Don’t Make Your Practice Special

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Hi Spirit Junkies!

When we embark on a spiritual practice there can be a tendency to make ourselves feel special for choosing a new path. The specialness we place upon ourselves creates more separation with others. This video will guide you to recognize how you may have made your spiritual practice special. To learn more about releasing specialness get my MediDATING launch lecture. Details here.

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  1. Hi Gabby,

    I love being special. I think everybody is special and has his/her own unique gifts.

    Being unique and making my spiritual practice something special for me doesn´t mean that I am better than others or that it is separating me from others.

    It only means that it is important for me to immerse in this experience so that it becomes inevitable.

    And by experiencing something so special myself I want others to come to know it too.


    PS: I love your vlog and your books (have them both). Will you come to Germany one day? I hope so ?

  2. Hi Gabby! I’m glad the video is working and definitely a great reminder to us all! 🙂 I’m “newbie” to your vlog and really enjoying it. I just wanted to say thanks for adding to changing the perception of life.

  3. Great Vlog! I really needed this…I ran into a problem this weekend trying to explain the purpose behind why I forgive people even when they have done something that others may perceive as unforgivable. When I tried to explain this the other person could not understand it and I began to get frustrated and my ego kicked right in making me think that they just did not have an open mind…Thank you for this vlog it really put everything back into perspective for me

  4. Hmmmm…GREAT vlog. It’s something I have set the intention to release…that feeling of making my journey “more special.”

    I was at a party this weekend and “people watching” thinking how some women needed what it was I could teach them… Spiritually, that is. I quickly realized that I was disconnecting from my oneness and had to bring myself back to oneness….great timing for this vlog! Funny how that works, huh?

  5. This is just what I needed to hear today. Thanks gabby!!! Sneaky ego. I’ve really been creating a strong morning practice and anchoring it into my whole being and inviting spirit it and opening to receive. It’s just my way and it doesn’t mean that doing the dishes can be any less spiritual than meditation, yoga etc. Thanks for the reminder beautiful woman 🙂

  6. Great message. It’s so easy to fall on either side of these ego traps (thinking you are special and thinking others are special). I remember not too long ago having this extreme desire to “be special” in some way- basically because I felt so completely out of place that i thought I was the inverse of special (if that makes sense. Lol.). I still think it sometimes. But really this way of thinking, for me, came for a place of wanting to truly belong in some way, so this idea of oneness is something that intrigues me. I’m interested in learning more. Thanks, Gabby!

  7. Hi Gabby
    I really appreciate the truth and the heart of what ive read and seen in your videos and books. Ive noticed your language often speaks toward the feminine. Is this by deisgn? Just curious! Doesn’t change things for me, truth is not gender specific.

  8. Gabby!!

    I’ve been guilty of feeling special in different areas of my life and what always eventually comes is a moment when I am humbled. I thank the universe for these moments that put me in my place so to speak. The humbling moment is a reminder to me that I am no more or less special than anyone else.

    Here is something that helps me when I’m looking at others and thinking of them as more special than I. When I see someone that has qualities I want or has what I want, I think grateful thoughts. As the universe brings us what we think about; what I see in them is a reflection of me! In essence, I am close to that very thing I desire!


  9. I have just begun my spiritual journey using Add More Ing as my guide book. The other day I was sleeping and woke up at about 7:50am that morning feeling cold and extremely anxious and nervous and fearful (as I often wake up which is what brought me to this book in the first place). I wanted to get back to sleep as it was a wknd and I really needed a sleep in. And that’s when I felt it. This wave of comfort wash over me like a protective blanket and I calmly fell back to slumber. I woke up 2hrs later holding my own hand. I truly feel like it was my first experience with my inner guide and it was beautiful. As my days go on I have a lot of trouble meditating and getting into a fully peaceful state. I envy others on here who seem to be able to lock into it with such ease and at the same time consider myself special for putting in the effort compared to those who don’t do it at all. Thanks for bringing me back into check of what it’s all about. I look forward to furthuring my journey and am thankful for a place to share without judgement.

  10. Thanks for the vlog! Also, thanks to Sarah for the comment!

    I have been comparing myself to many people and this reminder comes at the perfect time!


    Blessing to all!


  11. Thank you for this vlog, it can be really hard not to see your practice as special because sometimes you are so in awe of it yourself. We all experience so many different things but when I look at anyone I am fascinated by what they do and what they say. To look beneath the surface is so powerful and to see individual talents and gifts are amazing. Everyone brings their own individual mix and talents to the party and we need to acknowledge those differences in ourselves and in others and celebrate them – this makes us all equal. Love Julianne

  12. I receive this, Gabby. I am going to choose to take this as love from the Universe instead of feeling guilty or shameful for the way this has been showing up in my life.
    Thank you for helping me open my eyes to the sub-conscious ways I have made myself “extra special” (thoughts like: “They need me, I’m the spiritual one, One day they may get to the place I’m at”..) in my family, friends and workplace. This is a great awakening for me!
    My new mantra: I am beneath no one and no one is beneath me.

    Love and laughter to all of you this week~


  13. I love these vlogs. So nice to be able to see you and hear you speak to us. I have shared your words of wisdom with many people now. Keep it coming girlfriend!! Whoo hoo!!

  14. Thank you again Gabby. You inspire me so much. And a confession: I had indeed been making my process and practice special, keeping it hidden, and making it different from everyone else’s.

    This is why I just started a blog on my internal (and hopefully also external!) journey and transformation. Somehow, having a blog, having other people read my thoughts (though no hits yet, as I haven’t told anyone the address…have felt that would be too pushy), makes them less special and reminds me we are all one, that our pain is shared too.

    Thank you for being an inspitaration.

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