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I’m off to see my guru. It’s been four years since I visited the holy site in Brazil where my guru practices his miraculous healing. I’m psyched! My trip inspired me to vlog about the importance of embracing our spiritual teachers. I am a true believer that when “the student is ready the teacher appears.” In 2008 I was ready for another spiritual awakening and my willingness to grow guided me to Brazil. When you’re willing to deepen your spiritual connection the Universe will plant the perfect teachers in your lap. Pay attention to those teachers and show up for their support. In the comments below share something you’ve learned from your spiritual teachers. I’ll post here throughout the week and share what comes through for me while I’m in Brazil!!!

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  1. I have been blessed by a number of spiritual teachers in my 35 years, but no one can compare to the one whom I call, the Oracle. She appeared when I was at a very challenging point in my life following a heartbreak and desperate for ‘life’ direction. You know that feeling you get when you meet your spiritual healer (that’s what she is). Her presence almost knocked me off my feet. She was packin’ some serious power! She taught me how to embrace every ending. She taught me to prepare for new doors opening, to be ready for new beginnings and to mentally prepare myself to get excited about it, even when I had no idea what was coming. She taught me about the element of surprise! When the door closes, celebrate the journey, and bless it on its way. Then get ready to open new doors, be ready for them. If we’re not ready, we can quite easily miss them. Be alert, get excited, and just go for it. Reach out and open those new doors…

  2. yaaaaaay, gabby! i learned from one of my fave gurus…Ask for a Miracle!…and then let go and trust! 🙂 can u guess who she is?

  3. Gabby I am so excited for your journey. I am from Brazil and have been wanting to see John of God ‘in situ” but it may happen early this fall when he’s in the States. Looking forward to hearing all about the miracles and insights that come up for you from this lovely journey!

  4. Hi Gabby!
    Glad you had a good time in Brazil. This is an interesting topic for me as I have just moved in with a new roomate. We hadn’t met before living together – the arrangement was set up through work – but she has been a blessing and a real teacher. After being disconnected from God and slacking a bit on my practice following you, just this weekend she encouraged me to spend 2 days in spiritual practice with her. I see myself practicing many of your topics in dealing with her both as a roomate and a friend, and now a teacher. Thank you!

  5. what are the chances…. I was in a “baditude” the other day. When I am in those moods, I tend to pick up a magazine and just read all the crap in the pages to take my mind off of things…. then i notice the front says “how to stop being angry”, and I say “YES! i need that”. And there you are…. i was guided straight to you. I really need help to not allow people to have negative impact on my life (including myself at times). I am in love with someone who does drugs, sells drugs, parties all night, etc. I was in that place too when I fell in love with him, so at the time we were perfect for each other. Being with him & feeling so much love for one person made me want to change myself so that we could have a better future together…. he didnt want to change, and I knew I couldnt do that for him, so I went forward alone. I still love him very much & speak to him often, but every day i struggle with accepting that this is the way it has gone. Sometimes I get angry with him & i ruin my day & his too. I often use hurtful words toward him. I must remember I cannot control the past or any person but myself. I do not know how to remain positive with him still in my life, yet I do not want to let go of him either. I still need my friend in my life regardless of his bad decisions. I guess I just havent fully forgiven him, or myself for once being that way & falling in love with the wrong person. Anyway, in a desperate attempt to try to release this pain, I really would like to attend your session in NYC. Hope to see you soon.

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