How to Handle the News and Reclaim Your Sense of Power

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Friends, we live in tense times. Here in the U.S. we have a major presidential election coming up, one that will change the course of history. And all across the world the headlines are bold and urgent, whether dealing with economic crashes, wars or natural disasters.

Tweet: There’s a way to live that incorporates freedom and miracles and a sense that you’re being guided and being held.

You might find it tempting to simply tune out the news and focus on distractions instead. But I assure you that apathy is no cure for your fear. The bliss of ignorance is false.

It’s your sacred responsibility to educate yourself about important issues (it’s easier than you think, as I explain in the video) and use your voice however you can to advocate for what matters to you.

Using your voice means showing up to vote.
It means sharing what matters to you on social media.
It means speaking up even if you’re scared of backlash or disagreement.
As spiritual people who choose love and kindness, it’s so important that we shake off apathy and find our power.

In this vlog I deliver a kick in the pants. If you need to be woken up, if you need a little strength, if you need some fierceness, you’ll get it here. I hope this video motivates you and serves you.

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  1. Yes, Gabby — thank you! I think many of us are feeling fear around this election cycle and, at least for me, a sense of paralysis. But, as you say, it’s so important to break out of that paralysis, embrace our beliefs and use our voices (and our votes). During this time, I’m looking to my spiritual teachers for guidance, and I’m so glad you’re being a vocal leader and sharing how we can turn this intensely anxious time into an intensely powerful time. xoxo

  2. OMG! I love this video. I want to get more behind my beliefs. For a long period of time, I have not turned the news on because I thought it may give me a negative mind. I think you are right. I need to have a voice again!

  3. Gabby. I feel so empowered just by listening to your message. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Even when this one was intended for the whole election process it touched me on a deeper level. Finally, I understood what was making me uncomfortable, not speaking up because of the fear that people will not stand by my message. But, just as you are saying, sometimes we need to own our truth and say fuck it because if it comes from a place of love, it will resonate to those who need it and to ourselves. Love always! Keep doing the amazing job you are always doing.
    P.S.: I just bought one of your books, not The Universe Has Your Back, because I’m reading them in the order they were published but another one. I will get to The Universe Has Your Back, hopefully soon.

    1. Are YOU worth your Vote? Please ask yourself this. Also think of your great great grandmothers without whom you would not exist. They DIDN’T HAVE THE RIGHT TO VOTE BECAUSE OF THEIR Sex. It was felt women did not and could not make good judgements that affected the country. Even though they ran their homes lovingly and financially. Gabby said vote for who speaks to you on some level. Alot of the rhetoric (“don’t matter”, “swing state”) you mentioned are how you are being held back, denied the chance (sounds familiar? 96 years later) to find and speak your own truth.
      Please sit and ask yourself I am worthy of my own vote.
      Love Light Blessings.

      1. Best of Luck
        Above reply was to Amanda S.

        I was un-friended on FB last week when I (thought gently) reminded
        someone she had moved to the US and became a citizen 8 years ago to have the freedoms/privileges (specifically free speech) we enjoy and mostly take for granted. She stated that presidents do not affect citizens where she came from (Russia) That only believing in yourself and your goals mattered and that she will vote for a candidate other than the two front runners.

        I have heard another young person say she will not vote and her ancestry is not American so she doesn’t feel the urgency to just vote thus, honoring herself and all women.

        This all makes me wonder about the mis-education of young women in regards to their self-worth: collectively financially, politically, and person.

        1. I appreciate your response. I do want to honor those who fought for our right to vote. But is it honoring them if I truly feel neither are my truth? Neither speak to me? I’m not saying this to mean I am not informed or a lack of self-worth. I am being serious. One would be the obvious choice and the other is not even a consideration. But the “obvious ” one is not someone I believe in either just because there is a comparison. Mabye I will check into the other parties but the two major ones are not ones I feel is worth it. Wouldn’t women of the past not want us to waste our vote? Being able to.not vote is honoring them by not voting just to vote. This go round is.. awful.

        2. PS: (I was typing on my phone so I did not have the patience to get everything in. haha!) I do not want to vote for a woman for the sake of voting for a woman. I do agree with many of her points, but I am very worried about the behind the scenes corruption of past and present. I have a very difficult time as I agree with her points, but I worry it may be false. Does that make sense? The other is a no for me – no second thoughts on it. But the alternative has just as many red flags for me, they are just hidden. I appreciate your passion for sure! 🙂

  4. So right on, Gabby… apathy will kick our pants more than becoming educated and using our voices ever will. I appreciate that you shared this to motivate people to get involved, speak up and VOTE for love and compassion. XO, Shannon

  5. Hi Gabby, I appreciate your REALness in this video. I can always tell when you are being the real you and passionate. I hope to see more like this! I have an honest question: I am in the apathetic group. I find both candidates corrupt, full of false motives (what politician isn’t!), preying on weakness, preying on hate, living behind a false mask of being poised when behind the mask is corruption beyond comprehension, and another whose mask is off and it is just intolerance and ignorance personified. How do I not be apathetic when I honestly cannot pick one over the other? Neither are worthy of my vote. How do you use your power in that regard? I cannot find myself hitting the button for either, but I live in Maryland so voting seems pointless to me because we are not a swing state (more apathy! ha). Any thoughts??

  6. Hi Gabby, I am so enjoying your latest book, “The Universe Has Your Back.” I had never read anything by you before but am a subscriber to Hay House and have been a fan of Robert Holden and Louise Hay for a few years now. I bought your book when Hay House recommended it and have since bought two more copies on Amazon — one for a cousin’s birthday and one to replace my first copy which I inadvertently left on a shop counter never to be seen again! Hopefully it fell into the hands of somebody who just needed your positive messages of love and hope right at that moment and became a true beacon of light for them. I am eagerly awaiting the delivery of my new copy so I can finish the last two chapters!!

    This latest video you posted really resonated with me. Unlike you I don’t have a vote in the upcoming election (I’m an Australian currently living in Brooklyn) but I do have a voice and felt compelled to do something so a few weeks ago I began penning some lines — a kind of rap song — to express my disgust at the politics of fear. Just over a week ago the two boys of a dear friend of mine (9 and 11 years old) performed the song with beat-boxing and guitar while my 12 year old son filmed them in action. The song is performed with such passion and conviction that I am proud of these kids who totally know what is at stake this election. They are too young to cast a vote but, like me, they are imploring Americans to use their vote wisely and vote for love and hope, not hate and fear…

    For anyone interested in checking it out, here’s the link:

    I look forward to watching more of your videos and finishing the book! Thank you for bringing such positive, loving and empowering messages to the world.

  7. How refreshing my spiritual teacher is all about speaking up for what you believe in. I’m certain you don’t share my political views but who cares. The point is, I get tired of people preaching to me that I shouldn’t be sharing information about a candidate who is a criminal, because, “I’m on a spiritual path.” I say, Fuck You! This is my country too, and I don’t want to be under a socialist government, do you? Because that’s what where headed for if a certain someone gets it. Rock on!

  8. Well said! I am from Canada and last year we also had an election where one candidate was less focused on love and inclusiveness but rather focused on our differences and prejudice. He didn’t win the election. Now, we are watching the US (as is the world) and are quite concerned about the results next month. I think it’s very disheartening to watch the news lately and I can only imagine how it feels when you are living in America – but I also think that around the world, your country is in many people’s hearts and thoughts right now. Maybe in the end, this insane election will bring us all closer, rather than pulling us further apart.

  9. Gabby, at first I was a bit angered by your video , and previous posts on politics … but when I thought about it on a deeper level , I realized that just because I disagree with your political views or am uncomfortable with your political posts does not mean that I shouldn’t still look at you for spiritual guidance . So thank you , I think it’s important to know that even spiritual people can still be people and it’s always good to say what you mean .

  10. Gabby, I am so proud of you for saying everything that you said in this video. You inspired me to own my power and not be afraid to talk about what I believe. They way you spoke in this video was from the highest truth, love, and compassion. I have been afraid to speak up about who my vote is going for fear of judgment. It really had me take a look within, do I fear judgment because I have been secretly judging others? I have only been hiding the #imwithher with the rest of my hashtags. Getting braver each day by posting an IG stories of a Hillary Clinton sign in someone’s front yard. Progress not perfection. Although people may not agree with my God given right to have an opinion, I am doing my best to have compassion, love, and understanding for others who differ from me in their beliefs. Thank you for being one of my teachers. Sat Nam.

  11. All I can add is thank you, thank you, thank you!!! We need to hear this more often – USE YOUR OWN VOICE…..i am posting this above my computer for future ref….Love your books and love your philosophy every day. Big virtual hugs and huge cupcakes:O)

  12. Hey Gabby,
    Thank you for your video. I can feel your sense of urgency. I’m awake. I hear you. I have, historically, been very conservative in my views and have been taught that it is not nice to discuss religion or politics in polite company. I know many of us have that ingrained in us. My experience has also taught me that I have a LOT to lose when I speak my truth. I can, therefore, only lead with love. I reach out to others to think, seek knowledge, be informed, and when you have decided what you want in your word, ACT accordingly WITH LOVE. The best part of your video is that you did not bash anyone. I am so grateful for that. I have had to block people for their hateful remarks as I cannot have that near my space in person or virtually. I am about to send out a tweet and it will include your link (if possible).
    Thank you,

  13. Great video and so truthful. I’m almost finished with your book and I must admit it has made an impact on my life. I encourage people who want a fresh perspective and insight to purchase it. What a gift! Thank you for the book and this video. Martin

  14. Not impressed by the video how you spoke in it I’m Christian so I felt this is the wrong empowerment let God be in control.

  15. I love that you are encouraging all of to seek education and using our voice. Owning our voice and reclaiming our power, creating one consciousness, while working through our spiritual path. SOOOO POWERFUL!
    thank you Gabby!

  16. I really enjoyed this video! Simply an empowering wake up call, that encourages knowledge and action! Love it!! Thank you so much for spreading truth!

  17. Thank you Gabby! You are a true force of nature!!! We all need to listen to our own truth and start listening and speaking NOW! In our school district we are not able to speak about the election on school property because we are also asking for voters to vote for a mill and bond levy. So we are essentially silenced. I already filled out my voter’s ballot and sent it in, so I am done! Silenced no more. Thank you for being a beacon of light for us all.

  18. I take to heart your advice to pay attention to what is going on in the world. For so many years I didn’t want to listen to “the news” because it is so often negative. I’m realizing now that I have been denying myself the opportunity to speak my truth of love and kindness. Thank you. I love your book and read/re-read a bit each night and each day when I wake I say I’m going to “have a Gabby day”-full of light and love.

  19. I agree with you wholeheartedly!! Thank you for being brave and honest. I will be bold and say if Trump wins you did your best to use this platform with courageous love. I personally would vote for the person who’s message closely reflects my own and let go of perfection. The one blessing in this craziness is the unearthing of humanity’s shadow. I think we all need to see this and wake up. There are a lot of people who deals with the reality of this shadow daily. One more thing … No matter who gets elected the most powerful movements in history have started by non politians. Jesus, Mother Theresa, Gandhi and Martin Luther King to name a few. We each have more power than we know. Vote, at the very least, to start somewhere. Blessings to you Gabby.

  20. Gabby, thank you for the wake up call. You are so right. I used to follow politics and have voted in every election since my 18th birthday. Lately I have tuned out, I turn off the news and I don’t want all the negativity infiltrating my home and my space. Thanks for the tip about snapchat I think that is something I can do to at least get some information. I agree we should do more to bring our views into this election and into the political world, but I definitely feel powerless right now. I don’t feel like either candidate is a good choice and I don’t feel like I have a voice. Thanks for your words of encouragement.

  21. Heyyy Spiritjunkies & Gab & Alison,

    Agreed, but my ~Ing — that is, not my ego, but my “inner-guide,” y’all know what I mean;) — had an insight:
    While true, our Voice is among the top three of amazing powers, but Listening is of equal importance.

    (An example, maybe funny, but horrific, at the time.
    My kitten snuck into my front-loader washer. She screamed, “Meeeeow, Meeow, MEOW!!!” (She’s new on our planet and we hadn’t heard her meow yet; we thought her “meow-er,” might be broken.) Her Voice was so loud — and I almost missed it, (loud music.) But, I Listened, turned down the music and flung open the washer. She used her Voice and I Listened; both quite intensely.)

    Point being, “Your Voice” can save your life, while “Your Listening” can save your brother’s or your sister’s life — or your kitty’s life! ~Ing

    Maybe it’s time to turn down the sensationalistic noise of cable-tv and switch channels to real news reporting without the “spin” — PBS, BBC..or at least change the channel to another to get all perspectives. (The good thing about PBS, is that you get additional news about tech, environment, and what else is going on – in the US & globally.) — Moi

  22. Gabby..❣️ You had me at Fuck it❣️❣️
    I come from a very right wing family so being a liberal has made for some rather interesting not to mention uncomfortable family Sunday dinners❣️❣️
    Your conviction and your voice makes a difference.
    It is my wish for you to be apart of Hillary Clintons administration❣️

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