Have You Signed the Sacred Contract?

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When we commit to a spiritual path, whether we realize it or not we’re signing a sacred contract. By choosing to rise up, elevate our thoughts and expand our inner awareness we accept a great gift — a gift that we’re intuitively called to share with the world.

The metaphysical text A Course in Miracles says that spiritual teachers come in many forms: “They come from all over the world. They come from all religions and from no religion. They are the ones who have answered. The Call is universal. It goes on all the time everywhere. It calls for teachers to speak for It and redeem the world. Many hear It, but few will answer.”

If you have heard the call to share your spiritual gifts with the world, then you’ve accepted the invitation to be a leader. In this video I share the key tools to being an authentic leader at this time. If you want to dive deeper into this topic, get my free training on how to be an authentic leader.

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  1. Gabby,
    This timing is impeccable. I am 20 and I’ve been following your work since I was 16, I feel like it’s made a huge impact on my life today. I have a quick question for you.

    All of my life I have wanted to be a teacher in a school system, but lately I feel as if I am being called to do something else. Quite coincidently, I feel as if I would like to work in the self- help/spirituality profession.. similiar to you! It is an unique profession to actually get started in and I need some guidance… I trust that the universe will guide me in this journey and I also signed up for your conference on the 6th, but I am shakey on how do I get started? I’d even be happy doing paperwork for a job that promotes work like you do.. I just want to get involved somehow!

    Besides trusting in the universe, how do I find these avenues?

    Much love,

    1. Meghan you rock. I am soooo moved by your commitment. Wow! you started your spirit junkie journey at 16… omg! I suggest that you check out my site http://www.HerFuture.com and start blogging, serving and sharing your experience. The site is a membership for likeminded spiritual women to expand their inner wisdom through connection and service to one another. Start sharing and you’ll be guided to then next right action. Also, email Allison@gabbyb.tv b/c we may be looking for interns.

      1. Gabby,
        Thank you so much for your response. It would quite literally be a dream come true to pursue a profession which is dedicating to serving others. It has greatly affected my life and I would love to continue carrying this message of light and love.

        I will continue to explore Her Future and I will also send Allison an email today.

        Soooo much gratitude xo

      2. Its honestly so amazing to see people begin their spiritual journeys at such a young age. More and more adolescents/youth today are so open to spirituality and finding themselves and their own path, which is awesome. I too am 22 and have been on my spiritual journey for several years now:) Thank you Gabby, its teachers like you that are touching hearts everywhere! Im also very proud of you Meghan:)! Namaste.

        1. You are equally as amazing Arfa! I am so glad that you and I, amongst others, are open to recieve the “Gospel of Gabby” and the teaching of A Course in Miracles. This is such a beautiful path to be on, and I am glad that you are flourishing.
          Sending you love, sista!

      1. Thanks for the Recomendation and the nice words- I really apprecaite it! I currently don’t own a buisness nor am I affiliated with a buisness degree in any way ( I am an education and English college student) and I am quite unclear about what message I would want to send.. I think this would make me unable to get any sort of scholarship for this program. Either way I apprecaite your help! Sending you blessings xo

      2. Thank you so much for the recommendation! I currently do not own a businesses, nor am I a business major, so I do not think I would qualify for any of the scholarships that they are offering. However, I appreciate your kind words! Sending you light and love xo

  2. Hi Gabbie, I’m so excited you touched on Sacred Contracts. I’ve been guided to be a children’s writer. I take self realization books and simply them in middle grade and Ya novels.My new book, WATER (a work in progress) is a book about two 16 yr olds who are bound together through their sacred contract and discover how to deal with the shadow side of their archetypes.
    Sat nam sister! Love your light. It brightens my world.

  3. For so long, I have doubted myself and the work I am here to do, even though I have been on a spiritual journey since I was a child with meditation and prayer and ritual. I grew up knowing I wanted to be a teacher and as a kid I thought that meant I was supposed to be in the public school system, but as I got older and as I went through college, I turned my focus onto international studies and politics and am about to embark on a month long adventure in Nicaragua to get my yoga teacher training because my path has truly opened up in front of me. I am so grateful to you and your presence. You have taught me so much and helped me so much on my path.

    I still have doubts. But a months ago I went to sleep with a prayer in my mind asking the Divine source to give me a clear sign of what I was supposed to do. I woke up and one of the articles I had published on Elephant Journal got over 20,000 views in one night – more than I’d ever gotten before! It was on a guided meditation video I had shared.

    I am about to publish my first book which is full of meditations and techniques and also my own personal story of transformation out of dark places and back into the light. And for the first time ever, I feel like I am doing exactly what I am supposed to be doing. I know I am right where I am supposed to be.

    I can’t wait for your training video! Thank you so much for everything! xo

    And if you wanted to check it out, my book is on pre-order here: http://www.amazon.com/Divine-Kind-Enlightenment-Stacy-Porter-ebook/dp/B00V193GJG/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1426979856&sr=8-1&keywords=stacy+porter+divine

  4. Hey Gabby,
    Loved the vlog today. I’m feeling really pulled to let go of old behaviors/patterns lately. I have a glass of wine every now and then or when I’m out with friends but I feel like it’s “dullling down” all the spiritual work I’ve been doing. My friends are beautiful people who will understand if I make this decision but how do I go about making this commitment without making them feel bad? I guess I’m not sure how to explain my choices without causing tension.
    Any thoughts?
    Thanks you!

    1. Heidi
      It’s very easy to just say no to alcohol. You are right, as spiritual leaders it is not a necessary thing for us, rather a hindrance. True friends will understand, and if they don’t, others will. I have been sober for 9 years now, and I don’t miss the remorseful feelings after a night out. Open your heart, put a plug in the jug, and see what is given to you in abundance with your newfound sobriety! Bless you in your journey.

  5. Yes! I accept the invitation. I love your question: “What miracles would you have me perform for you today?” I am looking forward to your talk on the 6th and am so grateful to have followed you from that moment you signed my copy of “Ing” at The Ladies Who Launch conference…in the autumn of 2010. It has been such a pleasure seeing you shine your light and be polished like a gem refracting and reflecting the light of others as well!

    with LOVE-

  6. Gabby,

    This certainly is perfect timing as a few others have mentioned. Just last night I hit an emotional rock bottom — this is giving me faith to preserve my light and continue forging on. I asked myself ‘what good am I serving?’ I don’t have the career that is making me thrive — not the purpose I once thought I’d have, I’m a great teacher, but I feel there is more than privately teaching out there for me. Is the key really patience? What if I wait too long. How can I fully trust that I am being lead in the right direction?

    Thank you for sharing your path.

  7. Good morning! Just this morning between my lemon water and my coffee i thought i need something inspirational before i start the day. And here it is! Min 2:20 -yes! But earlier when i was going thru my bookshelve I could not find many inspirational texts there, so my commitment, need and desire is to write more of those. Have an inspired and beautiful day everyone!

      1. Gabby, you are such a beautiful, bright soul. I’m a 32 year old blogger and screenwriter in LA and I’m so happy to have discovered you three years ago. I relate to you in so many ways…. and I look up to you when I’m looking down, rather than leaning towards JOY. You’ve inspired me LET GO and be guided…. over and over again with your simple, rockin’ wisdom. Thank you.

        Love and Light.
        Anne-Marie Evans

  8. Hi gabby,
    I’m looking forward to tuning in to your april 6 class as I truly feel being a spiritual teacher is calling me. (I was praying for guidance in this and the next day you posted about it! Love synchronicity!) I’ve been looking for something more to my career, and humoured the thought of going back to university. I think it would fulfill me, but not in the way I’m looking for; which being a spiritual teacher would.
    Your work has changed my life and although the concepts weren’t new to me, you came at the time I was ready to make the next step in awakening. So thank you!

  9. Nice ! I have been sharing some of your work with my 83 year old grandmother and it is helping her so much!! My grandfather recently died and she was having such a hard time. But she started tapping ! And a little kundalini too 😉 n she loves your message. it’s so beautiful because she is just so open to everything. Looking forward to the class

  10. I just adore you and your light and your willingness to elevate and share unconditionally. Can’t wait for the 90 minute class! I loved when you said this in the video: “Being a great leader is just about being real.”

    So much of what we see online and in modern marketing feels so whitewashed and unattainable. In my work I see this hold people back with stifling perfectionism. The more real I am with my clients, the better we resonate and the freer they feel to be real (which elevates others).

    I can’t wait to dive deeper into this work with you:) Thanks Gabby! xoxo – Deana

  11. Hey Gabby!!
    I have found it amazing and so wonderful on my new spiritual path. I find people around me and in my community are drawn to the light that shines in me and I can help them in ways i never used to think I could! These efforts appear physically small but I realise completely they are miracles all the same! And I live to share!! They get bigger and more wonderful everyday and I am so rewarded and whole. I am here to serve, and i continue to show up, and I know I’m being guided.
    Thank you gabby for your inspiration everyday. Love and blessings!! Xxxx

  12. Hi Gabby.
    I am Monisha from india.i just attended your berlin workshop and it was awesome. I had so many questions and most of them were answered directly or indirectly. However I couldn’t ask this burning question. I come from a country which is not very safe for women. We are often guided to seek help from a man if we like to step out at night after certain point of time.A girl is raped every four hours.I feel very moved by this.i feel a huge bondage seeking help from a man if I want to step out of my house at night.How can I help myself and million other women not to be scared and make them feel safe.Thanks.

    1. monisha,
      first always be safe. trust that your inner revolution is creating a movement for women throughout the world. trust this… know this… I am going to sit with this and report back.
      i love seeing you in germany.
      i will come to india some day and be with you:)

  13. Dear Gabby

    Thank you for this video!
    I feel I did sign the contract 6 months ago and everything changes so fast. Since I was a little girl I felt a special bond to an angel. I did not pay attention to it, ignored and forgot about it. But something happend in Nov 2014 and I was open to receive. Now I feel the light and I see the signs but I have to say that it is overwelming and my body feels exhausted. I have been sick for 4 days now and whenever I get into my meditation I feel even more sick and have to stop. Iam confused and not sure,what the universe is telling me. Gabby, do you have any advise?

    1. @Ivonne. People stop doing something doesn’t mean they give up, they only get a break to relax and balance your health and life. They will gain energy to do things they love again. So relax and do what you love and enjoy.

  14. I’ve been doing spiritual work and connecting to different energies since I was a little girl, and I’m finally building the capacity to transmute those messages into something that others can use in their own lives. I recently have started learning how to create a business around these messages and spirituality to create abundance and prosperity for myself and others. It’s a whole new paradigm for me. I thank you, Gabby, for the ways in which you communicate, because you’re authentic to yourself and you relay spiritual messages in a grounded and concrete way. I hope to work with you in the future and I would love to interview you sometime 🙂 In the meantime, with love and light, Madde

  15. Hi Gabby! I have a dilemma that I was hoping you could give me a little direction on. I wrote my first book after years of procrastinating and I am so excited that it is about to be published soon! Now for the dilemma. I chose to publish under a company that is wanting me to pay for upgrades, marketing, and such, and since I have already paid a substantial amount to have it published, I am reluctant to pay for further services. However, one of my goals when writing this book, was to have it reach as many people as possible, not solely for material gain, but because I truly believe I have a message that will help many people. I have looked into marketing the book on my own, started a blog, tweet about it regularly, however I have limited time because I also work full time as a teacher. My dream is to be a best selling author, as I’m sure is the case with so many writers, but I also want to write for a living. Could you give me some practical suggestions how to make this happen? What are your thoughts about how to get my book published the old fashioned way? Thank you so much, Gabby! You are my inspiration!


    1. @Angela. Just do it best as you can, when you really love and passion on writing you will be best and other will love it. You can living with it better than ever before you living for. But first you need take massive on it. Your dream will let you live with dream when you achieve it. But right now even you don’t have any good job other but always find time and effort to writing as you love. Best wish.

  16. Gabby;
    You have no idea how timely your message was for me today. I HAVE made a personal commitment, and for me it will be shared with others even moreso than I am able now, by taking some select Divinity couses locally. I have a meeting tomorrow with the Pastor at my church, who has seen in me what is difficult for me to see in myself, the gift. We are always the last to know! I am being encouraged to be a lay speaker, and that is just for starters. I have a thirst for knowledge, and a wish to share it!
    Thanks for being there,
    Paul A.

  17. Thank you, Gabby. Your video was an answer to my meditation on where do I need to go from here. Very awesome how these questions are answered. Miracle? Absolutely.

  18. Hi Gabby – I am really interested in your 90 min talk – I am in Australia (so 12 hours time difference to you) & am wondering whether you will be making a copy of the talk available for download later or whether attending live is the only option? Thanks so much for all you share with the world.
    Much love,

  19. Gabby,
    when I bought your first book, I also bought E squared. I went nd bought all your books. You are an inspiration sent by God. You know, I have always felt disconnected; a misfit. Then when I was seventeen, I lost my second child. He died in my arms with no one arround me. Of course I was so mad at God. I rebelled agains God. And guess what he did? He sent me to work in a hospital to work in the NICU ressucitatin babies. He tauhgt me that I was no special woman who God is pickin on. I learned that plenty of women lose their babies. I have always wanted to write a book and I started to. But when I reached this part of my life, I got stuck. BUT WHAT YOUR BOOK DID TO ME WAS JUST THE BIGGEST MIRACLE IN MY LIFE.I had burried this pain in my heart, I locked it and threw the key away. Thanks to you I was able to get in touch with my feelings and finally mourn. God bless you from the bottom of my heart.

  20. Ah, perfect timing. I felt the call and that little voice in my mind goes, “YOU? You don’t know anything!” I’m signed up!

  21. Hi Gabby! I’ve been watching your videos, reading your books and doing the course for years now. I’ve been a very raw I wars journey the last 4 years and didn’t really realize I wanted to do something with it until recently. I’m an actress writer and energy healer and am following the calling even more. I channeled Angels on a double date the other night! 🙂 i wanted to say a deep thank you for what you do and thanks for the suggestions in the video. The phrase about which miracles would you have me preform today really resonated. You rock! Jamie

  22. Hey Gabby,

    You are so awesome. I have been following you for the last 2 years. I love your book ‘spirit junky’.
    I’m on this spiritual path and try to be the highest person I can be everyday. One day I hope to have a practise and/or website to share my lessons and give back to the community. Start the revolution of love, baby! 😉
    Anyway, embracing my light has been the best thing I’ve ever done.
    I can’t wait for your teachings on the 6th of april. I live in The Netherlands so it’ll be the middle of the night over here.
    Me and my husband will set our alarm and together with out notepads have an awesome time in bed listening to you. 😉
    Namesté Johan

    1. @Johan. Congrats you done good things on yourself. But why you don’t start to do things you love right now instead wait for best time? Just do what you love, it will bring more love to you.

      1. @chu nam. I am starting to develop my online business. Work is already in process. I will feel each emotion and grow from all the lessons on my way. 😉

  23. Hi Gabby – was wondering if you can elaborate on Kundalini Yoga and if it’s safe. I’ve heard and read mixed reviews about it and was wondering if you can explain since you’re a student and teacher of this type of yoga. Thanks!

  24. @Gabby. I love your video today. It help to remind me about hurt. I over and over many things for few times on it, I mean don’t have commitment on it enough then I get not as result I want. But when I tired with that, I focus on one thing, commitment and make it best as I can, all of that time make me feel good, power than ever before. It is really support to me and motivate me when I really commitment and focusing for best.

  25. I’m a career changer and now work in as a financial advisor with what I believe to be the best company out there! Knowing that money is just an exchange of energy, I want to combine what I do with my spiritual practice. Daily, I pray, meditate or do creative visualization….asking source to bring me to people who could benefit from my services (which is just about everyone). The business is a wild ride of ups and downs, and sometime I struggle. What are your suggestions for a spiritual woman in finance?

  26. Gabby, I am so excited about the call on April 6th. Such an excellent gift for my birthday! Wow, the Universe is watching out for me!

    I am a little bit lost on my path, my main struggle is putting myself out there, reaching out and shining! Basically, I have a hidden fear of being a leader and it is all coming from my childhood. But I am a big girl now and have a feeling that this call will help me shift my limiting beliefs!

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