How This Super Attractor Manifested Her Dream Home

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Super Attractor by Gabrielle BernsteinToday I have an awesome story to share with you. It’s from my friend Katie, who is also my editorial director.

We’ve been working together since 2010, and she’s copy edited all my books starting with Spirit Junkie.

Katie always practices the methods in my books as she’s editing them, so I get instant feedback from her.

The coolest story she’s shared with me so far is the one about what happened when she put some Super Attractor methods to use this spring.

I’ll let Katie take it from here. Here’s her (first) Super Attractor story!

From Katie: Manifesting my dream home

I met my now-husband, Andrew, on October 30th, 2011. We met at a sports bar in Brooklyn after watching the Steelers beat the Patriots.

In 2013 we moved in together. Not only that, but we moved from New York City to Michigan (my home state), because Andrew was starting a PhD.

Katie's wedding | Dream homeLast spring he asked me to marry him, and two months later he finished his PhD.

Then, this past summer, Andrew received a job offer in Pittsburgh (his hometown), so we moved to the Shadyside neighborhood in September. In October we got married.

Yes, a lot happened in a short period of time! But we were ready for another big change: We wanted to buy a house.

Here’s how we did it the Super Attractor way.

1. I committed to having fun

When we started the home-buying process in late winter/early spring 2019, we had no idea what were doing.

Having fun makes you a magnet for miracles | Super Attractor | Dream homeWe asked people we knew about the process, and we heard a wide range of opinions. People shared stories of  stressful experiences and big disappointments. We heard a lot about how competitive the market was.

Right away, I decided to stop asking for other people’s stories and opinions. I had just finished editing Super Attractor, and in the book Gabby stresses the importance of protecting your energy. I wasn’t going to allow anyone to project their fears or limiting beliefs onto me. I have enough of my own, thanks!

In the book Gabby also emphasizes the importance of having fun and feeling good! (These are big, big themes in Super Attractor.) So I decided to and make fun my top priority.

I stated my intention out loud to my husband. I said, “We’re going to have a lot of fun with this house hunt. Our dream home is waiting for us, and we’re just surrendering this process, enjoying ourselves and trusting that we’ll be led to it.”

2. I gathered twigs

No, not literally, although I do have a yard now and sometimes gather literal twigs.

Let me explain. In early March, during a blizzard, I met with a former coworker for coffee. (We’d known each other 11 years ago in New York, and now we both lived in Pittsburgh.) When I mentioned the house hunt, she said, “Do you have a Realtor yet? Because I have an amazing one I can put you in touch with.” I immediately accepted her offer.

We set up a time to meet with our new Realtor, Pam. That was my first sign: Pam is my mom’s name! I knew we were in good hands from the start.

Since I received this sign so quickly, I decided to track all the signs I received. Gabby often calls this “gathering twigs” (you might’ve also heard the term “driftwood”).

How to gather twigs

The idea is simple: You collect all the evidence that your manifestation is getting closer and that you’re being guided.

You can see from the screenshot that I did this in the Notes app on my phone. (I erased some names to protect privacy.)

Gathering twigs while manifesting | Dream home
This is where I kept track of my winks from the Universe!

I recommend jotting down each little sign whenever you come across it so you don’t forget about it in the course of the day. Maybe you’ll want to make note of everything in your phone or on a small notepad, and then open your journal later to really cultivate joy and enthusiasm.

Anytime I received a clear sign, I added it to the list. Some of the signs seem small, but they stood out to us so clearly because they recalled something happy and memorable in our own lives.

I remember Dr. Wayne Dyer talking about how, when you ask for guidance, you should dismiss nothing. If it catches your eye, if it makes an impression, then guidance is being presented. This is how I was with gathering twigs. I didn’t force it, but I also didn’t dismiss anything that felt like a sign.

It would take a while to explain them all, but you can see my list as an example! As you gather twigs, revisit your list regularly and let yourself feel excited by all the momentum you’re building. Choose to recognize each one as spiritual proof that you’re being guided. This simple choice helped me relax so much.

I appreciated everything

I also made a point of thanking the Universe for each twig I gathered, each mini-manifestation, each miracle. I learned from Gabby that appreciation is integral to being a Super Attractor, so I became very conscious about cultivating this habit.

Andrew and I talked about how grateful we were for being able to buy a house, and for having a great real estate agent.  We expressed our appreciation for each other throughout each day. Appreciation really makes you feel great, let me tell you. It changes everything.

3. I surrendered all the time

When I think I've surrendered, I surrender more | The Universe Has Your Back card deck | Dream homeAnytime I felt anxiety creep in, I surrendered it and looked for ways to have fun.

I started talking to spirit all the time. Nothing was too small. “Spirit, I’m doing that thing again where I’m tempted to impulse-buy a house to get this over with. I’m turning this over to you.”

“Spirit, thanks for helping us out with those mortgage documents.”

“Thank you for showing me that sign today.” (I was always gathering those twigs.)

I’m someone who has always wanted to be in total control of my circumstances. For a long, long time, it was the only way I thought I could handle my anxiety. Cultivating this habit of surrender has been life-changing for me.

There was one time when I could’ve let my anxiety get the best of me: When I was at Kripalu for our Bestseller Day event this April, Andrew texted me about a house that looked really promising. I wouldn’t be home for a couple of days, and in spring the real estate market moves fast. Houses get multiple offers the day they’re listed. Bidding wars are expected. It’s intense.

But all we could do was surrender it.

So we set up viewings for the following Wednesday. Instead of worrying, I focused on having an amazing time at Kripalu… which I’m happy to say I did.

We found our dream home

That next Wednesday evening, the day after I got home from Kripalu, Andrew and I drove to the South Hills suburbs of Pittsburgh. We turned into a leafy neighborhood and pulled into the driveway of a charming midcentury ranch. (I love midcentury modern design.)

Tweet: Follow the flow of the Universe and strengthen your faith in a plan better than your own. @gabbybernstein #SuperAttractor

As we walked through the house we kept saying things like, “I love this,” and “Check this out!” We knew right away that it was our house. We told Pam that we wanted to put in an offer, and then we drove back to our apartment.

Pam called us on our drive to let us know two other offers had been placed. We sweetened our offer on the fly, then went home to eat takeout and fill out the paperwork via DocuSign. We were excited and nervous and just revved up. We submitted everything around 9 pm.

About 30 minutes later, Pam called. As the phone rang, I quickly surrendered again: “It’s this or something better.” I learned that one from Gabby years ago.

I picked my phone and put Pam on speaker. As calmly as possible, we were like, “Hi Pam, what’s up?”

She said, “You got the house!” After we hung up we jumped and danced around the living room. We called our families and texted our friends. It was so much fun to just savor it.

Keeping the faith

Bluejay | Dream homeOn the day of our inspection, I woke up nervous. In case you’re not familiar with this, when you buy a house you have to get it inspected by a professional to look for anything that needs to be fixed. There’s the possibility that something really bad, like dealbreaker bad, could be uncovered. My stomach was knotted up and my mind was racing with “What if” thoughts.

I’d been gathering twigs and noticing the little signs left and right since we started our house hunt. But on inspection day I did something I don’t normally do: I asked for a sign.

I said, “Spirit, hi. Thank you for everything. I need a sign. If this is our house, if we’re on the right path, please show me a blue jay today.”

I love blue jays but it’s rare that I see one, so as soon as I asked for it I got even more nervous. What if I didn’t get a blue jay?

Andrew and I drove out to the house. The home inspector had beaten us there, so he greeted us and started to explain what he’d already assessed. We walked around the perimeter of the house.

Then, out of nowhere, a stunning blue jay swooped into the backyard and perched on a tree branch!

I was astonished. I had gotten my sign! It was so clear. All my anxiety melted away. And sure enough, our inspection was all but perfect, and the homeowners agreed to all the fixes we requested.

We now live in our dream home

To do: Buy a house... check! | Dream homeWe closed on May 21st, 2019.

I just searched my email to confirm the exact dates: My former coworker introduced me to Pam on March 3rd. Exactly three months later, on June 3rd, we moved into our house.

As I type these words, I’m sitting in my new home office. It’s a beautiful, sunny July day and I can feel my vibration rising just from telling you this story. My cat is in the sunroom keeping tabs on local wildlife. All is well.

For a long time the idea of owning a home felt completely out of reach to me.

Now, thanks to being on a spiritual path and thanks to Gabby writing Super Attractor, I know that I’m abundant in every sense of the word.

If you’d asked me 10 years ago what I thought my life would look like, I don’t think I could have conjured any of this. But today I know that every moment has been guided. I know I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be.

It’s your turn! Get Super Attractor and manifest what you’ve been dreaming of

Super Attractor by Gabrielle BernsteinIn Super Attractor, Gabby lays out the essential methods for manifesting a life beyond your wildest dreams. These are the methods I followed to manifest my dream home almost effortlessly.

In its pages, you’ll learn how to:

  • Do less and attract more
  • Relax and trust that what you desire is on the way
  • Know that spiritual guidance is available to you at all times
  • Feel a sense of awe each day as you witness miracles unfold

Order the book and claim your free Manifesting Jumpstart Workshop!

From Gabby: You can start using these practices today

I love Katie’s story because it shows the simplicity of attracting your desires and being on a spiritual path. You can use these practices for anything you want to call into your life.

More guidance on appreciating, having fun and surrendering

When you have faith in the Universe, you can do less and attract more | Gabby Bernstein | Dream homeIn her story, Katie talks about gathering twigs, and I want to emphasize the simplicity of this practice. It’s not complicated, but it builds positive momentum and gives you spiritual proof.

It’s a great idea to document the guidance you receive, because it can be easy to forget it. Your ego is also likely to pop up and try to convince you it’s all too good to be true. Having this list on hand helps you strengthen you faith in any moment.

When you receive a wink from the Universe, express your gratitude and let yourself get excited! It’s safe to feel good. It’s good to feel good.

Katie also talks about appreciation, having fun and spiritual surrender. I go deep into these concepts in Super Attractor and teach you some of my favorite methods ever.

Right now you can get started with a few of my blog posts:

Is there something you want to manifest? Remember the intention Katie stated before beginning her house hunt. Write your own intention, and if you feel called to share it, then post it in the comments! I want to support you. 🙂

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  1. I love Kate”s story … I cried with Happiness for her & her husband. I’ve recently completed the 21day meditation course which I thoroughly enjoyed & make it a part of my life everyday. I’m on the list to do the manifesting course & excited to learn more about the art of manifestation.
    I’m very grateful for your support Gabby from your wonderful books & just having access to such lovely content as Kate’s story..
    I also have been gathering twigs & lovely to feel that connection to the universe
    I just need to surrender a little bit more as I can get over excited about plans & sometimes it doesn’t happen but I know that there’s something even better to come,
    It’s an everyday practice & I suppose the more you do the better you become.
    Appreciation & Gratitude for all the beautiful things that are in my life.
    Warmest wishes to you all .. De x
    I love being a Miracle Member

    1. Congratulations, Denise, on completing the 21 Day Meditation Challenge. So glad this post resonates with you and that you’re open to manifesting. Here are some posts and practices to help you surrender:

  2. Thank for this amazing story. What do you say when youre practicing many of the techniques from Super Attractor and nothing is happening? In fact, unpleasant things seem to pop up during the course of a peace filled day and you begin to question “why is this happening” why arent I able to get to super attract what I want. If everything is in the Universe’s timing then why do we both to Super Attract?
    Thank you!

    1. Great question, Glenn. Have you read, The Universe Has Your Back? Chapter six is called, “Obstacles Are Detours in the Right Direction.” This is a great affirmation to use when things are not unfolding as planned. If you don’t have the book, here are some posts and practices to check out:

  3. I am setting my intentions today. I have recently graduated, and my intention is to find my dream job at a good design firm.
    I just have a question, can I be specific about where I want the firm to be located? Or even can I be specific about what firm I want to get an offer from?

    1. Congratulations on your graduation, Mahsa. Yes! Be specific and then surrender the outcome. Here are some additional posts and practices that I think you will find helpful:
      Good Luck! xoxo

  4. Wow. My intention was to somehow be able to communicate how grateful I am to you,
    Ms. Bernstein, for your book, Super Attractor.
    I decided to separate from my husband of 20 years in January of this year, and my daughter gave me a copy of this book. I had previously read, “The Universe Has Your Back”, so I was excited to get another book by you.
    It has been such a guiding tool for me to choose wisely; believe in my intentions and to have several things become a reality for me by following the guidelines in your books.
    After living with relatives for the first six-weeks of my separation, I put it out to the Universe that I wanted and needed a place by myself to process all that was happening. I also believed that I could be specific in what I wanted so I asked that I be near the ocean. I believe the ocean is where healing would take place and time alone would allow me the freedom to feel all that was coming up for me at this time.
    Within a week, a friend had called saying that she knew someone who had an empty summer rental within a mile of the ocean. I saw the cottage on February 23rd and moved in March 1st. On my ride to the cottage, with my car loaded to the roof, I remember thinking, “what were you thinking…you’re almost 69 years old …. what are you doing?” At that very moment, an SUV passed me and the license plate said, “HEAL.” How’s that for a “twig”.
    I knew at that moment and continue to see signs and twigs that I made the right decision. As a result of putting into action all the practices you suggest in your book(s), I truly felt I was exactly where I was supposed to be.
    I just ordered “Judgment Detox” and the Journal that is available to accompany the book a few days ago. I’ve been notified that it’s been delivered, and I’m headed to the post office later on today to pick it up.
    The cottage, license plate and what I’m learning about myself and the healing that is taking place for me are only a few of the “miracles” that have taken place for me since January of this year. With the help and suggestions in your books; my faith and the trust and love of a Higher Power, I know that more gifts are on the way.
    I thank you for your courage and truth which gives me and others the faith that tells us what is possible for us to “attract” in our lives.
    I want to thank Katie for sharing her courageous practice of surrendering and for how it all came together for her and her husband.
    Presently, I’m searching for a home to call my own because the cottage I’m renting is being rented to someone else mid-June. (By the way, my middle daughter’s name is Kate: close enough for a sign or “twig” that my new home is on the way?)
    I will be forever grateful to my other daughter, Sarah, for gifting me with one of the most life-changing books I’ve ever read.
    I thank you, Ms. Bernstein, for loving and caring so much that you share all you’ve experienced with the world. May God and the Universe continue to bless you with the grace to continue sharing your very important work and purpose.

    1. Wow, Sandy. Thank you for sharing your miracle moments with us. I’m so glad the books and practices are serving you and that you’re open to all of the creative possibilities that the universe has to offer you. May you continue to feel guided and supported on your journey. Keep shining your bright light! xoxo

  5. Gabby and Katie,
    I love this story and the many examples you provided!
    Now, I’m going to start collecting my own twigs. Thank you for your encouragement!

  6. I would like to declare my hope that the COVID-19 will pass quicker than expected and a vaccine will be developed. This virus will be a thing of the past … fast. Thank you.

  7. Hi with everything that is going on I decided to listen again to the universe has your back. I had been stressed I managed to shift my moods and thinking, to be more positive again. I prayed lots and then a saw a rainbow nearly everyday for a whole week, saw a number of black cats, which to me are good luck, I found £10 yesterday and today got a 2nd job! and saw a white feather this morning, all signs from the universe help was on the way. be open to receive and look for the signs. All is working out for the highest good. Thank you gabby I get so much help from your books and emails, much love to you, and I have just registered for your free course on 29th March to destress. Thank you for helping us all XXX

    1. Amazing, Hayley. I’m so glad The Universe Has Your Back is serving you and that you’ve received so many signs from the universe! Thank you for sharing your miracle moments. It’s a nice reminder that we’re always being guided and supported. xo

  8. Hi Everyone
    Thanks Katie and Gabby for this story as personal experiences is how we all learn from each other.
    I read Super Attractor, because I can never get enough reassurance that we are all born just that. We are born in direct connection with the universe.
    What detached me from that constant alignment state was childhood experiences that scared me half to death.
    I lived that way for years and now, I am reconnected.
    My vision for the world is the ending of all life suffering. Each one of us has the ability to make this happen. The gift of choice is a miracle.
    Choose faith gratitude and joy; we all did this as children before things changed that. We can do it again and again every day as often as we want.
    Thank you both and be well.

    1. Amazing, Margarette! So grateful that Super Attractor is serving you and you experienced this energetic shift. xoxo

  9. Thank you for this post. With everything happening around the country right now, my husband and I had been creating extra stress in our relationship and we had not been patient with each other, the way we usually would be. My intention is to reconnect with a loving mindset, kindness in our words and patience in our interactions. I want to “re-manifest” our amazing relationship, which is abundant with adoration, gratitude and a lot of love! <3

  10. I love this SO much!! It spoke right to my heart & soul & is one of my “twigs” from the Universe! Thank you for sharing your joy!

  11. This inspired me to keep on! I work in a toxic work environment that has been draining me emotionally and spiritually. My intention is to find a job that is creative, collaborative, makes the world a better place, and provides a better income than I have now. My mantra today is I’m done with the drama, I’m changing the story, I’m clearing space to focus on creating a job that focuses on my gifts.

    1. Thank you for sharing your mantras Jill. Another mantra that may serve you is, “this or something better.”

  12. I’m so grateful for this story. I’m 5 hours from home with 2 of my kids self-isolating. My husband overnighted my kids school material and I forgot to have him put my Super Attractor book in the box! I’ve been out of sorts not reading it every day. This was a great “twig” to remind me to look for you online and make use that guidance!

  13. I love this story! I’m almost done listening to Super attractor on audible and also trying to manifest my dream home- I was trying to find your guided meditations for the book and this story popped up! I’m taking this as a wink from the universe that my dream house is also on the way 😉

  14. Hi guys my new husband and I have five very tough life changes right off of the bat. My two parents died close together I’m Pa. IHad to go through Very tough things early on, And we haven’t been able to settle! I saw my parents pass a horrible death alone. I went back home To Texas two weeks after was there well over months! My moms nurse said soon the marbles will fall. He was worried about me. After concentrating on my mom so long after my dad past not long before. I was stuck in
    something that stayed in one place in my
    Mind. Sad, it’s and now
    I really need to settle w my husband, get to know him and him see me happy. This move is
    Huge for us a I have been looking for signs to sell and buy our finally dream (saw a Red Robin hang by the window!!!)home we could visualize and spend more quality time together etc I am open to the timing, Faith and our venture to go better than expected. We are laughing more and believe it’s ok to be excited and are ready to find our genuine oasis that will make
    Us so happy , healthier , lost goes onAt our ranch today I saw a male and female bluebird, my favorite. I took pictures I am a photographer. This sign was really cool and upbeat positive moment

  15. Hi, this just came at the right time for me as well. My house is up for sale and a potential buyer is interested. I don’t know where I’m going to move to or what I will do next, so I am manifesting ‘the same or something better’ house in a good area – my aim is to be debt free within two years but I must move a couple of times to make this happen. Universe please find me the right buyers, the right price for my house, my next property, enough equity to do up and sell and get to my debt free life. And when I surrender this, I must surrender more – or I will get a bad stomach!! Thank you Gabby. I will let you know how I do. Ann

  16. I became pregnant (after many failed attempts and one miscarriage). I had a picture of an angel kissing me on the forehead, my husband saw a double rainbow, I kept seeing and stepping on white feathers. I even asked God for a sign that the pregnancy was going to be ok – a blue butterfly- which we saw a few days later. Then, just before 3 months of being pregnant I started to bleed and lost the pregnancy.
    As so many other people get signs and things work out, I’m wondering if I’ve done something wrong/interpreted the signs wrong. I don’t want to lose faith in signs but this really knocked me. Any advice?

  17. What a great read! So much of this resonates with me and love the idea of ‘gathering twigs’ and appreciating the signs that come your way. But the most interesting thing that happened while reading this was the tears that flowed when I read: It’s safe to feel good.
    That was an AHA moment for me. Thank you!

  18. The Universe “wink” has guided me to this post. It has shown me a new way of attracting what I desire by allowing the process to be fun. Just reading the article has lessen my anxiety and I look forward to being a super attractor. xo

  19. Thank you for this story Katie and Gabby. I am going to share it on my Realtor page. As a Realtor I tell my clients if it is supposed to happen it will. I try to help them stay happy during the stressful process and explain as much as I can as we go along. I hope you don’t mind if I share this on my Realtor page. Your story is exactly what I try to tell my clients, but you said it in a much clearer way.

  20. I would love to earn £1m revenue every year so that I can improve our lives and others too through philanthropy. I am writing a book and piecing together an online course currently to help others in business and life.

  21. This blog was a twig for me when I saw it come through my email! 🙂 In the process of buying in a new city with my new fiance!

    1. Amazing Mary! Continue to gather the twigs! It’s such a simple process but it will amaze you. xoxo

  22. After reading Katie’s story I desired to put this into action in my life. Kind of a “test” to see if it really works. I asked for a sign (I requested a sign same as Katie, blue jay or cardinal), to be shown to me. I asked to be reassured that everything would work out to my benefit with my flip properties. Well…as I was driving asking for this sign, it was provide to me!!! After I asked for this sign, not 10 seconds later a red cardinal flew across my path while I was driving!!!
    Thank you Gabby for all you do! I wish blessings upon you!

  23. This message has been in my ‘updates’ inbox in my email already for a while. Now today I saw it again, but actually really see it. I found out the topic was about buying houses, which I did not see before. Turns out that really today I have spent hours on gathering documents for the first meeting with our mortgage guy this week. So I realize that I can see this as a sign. Thank you! Looking forward to this process, with joy and lightness and trust. Thank you for sharing.

  24. Hi,
    This article is great timing for me as my partner and I are also looking to purchase our 1st house together. I’m pregnant and wanted to be settled in a house before my due date (late September). We found a house we LOVED. It brought us so much joy seeing the house, being in the house and planning our new life in the house.
    The auction and price negotiation process for the house was horrible, stressful anxiety full and overall maddening. Unfortunately it wasn’t meant to be and the house was sold to someone else (at a price within our price range which really hurts).
    I know this all means it wasn’t meant to be. And I love your quote “this or something better”.
    However, I’ve since lost my joy for house hunting. I feel like I need to disconnect from it all for a while and re-gain my mojo.
    How do you balance your emotions between the Joy of searching and finding a house you love, and the anxiety of the negotiation/ bidding process?

    I’m really looking forward to reading your new book and getting on this manifesting train towards a new house. The best house or us

    1. Thanks for showing up here Shelley. It sounds like you have clarity around needing to take a little break. Trust that inner wisdom. And while you take a little break, keep coming back to the joy! What are ways in which you can bring joy into your day, which will eventually be useful for the house hunt, but ultimately support you in feeling aligned and in your flow?

      1. Thank you so much for responding Gabby. It gave me a little piece of Joy that you just spoke about. I’m not sure my life is lacking joy as everything else is going great (great job, great partner and baby not to far away). But the thought of going back to house hunting pains me. Every other house we look at just doesn’t compare.
        I think need to work on remembering and trusting that (as you say) the universe has my back and that if it wasn’t that house – it will be something better.
        Thank you for your guidance …..always

        1. There’s a reason why not that house. Universe is trying to divert you to the ONE house perfect for you. Diversions are Universe’s way of showing us the right path. We just resist it because we think we know better. 🙂 Makes sense?

  25. This came at the perfect time for me Gabby .. I am a 2018 SJM alumni and my life has changed in so many amazing ways.. but now I’m ready to manifest bigger and more exciting things into my life … expand my coaching business into new directions, write a best selling book , secure my financial future and truly make an impact.. I can’t wait to read Super Attractor and expand my miracles !!! ❤️

  26. this article is the second sign this week that i have keep searching for my dream house.
    thank you so much for reminding me of each steps. Thank you

  27. I loved this post as did many others. My concern is does it make a difference if while we do this we are aware that it’s to receive something? I would love for it to be a “beingness” but my ego likes to say “what’s in it for me”?

    1. It feels awesome to receive! Be open to the receiving piece, while also surrendering to the process, trusting that it will unfold in a perfect way.

  28. HOORAY! What a great example of living the practices and making them your own! Congrats Katie!! I felt your joy in this post and I can just see you enjoying the new home. May you and Andrew fill it with love, memories or joy and incredible times that last a lifetime!


  29. I love the timing of this post it’s like you say Gabby divine timing.

    I started my property search earlier this year and I am in the process of purchasing. There have been hurdles along the way with legal and financial. Monday was another hurdle, a big one, which made me ask, do I continue with purchase or withdraw.

    Then the story you share is Katie’s, I took time to just sit and simply appreciate the title. I then read it with a smile. THANK YOU SO MUCH for the timing of the post and the subject!

    When I started my property search I literally went with the flow. I had fun with the viewings, excited by what I may see, what it’d be like to live in each one.

    When I made my decision on which property I wanted, I gathered twigs unknowingly. I didn’t even know what “twigs” were! The Notes app in my phone is full of sightings of signs. And them when things weren’t moving or there was a hurdle I’d surrender and the surrender some more.

    But I do have a question quite a big one are the hurdles messages from the universe saying this property is not for you? I feel like I’m getting mixed signals… especially when I’m getting signs that I’m heading in the right direction.

    I feel like my financial advisor has said what feels right… sit back and see what happens. Can I do that and hand this over to the universe to decide what is for my highest good?

    1. London, you can hand this over to the Universe! Make “It’s this or something better,” your mantra.

  30. I have taken this as a twig! This email popping into my inbox right now. Just what I needed. Thank you universe and Gabby for sharing this. Wonderful sharing from Katie and so glad she has found her new home. I have just come back from a search for my forever home and new business, a healing centre. I believe I have found the property and am now in the stages of hoping to negotiate and yes it is this one or one better for the highest and best for all. Trying to surrender and keep my vibration and energy in alignment to make this happen easily and effortlessly!

  31. My intention is to build a successful thriving Beautycounter business blessing others with abundance and helping advocate for greater health protection laws and get safer products into the hands of EVERYONE!

    Preordered the book and enrolled in the live event streaming!

  32. !!! I’m so happy I read this right now as I am in the process of finding a new apartment & I keep hearing a lot of low energy comments from people, but I myself have seen otherwise (great deals) and sometimes I even wonder “Am I looking at the right apartment sites or can they not see that” ? I’ve been in between my belief & what others believe but I will now let go and get ready to manifest my new apartment ! To start off my first sign was here! The date on “buying the house” 5/21/19 is my birthday! Excited Thank you

  33. I love this story! Talk about being in the flow of life! I look forward to applying the same steps in the purchase of our next home. Thank you for sharing 🙂

  34. Loooooove this so much! Have felt stuck for much of this year which has been a journey in itself. Last week I had wisdom tooth surgery which although wasn’t fun it’s given me time to completely stop and take time out of everything which is exactly what I didn’t know I needed. It has given me a new appreciation for my general health and how grateful I am that it was only my wisdom teeth and nothing more serious. It’s shifted a lot within me and I’m ready to jump back and start Super Attracting !!

  35. I am manifesting a new job! The job hunting process will be fun and enjoyable. i know that my dream job is waiting for me, i surrender to the process and trust that I will be guided by e Universe to it.

  36. Brilliantly simple, it’s such an elegant process it has to work!
    Thanks Gabby for demystifying this and for creating and sharing such clear steps to getting what I want.
    I love the fact that even the process to get what I want is fun.
    No longer ‘no pain, no gain!’ I can consign that old adage to the bin.
    Mandy x

  37. What an amazing story and I feel this to be so true. We cán manifest amazing things in our live. Sad to say say that I hád it all but lost it recently… Very confusing but I guess an old wound needed to be seen?? So I am working through this right now…
    What I want to manifest is a relationship with the man I love so deeply in which we can support each other on our journey and it is okay to go through obstacles without someone leaving…. And do the great work we are here to do and help people from our farm-to be (also manifesting this one…) with the horses! X

  38. I want to manifest my dream apartment on a sunny coast somewhere perfectly balanced between slow simple life and city liveliness! I want to attract the love of my life! I want to attract more money on my own terms by following my purpose! And my first “twig” is that this book launches on my birthday!!! :*

  39. Such an inspiring story!! My intention is to manifest our dream family home by the river in the south west London! ✨✨✨

  40. I am also searching for my dream house. We’ve found it! As soon as I walked in I knew where the Christmas tree would go and I could imagine the parties and backyard shindigs and the amazing garden and chickens we’d have. I own a Pilates studio and this house offered an opportunity to put one inside as well. The kicker… it’s been abandoned for 10 years, no electric no plumbing, etc. It’s a diamond in the ruff and it needs a lot of TLC but her bones are amazing and the history of this 1842 house has been calling me for years but they want an enormous amount of money and the house is to the studs and it’s financially not possible yet. So I’ve been setting intentions for every day, offering it up to the universe and driving by 5 days a week just to look at her and smile and manifesting that she will be mine one day. The house is named and I often see it around me in stores, in books, actually at dinner with a friend last week and a guy at the bar used the name and I almost fell out of the chair. So I keep praying and being open that one day I’ll be there doing all the things my heart is chasing!

  41. I intend to manifest work I love and enjoy!
    To help others, with coaching and encouragement. Having balance in my work day and be able to incorporate a daily spiritual practice, exercise and time for reflection. To do work I love and enjoy while helping others.

  42. Perfect timing for this post (my first twig!). Planning a special party for someone and so want it to go all right for them–they deserve it! Great reminder to have fun (of course it’s a party!!), to surrender, to be guided, and collect my twigs along the way! (Is this another twig–I called the event “Happy Trails” Get Together! I think I am going get a lot of twigs! ) Thank you for the post! I needed this!

  43. My heart fluttered when I read the post today (and when I read it again later ). I was so in awe of your story a couple years back of the house on the mountain and the owls and I’ve held that in the back of my mind for a while now. And then this beautiful story happens. A home for me and my daughter is a big wish and I like the concept of “having fun and being guided.” I’m not in the housing situation I’d like to be in, and money factors a lot, but it’s definitely not bad so I very much appreciate where we are and know that a house will align for us eventually. Thank you for this beautiful story!

  44. I am thanking the universe in advance for helping me to get my children’s book series illustrated and published for the highest good and to reach the most sensitive old soul children out there that need my loving messages to heal and not feel alone. Infinite Love & Gratitude, Tamara S. Graham

  45. I am attracting a dream home and a fantastic new job where I feel on purpose and love the people I work with.

  46. Love this Gabby, truly having fun is such an important part in co-creating the life of our dreams! For me, I live this philosophy daily, and when I am on the fun train I attract AMAZING things to me.

  47. Thank you Gabby, this is perfect timing. My husband and I with our two beautiful boy’s are currently living with my parents and have been for a year. We are keen to buy our own place as soon as possible. This email really couldn’t have come at a better time. Thank you. xx

  48. I feel inspired already and I was actually looking at houses anyway. yes the process here in England too is new to me and scary. Yet I am going to stick to my guns and do it. This is amazing and I do log signs and one day if its enough. That could be a book on my journey and its also nice to know we can and are allowed to feel super excited.


  49. Oh WOW!!! I have started my Tuesday morning with tears of joy reading this story. It gave me chills. It just allows my anxiety settle for today knowing we are all entitled to miracles.

    PS – Love the idea of writing your miracles down.

    So much love for you Gabby

    Kendra x

  50. I want to manifest a beautiful, spacious home and more that I could ever imagine. I want to attract my divine love, my husband to start our lives together and have a family. I desire to have fun in the process and be guided by Spirit.

  51. I’m manifesting a brand new, gorgeous apartment in Manhattan (East Village, Gramercy or Chelsea) with 2 big bedrooms, a large living space, a beautiful kitchen, lots of light, and amenities in the building. It is out there for us and we are going to have a great time finding it!

  52. Such a great story from Katie! Love the idea of gathering twigs. A great way to look back and affirm that Spirit really is supporting and helping us to manifest beautiful things (something I’m working on a lot these days!). Looking forward to the workshop Gabby!

  53. Amazing story and I so feel this to be true. At the moment I am working through some deep, old pain and I am so ready to heal this. I actually had everything I wanted but it went away. Very confusing but I guess this pain needs to be healed first? My intention is to be in an amazing relationship where we support each other on our journey and it is safe to learn without someone leaving. I wanna have fun along the way and surrender my relationship to the Universe (and also my future farm to be with the horses where I can be of service to the world!) X

    1. Beautiful! It sounds like a lot is coming up to be healed. Continue to return to these practices and trust that inner guidance. XOX

  54. Spirit and I are manifesting my dream man, my husband & life partner (& maybe a couple golden-doodles too) haha! I’ve got this team of angels & guides supporting me. They always go big for me, always have, always will. There’s evidence to prove these miracles! So I know I don’t have to try and control the outcome. It’s already being worked out. Just going to show up to life and have funnnnn! Thanks Gabby! Can’t wait for the new book & workshop!

  55. Thanks to Katie’s story I started my signs list gathering my twigs for my dream house in Hawaii. I can’t believe how many twigs/signs I have collected so far! This comforts my overactive and sometimes doubting mind to know that the universe is working on this for me and is sending me signs, I just need to have faith and be patient. Thank you so much for this amazing tool. Can’t wait to tell you all about it when it happens!

  56. I love Katie’s story! I know for me I tend to dismiss a lot of small signs thinking I making them up in my head. I’ve done that for years. I love the idea of having fun & gathering twigs! More great tools to add to my manifestation tool box. I’ve already ordered the book & signed up for the workshop. I can’t wait! By the way- you look beautiful on the book cover.

  57. Oh wow! I resonate also with Katie’s story and blue jays. My book Spirit and Belief is filled with tons of signs just like hers! Very recently I had walked my dog the same path 2 Wed. in a row. That is also when I write my blog about my spiritual connection with the deceased celebrity in my book. I got 2 bluejay feathers in the exact same spot on the sidewalk! I love when the signs come but especially on one of my blog days. I asked for a blue jay feather very early on as validation 3 years ago so this is our thing! My advice for anyone is exactly as Gabby puts it. I started writing for fun and now have 2 blogs, a book, and a beautiful connection with Spirit. It is available to us all. Thank you Katie and Gabby!

  58. I just straight up cried when I read she got the house! I feel as though I’m at a huge turning point in my life: like all the last few years of deep healing of my finances and limiting beliefs are about to pay off in a tremendously positive way! I have seen 1:11 on the clock for at least three days in a row and $1.11 was the tax amount at a store the other day. I saw quite a few blue jays last week and so reading Katie’s story today and her “twigs” made me smile!!

    I’m going to make the next few things I want to manifest EASY, like my new car (my lease is up soon) and success with the personal development packet for kids I just designed and released!

    Perfect timing as always, Gabby! Thank you!

  59. Thank you for this Gabby, this is perfect timing! I am looking for apartments with my husband, and it has been difficult to stay positive and surrender all the time (although your voice has been in my head every time I felt down and in need of guidance). This is a great reminder 🙂

  60. My intention is to lead a creative career and a life where I feel spiritually connected and with less fear. Thank you Gabby for sharing your teachings to the world! Since I’ve been reading The Universe has your back, I have been feeling less fear and more relief and faith in the Universe!

      1. Hi Gabby and Katie!
        Thanks for sharing the details of this empowering manifestation story. It gives me hope with all I’m on the way of manifesting in my life in the next period: the Love of my life with whom I’ll have an amazing loving passionate relationship, a souple flexible healthy body with ferme skin, putting an end to my marriage in a smooth, kind, compassionate way…remaining good or best friends with my soon-to-be ex-husband), becoming financially independent and gaining enough money to support all my needs (Tony Robbins Life coach certified training, hypnotherapy classes, yoga & dance classes, advanced english classes, Past life regression classes, ….), my son needs (the tuition for a Waldorf kindergarten & living) and being able to help others in need, having full custody of my son, moving to the capital in 2 beautiful, big enough, cosy, cheap (as can be), furnished apartments (with 2 bedrooms each) close to each other (one for me & my son, and one for his dad) and in very good and calm neighbourhood of the city (maybe even close to the big park they have there) [if it’s possible to skip this step, dear Universe, and move directly in a house with the love of my life and my son it would be Super GREAT! Thank you!], finding an excellent family medical doctor who works with natural healing methods, finding an excellent dentist specialised in orthodontie (for my son & his dad, also), having new amazing supportive real friends, having my own car and get over my fear of driving in a city (fear which I give for release to my guide and angels), wonderful relationships with my parents and brother and sister (and her family) and everyone around me, fulfilling my life’s mission by helping others heal (mission that I LOVE) and improving my abilities and skills for this, being more balanced every single day, being a better parent every single day, being kind, loving, compassionate and generous towards myself and others every day….and going in a 7 day holiday at the seaside in Italy (Cinque Terre) with my son and his dad asap (this July or in August), Yeyyyy!
        I’m so GRATEFUL for everything I’ve experienced so far in this life (all the harsh lessons and the beautiful moments) and I’m SUPER EXCITED for all the blissful miracles that are manifesting right NOW into my reality!
        Thank you for your tips Katie and Gabby! Big hugs from a Romanian living in Belgium. ❤️

        P.S. I can’t wait to read your new book, Gabby.

      2. I want to manifest a healthy, loving, supporting and respectful serious romantic relationship, biological rainbow children, financial freedom, a full time opportunity as a Reiki practitioner that pays me well, working with amazing, loving and supportive co-workers, moving to a different state, international travel. Thank you Katie for sharing your story. Thank you Gabby for writing Super Attractor. Thank you Gabby for taking the time to do your jumpstart event on 11 August. I will be watching it on livestream. Thank you Gabby for sharing your talents and gifts. Sending you positive energy, thoughts, vibes, strength, prayers, hugs, healing, light and love. Namaste

  61. I want to manifest romantic love in my life. I’ve been working on clearing my own blocks to receiving love.
    Thank you for this guidance xoxo

  62. This summer, I am co-creating with the Supreme a smooth and easy relocation to the SF Bay Area. I am attacking a lucrative job offer in the SF Bay Area and a spacious apartment with a water view.

  63. Love the story, very inspiring! I desire for my divine love, my husband, to come into my life so we can share our beautiful lives together. He is on his way!

  64. This morning I woke up with the same questions and anxiety I have had for several days, is it the right time to move? Should we sell our home and buy our dream home? Are we ready? Can we afford the house we want? During my morning meditation I asked for a sign and when I opened my email and saw “How to manifest your dream home” I had a rush of emotion. This was exactly what I needed to read today. We will find our dream home and have fun doing it! I release my fear of making the wrong decision because I know the Universe is guiding me.

  65. Hi Gabby, This story came in perfect timing for me! I am intending a new position within the company that I work for and last week out the blue 🙂 I was contacted by a colleague about a position in her department. I indicated my interest and no sooner had we hung up from our call, I received an email from another person in the same department letting me know about the position. #1 they had no idea that I was looking to move. #2 we don’t work closely together but know of each other. #3 I would be supporting a team that 100% aligns with my dream job! I thanked the Universe immediately but then the doubt started to creep in…your email led me to this story 🙂 I now surrender the fear and allow things to happen as they will, all the while gathering I’ll be gathering twigs <3…..much gratitude for this divine intervention. Marie

    1. Amazing. Listen – when things get good, the ego works harder! Remember that. The fear and doubt creeping in are totally normal. Your response is perfect. Gather the twigs, surrender your fears and desires and everything else. You get it. You’re doing it already. 🙂 xoxo

  66. I loved this so much! I’m in the process of manifesting a plot of land for a future holiday home and this motivated me to keep having fun with it and trusting the process. Thank you for sharing!

  67. Thank you for this lovely story ladies!!! I absolutely can’t wait for the workshop and the release of Super Attractor!! I have been wanting to achieve financial freedom and have been working toward that goal. My husband and I want to move into our dream beach house and I know that we WILL achieve that goal through our financial freedom. I have come a long way in this journey – going from oh, my goodness! I have so much debt and I don’t know what to do! I better hide from it! To ok, let’s start to get a hold of it – see what’s actually happening. Then on to making a plan, starting a retirement plan (even though i’m a bit old to START a plan), paying things off and seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Now, there is a very clear time frame where some MAJOR things will be taken care of and it FEELS AWESOME!!! I am meditating, sitting in peaceful quietness while watching wildlife out our big window, getting excited for upcoming house projects. I enjoy my job, but I also want to have more freedom and get rid of the stresses that go along with my job. I’m trying to find peace and love and thinking of different things that I can and want to do. I know that it will come to me the more I focus on every happy moment – every time I see my twigs – alllll of those 11:11, 333, 444, 555, 777 and YES! Another 888!!! I celebrate and KNOW AWESOME things are working for me and on the way to me!!
    Oops! This got a little long and tangent filled long story super long, I am loving the journey I am on and grateful that my beautiful friend got me all hopped up on your wonderful books/teachings

    1. Love this!!! Especially where you say that it feels awesome. Your feelings are what attract. Feel awesome NOW. Keep it up. And gather those twigs, sister!!

  68. I absolutely loved this post! I’m currently
    manifesting 2 very important intentions in my life and it seems the beautiful Universe is aligning! I pre ordered Super Attractor last night. I’ve recently been changing my morning routine to start off in a better mind set for manifesting! Can you believe this morning I woke up to my Spirit Junkie App Affirmation that read “I honor myself for having the courage to change my habits”. Then I read this blog post and meditated. I reflected on which signs to look for to affirm my manifesting. I immediately thought of an owl but quickly dismissed the idea since I figured I’d only spot one at night. I moved on mindlessly through my morning routine, packing my lunch and parking at the train station…….THEN again within 2 hours of waking up and setting these intentions, I got out of my car and found I’d parked in space 111 and grabbed a plastic bag with old big old picture of an Owl right on the front! AMAZING! I smiled in gratitude as chills ran through me! That’s my Miracle Moment for today! Thank you Gabby and Katie!

  69. While it’s been a little slower this summer, I have been doing Gabby’s online course to help me complete my book, learn to self-publish and then begin a motivational speaker’s circuit.

    I have also been reading a spiritual book and listening to an audio book on channeling creative energy and creating the future I want through visualization.

    I pulled “A Course in Miracles” off the bookshelf and started reading it again.

    I also have been meditating with Deepak and Oprah and journaling using their online prompts from each meditation each day.

    I have made more effort to attend my yoga class on a more regular basis too, which helps me to “stay in the moment and breath” while uniting my mind, soul and physical body.

    Last week, not only did we meet our financial goal at my law office, but we had FOUR trial cases dismissed and everything has just felt like it’s flowing easily in the right direction.

    My health is improving, I’m losing weight and even though I still lose my sh*t from time to time, my patience is getting better and my love and tolerance is growing.

    Yesterday we attended a brunch before leaving St. Louis to head back to Texas and I met a man from Texas who is not only a motivational speaker, but he says he can easily teach me how to self-publish.

    When the student is ready, the teacher appears. I am not saying this guy is the teacher or even that he’s valid, BUT it seems like when I slow down and take the time to stay spiritually connected and spiritually centered, then the right people and the right opportunities just fall into my path. …not just me, but anyone who does these things.

    1. Your commitment to your spiritual practice is beautiful. Do what feels good and what helps you find that connection. You’re seeing manifestations come into form and experiencing the miracles that arise from elevating your energy and sticking to those spiritual practices. You are so right. When we commit to being on our path, the right people and opportunities cross that path without us having to force, push or struggle. Beautiful. keep it up…

  70. Oh my gosh I love this! I have been waiting for Gabby’s book since she accounted it and I can’t wait for her workshop on Aug 11.

    Thanks Gabby for all you do and share. I love that you keep it real and share your experiences with the world.

  71. I would be so grateful if the universe would show me a wonderful house to “sit” and start a new adventure in my life.

  72. I am going to find my dream job. A job that I truly own and love, where I can help people with the message of that beautiful company that I am about to be part of.

  73. My dear Gabby- I began following you after “The Universe Has Your Back”, and I am so thankful. Synchronicities have been occurring left and right, and I’m starting to follow the dropped breadcrumbs on my path. I will see you on 8/11 and cannot wait for more inspiration! I believe 8/11 will be a big event for me, so I’m super pumped! Big things are coming!

    1. It WILL be a big event for you! I’m so psyched you’re coming. Big things are coming and the Universe supports your desires. xx

      1. Je souhaite trouver la maison de mes rêves , dans le bonheur et dans la joie ♥️Je sais qu’elle n’attend que moi et j’ai confiance dans l ‘univers

    2. I am looking for a new job. I will have fun in the process of my job hunt! I know my dream job is waiting for me, I surrender to this process, enjoy myself and trust that I will be led and supported to it by the Universe! 🙂 Looking fwd to your guidance Gabby

  74. Great story and read, good explanation of how Gabby’s principles work. Now, if only I could do this to find a partner, I’d be so grateful. Thanks for this read! 🙂

    1. You can use these same steps and principles to call in a partner into your life. Sending lots of love your way.

    2. You can! 😉 Next week I’m sharing a creative visualization practice. That’s one that will be awesome for you on the dating scene. <3

    3. Thanks for your books. They helped during a difficult time when I needed direction.

      My hubby and I are trying to work things out after being married for 20 years. I just can’t see any signs. We are drowning in debt from the business which is now affecting our personal lives and kids education.

      I meditate when I can (most mornings) and so what is can to get through the day. Our only asset is our house but we had to take a second mortgage on that as leaving us with very little equity.

      I have one kid going to university on Sept and I cannot help him right now. The younger one has Grade 12 to finish and I really don’t want to screw him over.

      Feeling very trapped and hubby seems to be walking along as if nothing is wrong.

      I have no idea how I am going to survive the marriage let alone turn his business around.

      I need guidance on this please.

      1. I’m glad you reached out. I’m sending you a lot of love and strength during this time, and I want you to know that creative solutions are available to you. In fact, you can make that your prayer and your mantra: “Creative solutions are available to me.” Practice the steps to spiritual surrender that I share in this blog post ( Surrender daily, and on a moment to moment basis when you need to. This will help you to receive guidance.

        I strongly believe that the Universe works through people, and I’d like to gently offer the suggestion that seeing a therapist together with your husband may be the best possible thing you can do right now. They can help you communicate with each other and honor your feelings so you aren’t suffering in silence, feeling unheard. (If your husband is not willing to do this, then it will still be beneficial to see a therapist on your own.)

        For your oldest child, can you make an appointment with his university financial aid office to discuss loans, scholarships and grants? Can he begin college at a local community college to save money, and work part-time? For your younger child, you can call his school and ask to speak with a guidance counselor about how to finance his education. They may be able to point you to other financial resources as well.

        To help you find some relief now, there are a couple of practices you can do. In my Judgment Detox Mini Course (it’s free) there is a guided cord-cutting meditation that will help you clean up negative energy between your husband and you. (You can do this meditation alone.) There’s also a guided Emotional Freedom Technique video for tapping on judgment, as well as a prayer practice. It’s at

        I hope these resources help you.

  75. Gabby this story is so inspiring and captured my attention right from the beginning. Thank you for sharing this with me Gabby. You are the best. Here is the hugest hug ever. Bernie to Gabby. I can so relate to Katie’s home purchased story. The last home we moved out of, maria and I we had a hard time selling. Then these two beautiful young agents showed up and they were beautiful. Long story short they sold the home for us at our asking price in just few months. This was after 3 years and many other agents. I just knew that Ana and Jason could do this. I just felt their energy. I also loved being around Ana she was a beautiful energetic and compassionate soul. Ana and Jason were also very knowlegable and knew how to sell real estate. I would recommend them to anyone. They performed so well Maria and I bought tehm very expansive sun glasses from Louis Vitone (ch sp) and took them out to dinner and had them over to our beautiful apartment in King of Prussia.
    Back to Katie – M<aria and I grew up in the South Hills of Pittsburgh. We may know Katie and Andrew. That is so cool you are using Katie to help you complete your book. Ask Katie if she is from Mt Washington, or Carrick or Knoxville. The South Hills brings back a lot of memories.
    I like the twig idea, gratitude and appreciation. I have a little notebook as well I am gong to jot down these little twig happenings. Also I tell my ego to take a hike, sit this one out or go on vacation when I feel I am not having fun. Just writing this note to you Gabby makes me feel good. Bernie

    1. Hey Bernie, this is Katie! I’m so thrilled to hear your real estate success story as well. I immediately loved the energy of our real estate agent, and it reinforced for me how important it is to vibe with someone’s energy. As for the South Hills, how awesome that you’re from here! I’m new to Pittsburgh in general. Andrew and I moved here in September. He’s from the Fox Chapel area; I’m from southeastern Michigan. We met in NYC (watching the Steelers!), moved to Michigan for his PhD, and then moved out here. I fell in love with the South Hills the first time I drove out here! The fact that I convinced someone from north of the Allegheny to move south of the Mon feels like a very big accomplishment in Pittsburgh! We’re in Mt. Lebo but I know Mt Washington. Carrick and Knoxville I don’t know, but I’m still getting familiar with this whole area! I love the South Hills. So glad to be here. P.S. I’m going to start telling my ego to take a hike. 🙂

      1. Katie – how cool is this. I know of so many cool places to go to. Permanties! I know you have been there. Fries on your sandwich. Steeler Nation! Have you been to a game? The strip District. In the Burg everyone likes to stay on their side of the river. Like you said it was tough to get Andrew to come from the North Hills to the South Hills. Have you been to the South Side, Oakland, Shadyside. Lets stay in touch. Maria and I live in the Philly are now but we both grew up a block apart in Knoxville. We need to catch up some time. Let’s stay in touch Katie.

  76. This message couldn’t have come at a better time! My husband and I are considering moving our family of 4 from Ohio to Colorado. He and I used to live in CO, and we’re imagining a life out there with our boys, but I don’t know if we’re being crazy or realistic. I keep praying and asking for signs. I don’t want this to be forced, but I also know it will take some effort to manifest this possible dream into a reality. I knew handing it over to God and relying on Him to show me the “signs”. This is my effort in surrendering to His plan for us. I will use these tools! I already made a “twigs” list on my phone!
    Thanks so much!

    1. Gather the twigs! It’s such a simple process but it will amaze you. A move across states and with kids can feel very big, and it IS big – that’s okay. Remember that it’s okay to take your time to get used to the idea. Honor your feelings all throughout the process. When you feel your feelings and honor them, you allow your intuition to come forward. xo

      1. Thank you so much for this story. I struggled a lot for the past years. With your help I managed to get out of a very dark place. This just filled me with hope and so much joy. I can’t wait to start ‘twigging‘ and learn more on August 11th !!!

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