ I think it is so amazing that you are on this journey because I was also hooked on coffee due to my job which consisted of very early morning starts 7 days a week for over 2 years, when I changed gears to become a student of Acupuncture I couldn’t kick coffee due to the headeaches!! Then a month ago I started undergoing an intensive course of acupuncture treatment -and with no headaches completely gave it up in one go! The next thing I saw your posts saying you were off the coffee and I wonder, was it the acupuncture, or the energetic support from you holding the same intention?!! I think it was both πŸ™‚ Love xxx

  30. You go Gabby!

    A friend shared this product with me – sounds like a very health-enhancing smoothy base that can be a great substitute to coffee for those who need an energy boost. Let’s support small conscious businesses like this one, who put people and planet first! (I am not at all affiliated with this company)

  31. You go girl!! This is so hard!! I was on day 7 coffee-free and today, before I knew it, there was a Starbucks cup in my hand, and then I felt icky the rest of the day. One of the comments that I saw someone else on here say is that, “it no longer serves me.” I must keep repeating that. I WILL be coffee-free by 2013!!

  32. I am SO ready and willing to give up going out to bars with my friends. Even though I am only 22, it doesn’t mean that I have to be out doing what most other 22 year olds do, right? I’m willing to let go of the pressure I feel to fit in with people I actually don’t necessarily fit in with. I’m ready to stay home and knit on Saturdays instead of going to the bar because “everyone else” is! Thank so much, Gabby. You’re really such an inspiration.

  33. I am leading my yoga students in a community cleanse and dairy has been SO hard for me to give up-but I have been doing great. I know spirit wants me to drop coffee too-it tells me I need to have “calm energy” but I am not quite ready. Seeing you overcome it helps me Gabby. Thank you for sharing. I love you.

  34. Total newbie here – thank you for having this forum Gabby! I want to release anxiety and negativity — it’s exhausting lol! Here’s to 2013!

  35. Gabby, thank you so much for your message!! Spirit has been working with me in regards to my diet soda addiction and your vid was very timely and has inspired me to get back on board with the Universe and to do what I need to do! Thank you for your willingness to share!

  36. Congrats on getting rid of the coffee!! I am not willing to give it up completely, but have reduced from drinking coffee all throughout the day to 1 cup a day (no sugar, only with almond milk) with the help of green juice in the morning as a replacement. I am finding I have so much more energy! Now onto reducing my sugar cravings! Thank you for the inspirational message! xo Melissa

  37. Congratulations! You look prettier now. Like your skin looks better, more radiant, I am not sure if is the light or the makeup or something else, but I truly think is because you now are living without coffee!!!!!
    I love this video. I don’t always watch your videos, but when I do it’s like you made it just for me.
    Thank you Gabby. XO!

  38. I gave up coffee 3 years ago and haven’t looked back. It was never about 1 coffee a day it was about 3-5 double americanos. I couldn’t sleep anymore, I couldn’t sit comfortably with my upset stomach and still I clung onto it.

    Laying awake racked with thoughts and anxiety I all of a sudden received a message from the universe saying “this is from coffee and coffee only”. I woke up the next morning and it was done.

    I still cherish green tea which still helps the occasional sluggish brain, and have a cup of decaf once or twice a year just for fun, but in some ways giving up the java has benefitted me more than giving up alcohol.

    Proud of you, lady!

  39. Wondering how you celebrate and socialize with friends and family without the bubbly? I cut it out for months at a time here and there but haven’t found the next level of motivation to get off it completely – what’s your secret?

  40. Hi Gabby! I gave up a 25-year daily coffee addiction 31 days ago as part of an Ayurvedic cleanse and like you, have much more energy now. It’s so nice to wake up not going through withdrawal. I thought I liked the taste of coffee, but had some decaf last week and it tasted awful to me. The only downside is my brain doesn’t feel as “sharp” as it used to. Hopefully with more time it will adjust. I’m toasting your accomplishment with a cup of herbal tea!

  41. Love TEJ!!! she is the best at Golden Bridge! Inspiring!!! I’m working through my addiction to sugar. It’s made me feel very powerless at times. Thanks for sharing this.

  42. I’ve been wanting to give up sugar for a very long time, and I’ve managed to cut down a whole lot, but the thought of actually eradicating it altogether makes me want to hyperventilate. It’s an anxiety-related thing. I eat sugar to tame my anxiety. Has anyone else experienced this in their vices? For coffee or anything else?
    I get so edgy and cranky sometimes and if I eat just a slight amount of sugar, I feel calm. At least for a little while. Then I need to fuel that flame again to keep me tame.

  43. I’ve been wanting to give up sugar for a very long time, and I’ve managed to cut down a whole lot, but the thought of actually eradicating it altogether makes me want to hyperventilate. It’s an anxiety-related thing. I eat sugar to tame my anxiety. Has anyone else experienced this in their vices? For coffee or anything else?
    I get so edgy and cranky sometimes and if I eat just a slight amount of sugar, I feel calm. At least for a little while. Then I need to fuel that flame again to keep me tame.

  44. Coffee is like crack to me. I quit for about 2 weeks a few months ago and really felt better. I am shooting for the first of 2013 to try again. Congrats on kicking the habit. Like you said, for some people it might not be an issue, but I know it’s not good for me and I am definitely addicted to the caffeine.

  45. Coffee is not an issue for me, but after seeing your vlog, I decided to look into the relationship between garlic/onions and meditation. Now I am really convinced, not just for my meditation, but also for my creative connection.
    And since I am really going for it, I rarely eat sugar, but now, I’m gonna toss that too, once and for all.
    Thank you !! I can’t wait until all of this stuff clears my body and I have clarity and really flying meditations!!!

  46. The first thing that came to mind when you asked “What are you willing to let go of” was “Whatever I can.” I feel like I have so many bad habits that I can’t let go of, like the coffee, like sugar, like not respecting how my body feels, what it needs and all it does for me, but I feel like I just don’t have the TIME to address these issues. I know that doesn’t make sense; I know they’re just weighing me down; but it’s like you said…I’m waiting to really hear the message, I think. I’ve made improvements, but I’m still struggling.

  47. Awesome! LOVE THIS! I gave up coffee in January 2012. Given we live a block away from a beautiful roastery where the smell wafts through our house in the mornings I thought it would be tough but like you, I knew I HAD to do this and I have never looked back. I don’t miss it AT ALL. Giving it up actually made me wonder why I hadn’t done it sooner. I am so much less ‘on edge’ even though I didn’t think I really was!

  48. Awesome! LOVE THIS! I ‘gave up’ coffee in January 2012. Given we live a block away from a beautiful roastery where the smell wafts through our house in the mornings I thought it would be tough but, like you, I knew I HAD to do this and I have never looked back. I don’t miss it AT ALL. Giving it up actually made me wonder why I hadn’t done it sooner. I am so much less ‘on edge’ even though I didn’t think I really was! When you make that conscious commitment to yourself, it’s not like ‘giving up’ anything at all!

  49. What about… poo? Joe catalyzes the movement for me in the morn. I’ve replaced it with tea several times in the last few weeks but it’s just not the same! I feel uncleansed and heavy so back to coffee I went and shazam.

  50. I have been trying to get off coffee on and off for 20 years. I love coffee. I cherish it. I credit it to helping me get so many things done at home, at work, in life. BUT I have allergies. And I think that my coffee habit has a lot to do with it. Not that I’m allergic to coffee, but it does not help in my journey to eat cleaner. I always feel like I’m ready, but it’s so easy to slip back into drinking it again. It is so much a part of my life. I am ready for a major shift.

  51. Hey Ms. Gabby B!

    I’m tryin hard not to make you “special” ! Maybe we’re all special?

    Your words resonate.


  52. I have to say I bought myself a little Juicer and make a green shake in the morning just 50% Veggies, 50%fruits and water with my breakfast – and let me tell you my craving for cocktails, coronas, caipirinhas have gone down ALOT! and i’m reading the Spirit Junkie so… this calm and clarity…blows my mind! hang in there πŸ™‚

  53. Hi,
    That’s an interesting follow-up about no-coffee diet.

    When you’re talking about detoxification, do you mean coffee is kinda toxic, or do you mean that your habit was rather negative on your mood, performance, etc…?

  54. What a terrfic message, Gabby! Your video truly inspired me. My theme and focus for the year is around commitment and follow though. Two things that have always been foreign to me – but as an adult who wants more from life, not sticking to commitments doesn’t work anymore. Thank you for your inspiration around sobriety too!

  55. I am willing to let go of grasping at life! feeling like I have to have it all figured out right now. I’m letting go of being indecisive and being left in limbo because of it. I am taking back the power by doing the thing and getting off the starting block while surrendering and and having trust and faith. To some this may seem like an oxymoron but to me it is clarity. Thanks for the post Gabby and to everyone for their comments we all learn from each other.

  56. i drink coffee every day. i think coffee is good for me in a way. if i don’t adress whatever my body is craving for with coffee i will find more destructive ways to get that satisfaction. but i don’t like to be dependent on something to the point where if you took it away i couldn’t function. so one morning i just woke up and went for a walk right away without drinking any coffee. it’s just kind of good for me to get out without that “mask”, if you will, of coffee.

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    1. i wish when i got the e-mails informing me of a new reply to a comment i could see the whole comment of which the reply was to

      i looked up and down the page and couldn’t find it

      because of it’s length the whole comment would not show in my e-mail

      or include a search feature so i can search for the comment

  58. What are some good coffee alternatives. I LOVE coffee! I am going trough ivf and they said its best to give it up. I feel it’s my calling to quit but I need something to give me that added spunk in my step. Any suggestions on alternatives is much appreciated!

  59. First off I want to say great blog! I had a quick question that I’d
    like to ask if you do not mind. I was curious to find out how you center yourself
    and clear your mind before writing. I have had difficulty clearing my mind in
    getting my thoughts out there. I truly do enjoy writing but it just seems like the first 10 to 15 minutes are generally lost simply just trying to figure out how to begin.
    Any ideas or hints? Appreciate it!

  60. You really connect in this video…………….. Thanks Gabby.
    I’ve found that 20 seconds of deep penetrating breaths, done numerous times
    through the day, makes me very conscious and aware of what to do
    and what to let go of.
    Coffee (caffeine?) makes the process of mindfulness more challenging.
    Of course it gives me a ‘Lift’ but there’s a price to pay. At this time in my life,
    it’s just not worth it.

  61. I’ve been toying with quitting coffee for a while now, I got 21 days in my last attempt. However, I stumbled across this video yesterday and it really resonated with me, so today is my Day 1. No more trips for a 5 shot black venti in the morning, not only will I save money but I will be improving my health and my mindset. I defintitely relate to the toxic feeling in your body and I feel that is where I am now. With my spiritual energy really being awakened I feel now is my time to break the bond. Thank you for sharing your story <3 x

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