How to Feel More Fulfilled

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Note: I updated this post in November 2018 for clarity and additional resources.

I often hear people complain that they feel unfulfilled in their lives. I’ve talked to many folks who feel disconnected regardless of their professional success, relationship status, family or anything else we associate with fulfillment and satisfaction.

We forget that oneness is our true nature

Oneness is my true nature | Mantra from The Universe Has Your Back card deck by Gabby BernsteinThis disconnect that I see so often is based on the deep metaphysical truth that when we detour into fear we forget that ultimately, we are love and oneness.

It can be scary to confront the fact that we’ve based our lives on belief systems that lead to our downfall.

But if you feel disconnected from the very people and things that can and should enhance your sense of purpose and fill you with joy, this confrontation is liberating. It’s a wake-up call. A beam of light.

How to feel more fulfilled, purpose-driven and connected

That beam of light leads you out of the unfulfilled darkness — and the path is an easy one to follow.

In this lecture clip I teach how to feel more fulfilled, purpose-driven and connected. You’ll instantly feel a sense of relief as your perspective changes.

If you feel inspired by this talk, I welcome you to post your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. I want to be and live the light. What are some of your favorite tools that would help with this?

    Thank you for all your help!:-)

  2. I love this! I’ve been practicing devotion– devotion at work, with my children, with my friends, with strangers, and with myself. Devotion to the light that *is* all of us. Truly an amazing practice that brings me back again and again to oneness, gratitude, and joy. How exciting to see someone else talking about the same thing. Thank you for posting!

  3. Hi Gabby – I was at Wanderlust for this talk and want to thank you for amazing presence and inspiration! I would love to hear some specifics on how your friend is the “light” at work. I don’t work on Wall Street but I am in the financial industry which is filled with Micromanaging Bosses and Competitive Coworkers and fueled by Ego and Office Politics. I’m certainly not going to argue that joining in on that better is than being the light, but I can’t imagine being the light and not being completely destroyed at work. If you have any specific tips or stories I would love to hear them. Thanks so much! <3

    1. my friend works hard to support coworkers with a positive attitude, energy, and uplifting words. bringing forth your highest presence is how you be the light…

  4. Having a really rough day today and this helped. I have been feeling mentally ‘foggy’ and emotionally numb for years. I am hoping practicing this will help me. Thank you Gabby xx

  5. I thank you for this! I will bring my light forward!! “I was lost in the dark till I opened up the blinds, now I’m a let that light shine!! Lots of divine love to you beautiful!!! Xoxo 😀

  6. Thank you so much for this message Gabby. I was late watching this one, but actually it was just the timing I needed. I am a licensed psychotherapist and got into the field to be the light. Lately I have allowed financial distractions to allow that light to dim. Ramping back up my light girl!

  7. That’s beautiful! You’re a true example of living your life’s purpose. I read your book ‘Spirit Junkie’ in 2011, and it has inspired me to follow my own purpose.

  8. Gabby, you send such beautiful messages into the world. Thank you for the inspiration and the reminders of what our purpose is! Xoxo

  9. To awaken to the life within us and be alive. – ahhhhh TO BE ALIVE!!! Im totally ready for this message today. Thank you, Gabby. Yeah, bring it on!

  10. Thank you,thank you thank you! You are an inspiration to me. Tony Robbins said to go find great rolemodels and you are one of the rolemodels I chose. Your books,your vlog,you are amazing. You are my sister in spirit,I love you all the way from Holland 🙂 <333

  11. WOW. Beautiful as always and so timely!
    Last week I was struggling really badly and I heard in my head ‘be the light’. I didn’t take it seriously until moments afterwards I’m shuffling my iPod and the first track that comes up is Danielle Laporte’s Light meditation. I think, OK, that’s unusual….and shuffle to the next track. The next track’s first word is ‘lights’. Shuffle again, and the next song is a song called ‘strobe’. So I *sort* of paid attention. Today this vlog popped up in my news feed in the morning but I saved it to watch later. I needed to. I’m currently working 3 jobs- I’m building my brand as a publicist in the film industry 7 days a week, I’m doing PR work for a local film festival and I have an admin job 40 hours a week that pays the bills. Today I nearly collapsed at my admin job from exhaustion. I was a wreck. I came home, I cried, I prayed, and I watched this. And I identified with your banker friend.
    THANK YOU! Psssst….you need to pop over to New Zealand very very soon. There’s a heap of Spirit Junkies that want to give you hugs and show you Kiwi hospitality. Namaste. xx

  12. AH! so totally what i needed to hear! i’ve recently turned my job situation around to where i try to make sure that i’m having fun for all of my shifts!
    so on point! i love this talk!

    thanks Gabby!

  13. Loved this vlog! You stated that the miracle could be small & show up in an unexpected way. That’s what happened to me after listening today. I’m in the same exact boat as your banker friend! I want to help others but in my career I’m surrounded by consistent negativity. I’m working on my life coaching business, & want to believe that it is my path. But until then, when I go into my corporate job, I’m going to focus on what I can bring to my workplace. Tell myself- I am the light!!! Thank you Gabby, another message that was delivered at the perfect time!

  14. Wow, this speech blew me away. Thanks Gabby. You’re so amazing on stage. love you! Please come to Sydney, Australia! And bring Jenny 🙂 x Ritu

  15. Wow, I have been such a Debbie Downer lately, really bad emotional Vampire. I have probably been sucking the light out of everyone I have been in contact with in the last several days …. because life is not going “MY” way!
    I have been finding fault, gravitating and cavorting about with like-minded negative people, just to feel validated! OUCH…………
    Ewww, time for a spiritual cleans to rid this dark-side. Trust me, under special circumstances “we all have them”. Anyone got a rain dance or steak in the heart ritual that will extrocate this?
    Kindness always,
    Karena, (not really a blood sucker) HELP!

    1. Firstly- hugs! I feel you! No stake in the heart ritual, but I find a good chakra cleanse, some meditation and some ‘me’ time really helps. And shielding yourself from lower energies, even just through prayer. Hoping you’ll be feeling better soon!

  16. I was really confused with what it was I had to bring or could bring to my acting course in Australia in two weeks time. I was even confused on what my purpose was for it, even though I know it’s what i’m supposed to be doing for the rest of my life.
    Thanks to your beautiful video, I now know that all I have to do is to be brave and courageous enough to bring forth the light into it and all that I do and that shall be enough x Such a freakin’ relief to hear this. Thank you Gabby you beautiful soul and for all that you do. I certainly feel and know that what you do and who are BEING all the time elevates the vibrational frequency of the world. x

  17. This video made me emotional! Thank you Gabby for reminding me that simplicity can be miraculous. I tend to over think things and this is a beautiful and simple message I can take with me.

  18. Hi,
    I totally believe what you are saying and think you are totally great – and the kaftan rocks too! But what do you do, when you having been trying desperately to bring the light and be the light at work (people even tell me I am like a ray of sunshine walking down the hall), and now my energy is so depleted. I am exhausted from being the light. I work at a High School and I am a therapist. I totally think I am just so burned out, but I am so sad about it. I love my job and my students and my co-workers but I do not feel like I can continue bringing any light when it is taking away from the light I want to bring home to my family. Does that make sense?

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