Give More of What You Want to Receive

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Often what we want most is something we’re not giving. Maybe you’re looking for more love in your life but you’ve been walking around feeling unlovable, therefore giving nothing but sadness. Or possibly you want to receive more money but you’ve been too afraid to give to charity or friends in need.

Understanding your energy can help redirect your search and help you reorganize your energy around what you desire. When you’re in the energy gives off the vibe of trying to make things happen you come off as needy and sometimes selfish. Whereas when you focus your attention on what you’re giving, then the energy you give off is loving and joyful. That joyful energy is what attracts more to you. Living in joy creates joyful outcomes.

Take a close look at what you’ve been longing to receive and ask yourself; is this something I’m not giving? By taking an honest inventory you’ll come to see how your actions have been reflected back to you. Once you’re clear about what you’ve been withholding it’s time to give it. Give the love you’ve been denying, give the forgiveness to the person you’ve been resenting, give the attention to the health you’ve been ignoring. Give what you want to receive and feel your energy shift.

In addition, when you give more love you’ll receive more love in your own heart. It is your birthright to be loving, therefore you feel a sense of peace set in when you extend love in any way. A Course in Miracles teaches: “Miracles are teaching devices for demonstrating it is as blessed to give as to receive. They simultaneously increase the strength of the giver and supply strength to the receiver.” Give out of self-interest knowing that peace will be bestowed upon you whenever you extend peace onto others.

In this video I share my recent service experience building a Miracle school in Ghana. Watch the video to learn how this incredible experience taught me firsthand the power of giving. I hope it inspires you to give back and serve in new ways. Give more of what you want to receive and you’ll deepen your connection to the world.

If you feel called to support my Miracle School in Ghana click here.

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