Every Day Is Your Birthday

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Note: Updated in January 2019 for clarity and additional resources.

Today is my birthday, and I wanted to talk about how each of us can treat every day as our birthday. In our culture, we go out of our way to make birthdays a big deal, and there’s nothing wrong with perceiving this as a beautiful day.

What if we didn’t see birthdays as just one day to be kind to ourselves and others?

But what if we perceived this specialness in all of our days and relationships? What if we started to perceive our lives as a daily celebration?

Below and in this video I’ll talk more about my ask of you…to enjoy everyday as if it’s a celebration.

Perceive everyday as a miracle

Happiness is my birth right | Gabby Bernstein | The Universe Has Your Back card deckIn honor of my birth today, I’d like us to start perceiving our own lives and our own daily experience as a celebration. The same way that you might organize a dinner, we should treat ourselves with the same kind of loving kindness on any given day.

I’m not saying we need to go out and throw huge parties for ourselves daily, but we should find ways to celebrate our lives.

It could be something simple like getting your nails done or going for a walk in the park. Maybe taking an extra 15 minutes to have coffee and sit in silence is what you crave.

Be the light

More importantly, this also goes for the way we treat others. We’ll often be really kind to somebody and do something beautiful for them on their celebrated birthday.

You just need to do something gentle for yourself on a daily basis

Why wouldn’t we transfer that thinking into our daily practice when encountering others and spending time with them? Why don’t we think about ways we can celebrate those people that we care for, and others in general, in any way on any given day?

For example, you could bring your co-worker a tea after you go to lunch, or write a note to somebody that you care about. You can even say a prayer for someone in your life that brings up dark corners in your mind. Honor them as if it were your birthday.

Joy is the ultimate creator

I want to make this offering to you. Take every moment of each day to celebrate yourself and not just perceive it as one special day once a year. In the past, I’ve always been consumed with how many parties I’d have, or where I’d have my birthday dinner.

Spirit Junkie by Gabby Bernstein This year was different. Something came over me, and I almost forgot it was birthday. I realized the reason I wasn’t making this day special was because I’ve worked hard to make every day very special. I wake up every day very happy. Living that way is a direct result of all of the work I’ve done and all the mental reconditioning I put myself through. It’s a pretty incredible thing perceive every day as special, as you would, your birthday.

I hope that all of you can experience this and can begin to activate that experience in your own life. Happy birthday to you! Treat yourself like it’s your birthday every day. The more you do, you’ll perceive every day as a miracle.

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