Check Out My Pantry! 15 Healthy Kitchen Staples I Love (Plus Recipes)

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In this post I’m sharing some favorite items that I always keep stocked in my pantry! Lots of people ask me about my favorite cooking ingredients, so I decided to open my pantry and show you what I love.

I took the pictures myself, so they’re not the most polished, but they’re very real. 🙂

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You may know that I love to cook and I’m very intuitive in the kitchen. Cooking is a fun and meditative practice for me. If I’ve had a tough day I know that I can raise my vibration simply by stepping into the kitchen and getting creative.

If you follow me on Instagram you’ve probably seen me share my process on the #GabbyCookingShow in my Instagram Stories.

I want to invite you more into this part of my world, so I hope you dig this peek inside my pantry.

I also included a few recipes that I use all the time. Enjoy!

15 of my favorite pantry items

1. Organic cacao powder

Navitas Naturals organic cacao powderLet’s start with chocolate. I love cacao powder so much that I usually keep multiple kinds stocked in my pantry.

My favorite brands are Navitas Naturals and Natierra.

Here’s a recipe using cacao powder, plus more items on this list…

Natierra organic cacao powderGabby’s healthy coffee milk shake

½ cup decaf coffee
1 Tbsp cacao powder
1 scoop of coconut oil
2 dates
1/2 cup coconut milk
Cup of ice

Blend all ingredients!

Order Navitas Naturals cacao powder here.

Order Natierra cacao powder here.


Dean's Beans decaf Italian espresso roast coffee2. Decaf coffee

Dean’s Beans says it’s the best-tasting decaf in the world, and I have to agree! The taste and aroma of this Italian espresso roast lifts me up without any caffeine.

What’s cool is that this coffee is decaffeinated using a gentle and environmentally friendly water-based process.

Order decaf coffee here.

3. Ground flaxseed

Spectrum ground flaxseed | Peek inside Gabby Bernstein's pantryGround flaxseed is sooo great in smoothies!

Flax is a superfood with lots of omega-3 essential fatty acids for healthy brain functioning and a healthy heart. It’s also a nice source of fiber.

I keep the Spectrum brand stocked in my pantry. As you can see, I use it a lot!

Order ground flaxseed here.

4. Harissa

Mina mild harissaI make a lot of rice dishes, so I always have harissa in my cupboard for when I want to make a paella or a Mediterranean dish.

If you’re not familiar with harissa, it’s a chili paste that shows up a lot in North African dishes.

I like a milder harissa like Mina mild harissa, but you can also buy it (or make it) to be pretty spicy. Here’s a really good paella recipe with harissa.

Order harissa here.

5. Medjool dates

Terrasoul medjool datesTypically I don’t eat dates because they’re sugary. But dates are great for women in their third trimester because they soften the cervix. It’s said that you should eat about six dates a day leading up to labor, so I rocked the dates at the end of my pregnancy!

I love using Terrasoul dates in my smoothies, and even when I bake as a sugar replacement. Keep in mind dates are super sweet, so maybe don’t put them in your morning smoothie if you don’t want a sugar overload first thing in the morning.

Here’s a cool and super easy snack recipe: Take the pits out of dates, then cover them with peanut butter or almond butter, freeze and enjoy!

Order medjool dates here.

6. Mary’s Gone Crackers seaweed & black sesame crackers

Mary's Gone Crackers seaweed and black sesame crackers gluten freeThese are my staple. I love Mary’s. This is the best snack with hummus or pesto. LOVE LOVE LOVE. Plus the seeds are an awesome plant-based source of protein.

If you like that salty-savory flavor but don’t want a bunch of artificial ingredients, you’ll be obsessed with these crackers!

It’s a great cracker for your kiddos and perfect for anyone who eats gluten free.

Order Mary’s Gone Crackers here.

7. Chestnut flour

Dowd & Rogers gluten free Italian chestnut flourI mainly bake with chestnut flour. When I was healing a gut condition I could only use chestnut flour for baking and breads for six months. This was part of my healing protocol.

I’d never heard of chestnut flour before! Turns out it’s delicious. Super sweet and rich. Replace any baking recipe with chestnut flour and you’ll love it!

Banana bread with chestnut flour

1½ cups chestnut flour
1/2 cup butter or coconut oil
1/2 cup coconut cream
3 bananas
1 tsp. baking powder
1 tsp. vanilla
1/2 cup walnuts

Blend and bake in a 350° F oven for 45 minutes. (You may need to adjust the temperature based on your oven.)

Order chestnut flour here.

8. Tahini

I LOVE tahini! It’s great with quinoa, in salad dressings and drizzled over any meal. Tahini has a lot of minerals and vitamins (it’s especially high in calcium and protein).

Tahini fudge

Once Again organic unsalted tahiniWhen I was healing my gut condition, I got this recipe from my doctor’s nutritionist and became obsessed with it!

2 Tbsp. ghee or organic palm oil shortening
2 Tbsp. coconut oil
1 tsp. cinnamon
Liquid stevia (I use vanilla flavored)
¼ to ⅓ cup tahini

1. In a small glass container (I like the square or rectangle shapes, with a wide, flat surface area), melt shortening/ghee and coconut oil, just until soft.
2. Stir in liquid stevia (equivalent of 3 packets of stevia) and cinnamon.
3. Stir in tahini. Mix well with spoon.
4. Place in the freezer to set, and then score with a knife and eat. Yum!

Order tahini here.

9. Herbal teas

Herbal teas in Gabby Bernstein's pantryAs you can see I have a ton of different teas in my pantry. Pukka lemon, ginger & manuka honey tea is one of my favorites. (It’s in the orange box behind the Gaia.) It’s perfect for winter — warm and soothing for the tummy.

Traditional Medicinals Belly Comfort peppermint tea is great for digestion. I’m also a big fan of Yogi ginger tea and Gaia gas & bloating tea. If you’ve read my gut blog, then you know I’m all about good digestion!

If you need something sweet, check out this coconut vanilla dessert tea.

And Tazo chamomile tea is super comforting before bed.

Nutiva unrefined virgin coconut oil10. Unrefined virgin coconut oil

Cook with it. Bake with it. Put it in your smoothie and blend it into your coffee!

Coconut oil coats your gut lining and is a fantastic antibacterial.

Get your healthy fats! 🥥

Order coconut oil here.

So Delicious unsweetened vanilla coconut milk11. Coconut milk

I swear by So Delicious organic coconut milk! I put it in smoothies and have it with my favorite cereal (below).

I love it because it’s sugar free but still sweet.

Order the vanilla coconut milk here.
Order the plain coconut milk here.

Erewhon gluten-free crispy brown rice cereal12. Erewhon crispy brown rice cereal

Erewhon is my favorite cereal. It’s non-GMO, organic, gluten-free, vegan and very low in natural sugar.

I eat it with sugar-free vanilla coconut milk for natural sweetness.

Order Erewhon cereal here.

Vital Proteins collagen peptides13. Vital Proteins collagen peptides

Collagen peptides are fab for hair, strong nails, healthy skin and digestion.

They’re also good for your bones and joint health.

Each serving has 20 grams of collagen. This powder is unflavored, so you can mix it into a smoothie or coffee.

Order collagen peptides here.

14. Tabasco!

Tabasco sauceTabasco was my only pregnancy craving! I was totally addicted during pregnancy.

It sounds counterintuitive, but hot sauce is a good anti-inflammatory because it has a compound called capsaicin. Capsaicin is also good for your metabolism and for helping to prevent chronic diseases.

I love it so much that Tabasco sent me a personalized bottle!!

Order Tabasco sauce here.

15. Truvani supplements

Truvani wild-caught marine collagen powder and chocolate plant-based protein powderMy friends Vani Hari and Derek Halpern started an amazing company called Truvani.

I’m obsessed with their products and have been mixing them into my smoothies!

Order the marine collagen powder here.

Order the chocolate plant-based protein powder here.

Create a healthy spiritual relationship to food and yourself

Finally Full: A digital workshop on spirituality and food, with Gabby Bernstein

Let me be really honest: I didn’t always have fun in the kitchen or experience cooking in a meditative way. I struggled with disordered eating and food addiction for years.

But thanks to my committed spiritual practice, I overcame my food issues. Now I have an awesome relationship to food!

If you struggle to love your body or have issues with food, I want to support you. My digital course Finally Full offers:

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  1. Hello Gabby! I am currently struggling with wanting to eat healthy and wanting to gain at the same time. I don’t know where to start. I always shop for the cheapest brands of food in the grocery store. I don’ t know much or anything about real organic food and how to buy on a budget without obsessing! Every time I do my research I get very overwhelmed I stop and try not to think about it because I find myself obsessing over trying to eat healthy. Any suggestions? Thanks!

    1. Know that you don’t have to do it all at once. Taking small steps will add up to a major impact! One of my favorite affirmations from my Spirit Junkie App is “By adding up subtle shifts, I create miraculous change”. When grocery shopping, take your time, check in with your intuition, and your taste buds. What would feel fun to cook and prepare; what healthy foods do you enjoy? Start there. <3

  2. I absolutely LOVE this. Thanks for sharing. I have gone from enjoying baking gluten free, to avoiding baking altogether! I’ve got so many allergies and the egg allergy was the final straw as far as baking was concerned. BUT when I read this blog, I felt inspired. A banana bread recipe I could eat! I didn’t know about coconut oil being so good for the gut either. (Something I have issues with due to having Ehler Danlos Syndrome.) So I just ordered the ingredients and I’m gonna give it a try! Thanks so much Gabby. xoxoxoxoxo

  3. Dear Gabby, I was launched into a healing journey after discovering I had Lyme disease a year after having my second child. It first began with body ( inflamation, gut etc) then mind (depression, Anxiety and panic attacks) and now finally the with the spirit and soul. You have been a powerful catalyst for this stage of my healing and growth. Your book Detox Judgement and tapping techniques came to me at the perfect moment. This was just the beginning. Reading about your Your experience with anxiety and gut health have helped me feel less alone in my own personal journey. Thank you for your wholistic support! I am now a miracle member, have read your other books, and enjoy your Insta Gabby home cooking show too. You investigate wellness and spirituality with both intelligence and intuition. I hope some day to meet you in person at one of your events! I live abroad and am ever greatful for the information and inspiration available to me through online courses and books. You have helped me let go of fear and to allow myself to trust again in the power and support of the universe. Thank you for your wisdom and genuine demenour, which convey your profound teachings with clarity and sincerity. I am Wishing you well as you prepare to welcome your very own miracle into the world!

    1. Thank you for this gorgeous share! Grateful to hear about your inspiring healing journey and how these tools are serving you. I love that you’re part of the amazing Miracle Membership community. Sending you big hugs! XOX

  4. Thank you so much Gabby, I’ve been following your health tips. Just found out I have pcos, and all your recipes are perfect to heal my body. I’m Milk, Gluten and sugar free, and feel amazing. I feel like you know exactly what I need, and Thank you for that.

  5. Gabby, I am absolutely thrilled to find out you’re having a baby — EEEEEE!!! In addition to your roles as the original Spirit Junkie, friend, daughter, sister, wife, survivor, meditator, yogi, all-around-badass-person, you will be a momma. The most amazing gift of a role for your beautiful life. So much love to you!

  6. Hi Gabby,
    Thanks you for all the inspiration that you give to everybody including . I have couple of your books and I am reading them over and over. I am watching all of your stories and cooking recipe on instagram.
    I am seeing that you use tons of bone broth on your soup recipe. What brand and type of bone broth are you using for your soups?


  7. Congratulations on your pregnancy, and I am absolutely positive you will have a bouncy healthy baby. I was not aware of your digestive issues, but I have had my own digestive issues for the past 25 years. Granted, I have not always eaten a healthy diet on a consistent basis, but I have seen a bunch of doctors who just prescribed me more pills that actually made my digestion worse. I have been trying to focus on a more natural approach, and I have also been seeing a chiropractor for that and other ailments. I also remember reading a quote from Wayne Dyer that a lot of our physical ailments are usually related to some emotional issue or wound, so I have been working on meditating and trying to still my mind. It’s not easy for me, as my mind is always thinking about something, but I have been focusing on just listening to my own breathing. I am also a very logical and analytical person by nature, so I have had to work on hearing my intuition.

    1. Showing up here is a beautiful sign that you are ready for some big shifts. Continue to return to meditation and the breathing exercises and trusting that inner wisdom. You’re on a great healing path. <3

  8. U have pukka teaslove them too.. a bit more expensive but so good… have u tried mint refresh and after dinner ones .
    Ps dates
    they contain a lot of potassium (more than bananas) b6 copper magnesium etc
    They are full of fibre wich means the sugar in dates absorbed slowly inso no insulin spike. Plus they help to clean your colon ☺️.. check out medical medium books … love u thanks for sharing your tips‍♀️

  9. Love to you Gabby! Thank you for this awesome information xxx again. You are a light in my world and I am so pleased every single time I read your posts, listen to your meditations and read your books. In Judgement Detox now. Blessings sweet girl ❤️

  10. Gabby,
    I’ve never written a famous person before and I’m not even certain your eyes will ever see this due to so many people reaching out to you but regardless, I feel overwhelmingly compelled to write to you. I’ve only recently discovered all the wonder of YOU and I can’t get enough. I’m a spiritual sponge! I read The Universe Has Your Back then signed up for your Miracle Membership and watch every podcast, meditate every day (even made my own little “zen” spot which feels like a hug), and bought 3 more books you wrote. I watch clips from the internet from retreats and various talks you’ve given and every time you mention a person who you deem awesome who has material out, I quickly it down the info. Enough about that and on to the point of writing you. I have been hungry for this information for quite a while. I was led to you, the exact person who could give me what I was needing and wanting. I have been moved to tears while journaling, performing various tasks you instruct, or while listening to your guided meditations. I feel so much love, have experienced the “more” I’ve been hungry for, and just wanted to thank you deeply for sharing your gift with those who are willing to listen, to awaken, to be led. My eyes fill with tears of gratitude as I write this. So many people feel the same and I’m just another but my words could never meant to be more profound.
    Cindy Powell (your Miracle Member in Ohio)

    1. Thank you for this absolutely gorgeous, heartfelt share. Grateful that you’re here and part of the awesome Miracle Membership crew! You’re doing great work Cindy! Sending you big hugs. XOX

  11. Wow, I eat almost everything you shared! Great selection of products and I am looking forward to trying your recipe for the tahini fudge and the coffee shake – YUM!

  12. Hi Gabby, So happy to hear that you are expecting a baby. That is so exciting. I will be sending you love and peace for an easy and joyful labor. Thanks for the peek in the pantry… I have been meaning to clean mine and this was a great inspiration. We have many things in common, namely our taste buds. Looking forward to trying the chestnut flour banana bread.

  13. Darn that tahini fudge! So good – and a must be kept at a minimum for me – or ooops who ate all of that?!? We have so many similar products and I just love making great foods – vital foods that feed body, mind and spirit. <3

    Something extra fun lately has been making a sprouted cashew sourdough – in the Instant Pot (& then baked in the oven!)

    I'm hoping to perfect some kind of challah that's sprouted with a flour like chestnut flour…or oat flour. Fingers crossed!

    Happy Holidays everyone! xo

  14. Hi Gabby, What are the main differences between the two collagen products? Other than the fact that one is marine based 🙂 Why would I use one over the other? Thanks so much! Michelle xo

  15. Firstly, A HUGE CONGRATS on Your BABY!!! So EXCITING for You & Hubby!!!
    In Deepest Gratitude for Your Share of this Yumminess!!! & For the Recipes!!! Interestingly, at least half of these, I always have. Glad to learn of some new Brands, saves me the research, as I completely trust your choices, knowing that you too, are a Health stickler! Was completely unaware of Chestnut flour. I can’t do Gluten, and really try to stay away from most grains, so this will be something interesting to try. As the others mentioned, I too LoVe watching your Instagram shares of your recipes! I attended your ‘Spirit Junkie Masterclass’ in NY in 2017, thoroughly enjoyed IT!!! And, attended your ‘Judgment Detox’ book launch in LA. Excited to see Your Dream Baby Appear!!! What a Joyous Blessing!!!

  16. Thank you! Passing along this helpful info to my daughter! And so happy to hear about your pregnancy! All the Best! (Gonna follow you on Instagram now!) I agree with a previous comment about your own tv show

  17. I picked up your book ” The Universe Has Your Back ” recently and thought, “Hmmm, I wonder if she’s pregnant yet…” Sure enough.Congratulations!!!
    Thanks for some new pantry staple ideas, especially the decaf recommendation and smoothie recipe.

  18. Gabbs, I’ve been following you lately for a few months and re reading Universe…glad to see you’re finally expecting! The Universe delivered!
    As for me, I’m on day 30 of 45 to launch my first program for creatives!
    Would love more recipes sent..I’m trying to improve my cooking skills as well.
    I’ll be glad when I can afford all organic foods all the time, especially for my little 7 year old who’s autistic.

  19. Oh I’ve been looking for this!! I’ve been so lost in what to eat right now and have it be better for me. Thank you! Do you have a recipe book you love or another blog giving meal ideas somewhere? I need all the guidance I csn get!!! Much love

  20. Gabby, can you use chestnut flour to coat vegetables, then fry in coconut oil? Will it work like regular flour that way? Will they come out crispy?

  21. Thank you!! I love love love when you share your cooking on Instagram. Do a cooking show in your gorgeous kitchen! You should seriously consider a talk show…NO ONE could be better than you at sharing wellness, spiritual, cooking, style, brand and marketing tips than YOU!!

  22. Loed this post. Delighted that almost everything you listed is in my pantry, too. Don’t use tobasco, but a good add to my repetoire! Also, never tried chestnut flour. Love knowing about it!

  23. Gabby,
    I’ve been gone awhile and something said to me to I should check back in. Congrats on your pregnancy!! Last time I was in you were waiting on your time and now it’s here. I am so happy for you. Good things do come to those who wait. I need to get myself back on that track.

    1. Thanks for this sweet share Susan. Remember that you can always return to your spiritual practices at any time. Big hugs to you! <3

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