The Universe Has Your Back: My Talk on Oprah’s SuperSoul Conversations Podcast

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Oprah's Super Soul Conversations | Gabby Bernstein on SuperSoul podcastThe talk I gave  at Oprah’s SuperSoul Sessions in Los Angeles, titled “The Universe Has Your Back,” is now available on OWN’s SuperSoul Conversations podcast!

I gave this talk in 2017, shortly after my book The Universe Has Your Back was published. In it I share a personal story and teach the five steps to spiritual surrender.

I’m thrilled that it’s now available as a podcast episode so that it’s even more accessible.

This is one of the most vulnerable talks I’ve ever given

This is one of the most vulnerable and personal talks I’ve ever given. Standing on a stage and opening up about a very personal struggle was daunting. But I knew I had to share this story — and my method for spiritual surrender.

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This experience was so hard to go through, but the lesson I received was invaluable. Learning how to surrender my deepest desires to the care of the Universe changed my life forever.

When we share our stories with the world, we help others heal and we inspire them to take action.

My talk on Oprah’s SuperSoul Conversations podcast

You can listen to my talk below or download/stream this episode of SuperSoul Conversations wherever you listen to podcasts.


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