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  1. “Gorras Lana Obey Baratas” hi there,ilog on to your reading named “Spirit Junkie @Google | Gabrielle Bernstein, Inc.” daily. Your humoristic style is awesome,keep doing what you are doing!thx “Gorras Lana Obey Baratas”

  2. Gabby, I am about to listen to your vlog for the third time and about 3 days ago I began doing the workbook for A Course in Miracles online. It is important for you to know that I am 66 years old so you are not just presenting this to your generation. I first encountered A Course in Miracles in San Francisco in about 1975 so it must have been when it first began to hit the US. Unfortunately it did not resonate with me at the time and I gave the books away. It has been a journey. For 66 years I have been carrying a consciousness of lack and limitation, sometimes allowing myself to bring in money and then return to lack again. I am currently in a down spiral and listening to your vlogs has inspired me not to give up. Except to give up the negative thinking and the misery and the martyr. Ye gods what a downer. I love your energy and will keep listening. Please keep sending out your message. I send my gratitude and love. Congratulations on your engagement by the way. Fabulous. Barb

  3. i have been trying to get my life in order and when i starting reading your book i realized everything in there was exactly what my problems

    were. my ego was getting in the way of everything in my life. so i decided the first day i would implement your tools and see if things changed for me.

    i’ve made huge mistakes at work mostly because ive been using a ton of drugs and i dont think. i work with a bunch of guys cleaning at a gas company.

    this particular bunch of guys despise me and lastnight i decided i would open my heart and try to get along. i made the mistake of commenting on the

    smell of the food they were cooking. i said that it smelled good and i was glared at. i was wondering how to fix it. should i let it go or try to take them

    donuts or something as a peace offering. these kind of things keep me up at nite and make me feel bad and i feel helpless. i should also mention

    that this group of guys slam, mock, talk shit on just about everyone and i know i should just forget about it and avoid them but it makes me uncom-

    fortable. what should i do.

  4. This is the third time for me that Thich Nhat Hanh has come up for me! I was recommended his book Savor 5 months ago. I bought it but it has sat on my bookshelf untouched. Last week he was on Oprahs super soul sunday. And now Gabby speaks of him again. I will start the book tonight. Thank you for leading me to my next teacher =)

  5. life changing!! i have been really interested in hereing gabby’s message this past week and have received a real positive shift in my own life.

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