How to be happy: The #1 Tool

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Throughout my journey of spiritual growth one message from A Course in Miracles that always resonated with me deeply: “Only the mind decides on what it would receive and give.” This point reminds me that in any given situation I have the choice to perceive love or to perceive fear. Through the daily practice of choosing love over fear, eventually love became an involuntary response. Of course, my fearful ego sneaks up on me often, but through perseverance the loving voice now speaks louder.

Living a miraculous life takes commitment. In every given moment we have a divine spiritual assignment in front of us: Choose love or choose fear. Therefore, bring this concept with you throughout your day. In the moments when you witness yourself choosing fear, attack, judgment, and separation, simply say: “I choose peace instead of this.” Make this your mantra and share it with the world.

When you choose love in any way you’re unconsciously connecting to your higher self, asking for love to reinterpret the situation. And yes, this affirmation is easy to apply when the issue isn’t that difficult to deal with. But when you’re hit with a heavy assignment, use this principle with even more conviction. Trust in its power and you’ll see results you couldn’t have imagined. A Course in Miracles says, “Miracles arise from conviction.”

Practice this principle in all situations and heighten your commitment to miracles. In an instant you will feel peace set in and you’ll intuitively know how to be happy. (Excerpt from my book, Miracles Now)

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  1. Gabby,

    I have been reading lots of your book and listen to you in IG and I love your energy, and I just love you period. You inspire me so much to became a better me, a better person in this world with the understandings that involves how to manifest in the now, being more positive. I just wanted to let you know how wonderful has been to have you in my life indirectly by just listen and feel your energy, its truly so lifting.

  2. I have been working through your books for a few months now and am struggling with this. I am not a happy person. I have very negative feelings about my life. My job stresses me out and I’m trying to find a new one, but have not been able to. I am in too much debt to outright quit. I have not ever had a successful relationship. I attempt to feel gratitude, but it’s just going through the motions, I truly don’t feel grateful for anything in my
    life (which I understand sounds bratty, and I WISH it was different, but this is the honest truth). I use the affirmations and check my negative feelings, but “choosing” to be happy does not change the way I feel. It does not bring me peace, it brings more stress because I can’t inderstand why it feels just phoney to me. I don’t know what else to do.

    1. Hi Katie. I just left you a response to your previous comment with some resources for connecting with a specialist. I truly believe that the Universe works through trained therapists. In addition to getting support from a specialist, which is a beautiful act of self love, try incorporating a daily meditation practice, even for a few minutes a day. This will help you reconnect to yourself and start to cultivate a sense of inner peace.

  3. To be happy they need have peace of their soul. To have that they need do more about grateful things they have own. Don’t try to think about many other things that they can’t do or hard to do.

  4. WOW, an amazing thing happened while I was looking at this vlog… I thought is was so great to just say to your ego “Thank you for sharing but I choose peace instead”, and at the same moment a noticed a small spider walking on my shirt. I’m scared of spiders, and got scared seeing this little guy, but I stopped to gently brush him off me and say “Thank you for comming, but I don’t need you to be that close to me!” and just watched him leave… It’s so amazing to know I can do that every time I get scared of something in my life. I’m talking about the BIG fears. Thank you Gabby for this lesson!!!

  5. Gabby, I did this last night, I choose peace over conflict and went straight to bed, prayed… But truthfully, I worry that by doing this, I’m sending my partner a message that states, “your behavior is ok”… How can I harness this toll without feeling like a doormat? Thanks so much for your wisdom.

  6. I really needed to hear this today. I nearly teared up watching this. I choose to see peace. I like how you said thank you to your ego for sharing but I still choose to see peace instead of this.

  7. Thank you Gabby. You are SUCH a blessing in my life! Your vlogs have had a tremendous impact in my life and the lives of those I am close to (as I always forward your Vlogs to my friends).You are the reason I am sober today 🙂

  8. My beautiful 27 year old daughter introduced me to your books, etc. She bought me May Cause Miracles. I love your work immensely but have found it so difficult to release my very high anxiety, daily, hourly that has pretty much ruined my life in the last few years. I have a 12 year old daughter that is awesome and I love dearly, with asperger’s and the hourly, daily STRESS of dealing with her has caused me to gain 12+ lbs in the last few years, stop having any desire to exercise at all, ever (I used to be in incredible shape and eat and feel fantastic), or eat good at all. I myself don’t want to be social any longer because she has such social issues…my stress levels are incredibly high at almost any given moment of the day. I want to let go and live a happy, normal life again but I can’t seem to get out of my little world that no one even is aware I am living in – which I can almost say is hellish at this point. I want to accept that she has no friends, wants no friends, and no one calls her, among many other things, but instead I am completely anxiety ridden about everything to do with her – at the same time I see everything great about her and am also angry at others that don’t see how wonderful she is. Socially it is very difficult for our family to even accept invites to other houses because my 10 year old son has lots of friends and is fine everywhere we go. But she has no one unless I hang out with her so I’d rather my husband go with my son and I just do everything alone with my daughter. I am also feeling incredibly lonely for a few years now, almost sick to my stomach daily. I think I can sum it up by saying I feel like I am trying to walk around in a pool all day, the thickness and heaviness is how I feel walking around in my life is. HOW can I START/BEGIN to get over this and heal myself for myself, my daughter, and my family?

    1. Debbie,
      I honor you for this experience. Though this is tough I challenge you to see this as a great spiritual assignment. I have a nice suggestion. I’d love to send your daughter a copy of my book Miracles Now. It would be beautiful if you could both go through the book together. The short daily exercises are fun and simple to apply anywhere. You can use this book as a guide to establishing a great spiritual connection with your daughter. Together you can create miracle moments throughout the day. I believe that the more miracle moments that we add up the more we live a miraculous life. Please email and send your address. I’ll have my team send you a copy of Miracles Now.

      bit love to you and your family.

      1. I just read your response tonight (couldn’t sleep, checking emails) and could not believe that you took the time to respond to me. I feel so excited and blessed to have gotten a geniune response. I know so many people are hurting and I have never posted anything before but I really love your work and needed to share (feeling so very alone in my journey with my 12 year old daughter who has aspergers). Thank you so much for taking the time. I very much look forward to receiving Miracles Now and sharing it with BOTH of my daughters. I cannot wait to get started with it. Thank you again.

  9. As the heat with the summer builds I feel life’s pressure heating up too I LOVE this and so needed this reminder! Thank you 🙂

  10. I absolutely needed to hear this again today. I am so happy to have been repeatedly guided back to your work. Thank you.

  11. Really needed this at this moment.
    “I can see peace instead of this” has been written on a chalk board in my house for months – I needed a reminder to look.

  12. Hi Gabby,
    I love your weekly vlogs. Always a great way to start the week! I’m struggling with a situation right now and i have a question i hope you can help me with.

    In my job i feel sometimes i’m too accepting, too forgiving and too often choose peace instead of conflict. I worry that people think i’m a push-over and not enough demanding. But screaming and shouting to get my way doesn’t come natural to me. How can i handle conflict with more peace and in a loving way without being worried that i’m getting pushed around?

    Thank you!

  13. I write affirmations into my phone using my “TellMeLater” app so that it popped up on the home screen several times a day and reminds me in an instant.

  14. Great message Gabby, thank you kindly! Do you think you could share about Empaths in a future vlog. My man and myself have all the characteristics and often struggle to stay in the light. Warmest regards

  15. This came at a perfect timing… I’ve been feeling overwhelmed and stressed recently. Your vlog has reminded me that happiness is a decision 🙂 Thank you.

  16. Thank u I needed this. I love that you said that your ego is loud and still present. It makes me realize it’s ok to have certain thoughts but I can turn it around and choose peace. I am super harsh on myself and critical. I’m going to really give this a shot. Sat nam!

  17. Can you also use, i choose to feel peace or joy instead of this? When feelings or emotions feel low or out of control in moments.

  18. Hi Gabby,

    Been a follower since 2011, you are one of the greatest teachers I have had, so thank you. I don’t know if I’ve ever commented on a vlog, but feel compelled to, as I loved this one very much. I’ve become a “guru” recently, internally to myself and also, have been sharing it with the world. In a recent interview with, the interviewer asked for a book recommendation for working moms. I said “Miracles Now” because we can take these tools, particularly the one in this video (although I used the Applied Kinesiology Testing one, I think it’s #41?) ANYWHERE, at ANY TIME and find a shift in perception.
    Just wanted to say thank you, you’re an inspiration, and your guidance has led me through many hardships, the most recent being Stage IV cancer.
    Keep being the light because it is causing so many young women to be the light. You’ve made a huge difference in this world and you should be so proud of yourself.

    Love and sat nam,

  19. Hi Gabby,

    What I’d love to know is how you give the voice that believes the positive, peaceful, life-affirming mantra strength over the ego and addictive patterns?

    On an intellectual level know that I should use this mantra and others like it when I’m feeling sad, anxious or full of worry. However, the critical voice or ego often seems to have more strength and overpowers my positive intentions, which is what leads to ongoing worry and ultimately depression.

    I guess what I’m asking is – any tips for training yourself to believe the good things more than the bad? I can often do it, just it seems they have equal weight and power and influence in my mind – I want to take the power back!!!

  20. Love this vlog! thank you!
    I keep a Quotable candle by my bathtub that reads:
    P E A C E
    it does not mean to be in a place
    where there is no noise, trouble
    or hard work. it means to be in
    the midst of those things and still
    be calm in your heart.
    Enjoy your day!

  21. It’s been way too easy to choose fear lately, even ignoring the voice in my head reminding me to choose love. Yet choosing fear only digs you deeper when you think it will take you higher. Slowly beginning to switch gears and choosing love, happiness, and joy instead. What a great way to start my “new” week of this journey with this easy how-to from my girl Gabby. Thank you for always being a guiding light on this journey of ours. xx

  22. My go to mantra is “I am willing to see things differently” and I’ve been in a funk for the last day and this vlog was spot on for a reminder! “I choose to see peace instead of reliving the past. I am willing to see things differently.” Thank you for this. L&L Sat Nam.

  23. This is so perfect for me today! I am re-doing May Cause Miracles and am on day #8 with the affirmation “I am responsible for what I see”. The synchronicity of it is amazing! Thanks Gabby xoxo

  24. Thank you for this! Perfect timing of course. My son is with his father for a week and I often have high anxiety while he’s gone. I think this tool will help a great deal. That and the fact that I carry Miracles Now with me everywhere I go.

  25. I just read this lesson in Miracles Now about a week ago and it has helped me immensely, especially at work! It is such a simple act but it is so powerful, and I feel like it immediately releases any anger, resentment, or petty thoughts. I’ve also been incorporating a little Wayne Dyer-ism into this particular practice. After saying that “I choose to see peace instead of this”, I follow it up with, “I want to be happy and I intend to be happy.” It’s almost like an instant reset to align with something higher vibe and more positive. Thank you so much for all you do, Gabby! I am so grateful for you!

  26. Love this vlog! I am so passionate about helping others become more happy. I have a history of depression and it took a long time on my own to accept that I have a choice about my happiness and feel empowered to have the life of my dreams.

  27. Your vlogs are always exactly what I need in that moment and this week is no different! I’ve allowed my ego to be the loudest voice lately and am committed to choosing peace instead. Thank you for the timely reminder!

  28. wow. so spot on for me. Reminding myself happiness is a choice in every moment and I can choose to see peace instead of any old pattern or new fear gives me so much comfort! Thank you!!

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