Eff it Let’s Go!

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I’ve always been a eff it let’s go kind of woman. I believe this is one of my greatest strengths. By fearlessly taking action in my life I have moved past my fears and shared my gifts with the world. I hope this video inspires you to share your gifts with the world by stepping outside your comfort zone and rocking an eff it let’s go mentality.

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  1. I really needed to hear this, thanks Gabby! I’m notorious for putting things off and being too nervous to take a jump forward, so thanks for the reminder to just DO it for a change!

  2. Hey Gabby,
    So needed to hear that and be inspired by the amazing artwork. Wow. Thank you. In fact just listened to Doreen Virtue say the same thing yesterday. One of her favourite quotes come from Sheldon Kopp: “I’ve never begun any important venture for which I felt adequately prepared.” meaning F it lets go. Let’s feel the fear and do it anyway.

    Dee x

  3. Gabby! You are AWESOME! You inspired me to take a huge leap of faith and start working with a woman on a project called “The Clueberry World” that I met here, on your site, in the Career Connection Power Posse. I’ve been so scared about investing in this project because I don’t have a ton of money at my disposal, but I think that was just a secondary reason, a material reason, the real reason was that I was afraid of failing. So that’s my first thing. As I was listening to your vlog, I knew instantly what I had to do.

    The second this, is that I found this video online, I think you’re going to love it!


    with all my love and care,
    emilie rose

  4. Gabby – What can I say. I was sitting here in fear, instead of working, and I just asked for a miracle and help. I decided to go to your page and see what you had to say today and guess what – I got exactly what I needed. I do believe in miracles. Thank you. Have a great week.

  5. Aww… Gabby, you’re surrounded by angels and you’re one of them. Your vlog just answered my question pertaining to my job search. I’ve been trying to figure out the balance doing and letting go and you just answered it perfectly. Thank you! πŸ™‚

  6. Wow…Thank You so much for this vlog. After coming off what seem like months of feeling uninspired and blah, it feels like i just got knocked on the head πŸ™‚ thanks for the awakening message that even in it’s simplicity it packs a punch! Definitely going to eff it and start creating!


    1. – WOW Mandie! These are gorgeous. Great job find new and orginial ideas at some of Madison’s famous locations. It looks like they were a fun couple I loved their favor idea of the beer! Great job

  7. I’m taking a risk here and saying “eff it, let’s go”. Is there a way I can get in touch with Emily? I have finished writing a children’s book on transformation and I am now looking for an illustrator. There is something that is pulling me to her work.

      Amazing!! Ask and you shall receive! It’s Emily! Your book sounds amazing! I love that you are doing a children’s book on transformation – this will help so many young people! I would love to hear more about it and work together!
      Please contact me at Emily@EmilyBrickel.com or 516.376.4014!
      Look forward to chatting!
      Emily Brickel

  8. I love this video and it’s so true! I’ve only done what I’ve done so far in my life because I said the very same thing. πŸ™‚ And for me to launch my programs and start holding workshops, I’ve got to have that same mentality! Thank you for the reminder. xo

  9. Thanks so much Gabby! Perfect timing (perfect miracle) as I am 1/2 hour away from an informational interview after being out of the workforce for 4 years to be with my kids.. I am freaked and nervous! I feel old and out of touch with my career. But am happy I took action. Eff it let’s go!


  10. Gabby,
    This blog is awesome!! I had this attitude when I posted a new business blueprint opportunity for women to start their own empowerment business! You have inspired so many women to power up from the inside out and I had this inspiration to help them harness their passion to spread their own empowerment message using Clueberry World!! I have to email you more xoxo love you sister

    1. Chrissy! Hey pretty lady! If you scroll up you’ll notice that I talked about YOU and the Clueberry World and how it inspired me to finally say, Eff it! Let’s do it! and join your wonderful project. Just a little shout out … if hadn’t had effed it, and went for it, and posted that message here, I would not be as pumped up as I am right now.

  11. Always a timely and inspring message! Your vlog makes me look forward to Mondays. Thank you for the push – Eff it, I’m gonna GO!
    P.S. Seeing you in SF was a gift of inspiration and seeing that artwork in person was off the hook!

  12. Love it! πŸ™‚ It’s the best way to silence the ego…hell yeah!

    Thanks for this message…and for sharing the great, creative works of art of others.

    Let’s go!

    1, 2, 3, 4…I’m feeling very Ramones-like!

  13. Yeah baby!! Thank you for the excellent reminder. As I continue to tune in more and more, doing is taking on a new quality–it’s quantum speed now–can hardly keep up feels like. And YES feels like eff it let’s go! Thanks again for the INSPIRATION! Katy

  14. GABBY!!! Thanks girl, as always! I need the universe conspiring on my behalf. I’m a girl with a HUGE dream πŸ˜€ Actually many huge dreams. You and the community on HerFuture continue to inspire me daily. Every day I believe more and more in miracles. After all, Each and everyone of us is the miracle πŸ˜‰

    One of my many dreams!: { http://www.etsy.com/shop/tinydancer89 }

  15. Thank you Gabby! What I needed to hear and inspire me today! I am going to STOP making excuses and start to believe, trust and put my whole heart into this and watch as the universe delivers to me! THANK YOU!!!

  16. I still have to remind myself sometimes to eff-it, however, I have said it enough to greatly step out of my own comfort zone in the last few years. I can’t imagine where I’d be if I hadn’t said it!

    They are magical words!

  17. So wonderful to see so many Inspired,uplifted people here ,You Gabby are Pure Miracle,
    By watching your Vlog,I was inspired to take action to order your meditation CD,as I was wandering should I buy Cd or just as dowloads,and I was pushed to buy it as aCD form,to feel to touch and sense it:) and one more step,I just feel rush of Love to send the application for possible job:) uhhh so many miracles Universe sends:)

  18. Hi Gabby, I would love to catch up in NY after Jamaica , and was wondering if we could talk about the flowers . I have my gallery in Provincetown MA, and I am in New York this week. Maybe we can catch up! I need the publicity, or i want to put together a press release w the flower power stuff! If you can give me a blurb , like you said in Jamaica “OMG everyone was wearing your flowers “or check pout my site for my art, I would love to be your testimonial! Please call me or email ,sophiareznick@me.com 646 483-1530

  19. Thanks! This was great!

    I take chances all the time except with money. I do not invest in my business (I’m an Author) because of fear that I wasted money. Recently I have worked really hard and invested in myself and my business, charging it to my credit card (I don’t like charging to credit after living off of it, yes i had to charge my food to survive) and moving forward with my dream to write.

    I drive a 20 year old car and while driving in downtown stopped at a red light a person pointed at my car and laughed at it. Mind you I looked really cute that day so I know they were not pointing at me. At that moment I decided that once my writing career brings in more money than I dreamed I will give it away! Yes! I will live my life how I am used to living my life. Anything beyond this comfortable threshold I will make it a point to contribute to women and children within my own community and the world.

    Who knows, I may still be driving that wonderful old car that takes me where I need to go. And people may point and laugh not knowing the driver is an international best selling Author!!!!! πŸ˜‰

    Eff it… I’m going! πŸ™‚
    Love and peace

  20. Gabby YOU ARE SUCH AN INSPIRATION! Thank you for re-ING-nighting my passion in my art, in myself, in my future and in my everyday! I am SOO grateful to you – you are a miracle in my life!!
    ALL MY LOVE xoxo

  21. thanks Gabby for another shot of ing-spiration! I am doing something with my book and my public speaking career-to-be every day, even if it’s typing my manuscript for 15 minutes or doing a few minutes of reaching out to new people i find on line in my field. it is exciting and it is doable! my fears keep melting as my passion gets stronger. when other people express their warnings, cautions and fears, i “take what i want and leave the rest.” that is, i see if there are some wise prudent actions i should take based on their advice, and then i let their fears go. their fears are their fears, not mine!
    i love the medium of these videos. really brilliant!

  22. Hi Gabby
    It is so cool when you do eff it lets go…I just did this, flying from Australia to San Fran to do a 5 day meditation retreat with Adyashanti..he is my fav teacher alongside the course in miracles…..anyway my eff it lets go attitude meant I had the most amazing time in San fran and THE most amazing journey of awakening and realignment doing the retreat…..check out Adya’s site…adyashanti.org his teaching concur with the course in miracles so immaculately…enjoy your journey girl rocking the spiritual world…Gerry xxxx

  23. Gabby !!!
    I love you – what a lady you are – so freaking awesome and inspiring πŸ™‚ Reading spirit junkie – you rock my world! I have a dream of being an actress but always cancel auditions last minute because I am too scared. You have inspired me to eff it & get out there & do a damn audition – your message really moved me to get out of my own way πŸ™‚
    Thank you – so much light & love to you πŸ™‚ <3

  24. Thanks Gabby for the blog on eff am all ways the one who is afraid of going out there and doing anything. Afraid of what people would say at work I have people that I work with are very judgemental and show negativety… I try not let those people get to me,but sometime it is hard to. So thank you for your blog

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