Meaning and Money

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Hi Spirit Junkies!

I was recently interviewed for a story called Meaning is the New Money featured in the May issue of Women’s Health Magazine. The story is about getting paid for doing good! In this vlog I touch on the key components to having a successful career that is socially responsible.

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  1. Hey Gabby!

    YES!!!YES!! I am inspired..I’m a painter and designer.. ACIM student for a long time… busy getting ready to make my mark in the Spiritual work force ! Thanks for the reminder to keep going! Tina

  2. Great words of wisdom.. Yes I am worth it.. So much of what you say hits home.. Thank you.. I will be watching.. Blessings ~The Guru Mama~ Mary June

  3. I’ve been struggling with this one for quite a while now, and just this weekend I started to have some new openings and insights around this. What a coinkydink that your email showed up this morning on it!!! Just kidding of course its not. 🙂 Talk about support flowing into ones world when we play on the possibility from a space of wonder, awe and curiosity no matter if fear and doubt show up or not, because it will. It’s show we handle it and serve that matters.

  4. Gabby, great post! I’m a speaker and writer and looking to add coaching to my business. Am I making a huge mistake by wanting to do Pay What You can coaching? I have been working with women in deep struggle, coming out of poverty, etc. I don’t want to shoot my self in the purse, but I think the women who need me the most are the ones who can’t purchase $$$$$ packages. Should I launch and trust or scrap the entire idea?

  5. Thank you Gabby!

    I love this topic -doing good and getting paid good money- and I am SO excited that more and more people are talking about it

  6. Hi Gabby!!

    Will you be signing copies of your book in London? Will it also be available to buy at the mind body and spirit convention. I’m coming from excited! 🙂

  7. So thrilled that I get to join this discussion from Dublin! Whoooop! I’ve just begun putting the wheels in motion towards a very big dream. This is coming at the perfect time! Looking forward to seeing you at Mind, Body, Spirit Festival in London 🙂

  8. Hey Gabby. I would love to watch the live stream but I have a prior commitment tomorrow evening. Will I be able to watch a recording of it at a later time?

  9. Gabby I really dig you! I love that Spirit Junkie took me back to basics to fill some holes I had here and there on my spiritual journey. Look forward to seeing you in London next week! Much love!

  10. Hi Gabby,
    Just wanted to send you a big thank you all the way from Australia!
    Your book really helped me when I was going through a really hard time, I have a lot of fear around relationships due to some negative relationship role models I had growing up. I haven’t quite gotten there yet, but you’ve definitely opened up my eyes to some of the fears that have been holding me back.
    It must be nice to know that you are making a difference in peoples lives!
    Keep up the good work : )

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