My Favorite Apps for Spirituality, Meditation, Wellness & More

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I have always been a huge fan of using technology to be more mindful and less stressed, rather than the other way around.

We carry our phones pretty much 24/7, so we need to be conscious about how we use them and what we put on them. Your phone can be a source of stress, or it can actually help you slow down, be mindful and access peace.

For example, a playlist of positive or relaxing songs can turn a walk into a walking meditation. And if you follow uplifting folks on Instagram, then checking it can be a source of joy and inspiration instead of a place where you go to compare and judge.

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I’ve turned my phone into a spiritual tool by loading it up with some beautiful apps that help strengthen my spiritual practice, boost my mood and make me feel good!

Check out 7 of my favorite spirituality and mindfulness apps…

For meditation: Headspace
As a meditation junkie I’m a huge fan of Headspace! I love this app because it makes meditation very easy for people, especially if you’re new to the practice. You can choose short guided meditations to help you ease anxiety, focus your mind, sleep better and much more. There’s also a great beginner’s series to start you off if you’re new to meditation.

To turn inward: Spirit Junkie App
I use affirmations and mantras to guide me each day and love that I can share this practice with other Spirit Junkies. 🙂 My team of developers has made the Spirit Junkie App really easy to use, and I update it regularly with awesome new affirmations. You can set a reminder to have the affirmation pop up throughout the day to remind you to turn inward and become mindful at any moment.

For divine guidance: Wisdom of the Oracle by Colette Baron-Reid
Colette Baron-Reid is a gifted psychic medium and spiritual intuitive. I love her Wisdom of the Oracle app because you can consult the cards and receive guidance anytime, anywhere. This deck allows you to connect with higher wisdom so you can take the next right action in your life. I really dig how you can save your readings to review later!

For total well-being: Jiyo
My dear friend Deepak Chopra is the co-creator of this awesome holistic health and well-being app. There’s a community feed where people share inspiring content — it’s great for finding spiritual running buddies. You can listen to guided meditations, read articles by experts and watch videos. Plus Jiyo has a health tracker that monitors you and delivers personalized health tips and reminders! It will quickly become your happy place. 🙂 (Here is the Google Play link.)

For astrological guidance: Astrology Zone
I love this app because it makes it really easy to check monthly and daily horoscopes from Susan Miller. The free version keeps things pretty simple, with daily/monthly horoscopes, important astrological dates and updates from Susan. If you subscribe you get longer daily horoscopes, lifestyle and romance guides, and lots of astro info beyond your star sign!

For self-care inspiration: Crazy Sexy Love Notes
This card deck app from my girl Kris Carr offers up self-love and self-care! The gentle but powerful messages remind you to be mindful of your happiness and well-being. It’s awesome to open the app, shuffle the deck and read a message in the midst of a super busy day. I like to check this after checking my Spirit Junkie App!

To strengthen your spiritual practice: Miracles Now
This is the app version of my Miracles Now card deck! There are 62 cards that can offer you inspiration whenever you need it. I use the app the same way I use the deck. Whenever I’m in doubt or need a boost I open it and say, “Thank you, Universe, for your guidance. I need a Miracle Now. Show me what you’ve got!” This app will strengthen your faith and help you stick to your spiritual practice.

To get Zen anywhere: ConZentrate
This awesome app is really cool for starting a meditation practice. It uses an ancient meditation technique known as Trataka, which involves fixing your internal or external gaze on a point of attention. The app lets you focus on a moving ball or the “Om” mantra to get into a breathing pattern and calm your mind. You’ll be feeling super relaxed in just 10 minutes. (Also available for iPhone.)

For yoga on the go: Gaia
Gaia’s app is great for streaming professionally taught yoga classes (and guided meditations) anywhere. There are sequences for all levels and covering many styles, from Yin to Ashtanga. You can also watch documentaries and other spiritual content! It’s an amazing resource to have when you’re traveling. (Check the website for other versions, like for iOS and Roku.)

I want to know your favorite apps! Let me know which apps help you stick to your spiritual practices, stay healthy and feel great. Leave a comment and share!

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    1. If you’re having trouble locating or downloading, I recommend contacting your phone provider for extra support.

  1. Hi Gabby. This article is very helpful- thank you! I enjoy this Calm, Insight Timer and will try Gaia. has articles and poetry about the mind, body, spirit connection. It’s a personal “blog” that is still growing. I hope you enjoy it 🙂
    Love & light

  2. Well I just found this blog post after picking up my Universe Has Your Back book after a long break (and an interesting rollercoaster past few months) I downloaded one of the mentioned apps (Insight Timer) and went on a walk for my break at work. What do I find while listening? My sign from the Universe – a little heart shape, it was cut out of paper on the pavement. Could not believe it. Thank you Gabby for everything you do!

  3. Love The Universe has Your Back- and the cards are so beautiful! They keep me inspired and centred!

    For apps, Breathe is my favorite- so great for the reticent meditator 🙂

  4. Hi!
    Thank you for this blog post, I Loved It !

    Only one little thing, that frustrates me a bit. Why are so many/most spiritual apps (along with so many others) asking for soooo many permissions that I don’t understand why they need??
    I do care a lot for my personal life and privacy, and sadly I know too much about how this works with the permissions.
    I am an android user, and I know I can disable some permissions, but not all of them.
    I would love to have spiritual apps that do not ask for permissions!

    Love, Angellica

    1. I’m not sure why that is the case! I think it is up to the developers. I often deny permission to access other apps, like photos, etc. Do whatever feels comfortable for you. xo

  5. I also use Insight Timer. But there is one woman who I found that absolutely everyone should listen to! Her name is Sarah Blondin and her series is called Live Awake. Her voice and words will speak directly to the deepest reaches of your heart and soul. Do not be surprised if you shed some tears as you listen to her. What I love the most is that her Podcasts directly tie into the lessons in the Universe Has Your Back. Anyone who follows you, Gabby absolutely needs to listen to these!

  6. I have never used any of these before but will surely give a try to all and take few ones which will suit and help best! I would like if you write few more articles connecting tech and personal development niche!

  7. Hi Gabby,
    Just finished The Universe has your Back. Love, love, love. Thanks for sharing and being so amazing, honest and true. I now have my husband reading it and he has found it uplifting and positive. I will be definately downloading some apps to help me on my journey. From my heart and soul thank you.
    Jennifer from Darwin Australia ❤️

  8. Great recommendations!! Several of these I already use and love!! I look forward to checking out the others. I too like to use my phone as a tool of light. You are a one of the spiritual voices that encourage me through technology! I hope I too can use my phone to spiritually pay it forward and spread light and love!

  9. I love this post, thank you Gabby.

    But it would be so awesome if your apps could also be available for Android.

    Actually, I mentioned the same a couple of years ago when you made a post about the Spirit Junkie app.

    Would there be a possibility for Android in the future or not at all?

  10. Hi Gabby, I love my new the universe has your back card deck. For android I like to use Calm for meditation timer and body scan guided meditations. Thank you xxx

  11. I agree with Amy – would love to see these apps made available for Android users, and/or some alternate recommendations! Thanks!

    1. Just added some Google Play links! A few apps are iOS only – I’m going to add some Android apps. Thanks for mentioning!!

  12. Hi Gabby! I have really enjoyed the app: the Daily Calm. It has guided meditation, breathing exercises and relaxing music. It is great for beginners and every day use. It has really helped me start meditation and continue it daily!

  13. Most of these are only for iPhones, do you have recommendations for Android users? Thank you so much!! Looking forward to trying everything out!

    1. I recommend switching to iPhone! Lol! ; ) But seriously, for me – i phone is the only way to go (especially for creative entreprenuers)

  14. Thanks, Gabby! Are there any easy apps for setting interval bells during a timed meditation?? I am doing the liberation kriya meditation and I never know when my 3 min per part are up– I tried an app called perfect zen and it didn’t work at all, I ended up doing the kriya for 14 min according to the music I was listening to!! Oops.
    With gratitude,

    1. Just added some Google Play links! A few apps are iOS only – I’m going to add some Android apps. Thanks for mentioning!!

  15. For meditation I love insight timer. They have thousands of great meditations. Hay House radio to listen to my favorite spiritual teachers. Downloading miracles now app now – can’t wait to use it!

  16. Crazy Sexy Love Notes are so beautiful and uplifting! I’ve been looking for good apps for meditating so thank you for the Headspace recommendation. 🙂

  17. Loce these!!!!! Thanks for recommendations.

    Here are some of my FAVS to share with the community:

    Grateful — A Daily Gratititude Journal. Premimum is $3.99 I believe. One time purchase. I used a search engine to find prompts to add to my app.

    MoodNotes — Check your thoughts!!!! Very help to see if there are any cognitive distortions at play.

    Productive — Many of us are “undisciplined.” This is a great app for creating new habits!!!

    Insight Timer — AMAZING global meditation community!!!! Awesome guided meditations for all things spiritual.

    ACIM Workbook Reminders — An amazing app where you can set up daily reminders for ALL the workbook lessons in ACIM.

    These apps have really helped me raise my vibration and have made my life more manageable. Great post, Gabby!!!! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  18. Love Miracles Now but also Insight Timer (great meditations) and Simple Habit (5 min meditations) along with your miracles now and then Louise Hay you can do it affirmation

    have you tried optimize?
    Love Brian Johnson and his wife Alexandra (Rock your goddess life)

    Thank you, have been listening to your books (audible) and they really help.

  19. Brilliant! I’m always refreshing my apps as a way of clearing my headspace and clutter, these suggestions look really intriguing.. especially the astrological ones. Thanks Gabby ❤️

  20. I like Insight Timer as my meditation app. They have a free version which I like to recommend to beginners. Another app I use is Audible for listening to the Course in Miracles and other spiritual books while driving and going for walks. Looking forward to trying some of your suggestions.

  21. Thank you Gabby, I’m so thrilled I singed up for Miracle membership
    I like who you are, what you believe and that you share with the Universe.
    I’m reading the UNIVERSE HAS YOUR BACK.
    Have a great Monday. I like you have experienced JOHN OF GOD. A miracle in itself.

  22. Hello,
    I love this blog post and will enjoy trying all of them! My favorite app is Insight Timer. I have a favorite recording that I try to listen to as soon as I wake up. There are LovingKindness and Metta recordings that I listen to throughout the day and at night there are Yoga Nidra Recordings. It makes for the most wonderful of days!

    1. Beautiful! I love Yoga Nidra. I recorded a Yoga Nidra meditation for my Miracle Membership in August! It’s so incredibly relaxing. Thank you for your tip!

    1. Just added some Google Play links! A few apps are iOS only – I’m going to add some Android apps. Thanks for mentioning!!

      1. Gabby
        I like for meditation
        Breethe (OMG I can meditate)
        It is a fantastic Canadian App
        The voice of Lyn is calm
        p.s.I just order your new cards
        Madeleine from Québec Canada

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