Do You Tend to Self-Sabotage? Here’s How to Handle Success

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Recently I’ve gotten a lot of questions from people about how to handle success, avoid self-sabotage and claim the greatness they manifest. These questions led me to revisit and update this blog post from 2014.

‘How do you trust that all will be well?’

Back in 2014, I received an email from a Spirit Junkie named Cynthia. Cynthia had been on a spiritual path for years, and her commitment had created a lot of outward success.

While she was excited to see her desires manifest, her success was also bringing up a lot of fear. Check out Cynthia’s email, which I’m sharing with her permission:

Dear Gab,

I had a vlog topic for you. We spend so much time wishing and envisioning what we want and what our lives could be like and seeking out opportunities that we think will get us there.  Well, what happens when it actually happens (you get the call from Oprah)? How do you literally not crap your pants and trust that all will be well when you take that next evolutionary step and break your current mold? How can you trust what will be waiting on the other side???

Yes, I have a big opportunity that I’m considering taking and it’s challenging me in soooo many ways!!! Would love your pearls!!!


Success can bring up a lot of fear

Cynthia’s email made me laugh out loud because it was far too familiar. I’ve had countless experiences in my own life in which my ego tried to sabotage my successes.

In my original 2014 video below, I offer up three tips for how to handle success. And keep reading to see the tips, plus new resources that I just added in 2019!

4 tips to handle success and not self-sabotage

I believe that the Universe will not give to you what you cannot handle. When we receive things, they are coming to us at the most divine time. Here are four tips to handle the success that is coming to you.

1. Quiet your ego’s fear with self-compassion.

When you start to elevate your energy, change your perceptions and vibrate at a new frequency, you become a magnet for what you desire. That can feel very scary to the ego, whose goal is to protect itself.

Anytime you start listening to the voice of love, you can expect some ego backlash. At times its fearful voice can become a scream. It will question your success. You may have thoughts like:

  • Who am I to be this successful?
  • I’m not sure I’m qualified for this. I’m in over my head.
  • Things have been going really well. This can’t last.

The way to turn down the volume on your ego’s shouts is by being compassionate to yourself. If this is new for you, check out this blog post on self-compassion for step-by-step guidance.

One simple thing you can do is recite an affirmation throughout the day that supports and affirms how you want to feel. It’s important to choose an affirmation that feels good to you, such as, “I am open to receiving greatness.”

Tapping on the fear of success

Brad Yates has a lot of great Emotional Freedom Technique (tapping) videos focused on how to handle success, stop self-sabotage, allow greatness and more.

Here’s one tapping video you can practice to get better at handling success! Note: As Brad says, it’s important to take responsibility for your own well-being when tapping, since sometimes unexpected emotions can come up.

2. Trust that the Universe has a much better plan.

I often give the example of  when I received a call from the Oprah Winfrey Network saying, “Hi, this is OWN. We’d love to have you interviewed by Oprah.”

Tweet: Embrace your success and trust in the Universe. Step into your greatness fully and have fun! @gabbybernstein

Even though I had been waiting for that call for 10 years,  I was so happy it didn’t happen one day sooner. If it did, I wouldn’t have been in the mental and spiritual state to hold the magnitude of it.

Trust in the evolutionary plan. Trust that the Universe has a much better plan than you do. Don’t try to speed things along and don’t block them when they come.

A prayer for surrender and receiving

Remember that you’re not alone. You can call on the ever-present support of the Universe at any time. When the ego is telling you that you can’t do it, that it’s too scary or that it just won’t work for whatever reason, turn to one of my favorite prayers from The Universe Has Your Back:

Today I surrender my goals and plans to the care of the Universe. I offer up my agenda and accept spiritual guidance. I trust that there is a plan far greater than mine. I know that where there once was lack and limitation there are spiritual solutions and creative ideas. I step back and let love lead the way. Thy will be done.

You can begin each day with these words, surrendering your plans and strengthening your faith in the Universe. Know that all the success that comes your way is part of a divine plan.

3. Become a magnet for what you desire.

When you receive a manifestation, it is your duty as a spiritual student and teacher to just say yes.

Embrace it. Accept it. Step into your greatness fully and have fun! That is the most magnificent part of who you are. Own the fact that as you elevate your life, you magnetize greatness towards you.

Lean toward joy

When I'm connected to my joyful presence, I attract support from the Universe | Gabby Bernstein | The Universe Has Your Back card deckThe most powerful way we become a magnet for what we desire is by leaning toward joy. In fact, we have a sacred responsibility to lean toward joy. The more joyful we are, the more light we can shine upon the world.

When we lean toward joy we raise our vibrational frequency, which gives us the energy necessary to show up and serve. Joy is the inspiration behind creative solutions for difficult problems. It provides us with generosity so we can give more.

Here is a beautiful quote from Dr. Wayne Dyer that will support you on this path:

Passion is a feeling that tells you: this is the right thing to do. Nothing can stand in my way. It doesn’t matter what anyone else says. This feeling is so good that it cannot be ignored. I’m going to follow my bliss and act upon this glorious sensation of joy.

Have fun and success will follow.

4. Take a powerful right action that supports your success.spirit junkie masterclass digital gabby bernstein

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