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  • Digital Course Academy helps online business owners and entrepreneurs turn their knowledge and know-how into a digital course that will generate consistent revenue for their business.
  • The program provides a step-by-step strategy for the entire course creation journey—from strategy, to planning, to creation, to launch... with no fluff and no stone left unturned.
  • In a nutshell, DCA teaches students how to make the ultimate shift from struggling to make money online, feeling stretched too thin, and feeling uncertain about what they should be doing, to creating a profitable asset for their business—a digital course they can launch over and over again.


  • Amy Porterfield is my digital course mentor! When it came time for me to update one of my most important courses, the first call I made was to Amy. She’s been in the trenches for many years, creating and launching 8 successful digital courses to date and serving more than 40,000 students.
  • But even more importantly, Amy will teach you everything you need to know about building a digital course, plus give you the confidence to finally make the lucrative leap to become an abundant course creator!


This program is a perfect fit for:

  1. Someone passionate about wanting to serve their communities and be abundant doing it!
  2. Someone motivated by the financial and time abundance that having a true working system will afford them.
  3. Someone whose income comes from client work (or a day job), so they’re ABLE to invest some upfront time creating an asset that will pay off in the medium term.
  4. Someone who recognizes that building a course is a highly valuable and leveraged asset. They’re patient, and willing to do what it takes to bring their course out into the world.
  5. Someone who has a passionate skill and knows how to solve an urgent customer pain point or meet a desire.
  6. Someone who’s motivated by creating a new profit center and next-level business growth opportunities when their course is built.
  7. Someone who is tired of falling victim to their own internal excuses and external obstacles. They’re finally ready to change the narrative and try something new. They’re ready to get out of “hustle” mode and start operating from a place of vision and efficiency.


When you join Digital Course Academy through THIS registration page, you’ll get $1,900 in BONUSES to help you build your business faster!

  • Bonus 1: Live Masterclass:
    Create the Best Course for You
  • Bonus 2: Success Is an Inside Job Workshop
  • Bonus 3: Digital Course Bundle

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BONUS 1: Create the Best Course for You Live Masterclass with Gabby!

During this live 90-minute training with me you will learn the exact methods I use to create wildly successful courses. I will break down three different course styles and how you can create them. Learn how to create a course in a live setting, professionally produced in a studio, or in a workshop. Plus, I will reveal all of my best tips for presenting the material so that it’s engaging and makes the student want to come back for more!

BONUS 2: Success Is an Inside Job Workshop

In this workshop you will learn the spiritual and practical methods for creating success from a place of inner power. I will reveal my top manifesting methods to help you do less and attract more. This workshop will greatly support you when you launch your own digital course!

BONUS 3: Digital Course Bundle

This bundle will show you examples of my three most effective ways to lead a digital course. It will show you how you can create a course with NO tech, low tech or high tech. Let this bundle inspire you to get into action and create your course today!

The bundle includes:

  • My highly produced course Judgment Detox
  • The low-tech course (taught in a yoga studio and filmed by a college student) May Cause Miracles
  • A course taught from a live stage, The Universe Has Your Back Meditation Workshop

Not only will these courses inspire how you create your own, but they will also support you on a personal level. Thousands of people have gone through these courses to clear fear and start manifesting! Enjoy your experience with this bundle.

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Working with Amy changed my whole life.

I now have a 6-figure business! Even if you're afraid, you just have to do it. Look at your situation right now. Do you want to stay in the same place, or are you willing to take a risk and build a better life?

Amanda Freguson
Women's Etiquette Coach

ONE piece of advice Amy shared in DCA helped me earn an extra $55k!

Trine Ravnkilde Frederiksen
Community Strategist

I made over $100k with my first course! Thanks to Amy, I can breathe easier when I think about my financial future.

Mark Tew
CPA & Entrepreneur

I 27X’ed my revenue in 1 year and had my first multiple 6-figure launch thanks to Amy and DCA!

DCA was a game changer for me! I needed a plan, and Amy gave me all of that and more (while being so generous with her knowledge).

Joy Foster
Founder and Visionary, TechPixies

I’m so grateful that Amy laid it out step by step -- it was so easy, and I made $22,000 in my first launch!

Eva Beronius
Spiritual Mastery Coach

In 2.5 weeks, I went from having nothing—no course, no product—to welcoming 122 members and generating over $42,000 AUD!!

You should know that my course success thus far came from using just 10% of what’s taught in DCA. I have BIG plans for 2020.

Clare Le Roy

Thanks to Amy and her courses, I built a 6-figure business. Now that my husband and I are both finally location-independent, we’re moving to Europe this year!

Adamaris Mendoz-Carlyle
CEO & Licensed Psychotherapist

As I write this, 2019 isn’t even finished yet and I’ve already generated over $200,000 this year. THANK YOU AMY!!

This has been LIFE-CHANGING for me. The biggest shift has been my ability to take care of myself first.

Dawn Bradley
Hair Stylist

I’m using my expertise to create a ripple effect in the world!

What I appreciated the most was Amy being so clear on what to do every step of the way. She tells you what to do yourself and what you can delegate. All you need to do is take her advice!

Karida Griffith Walker
Online Tap Dance Teacher

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I’m a proud affiliate partner of Amy Porterfield’s world-renowned Digital Course Academy because I used it to elevate my digital course and I know it works! I earn an advertising fee when you enroll in Amy’s program through my link.