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Note: Updated in January 2019 for clarity and additional resources.

Bringing happy back into the holidays.

As wonderful of a time the holidays are, they can also bring up a lot of buried emotions and negative energy. Family and friends can activate the parts of us that we’ve worked so hard to manage. But as a Course in Miracles says, relationships are an opportunity for our inner guide to come in and get to work. They become an assignment to grow and change if we choose to show up.

The video below is a webinar from 2010 to help prepare for the holiday season. I share tips on how you can set yourself up to release old resentments, forgive the past, enjoy time with family and welcome in a happy holiday.

We’re in control more than we give ourselves credit for. When those old resentments come up during the holidays, we’re choosing to bring those with us. Watch the video below or continuing reading for 3 steps to Survive the Holidays.

3 Steps to Survive the Holidays

Step 1: Focus on the good stuff

Focusing on gratitude and appreciation will help lift spirits this holiday.  Try making a gratitude list before you go home.  What do you appreciate about your family?

Step 2: Look in the mirror

It’s not always about the other people in our lives. We’re bringing something to the table, too. Rather than point the finger, look inwards. Focus on what’s coming up for you and why you’re reacting to it.

Step 3: Happy thoughts = Happy holidays

We show up to situations with whatever energy we’re currently carrying around. If you go visit your family with negative energy, it’s going to affect everyone. Choose to control your thoughts. Choose to perceive things differently and show up with a higher energy.

Get more relationship guidance in my book Judgment Detox

Judgment Detox by Gabby Bernstein

If these tips helped you and you want more guidance on this topic, check out my book Judgment Detox. In it I offer a 6-step method for healing old wounds, releasing resentments, clearing judgment and feeling free!

The book includes spiritual tools like Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), guided meditations, prayers and much more.

Start your Judgment Detox journey today.


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