My interview on Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday

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Why 20-Something Women Are Yearning for Fulfillment

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How the Next Generation Finds God in Everyday

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How Not to Let the World Pass You By

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  1. Oh my gosh – I am listening to some old podcasts/lectures of yours from 2009 and you keep saying “I’m going to be on Oprah” … so of course I googled it – did it work? Did she get on Oprah. I am so, SO glad to see you did. Not just happy for you, and for everyone who gets exposed to your guidance through seeing this, but happy for me, because it’s more proof that everything I desire is attainable. Thank you!!!

  2. Totally love this interview! You all have such great wisdom to share. I absolutely agree you not only have to pay attention to the assignments, but show up for the assignments. XO

  3. My 23 year old Son recently passed due to a Homicide. I’m a grieving, angry, upset Momma whom loss her baby boy for no reason. It was due to a tragic accident. His life was unnecessarily taken from him. My Son left behind a family who loves him so much. Yes, time will not ever heal my pain. Howecer, I’m trying to learn coping skills to make it through daily life, as I have a older Son. Therefore, thank you as I needed this at this moment in my life.

    1. I’m devastated to hear this. You must make sure you take the necessary time to grieve. Don’t skip this period. It is crucial that you care for your emotions at this time. I also suggest working with a medium to connect with him. I hope this brings you ease. Love. g

  4. LOVE this 🙂 Cannot get enough of your videos, books… things do happen for a reason, and coming across you was just what I needed x

  5. I loved it, I’m finding inspiration on your evolution from 2012 to these days. I’m living at South America.. and trying to believe. Any suggestions about how can I follow doing so, glad to hear and help with it 😀

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