Do you obsess about the small stuff?

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Do you obsess about the small stuff? It’s far too often that I catch myself flipping out about something insignificant. Yet these mini meltdowns deplete my energy and screw up my flow. (I’ve even made myself sick over small issues that are out of my control.) Through my Spirit Junkie practice, I’ve learned how to quickly work through my mini dramas so I can focus on what really matters. In this video, I offer spiritual tools for letting go of littleness and centering back into your power.

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  1. Sooo needed and appropriate for today!

    I’m outing myself here: I’ve been physically SICK about election chaos – and I’m not even very political! At the end of the day it’s the social issues that break my heart, and the idea that people try to take away other people’s rights and freedoms. I just don’t understand. Anyway, my sister told me yesterday that she was a “Romney Girl,” and when I tried to open up a conversation about it she had NO educated reasoning – or really any reasoning at all – and then disrespectfully ended the discussion. I’ve been sick to my stomach about it since and I need to just let it go – especially because she isn’t even registered to vote, haha 😉

    But really, I can’t change people, I can only change myself, and I need to focus on continuing to be respectful and loving and holding faith in what I believe in.

    Thank you for reminding me about the Serenity Prayer, so helpful and beautiful.

  2. Love this prayer Gabby. It always brings me back to center! Especially when it comes to silly dramas in my romantic relationship.

  3. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for vlogging this topic. I am familiar with all the steps you suggested however, I am relieved to know that someone else faces similar challenges. Obsessing and wrestling with certain people, and situations etc CAN make you sick! Serenity NOW:)

  4. Hi Gabby, I love this vlog. I only discovered your site recently and I love your stuff. The serenity prayer is my go to whenever I find myself sweating the small stuff and it was good to hear your other ideas. Thanks!

      1. OMG Caroline, you need to read the Spirit Junkie book! It’s amaze. I’m in the UK and only wish I could be closer sometimes to attend more of the events Gabby does. Her meditation CD is also incredible and it’s the only CD that makes meditation funky, fun yet puts you in the zone of love. Happy junky-ing on this site! 😉

  5. What IS small stuff really?
    What about a relationship with one’s mother, that is an ongoing issue. It should be small, compared to the greatness of one’s life. Yet it is huge. How can one move through such challenge?

    1. There are aspects of every relationship that is small stuff we usually don’t see it that way because IT’S our mom. But I was hoping Gabby was going to address this one!

  6. Thank you for this vlog. I heart the serenity prayer! i need to remember it and write down somewhere. Thank you so much again Gabster, you rock.

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