Are You Forcing Relationships?

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There’s an opportunity for growth in every relationshipespecially romantic ones.

It’s easy to want to change someone else. It takes courage to turn the mirror back on ourselves, allowing the other person to reflect the parts of us that are ready to develop.

I like to think of every relationship as a spiritual assignment. Ideally, we get to grow together.

But sometimes that growth gets stuck. That’s when we start to force things. 

If you have a sense you’re forcing a relationship, it’s likely that you are. 

That doesn’t always mean the relationship isn’t right. Most of the time, we can let the relationship show us what we’re ready to step into as spiritual beings. We can allow the tension in the relationship to push us to rise.

When we rise, the other person in the relationship has the opportunity to rise with us…or not

This is by no means a call to stay in a toxic relationship. Not every romance is meant to last. But, regardless of the type of a relationship, there is always a spiritual assignment. 

On my show, Dear Gabby, I often hear from people who feel that they are forcing relationships. In the below video, I explain how you can reach for your own growth through partnershipand how this can show you exactly when it’s time to stay and when it’s time to leave.

Regardless of what the other person says or does, if you’re trying to force the relationship, there’s work for you to do. There’s always a way to show up more. 

And the right relationship will rise right with you.

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