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Hi Spirit Junkies!
Yup, I’m officially vlogging from my bed! In this video I share about why I think sleep is a spiritual practice. Hop into bed with me and learn my tips for how to get more rest and the spiritual benefits of sleep.

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  1. I’m so glad you did this.
    When I was in college (only graduated a year ago lol) I always heard classmates saying they crammed all night and all. I always told them that I’d rather get a full 7 hours of sleep and fail, then cram, get so sleep, and pass. haha. Because the truth was, the more rested I was, the better I was able to recall knowledge and I wasn’t stressed out and dreaming of being home in bed. I love sleep and always put it first.

  2. Gabby- I love you and this vlog… but you need a headboard. Read a little about feng shui and see that a headboard can actually help you relax and support you! xo

  3. aw love it – I am a night owl and really find it hard to get to bed early – yet usually I have to be up for work or school run at 7am – the thought of going to bed super early just doesn’t sit well with me – but very important – need to schedule in more sleep for sure. xxx

  4. Gabby, I MUST ask…how did you earn those arms? They are awe-inspiring.

    Also, I never do work from bed, but this morning, I decided to study a little from my peaceful place. Loved this blog!
    Thank you.

  5. Gabby,
    My favorite part of the day is climbing into bed. I close my eyes and visualize things I want to happen. It is so rewarding to me that I get butterflies when I do it, that is when I know the energy is flowing. I agree sleeping is a spiritual experience.


  6. thank you for sharing this! Being a Monday morning – I kept lying down because I feel so tired and am always struggling for more rest. I love the shift of making sleep part of my spiritual practice! LOVE THIS!!

  7. I am a FIRM believer in naps as well…a 30 minute power nap each day is a must for me. I do make time for it.

    I also have a strict spiritual practice before falling asleep to create peaceful energy before I go to sleep. Shhhhh……

  8. Gabby ~ as a spiritual challenge, I’ve been studying quantum physics for a few years as this is where science meets religion.

    Sleep truly is a spiritual state as it reconnects us with ‘all things possible’ or aka the ‘Zero Point Zone’.

    Thank you for the reminder to enjoy our sleep. We are all so pressured to exceed/perform that we don’t respect rest. (Guilty!)

    Spirit Junkie Grasshopper ~ B.

  9. Hey thanks for sharing.
    That is what I say for years, especially when you are a mom ( i’m a mom of 4) it is super important that you allow yourself enough sleep. I like that you say ALLOW yourself sleep, because that is what I see is causing the problem. People always think they have to use every second of the day for something ” useful” without realizing how useful and important sleep is. I loooove sleep 🙂 and normally fall asleep as soon as I hit the pillow 😀

  10. I loved this video because as a holistic coach and entrepreneur I spent A LOT of time depriving myself of sleep to get my business off the ground and I thought it was the only way to do it! I found myself with adrenal fatigue and lacking in energy and creativity. I also wasn’t receiving the guidance because i was cranky. I learned that missing the sleep was part of a workaholic cycle and almost addictive after a while. The work always gets done. The sleep and meditation are most important now next to breathing. Thank you for the reminder, Gabby.
    PS… I actually did read Spirit Junkie last night before falling asleep. I’m on page 77 and I feel like you wrote my life story! Crazy 🙂 THANK YOU.

    1. renee i’m sooo happy that Spirit Junkie is what you read before bed!!! many people say they feel their story in mine. we are all on this journey together:)

  11. Love this Gabby!! I’ve been feeling so drained lately and I’m starting to realize that the sleep I’m getting is not good sleep – it’s restless, dreading the alarm clock sleep. Totally psyched to shut the computer down a little earlier and meditate to sleep tonight 🙂 Thank you!

  12. I have had a love affair with my bed for many years. I have moved countries quite a lot but always invest in a top notch bed. Super important for my own spiritual practice and makes romance way juicer!
    Thanks Gabby x

    1. I could not have imagined a more ftinitg photo, End 1 . The end of quite the adventure.I suspect during the trip there were occasions when you had to summon all your perseverance to keep things afloat the many flat tires, the hassle on NYC streets, the mishap on the bridge, the high temperatures and headwinds. Many would have bailed out, but you three did not. I’m sure I speak for most, if not all, when I write, Our hats are off to you! Congratulations!PS: Please tell Dr. Langston we all say Thanks! for all her good work. Looking forward to seeing you soon.

  13. Gabby, thanks for amazing vlog! Sometimes we think that sleep is wasted time but, in fact, it’s great spiritual practice! Good night:)

  14. So Jon Hamm riles you up, ha! Great advice. I always mental cleanse before i go to bed. A heating pad on my back and candles always help!

  15. It’s amazing what a good night’s sleep does for you. I know the earlier you go to sleep the better. However, I am still working on that one. I tend to be a night owl, but at the same time, I recognize the effects that good and bad sleep have on my body. I think more than anything it is important to be aware of this for yourself so that you can fine tune your sleep patterns.

  16. as i was watching your blog my 23month old daughter saw your face and sat next to me in bed with palms up and closed eyes and she preceded to tell me to do the same!!! i play your meditation albums and watch your lectures and vlogs when she is near! so you too are her mentor!! which is so needed so she can grow up with this knowledge and great gift for life! thank you so much gabby you have helped me and so many others see the light and always know there has got to be a better way!! much love kristy n macieh

  17. Thanks for sharing! I had a really hectic week last week and a not so pleasant conversation last night and noticed that I slept like crap despite praying and mediating because I was trying to not feel the pain I experienced. Part of my getting to bed ritual tonight will be a feeling meditation to clear out some of the past week’s drama so I can rest. xo

  18. I love this blog! I do not sleep well at all and need a new mattress. I have been shopping but have not found one I like. What mattress did you purchase? Thank you so much!

  19. I love this blog and I used your sleep meditation every night gabby from add more ing! 🙂 It’s a great way for me to ease into sleep and even my naps on the train. Sending lots of love and now bedtime!

  20. What a wonderful message! I’ve known a lot of people who almost brag about how little sleep they get–like it proves they’re more dedicated, harder working, etc. But I think we all know that we’re never as effective when we’re tired! Here’s to more sleep for everyone! Thanks for another great reminder, love these weekly vlogs. -Jennifer

  21. Great Vlog Gabri!!
    Sleep is SOO important indeed! I always read a little bit of A Return To Love and then ask for my dreams to be filled with guidance and love. In the morning I start the day off with prayers and then enjoy S-rolling out of bed to wake up my sensuality ;)!!! Try it and see if you like it too!

  22. Great Vlog Gabri!!
    Thank you so much for this!
    Sleep is SOO important indeed! I always read a little bit of A Return To Love and then ask for my dreams to be filled with guidance and love. In the morning I start the day off with prayers and then enjoy S-rolling out of bed to wake up my sensuality ;)!!! Try it and see if you like it too!

  23. But I alreay go to bed with you ! I go off to z-z-z-z land with a copy of Spirit Junkie under the pillow. Read it ?? Whay you have to read it ??!! 😮 I thought it just came to you in dreams. Like Osmosis.

  24. i love that i’m just reading this after 12:30am and i’m getting up in 6 hrs. i will be tired. i’ve had a bad habit the last couple weeks staying up way too late.

    i will aim to go to sleep early this week at least once and work to make it a daily habit. thanks for the reality check. i’m 100x better when i’m well rested. much love!! xxx

  25. Thank you so much for this Sis!
    I love to sleep well. I make sure before i sleep read some inspirational book, bible, and pray. It is a beautiful thing when you get a good sleep.

  26. This was a very cute video. Great idea. You suggest that sleeping is a spiritual experience; wait until you prepare yourself for dreaming and all the wonderful answers, guidance and clarity come through.

  27. thanks you so much for your blog, i would have been really bad at sleeping and staying asleep after i experienced a very shocking family bereavement, meditation before bed really helped me relax and i was able to go back to work!! think the awareness of this works better than any sleeping aid and i did it all myself!! thanks

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