The Fun and Spiritual Way to Release Fear Fast

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Note: Updated in November 2018 for clarity and additional resources.

I recorded the video below just after my wedding. Even though they’re beautiful and full of love, weddings can bring up a lot of old fears!

Throughout the process of planning my wedding, and on my wedding day, I leaned on my spiritual tools. I turned to lessons from A Course in Miracles to release my ancient limiting beliefs and laugh at my ego’s tiny mad ideas!

You don’t have to be planning a huge event or making a major life change to benefit greatly from the process I offer up in this post. The spiritual approach to fear always offers the most profound solutions.

My spiritual process for releasing fear

Watch the video below or keep reading to learn my spiritual process for releasing fear.

Our work is to detach from fear

Wherever you are, whatever’s going on, in some way you are likely feeling fear. Maybe you are totally plagued by fear. Maybe it’s just sort of creeping into your mind in really funky ways. In 12-step programs they say that fear will be doing push-ups while you sleep. Does that resonate or what?

We wake up in the morning with pangs of anxiety, or we experience something that triggers a thought that leads us down a crazy road of negativity. It leads us to really scary places that are created by our own belief in fear.

Believing in fear is a choice that you make. This is not to say that there aren’t natural fears. There’s a good reason we’re scared of putting our hand in fire or running into the middle of the street. We have that smart part of our brain that says, “No, don’t go there.” Listen to it.

But then there is this whole other element of fear that’s so layered and so deep within our psyche that we’ve been carrying with us for decades. And it is completely unnecessary. It’s a belief system based on fear from the past. We reorganize and re-create this fear the present and we project it onto the future.

Therefore, our work is to detach from that fear.

How to release fear with laughter

One of my favorite lessons from A Course in Miracles is to laugh at the ego’s “tiny, mad ideas.” From the perspective of the Course, the ego and fear are synonymous. The ego is that fear-based voice that shows up that that keeps us small and keeps us stuck.

And so our job is to laugh at the ego’s tiny, mad ideas! What an amazing concept to just let ourselves laugh at these mad ideas, to look at them and say how insane they are. Sometimes the idea is so deeply ingrained in us that it’s hard to laugh.

But if we can begin to see our way out, if we can think our way out or talk our way out, then we can get to a place where we can laugh. It’s our job to see the insanity.

In that experience of witnessing the insanity, we learn how to detach from the stronghold that fear has on us. We can start to see the world differently with a simple shift in perspective. If the fear is very deeply ingrained, you can begin with a surrender practice. Surrender to the Universe and ask for help in releasing that fear.

Begin to be that witness who is ready at all times to laugh at the chaos. To laugh at the tiny, mad ideas.

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Step 1: Write down your fear

Take a moment to write down the fear that’s plaguing you the most today. What is it? The fear of being alone, the fear of losing your job, the fear of not having enough money, the fear of not having your body the way you want it to be. What is the fear? Write it down.

You can keep the fear private, written down in your notebook for yourself. Or you can list that fear on the comments below. Whatever you feel called to do. Put it out there. Outing your ego is very powerful.

Step 2: Identify all the reasons your fear is nuts!

And then look at your fear and start to identify all the reasons why it’s totally nuts. Why you can laugh. In what ways can you laugh at this chaos?

Let’s take an example. For instance, let’s say your fear is, “I’m afraid I’m going lose my job.” Look at that fear and say, “Okay, well, I have no signs of losing my job, I have a lot of security, I feel good about myself, I do a good job at work, this is not the worst time for my company.”

Start to see all the reasons why this is an insane idea. And in those moments when you can just pinpoint the insanity, you can start to laugh. And let yourself laugh at that chaos. One positive thought at a time, you can laugh at the tiny, mad idea.

This is a fast, fun way of releasing fear!

Again: Our job to reorganize the fear story and reframe that script so that we can start to tell a new story. In fact, really, our job is to let go of that old story and let the Universe write a new one for us!

But first we just need to laugh at that tiny, mad idea.

Bonus step #3: Out your ego to a friend

Sometimes a great exercise is to call a friend and say, “Okay, I’m gonna out my ego, it’s totally insane, can we laugh about it?” And your friend can help you get there.

I often get on the phone with a friend and I’m like, “Can you just see how freaking insane that is?” And together we laugh. It’s fun, it works fast and it feels good. The spiritual solution is always there for you.

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  1. I really think this 2020 year is the year of Spiritual Awakening among a lot of us it’s insane how the synchronicities hot up I’m just completely blown away and so joyful and happy and wonderful and fantastic to do these managers everyday to meditate and align my chakras all that good stuff it pays off it really really does

  2. My husband and I have been trying to get pregnant for over a year and I am so afraid that it will never happen for us. I fear letting go

    1. Thank you for your honest share, Erin. If you haven’t read Gabby’s book, Super Attractor, you may want to check it out. In this book, Gabby talks about her own fertility journey, including how she protected her good-feeling emotions throughout the process. The methods she teaches in the book will help you to strengthen your faith and trust that what is of the highest good is coming to you.

      I also suggest watching Gabby’s talk at Oprah’s SuperSoul Sessions, where she teaches the steps to spiritual surrender. This practice helped her greatly throughout her fertility journey.

      I hope the book and talk serve you. xoxo

  3. I’m afraid that myself or my family will become infected with Covid. And will we be able to overcome it.

    1. Thank you for your honest share, Patrice. Here are some practices that I think you will find helpful: /strengthen-faith-weaken-fear/. xoxo

  4. Fear of not being accepted. I always end up in tears when I have to raise my voice and tell my truth and get very shaky.

  5. thank you and I love your concrete example of how to leave fear and face our fear in more practical way. Thank you so so much and love this post and your work! 😉

  6. I fear not being valued, respected, understood, loved & old patterns of dishonesty and emotional withholding repeating.

  7. I have a fear of success. I have a fear of losing weight. This is funny because I’ve experienced success on so many levels. Having money is not scary, it is true freedom. Being thin is healthy. Health is not scary.

    1. Thanks for sharing Leila. Practice incorporating the steps in this blog for the next 40 days and notice the shifts that start to happen. xo

  8. Fear of not having enough, fear of not having enough money, fear of weigh gain. I’m sick of carrying these old defects and release them. Presence guide me in away which is clear for me ,remove these defect characters which has stop me from living my best life! I’m grateful the awareness of these FEARS showed up! Thanks for guiding me to this source, i recognized and take this as a sign of my prayer being release. Guide me to be of service to you and not the false self. Thank you awareness, thank you for accepting it, thank you for these guided action! I’m ready to let Go and live my best life !

    1. Stephanie, I’m grateful that this post has served you. May you be released from fear and be guided by hope and gratitude. xo

    1. Thanks for sharing here Jim. Continue to incorporate the steps in this blog for the next 40 days and notice the shifts that start to happen.

  9. Thank you for the messages you share with all of us. I have been reading and re-reading The Universe Has Your Back for the past few weeks, striving to release my fear. My husband and I are going through a rough move, following where God has lead, and though it isn’t easy, we know it is the right place for us. Unfortunately, we had a house deal fall through and now we have to scurry and find a place to live with 3 dogs and a cat. Sleepless nights, almost constant anxiety and a touch of anger seem to want to become the norm. But using this lesson above, I feel a little more at peace. Where will we go? How will we survive this? What are we going to do? Great questions, and very real anxiety, but then comes the laugher. We have a home to sell (which says we have means). Why worry? Yes, we’ll have to rent for a while until we can find another home (my husband loves his new job and we are both successful in our careers). Why get scared? We have the means to rent a nice home or apartment, once we find one. We can afford deposits for pets so they can live with us. We will have to rearrange our plans for the next 12 months (but we will all be together, our very loving family). With this kind of love, what do I have to fear? It will be a pain, but because of this time, I have grown closer to God and started connecting and listening again. I keep repeating Wayne Dyer’s “Have a Miraculous Day” prayer and I just do what I can. Plus, whenever I feel the most down, I go out and do something for someone else – deliver food, give them someone to listen to them, nurture shelter pets during fireworks. My anxiety is still very real, but I can laugh once in a while because I know I am not alone. God Truly Is Still Speaking – through wonderful people like you. Thank you!

    1. Thank you for this brave, heartfelt share Patricia. Continue to trust your inner guidance and know that the Universe has a plan in store. You are doing beautiful healing work. Sending you lots of love and peace.

  10. I’m afraid of losing my daughter. She is 23 years old and has been through so many difficult times. She struggled in school due to learning disabilities and even though she received extra help it destroyed her confidence in herself and she eventually gave up and dropped out when she turned 19. Her father and I separated years ago because I just couldn’t tolerate the verbal abusive he was subjecting both me and my children to. He had even been physically abusive towards me a couple times which, unfortunately, the kids witnessed once. My daughter rarely says anything about her father but I know she has a hole in her heart that only a loving father can fill. She makes no efforts to get a job. I don’t even get mad about it because I know she is so afraid of failure that it completely paralyzes her. She has been to doctors and therapists for anxiety and depression. Sometimes she takes her medication and sometimes she doesn’t. Last December, her boyfriend came to my house angry and drunk and broke in my front door because my daughter refused to open it. An order of protection was issued against him which he has violated several times and is now in jail which my daughter feels guilty about. Now she has been going onto these dating websites and talking to all these strange men. She self medicates with alcohol and marijuana which I don’t even know how she gets because I don’t give her any money. I stand my ground firmly about her needing to get a job and becoming an independent young woman while reminding her that she is brave, smart and beautiful inside and out and can do anything that she puts her mind to. Her overall health is beginning to fail. She complains of feeling sick all the time, she doesn’t eat well and is losing weight. She shuts herself off from the world. I get down on my knees every day and pray for her. I beg God to please help her. When she was a little girl she smiled and laughed and sang and danced and loved everything and everybody. That little girl is gone and I am scared to death of losing what is left

    1. Cathy, heart goes out to you and I want you to know that I am holding you in my prayers. I want to share a few resources that I hope may help you navigate this situation with grace, strength and love. I’m going to share some resources related to both mental health and addiction. I don’t want to assume your daughter is addicted; I just want to share a range of resources.

      1. has a helpline that you can call free anytime. They also have guides and booklets for families. Scroll down on this page to see guides for parents/families. The URL is

      Here are some of SAMHSA’s downloadable brochures:

      – “Alcohol and Drug Addiction Happens in the Best of Families”
      – “What Is Substance Abuse Treatment? A Booklet for Families”

      If you’re looking for additional behavioral health treatment options, check here.

      Here is a list of support groups for mental/emotional health. (You might also want to look into local support groups.)

      2. This article from Psychology Today may help you.

      3. You may want to check out the book Waking the Tiger: Healing Trauma by Peter Levine. This is a beautiful book that helps heal trauma. Both you and your daughter may benefit from it.

      Please don’t hesitate to find help for yourself as you help your daughter, whether that’s through a therapist, a support group or trusted friends. I’m sending you a lot of love and support.

  11. My fear is that I am not good enough. I am scared that because of this, I will not measure up for anyone. And because I will not measure up, eventually I will be “found out”…people will figure out I am some sort of fraud. As a result, they will leave. It manifests in codpendency. If I can take care of and fix everything, I can control that narrative…I will always be enough because I will be the one they need to take care of and fix things.

    I am not enough for anyone and I don’t know who I am.

    1. Hi Shannon. You just did a brave and bold thing by diving into Step One, which is writing down your fears. Continuing to journal your feelings is an amazing way to work on healing and releasing. Remember to be gentle and patient with yourself as you go through these steps. Amazing shifts can happen when we are open to change. <3

  12. I have a fear of not being able to pay my bills on time from now on. I tried last week to talk to the right person and fill out the proper paperwork, to avoid a wage garnishment, now its happening anyway. I fear that no matter what I do, its not enough, and my husband is still drinking and spending our money, so we have nothing.

  13. I have a fear of being alone. The only family I have is my son. No friends, they have basically disappeared at this point. I am totally unhappy in my current relationship but am going through difficult health struggles right now. So it’s very hard to think about ending my relationship when I don’t have anyone else to be there for me. My son is in college and doing his own thing.

    1. Thank you for showing up here Noelle. Sharing in this space is a lovely sign that you are open to making some shifts. When working with fear energy, Gabby often recommends to tap into things that bring us joy. What’s one (big or small) thing you can do every day that lifts you up and brings you happiness? It can be the same or something different every day. Try this out for the next month and notice how your experiences start to change. <3

  14. I am afraid of being alone. I am afraid of not being able to find a job. I am afraid of not having enough money.

  15. Some of the fears that I have are quite controversial, but I feel like it is very important to express them. I am afraid that I will never be materially wealthy; I am afraid that I will never have enough money and my dreams will never come true. I am afraid that I will never have the means to leave Denmark for Canada permanently and I am afraid that I will never hear from my best friend from Germany and his twin brother who also happens to be one of my very closest friends. I am afraid that I will never measure and it is too late for me to reach my potential, I am afraid that I am going to die with dreams that were never realized. I am afraid that I will never discover my lineages in Hungary, Egypt, Portugal, and India. I’m so afraid that I feel like the whole world is ahead of me. I am afraid that my dreams and desires will never manifest and come to reality, especially when I’m 36. I am afraid that I will always be behind and it makes me very angry and sad.

  16. It’s so difficult to release fear when you adult son is in a very difficult situation, how does fearing the worse be showed with love. I am a very positive person but this situation has me very emotional and hoping it is sorted out really soon. Your words of encouragement will be so appreciated Gabby. Love the work you do. x

      1. Thank you so much Gabby for replying and words of encouragement and comfort. Going to sit now and watch the link you shared with me. I’m looking forward also to today’s livestream at 4pm pacific time. Blessings Always.

  17. Gabby please help! we had a huge rise in ACID ATTACKS in London, UK

    last night two TEENAGERS ! YES TEENAGERS during 70 min spree attacked 5 PEOPLE!! and ruined their lives.. you can buy acid over the counter easily and we had over 400 attacks per year of people having acid thrown in their faces FOR NO REASON… at 9 am!!! strangers… it is absolutely horrifying i am so scared of it i get panick attacks.. how to laugh at that? how to conquer that… please help! thank you

    1. Your best practice is prayer. Pray each day for light to surround you and your community. Focus your attention on the power of love and trust your energy has the power to heal.

  18. Hello Gabby… I just recently discovered your videos, and blog, and teachings, and I guess it was at the right time. I also feel like I have so much to say, and ask, so I kinda have to figure it out how to write the main issue.
    There are certainly a lot of fears in me, and while I haven’t done a very good job in getting rid of them, I’m sure I have at least identify them to the point of knowing the reason for it…
    I was been in a relationship for a bit over five years, that ended this week, and one of my fears is being alone. Now, I get the reason for it, I understand the insecurities I have, the ego…and all of that. And I also know, that while this (the breakup) was/is such a hard thing to experience, it’s also the right thing to do (even the day that it happened, the numbers attached to it seem to point on that direction…just like the number of the day that it started. I’m not really sure if it’s just a coincidence or not…). Anyway, I also don’t know if what I’m feeling right now is me being numb, or if it’s me feeling “released”…
    Like I said, I feel like I have so much to ask, but I’ll try to go to the point.
    I want to believe in the “asking for a sign” or “asking for help”, but there’s this part of me that feels some resistance to doing that, because the thought of not getting that sign, that help, means that it’s not real… that “this” is not real. So I guess, my question, my issue…and my fear for the moment, is how to pass through that resistance and fully let myself get into… I also feel like I can’t really ask for a sign before I let this conflict go…

    (PS: I apology in advance for any spelling mistakes, as english is not my native language.)

    1. Hi Mark,
      Follow my guidance in this module. Take the steps to feel your resistance, witnesses it and honor it. Remember, “the wound is the place where the light enters you.” Your willingness to witness your resistance is what got you here. Bravo… You’re already well on your way!

  19. I have a fear of driving on the freeway. Working hard to laugh at the silliness of this. I don’t want to limit the places my three kids can visit. I don’t want my fear to stop them from having some amazing experiences

    1. Kim, this is a very common fear and you are not alone! You might try some practical actions such as looking at resources to help people who fear freeway driving or even working with a coach, professional driver, or driver’s ed teacher to help you get more comfortable. You can also try tapping on this fear using the EFT, or Emotional Freedom Technique. You can check out any of my videos on tapping and follow the technique, substituting in your own words related to your fear. Nick Ortner’s book The Tapping Solution and other resources on tapping may bring you great relief, especially if you practice regularly. Be sure to read about the technique and learn the meridians and order in which you tap them! Xoxo sending love + light. Honor that fear and turn it over to the Universe for healing!!!

  20. I have this fear that my life will continue to be plagued by fear and anxiety (I suppose a fear of fear is rather insane in and of itself! LOL). I feel I’ve done so much ‘spiritual work’, workshops, retreats, read books, done meditations etc., and yet it the anxiety surfaces with every challenge I face. I guess the real fear is that I will get to the end of my life and regret that it was spent worrying versus truly living. I claim to want freedom from this ego BS, but maybe I am really addicted to it, or just not brave enough to stop the craziness.

    I guess this is crazy because in every moment I have the choice to try again. I just joined this network so maybe it will bring more consistency to my spiritual practice which might bring freedom. I’ve been told my more than one healer that I am a “light worker” – maybe I will experience a miracle soon and connect with my own light so I can shine brightly for me and others. Thanks Gabby for the work you do.

      1. Hi Gabby. YES! I did read your book — it was my first introduction to you and your work. Maybe I need to reread it. 🙂 I also have the ‘bad habit’ of reading at bedtime (when I tend to have my free time) and feeling a little lazy and tired to do the suggested exercises. So I did read it but didn’t do all the exercises and meditations. Thank you. xo

  21. I have two crazy fears right now.
    1. I will never be good enough at work again, I will never get to where i was heading.
    2. I am overweight.

    They are crazy because I am talented and know that regaining my strength an confidence at work again will take time, I am making steps towards that. Its a process, its a universal lesson.
    Im not overweight, my ego just seems to think people view me that way. I eat really well, I live a heathy lifestyle, my ego only tries to guilt trip me when I slip up and eat something I crave.

  22. My fear is to be alone and by myself. I’ve also recently lost who I believe is the love of my life because of issues we went through in the past that had a lot to do with choices I made. I know her choice is beyond my control but I can’t seem to let her go. I can’t shake the feeling that we are perfect for each other and that we owe it to ourselves to make this work. I’m trying to be patient and let the universe guide me through this time but I wake up every morning in a panick that I need to fix things in my time. Some mornings I allow this feeling i wake up with affect me so much that I stay in bed till noon. I don’t want to feel like this anymore and just want to feel at peace and happy and my wish is that my ex finds it in her heart to let go of the hurt and pain from our past so we can be friends again. I honestly can’t imagine my life without her and her boys in it. I really hope you can give me some advice to shift my thoughts and feelings. Thank you in advance Gabby

  23. I am afraid that I wont find my true love (well the guy I already like).. I am losing him/lost him and he is in love with someone else?

  24. I am afraid that I won’t have enough money. I am afraid that I will always be stuck in this job. I am afraid that I will not be where I want physically.

  25. hi gabby,

    i get really fearful that my partner’s never going to propose to me – this is totally irrational… because i’m fearful even though I know we love each other and we’ve even talked about marriage and all the stuff that comes with it so many times! We argue a lot because i end up just holding such a big irrational fear and so much pressure on us of what i think we should be doing or see others and wonder why were not doing that and get upset and this fear – it’s so impatient too and just takes over my whole body and being and thoughts and mood…! i know i’m not the one that is crazy it’s the ego.. i’m trying to take it every day day by day to let go and let god but lately it’s been really going through my mind. and then being projected out into my relationship :s

  26. I’m afraid that I won’t finish or get everything done. It’s a tiny, mad idea because I believe it but have no idea what everything means. Fear seems to see it as something in it’s entirety; like creating a website or reading a book or cleaning a cottage. Fear doesn’t recognize it as incremental or small almost imperceptible actions that complete the website, the book, or the cleaned house. Oh fear…you are so crazy!

    1. false evidence appearing real 🙂 now that you know it’s not real you can work to release it… xo!

  27. I am afraid that I will gain weight and won’t be attractive. I am a restricter by nature, but I want to “reframe my script.” I’m gong to out my ego here and say that my fiancee and those I love think I am beautiful, so I know what my thoughts are saying is insanity that does not serve me. It feels like a selfish obsession. I’ve prayed here and there on it but not consistently. I just want to accept and love myself as I am right now, not as I think I should be.

  28. Well, there is alot :))

    I’m afraid i would get bad grades so my professors wouldn’t like me
    Afraid that i stutter when i speak so people would disrespect me (that’s an obviously mad idea because it never happened in many years)
    Afraid i fight with my mom
    Afraid of the possibility of never being happy
    Afraid that my body wouldn’t be fit and beautiful
    Afraid that i would never meet my soulmate
    Afraid of loneliness
    Afraid of not being worthy or not landing my dream job
    Afraid of being a hypocrite or self-contradictory

    Well, i never really saw that i have so many fears ! :))

  29. I am afraid of cancer coming back after dealing with breast cancer.
    I am afraid there is a reason why I am still single and that fear is part of the reason why I am. I have turned off to love and not sure how to turn it back on.
    I am afraid of being alone in old age as I have no family.
    I am afraid to leave a secure job but I know I need a change.

    Feels good to write these fears down.

  30. I am afraid of dying. I love my life so much and every day I am plagued of thoughts that one day i will not be here. That scares me so much. How do I laugh at this fear when I know it is real and nothing can stop it from happening? I am meditating and reading and trying so many things. I wish so badly to sop thinking about this daily.

  31. I am afraid that I will not be able to successfully start over after being in an abusive relationship and moving across the country to reset and get safe.

  32. I am afraid that my love interest is not interested in me anymore. I have a hard time letting go of control and simply surrendering the outcome to the Universe. By commenting on here, I am showing my willingness to let go of this tight grip, and to get into a space of receptivity. I am willing to laugh at the negativity that is keeping me stuck.

  33. I’m afraid of not being good enough. Starting a new job on Monday & I’m procrastinating instead of preparing…sabotaging before I even begin because of that fear in the back of my mind that I will ultimately fail & be completely humiliated. I tell myself that everyone has such high expectations for me…but my own expectations are far higher…almost unreasonable…almost like I set myself up to fail so that it makes it okay for me to give up & quit before I put myself in a scary, new, or uncomfortable situation. Change is scary. Stepping up & showing up is scary for me right now…so I’m outing my fear & my ego so I can let it go. Waking up with pangs of anxiety is unnecessary. I choose to see love instead of fear.

  34. I’m afraid that i’ll never leave my abusive, unfulfilling, demoralizing job and that there’s nothing better out there for me. And that my husbands chronically severely painful illness will never get better. And that i’m stuck at this job because my husbands illness needs the benefits for medication.

  35. I got a job in a group home this weekend, I but petrified that I won’t be able to do it, even though to serve others has always been a constant dream, and intention, of mine after working 14 years in the beauty industry. I surrender this insanity. Sending love Gabby thank you.

  36. I am completely afraid to begin my legal practice. After law school I worked for a few years, but then stopped so that I could stay home and raise my children (which I do not regret). I feel paralyzed. I want to get back into my profession but feel unprepared and completely inadequate. It has been around 12 years since I last worked and by fears won’t let me proceed. I am afraid that I won’t be able to succeed. Who is going to want me as their attorney without any experience (this is the voice inside my head…total fear).

    1. I have a similar fear. I just qualified as a lawyer and also feel completely inexperienced and inadequate. I am terrified that I won’t be able to develop my own practice and that I will be fired from my firm. My firm is not in the best of shapes and I am afraid that if they let me go I don’t have the experience to be hired elsewhere or start on my own. I have worked hard to get where I am and I want to succeed but sometimes I get so scared that I will fail that I don’t even want to try.

  37. I’ve been on disability for 3 years due to multiple sclerosis, and need to return to work due to financial hardships….I’m terrified to get back out there because I feel not good enough, or I feel like I’m a loser, even though deep down inside I know I’m great at what I do, with over 20 years of experience under my belt……I feel trapped in my “comfort” zone due to my paralyzing fears 🙁

  38. The biggest fear troubling me lately is a fear that my boyfriend will lose interest/leave me. I was so confident early in our relationship but have slipped into insecurity, which is creating even more fear that my insecurity will ruin the relationship and drive him away! I’m having difficulty even accepting the love he does give me because I am reading into every move, word or gesture he makes. I then fear that my discomfort is my intuition telling me that this is not the right partner for me (fantasy of the ideal partner that will save me, perhaps?) Beneath that is a fear of being alone. I pray to be released from this debilitating fear and to allow myself to be happy and confident and enjoy my relationship and trust that I am loved and supported no matter what! I want my old faith and confidence back!

  39. I’m afraid to write my book and tell my story. I know I am supposed to but I am afraid no one wants to hear what I have today. That It won’t be any good. That I will fail. Again. Wow. It didn’t feel that way in my heart. In my heart I was just afraid.

  40. I fear losing control of myself and going crazy/violent, especially when I am alone and when I am driving. I guess my true fear is that I do not feel comfortable with the body sensations and thoughts that come along with it.
    I do not feel secure inside myself.

  41. I had suffered from a mental diorderfor the past 5 years
    I hadbeen practising sadhana, daily meditation since long and it has been a really amazing experience because I am thehappiet person I know!
    But somewhere there was a fear that that the unknown fears that occured during that time and the sad experiences could occur again…
    But I want to laugh at the ego’s tiny mad ideas…
    Because the past was necessary to bring me where I am today.. ( I wounldn’t have been watching this video and getting this wonderful tip)
    Because I know how to handle me feelings and annoying situations
    Ecause I am the happiest person I know…
    Wow I have so many reasons to laugh….wohoooooo…
    I thankyou gabrielle with all my heart for this video and everything…..

  42. Hi….
    I had been suffering from a mental disorder for the past 5 years
    I am practising sadhana, daily meditation practice since long and its really amazingly effective because now I am the happiest person I know!…..wohoooooo……
    But I discovered that I fear that the unknown fears and that really sad experience could occur again…….
    So I really want to laugh at the ego’s tiny mad idea because
    Whatever happened in the past was necessary to bring me where I am today…
    Because I know welll how to handle my feelings and annoying situations…..
    Because every set back is a spiritual assignment
    Because I am the happiest person I know…..
    Oh my god I have so many “because” to laugh at….
    Thankyou gabrielle for this wonderful video

  43. i am afraid of not being good enough. Now that i am getting a divorce after getting married on february, i am afraid of starting over, of not finding my true soulmate. I am afraid of staying in this black whole of huge numerous debt i accumulated during that awful relationship. i am afraid of not being able to move forward and up and be truly happy.

  44. My family is visiting from out of town and I am scared to see them today. I am scared that I will lose control and fall into arguing and negativity. I am worried that I will be a bad example of myself, that they will judge and criticize me, and that I will be doing something I don’t want to do and going against my internal knowing. I am worried they will be able to take away the beautiful life I have built for myself here just by entering it somehow.

    I know this is silly! I know that nothing is happening in my experience that isn’t for my highest good. I know no one can take my life away from me, I have built it with so much love and intention. I know that I am fully capable of maintaining a high vibration regardless of what other vibrations I run into and that their only choice is to match me or not be here. I know that they would not be entering my physical world today if they weren’t on a high vibrational level and ready to spend time with me for all of our highest good. I can still follow my intuition and take breaks to stay positive like I do every other day. I know that thinking about what they’re going to do wrong is taking the power out of my hands and I know that I definitely have the power to make this is a pleasant, mutually beneficial interaction. I know that I am flanked with so much non-physical and physical support that nothing can really go wrong at all.


  45. i’m afraid that I’ll gain weight this Holiday season. I’m afraid that if I tell my boyfriend I love him for the first time, he won’t say it back. I’m afraid I won’t get the job I applied for.

  46. my fear is based on my children, if they get hurt or sick. I just have a hard time with dealing with that. I guess my fear is any mothers fear. I just love my kids so much. I also fear that I lost the love and feeling for my job. I am a high school teacher and the kids are not what they used to be. I do love being a teacher but it is so hard with the youth of today. I fear for what this means for our world.

  47. Hi Gabby,
    So im outing my fears as you suggested. I just stared dating an old friend from high school and he thus far seems like the guy iv been waiting for all my life. But with that said I have this really bad fear some how ill mess things up. or that he wont want a relationship with me. Most guys drool all over me but he doesn’t do that. Which is one of the reasons I really like him but at the same time its making me insecure. I try laughing at “the tiny mad ideas” but they keep coming up. I noticed it gets worse if we don’t talk for a day. Im not the obsessive type so i don’t know whats happening here.

  48. My fear is school. I went through a year of college and took a semester off. My fear led me to believe I would fail at my program and to stay a hairstylist. I want to continuing school without those fears. I prayed to god give me guidance to where I should go. Monday morning my dietetic program called me to schedule my classes. All I have to say is… Freaky. I’m continuing to ask for guidance and notice my fears, but for some reason, the school illusion really set me back. I have to let that go.

  49. I reached my breaking point and quit my job last week. I am starting my own career services business but I am afraid 1) it won’t be successful and 2) I won’t have enough money. Right now I am being supported by my husband both financially and emotionally.

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