Don’t dance around the perimeter of the person you want to be.

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In this week’s vlog I share my thoughts on how we can play BIG in our lives starting NOW. We can no longer dance around the perimeter of the person we want to be, we must dive in deeply and completely. Watch now.

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  1. Hey Gabby,
    I’m dancing around the perimetar of being a loving person without the need to control others. Especially my life partner who is really my soulmate. I love him, but very often hurt him by being controling or critical. I’ve just recently started to recognize that and I don’t like it. I want to act differently, to act from a place of love, not fear. And I do realize it’s fear behind my need for control.
    So, I want to be fearless! πŸ™‚
    Thank you for helping me see this!

  2. I have been holding back from showing the emotion of full happiness in the moment. And also not just trusting my knowledge and creating an amazing yoga traveling career to represent me as a spirit warrior yogi

  3. Hi Gabby,

    I’m so happy to have discovered you and your work!!!

    I’ve been holding off being as great as I can be… Procrastinating and making excuses instead of diving in and handing my great projects in!!!! Well… NO LONGER!

    Blessings to all,

  4. I want to be more confident and stand up for myself. I want tone less dependent on people around me. I want to dive in finding a new job, having more faith that my aunt will over come cancer. I want to a stronger me, confident and less scared!

  5. I love this — I have been dancing around some sort of perimeter because I’ve always been searching for what exactly it is that makes me happy. Though innately happy and positive, I want more. My life has had success. In my education, graduating w honors and from a great university. In my career, which makes me comfortable financially but I am not passionate about. In my hobby, food, which I have written a cookbook, Positively Cooking that has made me feel so proud. However, it is time for my second cookbook and I seem to be dancing around diving in to make it happen. I want the vision to be just right, the recipes just right, the words just right.. So I’m just putting it off. After breaking off my engagement and soul searching — I found my teacher, Gabby. I had seen pictures (cover of Experience Life) and had been drawn to her, however, I really felt like she spoke to me on Oprahs Super Soul Sunday. Her authenticity, words, and spirituality are what I need stop dancing around the perimeter. Stop being a jack of all trades master of none. Today I will do one positive thing in the direction of my goal and my road of positive tasks will lead me to where I need to be.

    Gabby, thank you! Your guided meditations are a part of my morning and evening. When the student is ready, the teacher appears. If you haven’t heard today, you are so inspiring.

  6. I have been holding off on continuing and completing my fourth step work. I think part of me feels underserving of the wonderful benefits of program and step work has offer. I am very often on the receiving end of my self sabatoge just when life begins to get good. I am having trouble breaking this behavior. Why do I feel so underserving? Why can I not just accept that I too can have a wonderful amazing life?
    Thank you for letting me share!

  7. Hi! Thank you for the kick πŸ˜‰ I am definitely holding of to being myself (rather than telling others how to be…) but I still don’t know what i am here to do! I am believing that I am waiting on a friend that would start a project with me… and no one around for a while…
    Any good idea or further bump kick is welcome πŸ™‚

  8. I am holding off on moving forward with my work and my music. I am holding off on cultivating my artistry and allowing myself to be vulnerable in a loving way.

  9. Gabby, I’ve been holding off and dancing around becoming a life coach for way too long. I need a mentor and guide and someone to show me that there’s concrete steps to manifesting my dreams of showing others that life is full of abundance, joy, and most importantly, love. Thank you for your continued inspiration!

  10. I’ve often been told “Lisa you should write a book” told more times than I can count…if I had a dollar for everytime I’ve been told that, my money problems would be gone..but my usual answer is yeah okay I’ll write a book, I wouldn’t even know where to begin, and what would I talk about, my journey? Why would anyone care? Yes very typical who am I to do… does one get around that? How do I go after that passion that I feel stirring inside of me, my purpose that I can’t quite put a finger on but I feel it in my soul, how do I get there and do it before time gets away from me? Whew that was long winded…thank you <3

  11. I have been holding off on applying for a position as a sculpture instructor at a local university. I have most of the application materials together but have been stalling for fear of failure.

  12. I’ve spent much of the last year of my young adult life working and preparing special foods for my health. I want to spend more time reaching out to people socially. I also need to decide whether I truly need to move out of my house in order to inspire me to get out more and finish my associates degree. I miss the outlets of art, music, dance, and reading for fun. Yes, spend less time obsessed about health and powerlessness from my job, and spend more time on friends and school.

  13. I’ve been holding off on…..

    Finishing my Yoga website. I’m so ever grateful to have blossomed into a great (yes, I believe I’m great!) yoga teacher. My website has been started, but I have yet to put the finishing touches on…this requires writing which is a challenge for me. I feel I cannot convey on the site (about me section primarily) exactly what I want….I suppose I want it to be “perfect.”

  14. What a simple yet powerful message you share with us all! I love this quote so much, and I’m so glad to have heard it tonight. I have been working on a swimwear line for quite some time, but have only really been researching and talking about it. I think now is the time that I put in some money to creating and making it happen rather than playing with the idea of it happening.
    thank you!!

  15. What have I been dancing around the perimeter of?

    I have been putting off love because I tend to sabotage my romantic relationships so I have been waiting for someone who can “save me.” I now know this is not the way to go about things. I also have been putting off success until I feel “prettier, thinner” and have more $ to take me to the next level.
    I need to “wake up” and see my life is waiting to begin.

  16. I have been holding back on my full and true potential to financial stability and success. Thanks for guiding me to post. Is my first time ever on any site might cause the shift that will be !

  17. I’ve been holding off on being a better physically fit me as well as venturing in my new business, and I will not anymore. thank you.

  18. Thank you Gabby! Just what I needed to hear. I’m on mission to inspire and support the next generation of women’s health and I need to step more fully into this magnificent role I’m called to lead. Being an aquarius myself I very much understand the significance of this aquarian age. I absolutely love it. By following our hearts and being humanitarians we are transforming this world into an even more peaceful and beautiful place. Thank you sharing! <3 Katie

  19. I’m finally beginning to step into who I am, but I’m not 100% committed. I need to really own it, fully. Lean in a little harder and open up a little more.

  20. I’ve been holding off on embracing the life I have Now and holding off on choosing to be…just be…me…I have chosen fear, and I Now choose Love!

  21. I recently transformed my whole life. Left an unfufilling job to pursue my path as a writer / director. Its been a challenge to commit fully to writing but I know in my bones it is my destiny for self-expression and to help others. I always find myself making excuses not to practice my writing. I’ll do yoga, get my nails done, ship off my ebay packages, cook dinner for a friend, shave my legs, or go for a swim before I will sit down and write.

    Today, I was tested. I woke up ready to write. After I meditated and made coffee and wrote my morning pages a new lover texted me and asked me to drive him to Laguna Beach to take care of some business. I started to get ready to face a day of driving around LA traffic. Suddently I changed my mind. No, I said, today I’m going to write. He was disappointed and strangely, I felt awful! Waves of guilt.

    So I went to the computer and typed in… how to not be a people pleaser and found you and your vlog, Gabrielle. Thanks for helping me not be a people pleaser.

  22. Great vlog and quote (must share with my AOW community)! This topic is so pertinent for many of us. We all have dreams and visions, but our fears often jump in and scare us away. I think that’s when we find ourselves dancing around the perimeter. Instead, we should let our fear motivate us to prove it wrong. Dive in deeply!

  23. I have been dancing around the walls between myself and loved ones. Ive allowed myself to build a defensive wall around me for the last 18 years. I thank you for this message and take it on board as a gift from the universe as I stop waiting for permission from others to love them and allow myself to release the love in all my relationships instead of being afraid of showing up for these relationships with an open heart.

  24. I’ve been holding off on, letting go of the things that no longer serve me and volunteering my time to help people and animals, because of my depression, I let it conquer me, not me conquering it…

  25. I had been putting off being happy for years while working at a dead end desk job that was making me miserable. I finally decided to quit and get back into teaching dance. I want to be happy, healthy, free, passionate about what I do, I want to love what I do, I want to wake up everyday thankful for my life and what I do with it, I want to be the boss of me, I want to help people feel better about themselves, I want to constantly meet new people in life. One of these days, I will achieve all of these things and be truly happy with myself and my life. One day at a time. :)))

  26. Thanks Gabby for the kick in the ass πŸ™‚

    Today is the day to start. Manifestation
    will happen in the process!

    I want to replace all the Beauty stores with my brand – The Truth Beauty Company! Let’s get the toxins out of our bodies and out of our homes!

    Online store to launch soon!!

    We need to do this NOW! For our bodies and for our children!!!

    Mother Nature loves us all. Let’s praise her.

  27. Thank you, Gabby! I have been called to show women how to bring back the wild,raw essence within them, and I openly admit I have been terrified to do it. The call is so strong and powerful, and the work so big, that I let all the fears and unknowns stop me from beginning. I call her The Wild Woman, and it’s time I let her speak through me.

    I may not know how to begin, but begin I must. It’s time. All my love and gratitude <3 <3 <3

  28. I’ve been dancing around other people in general! I play small by not respecting my own voice and standing up for me. I matter too and I love myself enough to speak up for me!

  29. I have been holding off on so much. I have been holding off on simple things such as getting back to running and run that half marathon I’ve been talking about forever. I have been holding off on making quality time for myself, finding lame excuses of crazy working hours. I have been holding off on quitting a job that uses me as a little slave and ends up making me forget the passion I had for my profession. I have been holding on finding my way back to where I was 5 years ago, a calm grounded person that was used to meditate and be the help anyone needed. I’ve been holding off on so much. I fear because it feels like I can’t go pass the difficulties that might stop me. I fear of failing and disappointing. I fear not to succeed at all these tasks. I fear not to know where and how to start the process. I fear I’m gonna fear ah ah Thanks for this video Gabby. I guess it’s time to make things happen.

  30. Thank you Gabby! I have been holding off on enrolling to start my naturopathy qualification. I keep listening to my head but it is time to listen to my heart. I needed this video. You have become such an inspiration to me – love your work!

  31. Hi Gabby! The synchronicity of this blog is goose bump worthy. I have a boyfriend who I love very very much. And he loves me the same. He’s such a wonderful person and boyfriend women would think I am crazy to doubt our relationship. There are time when I feel that I can not be myself or do the things I want to do to because he would disapprove. Is this just me delaying growing up or him denying my awesomeness? That’s what I can’t figure out. Is he holding me back from being my ultimate self or is he moving me towards growth… Haven’t quite figured this one out yet.

  32. I love your quote! I am by divine design an encourager for others. I have been dancing around the fact that it’s time to encourage myself and understand there are seasons and the season of ME is just perfect for now! Your quote jumped off the page, Thank you always for sharing ! Gloria

  33. I have dancing around not because I want to but because it does not just involve me. At 37 yrs. old my desire to have a family and children are just so strong. Unfortunately this involves another person with there wish and desire. Would love to know how to solve that problem πŸ™‚

  34. I’ve been holding off on telling my true experiences and stories of my life. I literally was dancing around the perimeter of writing and not telling my true story, Gabby. I’ve recently started to let go of the fears, doubts and uncertainties of telling a less than accurate story of myself and to embrace my true story. Once I can be more honest and vulnerable about the past, I can better embrace the present and future.

    This post is a good reminder to keep being vulnerable and honest.

  35. I’ve been dancing around the perimeter of being fully present in my life lately; I have a parent who is in the moderate/late stages of alzheimers and this process has been a long painful one, where I have become weary in recent months; anxious about the future. I do feel that “pressure building up” related to my worry and sadness; but being mindful and taking time for centering and meditating help me to be fully conscious and alive regardless of external events; and so I must “dive in” stay present, one moment at a time.

  36. I love this video! It’s perfect timing for me. I feel like it’s time for me to change course but I’m scared. I have bills and kids to look out for and it ‘s overwhelming me. I ‘m afraid I ‘ll end up in a worse position and I can’t afford that. I’ve been so stressed for so many years I don’t know if I could take on more stress. I so appreciate your guidance and envy your position.

  37. I have been dancing around being the best Mom and Wife and Me that I can be. I have been letting life swallow me whole for too long and have not made time for myself since I got married and had children. I love my husband and kids with all that I am, but I have left myself to last. My stress, anxiety, and exhaustion gets the best of me every day and I make it through each day with barely a breath left. Today is the day I look at what I need to better take care of everyone I love. My family is the most important thing to me….but so am I! Thanx Gabby, for the inspiration you add to my life everyday!!

  38. i want to stop letting my health hold me back and allow myself to be who i am and not who I am told to be, all paths are different im learning to stand up and support myself and my path thank you gabby

  39. I have been dancing around my spiritual faith, my oneness with God. I needed a kick in the ass to remind myself that I am a beloved expression of God, and I have faith NOT fear.

  40. I want to be a yoga teacher and have been dancing around this idea for a very long time- thinking I’ll do it when I have the finances to. Some truth and some lie to that thought.

  41. Gabby, I am still feeling the beautiful effects of your Golden Bridge, “May Cause Miracles” event in Los Angeles!

    I had been dancing around excuses about why I couldn’t get done what I wanted to get done and making excuses that it wasn’t ok to be me. That had created a state of needing to do things perfectly.

    Now, I am taking action. You inspired me to stop hiding and step out there more publicly, to share my gifts.

    I’ve since created a series of guided meditations. Here is one of them.

    The Gratitude Meditation:

  42. I want a joyful and inspired life that has a bit of gypsy in it!!! I get easily bored in mundane tasks but that is all I have ever been well received for so I keep doing them. I wake up and feel like the proverbial errand boy. I want to live/work abroad. Experience cultures, learn other languages and use them to travel/blog/write on how to discover passion and life and be well paid for it. I am on the perimeter of letting go of all my excuses ( especially my kids will go to their dad) and travel writing, tours and coaching others on how to get the life they choose over the life they “should” have….

  43. I need to let go of limiting beliefs around what it means to be a successful working mother. I would love to help women live dynamic, spiritual, and connected lives.

  44. Hi Gabby. LOVED this message. Especially the quote- “When the pressure is on, start, and the pressure will be off.” So true. Thanks for the reminder and the message.

  45. Hi Gabby,
    This is a wonderful meditation for today. I am in the process of quitting my job after 4 solid successful years simply because I don’t feel called to be in this role any more. Once I have the space to truly let go and live by faith I feel that God is going to lead me down the path he wants me to follow. I am ready and willing! hallelujah!

  46. Gabby,
    Thanks for your words of action and inspiration I believe your right the time is now to become who I really am, I have been for far too long putting off exiting a toxic relationship and ending the cycle of addiction that is involved, I have been putting off me and the joy that is surely there, I believe my authentic self is ready to be born, she is strong, healthy, clean and spiritual, thank you for this today really!

  47. I have been holding back by waiting for the future to come. I am have been waiting for someone else and not make an effort in the present.

    Earlier this week, I made a commit to myself to become healthier & active on a daily basis and starting a career.

  48. Getting off caffeine and eating healthy! I’m ready to get off this drug and stop emotional eating and get healthy. But I feel so stuck and blocked! So done with that…

  49. Thank you so much! Just what I needed to hear today!! I’ve been holding back on starting (Kundalini) Yoga teacher training. Fear has been holding me back, but I know this is what I want and need to do. Thanks for giving me a push! You are a big inspiration <3
    Sat Nam

  50. Thanks Gabby have been fearful for going out and not enjoying!, especially from mother in law today I met my son for lunch at Canary Wharf. Good feeling thank you also able to set my niece to her listening to you. My dream is to help anyone for tapping helped my neighbour hopefully a lot of others!!! Always talking about your meditation and tapping, forgiving and showing gratitude WoW so much more. THANKS Sat Nam x x x

  51. Wow… the timing, it makes me smile every time when God gives us exactly what we need when we need it.

    My book Spiritual Two-by-Fours is about a month from print (after a four year adventure writing it) and I am holding off sharing the message via a vlog/blog and creating a website. I am holding off calling people to promote it – people whom I have been recommended to. It is time to be seen!!!

    When talking to my friend Matt out of my mouth came… Playing big is the new black. I need to live by my words. (Ps – I think you know Matt Goldfarb)

    Thank you for your vlog this week and every week!!

  52. How timely and divinely guided this Vlog is. I have been holding off putting my writing out there, showing it to people to fulfil my dream to be published, meaning write a book (or several) and a column. First the excuse that engl. wasn’t my first language, then simply that it wouldn’t be liked. So I am committing right here right now that I am going to take the necessary action to get in touch with the people I know that could help me here.
    The other thing I felt I needed to share and actually relates to this topic too, is that I am launching my business as a life coach, incorporating spiritual principles, buddhism and a lot of fun but I am dealing with some anxiety with what other people will think as well as with the financial side of things. AND to be honest Gabby I can’t help but compare myself with you. I know we are all unique and have our own individual style and gifts to share, but sometimes I still get a little wrapped up with comparing and despairing πŸ™‚ it’s a compliment on you though πŸ˜‰


  53. The synchronicity of the Universe is amazing. I say that because your Vlog is so on time. I literally took the plunge this week to write that book that has been in me for years and today I felt the fear of this mammoth step and nearly caused me to halt. Your message just gave me the much needed kick to continue pushing forward…feal the fear and do it anyway. Thank you so much Gabby, you rock. Keep on doing what you are doing!!!!

  54. What a beautiful title and theme for a blog post- thank you so much Gabby!

    I think I’ve been holding on to lots of excuses recently that have stopped me from really stepping up and owning my dreams and what I want to put out into the world. Excuses obviously signify lots of fear, but when I sit with my fears and examine them, they’re really just fuel for bigger and better things. I need to dance with this fear and respect it rather than push it away completely and stay stuck.

    Thank you Gabby- enjoy Wanderlust!
    Katie x

  55. for way to long I’ve been putting off being myself – saying how dare I think that who I am is enough – so I’m going to stop putting off speaking my mind and feeling my feelings and following all the things in my heart. I know who I am now it’s time to stop putting off being who I am completely. it’s time to jump right in there and live!
    thanks for the Vlog Gabby xx

  56. Oh man, did I need to hear this. Thank you Universe!

    I’ve come to the realization over the last few days that I’ve been holding back from everything. From my dream career, from doing the work I need to do to get there, holding back on doing the work on myself both inside and out and instead stuffing it down with food. I’ve been feeling neutral about life for too long.

    Bring on passion and diving in head first. I’m going to feel the fear and do it anyway. Thank you G! xxx

  57. I always wanted to become a travel diva and promote a path towards Goddess Spirituality. So today I’m cutting down the cords that no longer serve me and journey towards a life of freedom and stability (yes these two things are not mutually exclusive)

  58. Gabby, I was delighted to be in that audience yesterday, witness your own amazing expansion & hear that message. I know it is one of the big reasons I was invited to the Hay House conference. And here is what I’m holding back…I’m supposed to be teaching spirituality and sexuality to women, particularly young women via my coaching and my solo show, “Hot Mama Mahatma”. I am a spiritual entertainer, but the women also come to me in droves for this counseling. I’ve submitted the show to all these festivals, but it is just time to do it on my own. And I said “Yes” to performing and producing a sexy, sassy show at the Metropolitan Room in NYC on August 29th. It is titled “The Goddess Revue” and featuring me and so many of the young, talented goddesses I have mentored:)…And this and Hay House just totally manifested! Hmmm…May Cause Miracles:)

  59. Such a synchronistic video! Today I took the decision to be the next Gabby! I feel and I know that being a motivational speaker is what flows through my veins! Thank you so much for being true to yourself Gabby! Thank you for being! See you at Kripalu!

  60. I’ve been holding off to start teaching people how happy and healthy could they be. Living in Taiwan, struggling with language difference but doing my best in studying Chinese. Constantly feeling that “kick in the ass” because see that lots of people are not happy and really lots of them having health conditions.

  61. I traveled to NS to see Wayne dyer yesterday and also too start the apartment hunt to move back there. This morning f I woke up with doubts only because I realized there was going to be alot of work to find a career and place to live, yet I knew
    Moving there was the answe because I asked spirit what it would have me do and I woke up calmly knowing It was move back to NS. During my doubt this morning I opened and listened to this blog and realized I had to stop dancing around not only the perimeter but also hopscotching around the fear of full on change! So between seeing Wayne (a dream come true) and following your guidance daily in all your books and vlogs I always feel the answer is there. Thank you for being my guru.

  62. Becoming a Spiritual Teacher for my generation of Mexican sisters and brothers. You ignited this spark in me two years ago dear Gabbi! I am going into full loving mode and let The Divine guide me through my next steps.

    Love you.

  63. What a beautiful Goddess with a message to match! Thanks Gabby πŸ™‚ I am Empowering people to step into their
    Authentic truth so expressing themselves unlocks others to do the same giving the entire planet permission to Love Deeply, trust without wavering, and live your life’s wildest and most aspired dreams ever!! You rock!

  64. I’ve been dancing the perimeter of being a health & lifestyle coach, of getting my ducks in a row and being fully engaged. This hit me like a ton of bricks (soft loving ones) today. Thank you as always for being the light you are! You are a rockstar!

  65. I have been dancing around finally giving up my eating disorder – I have come to a place where I can see how it no longer serves me (in any twisted way) and is more habitual, but part of me has been clinging to it out of fear of allowing myself to fully become the best possible me. Even though it is holding me back from my dreams, my fears of being unworthy of those dreams has made me continue to return to the ED after almost twenty years. I woke up this morning feeling different – ready to let go completely, ready to surrender and move into my heart’s centre…

  66. I have been holding back on life. I have been trying to be the perfect everything on focusing on too many things. In doing this I am not stopping to smell the roses and enjoying all of lifes beauty right in front of me. I have been focusing too much on how things are” suppose to be ” and not following my true authentic self. I need to stop the fear and keep it simple and focus on being nice and happy!

  67. I have holding back on enjoying life. I have been too focused on doing too many things at once that I haven’t been present and enjoying what is right in front of me.I have been so hung up and how things ought to be and not on how things ought to be for me…I need to keep it simple and focus on being nice and Happy!

    Thank you Gabby…You are such an inspiration never stop doing what you do!

  68. I actually stepped up and have been pursuing a dream to help people get healthy, today I found out this 6 month project will not be approved, it’s why I give up on my dream. When I step out in faith, pray, meditate and follow my heart (I have a full time job that is not my calling, but pays the bills) and I’m trying to follow leads that have come my way only to be disappointed and set back. This was going to be a major breakthrough. What do you get from my experience/news today Gabby? Thanks for all you do, I follow you everywhere!

  69. I’ve been holding off on applying for teaching positions


    I’ve been holding off on dating (This has been a big “how dare I be great” thought…)

  70. Thank you, Gabby. I have been feeling this “kick in the ass” more than ever lately. I am SO in that pressure cooker that it hurts.
    Over the past two years I have been unsatisfied with my professional representation as an actress. These slow, quiet past two years have really allowed for me to focus on healing myself from codependency so that I could be of the highest service in the long run.
    I am grateful for that time, but now I am ready to show up fully, walk in to offices and ask for the representation that I know I deserve. There’s always a little fear voice in the back of my head saying, “You should wait until you lose that last 5 lbs, you don’t know how to write a cover letter, you’re not well-known enough for anyone to want to work with you”… but I feel like if I wait any longer, I will never do it.
    I know I owe this to myself, to my talent, to God. This is terrifying. But the thought of not doing it is more terrifying.
    I know my authenticity is good enough. I know my story is the only one that needs to be told.

  71. Gabby, thank you so much for sharing this. It so resonated with me because I am just in the process of creating what I believe to be my life’s work. The beautiful idea came to me fully formed a month ago and I dove straight in. 20 000 words later and half a website built. I have been ON FIRE. Strange thing is that it is so easy. As soon as I recognised that this was it, it was effortless to declare that I would give my whole life to this project. I felt that shift of embracing the fact that I am just a vessel for this idea and it is my job to just turn up and do my very best. I waited my whole life for this purpose and it is massive. I can’t pretend that I am not facing all my demons about not being good enough, who will listen to me, what if it fails – blablabla! But you know, recognising that I have been guided to this and that my whole life has been the classroom for doing this job allows me to relax and embrace the beauty of the process of creation. I work with faith and trust that all will be well. Thanks so much for sharing this message. I for one am stepping in from the perimeter and taking up ‘centre field’. Game on! xxx

  72. Love this.

    I have been holding off on…

    Really getting out there and taking positive action to book work for my Pilates company and create dance activism projects that help people…

    Also WRITING… and finishing the projects I start/putting them out there into the world with confidence.

    Today I will take positive action!

    Thank you, Gabby – you’re always so en pointe, causin’ miracles left and right :)!


  73. Hey Gabby, thank you for your Monday Vlogs. They are something I definitely look forward to for a little encouragement and pick up.

    So I do need a kick in the ass… I have a full time job, which I’m greatful for, with pretty crazy hours. On the side I do contract design work – my true passion. Unfortunately I am feeling overwhelmed with my design commitments and am having trouble balancing work with family and friends. I need to buckle down and complete the work I love. Too often though, I feel too tired, and sometimes guilty when it comes to making the time.

  74. Wow! Amazing timing! Yesterday I had this big wow moment and said to myself no more “faffing around” and wondering about what should I do maybe this or maybe that, or that I can’t or having my other excuses. I have been promising to myself for a really long time to get on those “super hero” habits and start my day with a morning meditation/ visualisation, exercise, juice etc). …. and today for the 1st time I woke up before the alarm clock, did my meditation, did my workout before showing up the the office on time. All day have been asking myself what would the best version of myself do and followed the guidance. It is time to get those episodes of Ania TV out, it’s time to starts writing that blog and get those clients who would love to learn form me (and so what that I have some other full time job apart from that! – it’s not only doable! It is inspiring!). Amazing day! and now just before my bed time (I am in London) here we go what a nice serendipity … video from gorgeous Gabby that I am on track. Thank you πŸ™‚

  75. I want to start a coaching business for your women and write a book. I want to get a gentle yoga certification. And be an amazing mom to my two beautiful kids. Not to mention a hot wife. ;0)

  76. I have been holding off on creating my business, my dance, my art and telling the story of the world through dance. I have been holding off, of living life to the fullest and allowing my divine essence to drive my every move and moment! i am now fully committed!

  77. I’ve been holding back on moving to the west coast. I feel very called to leave New York State and Move to California, but fears keep coming up, and worry that I am not ready or I will miss all my family and friends too much. I have a trip scheduled next week to go to the west coast and I am going to really take it in and journal and ask myself how I am feeling in that place. Then I am going to set a date to move!

  78. I have been holding back on beginning my teen coach training…. I know what I’m here to do and I know what I need to do. I need to choose love – not fear. I WILL CHOOSE LOVE!

  79. I’ve been dancing around the perimeter of having health and love for my body. I say I love my body but don’t show it love. Too many reasons are able to come up when I let them.

    I am jumping in to listen to what my body wants, not the fear of my ego that I might actually get what I want!

  80. Gabby,
    I am a senior level fundraiser and event planner and all I want to do is start to transition into the field of health and wellness. I can’t think of anything that would make me happier than getting up everyday and teaching people Pilates, Yoga, going for runs, talking to people about what they eat and how to nurture their souls. So why don’t I just do it? I am sure that my answer is so typical: fear, money, more fear, more issues around money, maybe some ego, etc. etc.
    If ever I have been on the cusp of diving in, it is now as I read your book, May Cause Miracles (which I treasure EVERY second of, thank you!!), but I completely feel myself “dancing around the perimeter”
    Maybe by typing this post I am bringing myself one step closer…
    And truly, thank you, your book, vlogs and posts are helping me in ways you can’t even imagine.
    With great gratitude, jan

  81. I’ve been holding back on focusing on me, which means staying single, and cultivating other relationships and things in my life.

  82. Hi Gabby! I have been holding off on loving my job because I am so excited about what the future is going to hold. I am working toward my Master’s degree to become a licensed counselor. My dream is to have a private practice for holistic counseling. I am so eager to get there that I feel like I am always working toward something. I have read your book on bringing more ~ing to my life and I am currently reading Spirit Junkie. I love the message and your words have been so inspirational that I have begun to fully enjoy the present moment. Thank you for your motivation and meditations (I do the climbing meditation every single day now). I am loving this transformation! Thanks!

  83. I have been holding back enjoying my life. I am so focus on what will come next that I do enjoy each day. I am a stay at home mom and I truly love spending every day with my son. I am constantly consumed with the next thing, laundry, dishes, dinner. And even big things like buyihg a house, having another child, or taking time for myself. Which is something I never do . I know that regardless of what is coming it will not be meaningful unless I can appreciate now. My husband and I are not improving our relationship and I feel alone and frustrated. I can not move forward with the hopes and plans that we had for our live until he does.

  84. I have been saying I would get up one hour early to have alone time before my kids get up and its time to get ready for work. I want this to be sacred time and use a portion to meditate. I’ve been feeling lately I’m on the cusp of change but need this to facilitate it. Tomorrow I’m getting up! Thank you gabby!! Xoxo

  85. Thank you for your message today Gabby – beautifully put !
    I know that by stepping into the perimeter I could help so many young people being diagnosed with cancer. I was blessed with amazing guidance in my time of need and I couldn’t possibly come close to repaying these people for their overwhelming gifts – my cup over-runneth. Maybe I could ‘pay it forward’. I just need to find the courage to step in and find a way to get the message out.
    a passion for healing x

  86. Ive been holding back on not knowing what it is im here to be n do…I feel like all my life I have been stuck with this same dilema…n it has been really tought because I want to do great provide be happy n loved be abdundant in every area of my life.I always just seem to loose my way….I dont like that much πŸ™

  87. What about if you have dived into that person, but the industry of your career has limited you to be that person by having limits on who can enter the career itself and on a whole scale?

  88. What about if you are diving in, but external factors are attempting to limit you from reaching that person, such as the actual limits of your career industry itself and on a whole scale?

  89. Taking off the golden handcuffs of my corporate job and fully stepping into my purpose of helping managers develop into heart centered leaders in service of transforming work into a channel for authentic contribution has been a challenge. I need to trust that my income will be sufficient and eventually abundant so my husband and 2 children are ok while I build up. I am wrapping up maternity so the pressure is on to decide to go back or go all in. Thanks for your post. It spoke to my heart as I am living this transformation daily.

  90. This quote is spot-on with my recent goals and realizations! On Solstice I went to an outdoor rave in the beautiful Oregon forest, and I consciously chose to stay sober and drug free the entire night. I danced the night away in full consciousness. Instead I got “high” on the full moon and stars and all the loving energy and positive vibes of the people around me. I came away with a deep sense of serenity and happiness and connection with nature.

    It lead me to a great realization that in order to be who I want to be, I must do it with an open heart and forego my fears, and know that I don’t need anything but myself to be fully expressive and complete. <3

  91. Thanks so much for the reminder! I’ve been holding off on rebuilding my love for performing Shakespeare and being an artist. I’m on it today!

  92. love what you share,and loved the book spirit junkie, you are such an inspiration gabby,love your energy and enthusiasm

  93. Gaby,

    Thank you for your encouraging words and for sharing your wisdom. And, I thank all the great gurus out there.

    While I feel the pressure that the time is up, that I am running out of time I Just Don’t Know what is my outer purpose, what do I want to share with the world. Yet I feel I am here to do something great. I have been feeling this way my whole life. And I’d really like to find any advice on how to find out what my purpose is. Do you have any suggestions in this department?
    I am just not like others who know that they want to paint,to write,to sing, to dance, to act, to have babies,to get married, to teach yoga.

  94. I’ve been holding back on starting on a social life and getting out into the dating scene. Been wanting to do that for a while and I’ve been getting hints left and right to stop delaying and this just serves even MORE confirmation. The universe is not playing around here lol. Thanks for the kick in the ass gabby!

  95. I have been holding off on so many things, getting out of a bad marriage, taking care of myself . But the biggest thing is putting myself out there to create a new job creating entertainment for women. Meeting the challenge to actually put these things down, to say them out loud feels like a huge step.
    Thanks Gabby.

  96. Love the way this was put!!! With the full moon last night I released the fear of being judged for my life purpose. I’ve been holding off on going back to school to complete my holistic nutrition.

  97. Oh Gabby! It surely was a kick in the ass for me haha! Thank you for reminding me of that lesson from our teacher Yogui Bhajan. I’ve been holding back on creating my own blog, everything is almost ready and I keep holding myself back. Constantly doubting about language (sSpanish is my first language) and it has gotten me so stuck. I’m basically so affraid… Oh I just want that pressure off now! Sat Nam Gabby. Hugs all the way from Mexico

  98. Hi Gabby,

    Miss you, love you always. This is so on time. Yesterday in church the sermon was entitled “Run for Your Life” (Genesis 19:15-22) The angel of the Lord came to take Lot out of harm and sent him to the mountain place. Once out of harm’s way, Lot said I can not make it to the mountain let me go to a place called Zoar. Zoar means insignificant, small. So Lot was refusing to go to the mountain top, to a great place but rather settled for a small place. God had just led him by hand out of harm but yet he was still fearful to make it to the mountain. I’ve learned that God only wants me to go higher. He will always keep me, I just need to be obedient and move. I will not settle for a small place.

  99. I’ve been holding back on putting together all the pieces of my archery practice. I have all the tools. I fail to apply them all. My body aches instead. My mind fears. I want to dive in fully.

  100. I’ve been holding back on making the decision to start my own health coaching business and going to Bikram yoga teacher training. Fear can be a powerful thing!

  101. I have been holding off on recovering from my compulsive eating disorder – i keep on sabotaging myself even though i know that this should be my most important thing in my life.
    Thanks Gabby!!! xxx

  102. Hi, Gabby. First let me say that you are such an inspiration to me. I’ve been dancing around my perimeter most of my adult life. There is a knowing deep within me of potetial and awesomeness, but I never seem to achieve it. How do you get past the negative thoughts and lack of self worth to pull you up and jump in to all things positive?

  103. What have I been dancing around the perimeter of? (How dare I be great?)

    I’m dancing around too many things to list here, but I wanted to let you know that question – How dare I be great? – struck a chord, a nerve, something deep inside. How dare I be great? I get the feeling my answer lies somewhere in the first response that popped in my head: “How dare I not be?” I was brought up to believe that it wasn’t right for me to toot my own horn, and now feel uncomfortable when too much attention is focused on me. I’d rather lift someone else up before myself. Obviously, I have some deep diving to do on this subject.

    Thanks for the push!

      1. Gabby,

        A month later, this idea is still doing cartwheels in my brain. That’s a good thing. I can’t tell you how many times “How dare I not be great?” has changed the way I see or approach something. Grateful for the nudge, the push, the challenge!

  104. Perfect timing, as usual. πŸ™‚ I am stepping into taking the best care of myself. Turned in my notice at my job that’s been making me feel physically and emotionally ill. HUGE leap of faith into the realm of possiblity. No idea where I’m going, but I know I’m going after things that feed and build love, joy, peace. Stepping out of the “shoulds” and what other people think; moving from a place of possibility and trust (even if it’s just a bit) instead of fear. Thanks again, Gabby!

  105. It ‘s so refreshing that in reading your book “May Cause Miracles”, I have opened up my miracle mind and look what happens….Miracles! I was just thinking this morning I need to stop putting off the blog/vlog I have wanted to create for a while now. This is God telling me the time is now and to stop putting it off. I have been holding off, for fear…fear of not knowing what to say, fear of what others will think, fear of revealing to much of myself, but all of that stops today. I’m making the commitment today to dive in completely and I’m not going to look back.

    Thank you again, Gabby!!!

  106. my marriage took a little hit earlier this year. I turned 30 and started feeling very sad & lonely! I was always putting others first & knew if I didn’t find myself soon my life would fall apart! From my own doing really! So I reached out to an amazing woman & life coach & started working on me! There are still a lot of fears I need to work past but I know in time I will. I’m very grateful that my coaching sessions led me to your talent! Your CD’s have been a great help over the past week! My coach said I have this amazing spirit! I stay with her hours after I leave. She said she sees me standing with a jar surrounded by fireflies trying to fill my jar to light my path! This discriptions couldn’t be more true! I’m trying to fill my jar! I’m trying to find my tribe! And be at peace with who I am!

  107. love it and perfect, divine timing. Who am I meant to be? Where am I holding back? Truly surrendering. Moving more softly, slowly and allowing for true intimacy.

  108. Thank you Gabby! I needed that kick in the @$$! Just submitted my YTT application that’s been sitting on my desk and heavily in my heart for a few months now πŸ™‚

    Love to you,


  109. Thanks for this inspiring video β€” perfect read for a Monday morning as soon as I wake up!
    During a natal chart reading I was told to be more Leo β€” more giving, more doing, more pasion, less fear. And also, to be LESS INSECURE. Still dancing around that very powerful, influencing and secure Leo woman that I WANT TO BE and look up to.

  110. Gabby I love this. I am glad this lil meme i liked on insta became a powerful powerful vblog topic! Rock!

    I have launched my own website and am updating it weekly with content. Last week’s felt off the mark for me, because I wasn’t fully digging it. I was listening to what perked my ears in various convos with friends for topic brainstorming. I mean it was a valuable topic, and at the same time it wasnt true to my creative hunches, just what I projected or felt people wanted, or just in the need to get something out.

    Huge revelation for me: i am in the perimeter of truly trusting my intuition and creativity. Really taking the time to prize my healer/blogger role for what it is and the kind of experience it can afford me in the creative process, in the manner that i allow myself to have deep reflection, deep worth for my time, and deep reverence for this way I am allowed to communicate these messages to people.

    Stepping up to the plate – fully! – with my Creative cap on, and hitting home a message that resonates through and through, in great depth and joy, witnessing the very intimate co-creative process. Trust. Showing up more authentically in my truth. Really having reverence and gratitude in this new and exciting work I have worked so hard to start doing!!!

    I am ready to step into knowing the full body creative ‘yes’, while fully honoring myself, my will, and my truth in this process.

  111. Finishing writing and publishing my forthcoming book: “The I AM Connection: A Juicy, Joyful Journey to Finding your BEST Self Everyday”.
    Thanks for your awesome reminders!

  112. I have been avoiding attracting my Soul Mate afraid I was not enough or that my bright light would scare him away but TODAY I am stepping out of this limiting belief and I am allowing a great lover and life partner to show up! Thank you Gabby I have been following you for 2 years from MTL, Quebec and you are a great inspiration for me! I love how authentic you are. Keep on going angel Sister.

  113. Thank you Gabby, for such a profound and empowering video as always.
    Your words spoke true to my soul and just now I feel a deep surge of love come through me about no longer playing small and being who I am truly without fear and in my unlimited potential.
    Recently I have also reverted back to your ‘May cause miracles’ book especially at the time of Summer Solstice and notice it helping me immensely in these last couple of days. My purpose is to uplift others and connect them to their soul essence so that they can shine their light brightly. I thank you dearly for affirming this and stepping into who we are right now. Thank you dear friend xx
    With love and love that you are rocking the house πŸ™‚
    Keep on shining

  114. I’m doing each week of May Cause Miracles again – just finishing the body week – and I’ve had some major insights and am feeling so different about loving my body as a vehicle of love. This is something I have danced around for years. My next step is the Finally Full Workshop – I’m going to continue to dive in.


  115. Start a nonprofit that teaches and inspired personal responsibility around the world. This is my PASSION and my true purpose. There’s a lot of reasons why I haven’t stepped into this yet, but I’ve been feeling called to create this more and more in the recent weeks. THANK YOU for this beautiful vlog and this quote. xo

  116. Thanks Gabby, needed that kick in the ass today after a heavy conversation with my husband last night. It’s been a challenge, because he doesn’t believe in possibility, and stays stuck in his world of fear. I’ll be going along great, moving forward, making progress, and then I get sucked down into his vortex. Thanks for throwing me a lifeline. xo

  117. Great message gabby. I love you.
    Ok so I have been so distracted with my waitressing job that I stopped singing. I used to dream of recording an album and writing song with messages of truth, wisdom and empowerment. And I guess my ego has been telling me that its unsafe to be that exposed and that if I started, I’d never finish.

  118. Thank you so much for today’s inspiration. I’ve been holding off finishing my rΓ©sumΓ© and submitting it for a job that inspires me. Good news today I took the plunge and finalized the rΓ©sumΓ©. And an even bigger step submitted it for a job that inspires me. Here’s to the universe supporting these actions. Thanks again Gabby for this timely blog. Namaste, Jamie

  119. I shouldn’t be surprised how “crazy” it is this vblog was posted today, but miracles are still something I am getting accustomed to experiencing on the regular. I’m on the path to obtaining my degree and I work full time now so I endure 10 hour days then going immediately to 3 hour lectures, then onto the gym, totaling a 15+ hours before I can relax and kick it at my apartment. I just finished a particularly grueling class which I (manifested) came to achieve an A in. I had the intention to take a break from classes this summer and had not signed up for any starting this week. As soon as I walked out of my final last Thursday I immediately felt guilty for pumping the breaks on my momentum. My days are long yes, but enjoyable as thoroughly enjoy education and love the idea of one day obtaining my vision of being college educated when I had previously dropped out and disappointed myself and my family (still working on forgiving myself for this- I WILL get there!) I meditated a lot throughout the weekend, and I came to the decision to keep pushing myself towards my dreams and I signed up for that class this summer. This vblog is right on point that I made the best decision for bettering myself and my life. I value higher learning, and this is such a relief that I made the best decision in terms of stepping into my greatness. I am beyond pleased to view this video and am proud to say with this decision to keep pushing through my blocks, I will have my degree in 4 months as opposed to 6 if I had waited. Thank you, Gabby, for always showing up when I need guidance and reassurance the most. Have an amazing week πŸ™‚

  120. Thanks for this blog Gabby. And for your books. And for your wisdom. I have been living in fear for years. I got to college and that I knew it all. The smart and strong freshman going into economics ready to be a world leader. But ive never been able to confront my fears. My defense mechanism from hurt was simply not to feel. I bottled up feeling for years. Not smart because I popped lol (like popcorn but in a not so good way). My anxiety increased and these bad emotions turned into fear. And your so right regarding fear. It just kept me back for years. I want to thank you for the amazing help you’ve given me. Together with therapy and willingness I know I’m on the road to become a happier me. XOXO

  121. I have been dancing around the perimeter of getting back to the industry I love which is fashion. It’s what fueled my drive in High School and College. It’s what caused me to make a leap of faith 10 years ago to drop everything I knew and move to New York. I was passionate and committed until I discovered it was more work than I was willing to put in at the time.

    Fast forward, Now I’m older and live in a new state. I work in an industry that’s adjacent but not really close to where I want to be. I am unclear on what I need to do to get back to what I love. I just know it needs to be done.

    Thank you Gabby, for the much needed ‘kick in the pants’ today.

  122. For me it’s Yoga Teacher Training. I would love to enroll in a course and I’m working towards making it possible soon. First Childrens Yoga, then Teen Yoga and finally “Adult” Yoga. That’s my plan.

    1. You will never regret doing Yoga Teacher Training! Just find a training you want to do and start talking to the instructors. Baby steps. I put if off for years and finally did it this year because I “let go” of the outcome that I needed to be this amazing teacher when I finished or that I needed to quit my job and take a course on a beach in Costa Rica (ha, still a dream) And if it’s financial worries, I did a program with a payment plan πŸ™‚ I had to stop making excuses and it was life changing in so many ways. Best of luck. Namaste!

  123. I have been holding off on putting in the work to recover from anxiety, agoraphobia and hypochondria. Doing so would mean I am free to pursue my dream of becoming an actor, but I’m terrified of failing to recover and of discovering I’m not good enough.

    Love did not create my fears and so they do not truly exist. Life starts today.

  124. G. Ive been stayin comfort small not sharing my story of cooking after a spiritual awakening and how it blew up expanded my thinking cause I always thought for everyone what an insignifant dumb idea that dinner can change your life. But it did for me. Sometimes I cant explain it all but thank you for motivating and reminding me to find my bullhorn today. I love you. I know. Thats weird too.

  125. I have been holding off on putting in the work to recover from anxiety, agoraphobia, depression and hypochondria. Doing so would mean I am free to pursue my dream of becoming an actor, but I’m terrified of failing to recover and of discovering I’m not good enough.

    But love did not create all of my fears, and so they do not really exist. Life starts today.

  126. I made a decision to ring someone I Really Like and he wasn’t interested. Now my brain is dancing around and wasting precious time trying to convince myself that I need to move on.I always hope he will change his mind.

    1. Hanging on for the guy who isn’t interested means you’re wasting time you could be spending with your soul mate. My partner and I spent *ten years* in relationships with other people who were no good for us but who we couldn’t give up. That’s time we could have been spending together that we’ll never get back.

      Let this guy go so he can find his soul mate. Let him go so that you can find yours. x

  127. What have I been dancing around the perimeter of? (How dare I be great?)

    Launching my blog and finishing my book. It all boils down to one thing, stepping into my greatness. The pain of remaining here has become to big and now is the time to take action and make it a reality. The pressure has been intense to create to give birth to the real Self.
    Thank you Gabrielle for all you do! You are inspiring many by the living the example. You are awesome!

  128. Today I declare that I am dancing around the perimeter of becoming the artist that I am here to be. I am here to blaze a new expression of music, dance, and performance art that channels the healing energies of the Divine Feminine in a live, participatory experience.

  129. This video was exactly what I needed this morning. It’s amazing how easy it is to forget to be who we really are. This video was spirit reminding me not to forget who I really am.

    Thank you for the beautiful reminder!

  130. I’ve been avoiding committing fully to my dancing for the last five years, and decided last week that enough was enough- I’m quitting my dead end dull job and committing to dancing, yoga and performing fully. Today I just got back from my dead end job, full of fear about the future, and this was just the kick I needed. Thanks gabby! Xx

    1. I did the same thing! Quit my day job, because it was making me miserable, and focusing my time on teaching dance classes and making myself happy! Good for you! Good luck with your dancing! :))

  131. What have I been dancing around the perimeter of? (How dare I be great?)

    Setting consistent time aside for working on my book and website, permitting myself the time for that activity alone, rather than trying to squeeze it into “stolen” moments between other tasks. It’s not another “chore” on my to-do list – it’s my life’s work! It deserves sacred and honored space in which to unfold.

    1. I do the same thing Michelle. I have a hard time making time for my “work” with the kids. I feel like I have to choose between my work and my kids.
      I know that being a helicopter parent isn’t healthy for my kids either!
      What would happen if you carved out 5 hours a week for your work? Do you think you could make a concrete time limit and tell yourself that you HAVE to spend that time doing this work?

    2. Ah! Thank you for voicing that Michelle! I completely resonate and have been viewing my life’s work in the same way. And totally ignoring it!! That’s going to change starting today – yay for us!

  132. Hello Gabby! Love your vlogs – I appreciate how authentic they are.

    I’ve been holding off on taking the next steps with my home/house and business.

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