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Gabby Cooking Show on IGTVI just did something really fun and somewhat outside my comfort zone. If you follow me on Instagram you know that for years I’ve been sharing videos of my adventures in the kitchen. I call these IG Stories the Gabby Cooking Show, and I share all my funky meals.

Cooking is a form of meditation for me

I don’t use recipes in the kitchen. I consider myself a fearless, intuitive chef, and cooking is a form of meditation for me. The best part of the Gabby Cooking Show is that the joy I feel in the kitchen ripples outward and inspires others.

And this past Saturday morning I tried something new. I took the Gabby Cooking Show to another level by bringing it to a live audience on IGTV! 👩🏼‍🍳

During the live show I talked about all my tools for having a meditative cooking experience. I taught my no-recipe method for my favorite seedy, sugar-free, gluten-free cookies, and I shared the mantra music that I play while I’m cooking.

The Gabby Cooking Show live on IGTV

Get your first taste of the Gabby Cooking Show live!

Click below to watch the video:

My famous seedy cookies!

Gabby Bernstein's famous seedy cookies
I forgot to include 2 full tinctures of liquid stevia!

Here’s the recipe. I know there’s a lot of “ish.” Just surrender and let your intuition guide you.

~2 large spoonfuls ghee
~2 large spoonfuls coconut oil
Dash of water or coconut milk
1 egg
1 teaspoon-ish of almond extract
1 teaspoon-ish vanilla extract
2 full tinctures liquid stevia or other sweetener
1/2 lemon’s worth of juice
1/2 cup-ish almound flour
1/2 cup-ish quinoa flour
Chia seeds (just pour them in)
Dash of cinnamon

Mix all the wet ingredients in one bowl. Mix all dry ingredients in another bowl. Combine them, mix, and bake at 350° F for 10-ish minutes.

Mantra music I listen to while cooking

In this video I’m listening to mantra music, which I always do when I’m cooking. Here are the songs that play in this video:

“Ra Ma Da Sa” by Jai-Jagdeesh

“Hallelujah” by Jai-Jagdeesh

Doing what brings you joy makes you a Super Attractor

Chapter 4 of Super Attractor is called “Have Fun Along the Way.” In this chapter I teach methods for finding joy. When we’re joyful, we’re in alignment with the Universe, and we attract what we want. We can’t wait for the outside world to give us some reason to be happy. We have to make it a priority to find joy.

Super Attractor: Methods for Manifesting a Life Beyond Your Wildest Dreams, by Gabrielle BernsteinAnother thing I want to emphasize is that your joy benefits everyone. When you get aligned with the energy of joy, you become a bearer of light for everyone you meet and you give others inspiration to shine when they’re around you.

Aim to be a source of light in the world simply by assuming an energy of joy. In the presence of your joy others will recognize their own.

The Gabby Cooking Show is a perfect example of this. I started it out of sheer enjoyment and nothing else. These videos are an authentic expression of my favorite hobby, and the fun I’m having comes through the phone screens of thousands of viewers throughout the world.

Find your own Gabby Cooking Show!

It's good to feel good | Gabby Bernstein | Super AttractorAs I say in Super Attractor, today, take some time to do something that brings you joy. Do something that lights you up and witness how the Universe supports it.

I can hear some of you objecting that you just don’t have the time. My response is that you have to make feeling good a priority — you owe it to yourself and those around you. Plus, you only need a few minutes for things like journaling, meditating, going for a walk, listening to your favorite song, or striking up a conversation with a coworker or neighbor.

Give yourself at least two minutes of reprieve every day from the incessant fear-based belief systems that keep you in negativity. A few minutes is all it takes to raise your energetic vibration.

Leave a comment below and let me know something that brings you joy!

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  1. I love that you don’t use a recipe! That’s how I like to cook dinner. I love that you’re not a perfectionist – Fearless Cooking – YES! Ty for sharing your wisdom and fun side. 🙂

  2. Ooohhh Yeaaahssss since a heard this “to do thinks I love with joy ” this make a big click in mind!!! ABD now this is my mantra!!! When my fear to be critizied by others want to overcome me, I thought immediately in this mantra to remember me: Do my work, my projects to reach my visions WITH JOY NOT WITH FEAR!!!! And It’s WORK! !!! I an soooo grateful for your true words and meditations ♡ BIG THANKS FROM BERLIN ☆

    1. Ye!! ♥️ Keep focusing on things bring you joy, which will help you make choices from a place of love rather than fear and anxiety. <3

  3. Oh my goodness, can’t wait to try to make these seedy cookies! I have some vanilla bean ghee that would be awesome in it too. I’m a big cinnamon fan as well! What a great momma you are to your son!

  4. That full moon threw me for an intense emotional loop, right into a migraine on Monday. It’s been tough to find my footing and shake off the blues, but I have now, after watching you create your cookies. Thank you Gabby.
    And remember, EVERYONE can sing and raise our voices in praise and gratitude!! I was singing with you. Maybe that’s what I needed too.


  5. I love to creat art; painting, drawing, building sculpture, clay, and the list goes on. But I spend sooo… much time developing ideas for the kiddos I teach and I don’t spend enough time for my art. No wonder I was so chill when I painted 20 jumbo pieces of paper to look like giraffe fur. Totally fun and my 30’ African themed bulletin board looks great. I’m putting time on the to do list for me to paint.

  6. Hi,
    I’m not part of social media, but I’m a member of your monthly miracle membership. I was wondering if you could also post your cooking videos on the membership site. Thank you for any response on this matter.

    Nancy Ysla-Roman

    1. Thanks for this suggestion Nancy! I’m going to share it with my team. Grateful that you’re part of our amazing Miracle Membership community. <3

  7. Thank you Gabby for this sharing , just love it, love it! You’re so inspiring!
    In waiting for your book… signing for livestream❤️

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