Feeling Good Is Your Birthright: 3 Methods for Staying Spiritually Connected

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Last week I was going through a block in my life. I kept repeating one of my age-old mantras: “I have too much going on. I’m so busy. How can I get it all done?” This mantra was really keeping me down — blocking my flow and messing with my spiritual mojo.

Later that day I went out to run an errand. As I was driving down the country roads I was listening to a spiritual audiobook. I was guided to think about how it’s our birthright to feel really good, but we just get out of alignment with that truth.

As I let this sink in, I had a major aha moment! I thought, “Why do I forget that I can be spiritually connected all the time?” I reminded myself that my ego is still louder than my inner guide at times — but the moment I return to my spiritual practices I remember that it’s natural to feel good. That good things flow to me when I’m aligned with the Universe. And that I don’t have to do anything to get what I want. I just have to feel connected and aligned, and in that spiritual alignment anything is possible.

Your spiritual practice is the key to feeling good

You may be thinking, “Gabby, that sounds nice and all, but what about my debt? My relationship issues? My health struggles? How am I supposed to feel good when I’m dealing with this stuff?” The answer is to amp up your spiritual practice! As it’s said, “There’s a way through every block.” The way is through your spiritual practice.

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What happens when you stay consistent with your spiritual practice

And here’s the promise: When you’re consistent with your spiritual practice, life becomes truly joyful. You feel like you’re standing in your truth, because the truth of who you are is an empowered, happy person. Your spiritual connection clears away the blocks to what you desire. And it helps you intuitively know how to handle difficult situations or relationships. To put it simply, when you’re spiritually aligned you’re hooked up!

I write the books and teach the lessons, but I have to remind myself of this truth every single day. I have to stay committed and consistent with my spiritual practices in order feel the constant flow of well-being and alignment with the Universe. But the spiritual work doesn’t have to be hard. With a little willingness and the right guidance, it can fun and easy to stay consistent on your spiritual path.

As a spiritual a teacher I’ve made it my mission to help my readers and audience members get psyched about their spiritual practice. It doesn’t have to be a chore, and that inspired feeling doesn’t have to be just a fleeting moment on a yoga mat. You can live a spiritual life. And I’ve made it my mission to make it super easy for you to feel spiritually connected every day.

My favorite methods for staying spiritually aligned

In this post I want to share with you my best practices for staying spiritually aligned and in the flow of well-being. These methods are simple and fun to apply. And they don’t require a lot of time at all.

Method 1: Focus on progress, not perfection

It’s said that the perfect is the enemy of the good. That concept applies to your spiritual practice, too! When in doubt, keep things simple and commit to strengthening your spiritual connection. There is no such thing as perfect, and when we strive for perfection we end up feeling overwhelmed.

Therefore, don’t overcomplicate your spiritual practice. You might think you need to do every practice, ritual and technique out there. But spirituality doesn’t have to be hard! What matters is that your practice resonates with you, feels good to you and helps you feel connected!

I often hear my readers say things like, “I wish I could have you whispering in my ear all the time!” If you vibe with my guidance and want more of it, I created something really cool for you. It’s called the Miracle Membership, and it’s like your spiritual home base.

feel spiritually connected every day - gabby bernstein - miracle membership

Method 2: Be in constant contact with your inner guide

The most important thing you can do spiritually is to stay in constant contact with your inner guide. You might also refer to this as spirit, the Universe, God, a higher power, etc. It doesn’t matter what you call it. What matters is that you connect. Two simple and powerful ways to stay connected with your inner guide are through prayer/affirmations and meditation.

gabby bernstein prayingWhen we affirm how we want to feel, then we align our thoughts with our inner guidance system. Our inner guide is always waiting for us to align, and a prayer or a simple affirmation is how we reconnect. Here’s an affirmation you can use right now to realign with your inner guide: “I choose to see through the lens of love and I know the Universe is guiding me.” Say that throughout the day and return to the comments below to let me know how it goes! I guarantee you’ll see a shift.

The other half of this equation is meditation. I often hear resistance to meditation because people perceive it to be difficult. But meditation doesn’t have to be a chore! It can be as simple as pressing play on a guided practice and letting someone lead you. I love guided meditations so much because I can let go and allow. I can surrender my thoughts, erase my day and let the meditation lead me.

I’m so into guided meditations that each month I create a brand-new one for my Miracle Membership. Members always tell me how helpful it is to have a guided meditation they can listen to!

Method 3: Repeat (and repeat and repeat)

gabby bernstein and friend cybele walking down pathThe other day I was on a walk with my spiritual running buddy Cybele. She was saying, “I love reading spiritual self-help books, but I feel like they’re often saying the same thing.”

I responded, “That’s because they are. All spiritual teachers are teaching from the same source, which is love. They may have their own unique style or spin on a topic, but at the end of the day it’s all about returning to love.”

I went on to explain how it’s important to hear the same message over and over in different ways. When we are on a spiritual path we can apply the same principles via new techniques and styles — but the goal is always to align our thoughts with love.

We’re never done learning and growing

The more we read spiritual texts or follow meditations, the lessons will sink in in different ways. We also meet new ideas at different times in our lives, when we’re ready to hear them. You’re never done learning. And the more we choose to lean towards love, the more we are led.

I told Cybele that this is why I’m so passionate about helping people stay consistent on their spiritual path. I want you to make spirituality a habit and celebrate the repetition of your connection! As you repeat your spiritual practices, they become habit and then second nature.

I created the Miracle Membership to help you feel that spiritual connection daily and stay committed to your path. The Miracle Membership is a monthly community that serves up spirituality in a fun and easy way. Not only do you get new meditations each month, but you also get get new lessons and techniques in a members-only podcast, access to my Gabby’s Greatest Hits live talks and much more.

There are so many great benefits and bonuses to being a Miracle Member, but the most important one is that it makes it easy for you to stay spiritually connected every day.

It’s good to feel good!

The payoff of staying spiritually connected is that you FEEL GOOD!

You no longer have to live from one peak to the next, with valleys and plateaus in between. Instead, you can feel that high-vibe energy move through you all the time, even when things are tough. In fact, it’s the tough times that offer us an opening to deepen our spiritual connection even more.

it's good to feel good miracle membership gabby bernstein

We tend to wait for the circumstances of our lives to give us a reason to feel good. Do you ever think things like, “I’ll feel good when I look a certain way, ” or, “I’ll feel good when I have the money in the bank”? When we do this, we’re putting the outcome before the feeling.

The truth is that once you feel good, you start to easily attract what you desire! When we make feeling good our priority by staying spiritually connected, then everything else can flow.

Remember, there is a way through every block and that way is your spiritual practice. With the Miracle Membership and your daily practice, you’ll stop fearing life. You’ll clear away blocks and start to truly enjoy the miracle that you are.

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