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Gabby Bernstein on a balcony overlooking the oceanWe live in a Universe of abundance, and an infinite number of creative possibilities are available to us.

Sounds great, right? It is. And it’s the truth — but this truth is easy to forget. We can get out of alignment with this belief system very easily.

I spent many years being pretty bad at seeing those creative possibilities. I was often obsessing about problems and how to fix them. I’d get very stressed out when things didn’t work the way I wanted and I’d try to control my circumstances to feel safe and deal with all the uncertainty of the world. I spent a lot of time pushing and controlling, thinking that my mini meltdowns would get me to the next level in my life.

Eventually I hit bottom, turned inward and prayed for help. This moment of surrender led to an awakening. I realized I couldn’t move forward in life with grace and ease if I was constantly looking for problems. My fixation blocked my Super Attractor power.

I had to stop obsessing over problems and start looking for solutions.

That very simple adjustment in my attitude changed everything in my life.

I chose to perceive problems as possibilities

It was when I began to perceive problems as possibilities that everything began to shift. Whenever I noticed a problem come up, I instantly redirected my focus and started to repeat this mantra:

I’m seeking solutions. All my solutions are on the way.

It makes me feel good even now, even this moment, just saying that out loud: “I’m seeking solutions. All my solutions are on the way.” Literally saying it out loud to myself over and over again made me feel more aligned, more connected and more empowered.

Repeating this mantra redirected my focus and shifted my energy. It calmed my nervous system and made me feel more receptive. And I started to really pay attention to the solutions that were available to me when I stopped trying to fix my problems.

How to stop obsessing over problems and open up to creative possibilities

First it’s important to recognize the perceived problems in your life that you have on repeat. Open a journal and write your responses to these 2 questions:

  • What are the problems that you talk about often? The ones you complain about or obsess over, or journal about in the middle of the night?
  • How does it feel to think about these problems and pour your energy into trying to fix them?

When you cultivate this awareness, you open up your ability to receive solutions instead!

Below are 3 steps on how to stop obsessing about problems and start seeking solutions. When you redirect your focus in this simple way, you’ll recognize and accept that creative possibilities are available to you all the time!

Step 1: Watch your words and the words of others

I am kind & loving toward others while creating clear boundaries that protect my good-feeling emotionsThe words you choose directly affect your energetic vibration. When you gossip or judge or put other people down, you lower your energetic vibration.

Become very conscious of what you say — because sometimes we think we’re being helpful or nurturing, but actually our comment is hurting someone else’s energy.

For instance, as I share in Super Attractor, during my fertility journey and I was very public about my personal experience of trying to conceive. I wanted to remind others they weren’t alone and I wanted to share the spiritual practices that helped me stay deeply aligned and faithful even when I wasn’t sure what the resolution would be.

I knew my openness was helping other women, and I started getting countless messages from women thanking me and sharing their own stories. I felt so grateful for their outreach. I also noticed that when I heard stories of struggle, pain, doubt and suffering, I started to feel very down.

Over my years of being a spiritual teacher, I’ve welcomed people’s stories and I have deep compassion for them. But this time it was hitting really close to home. As I picked up on their fear, I felt my own faith start to dwindle, and my positive momentum slowed down. And I started to project other people’s stories onto myself.

How I protected my energy

The moment I noticed I wasn’t feeling good, I decided to pivot, because I had to protect my energy. Anytime I received an email with resistance around fertility, I’d say a prayer for the person and remind myself that their story is not my story. I’d say that over and over again: “Their story is not my story.”

I did everything I could to protect my good-feeling momentum. After a few months of committing to feeling good, I noticed I was no longer getting negative messages or comments at all. They weren’t even coming into my sphere.

I can decide today to recalibrate my energy and commit to love and joy | Super Attractor deckMy commitment to feeling good sent a message to the Universe that I was no longer a match for negative fertility stories. My belief in infinite creative possibilities allowed me to release all blocks.

Not only was I no longer attracting the negative fertility stories, but I became a match for positive stories. Every woman I met from that point forward came up to me with a miraculous story of fertility.

It was amazing to see how my commitment to feeling good, my commitment to infinite possibilities, strengthened my Super Attractor power. That energy started to vibrate within me because I was supporting my intention, which was to feel good and focus on creative possibilities.

How to handle other people’s resistance

As you begin your practice of focusing on creative possibilities in your own life, you’ll notice resistance from other people. It’s just going to happen. When you shine bright, it’s confusing to others who aren’t ready for that light. Don’t blame them or their resistance, because they’re just reflecting back to you just any lingering resistance of your own.

Use these moments as opportunities to surrender to feeling good even more. Some ways you can do this are:

  • Amp up your meditation practice.
  • Find ways to distract yourself and have fun.
  • Seek positive stories and opportunities to feel good.
  • Tell the truth with love.
  • Redirect a conversation, unfollow someone negative on social media or leave a room when you need to.

Remember that you can’t control what people say or do, but you can choose how you perceive what’s going on and how you experience everything that happens.

Make sure you’re constantly reminding yourself:

I’m open to creative possibilities. I focus on feeling good, and it’s good to feel good.

Step 2: Call on compassion

In order to open up to new possibilities in your life, you have to honor your feelings and call on self-compassion.

Honor yourself for feeling the feelings you’ve had and the difficulties you’ve experienced in your life. Be very kind, compassionate and loving toward yourself, because opening up to creative possibilities is a radical change. You’re asking your Higher Self to step in and replace an ego belief system that you’ve likely been holding on to for decades.

In order to make that leap, you have to start from a place of  self-compassion.

Step 3: Practice appreciation

Gabby Bernstein praying | The #1 key to manifestingAppreciation is the antidote to worry, and worry is another big way that we resist creative possibilities.

I’m a recovering worrier. I used to spend countless hours worrying about things that I just couldn’t control. Finally I was ready to change, so I called on my spiritual practice. What led me out of the chaos was appreciation.

When we’re in a state of appreciation, there’s no room for worry or resistance. In fact, worry and appreciation just can’t coexist. Period.

Whenever you notice yourself worrying about something that’s out of your control, list what you appreciate. Your appreciations can be related to whatever you’re worrying out or they can be completely unrelated. It doesn’t matter. What matters is that you’re shifting your focus from the addictive pattern of worry onto a habit of appreciation.

The moment you redirect your focus onto appreciation you’ll feel better. You’ll start to feel more aligned with your Super Attractor power. Instead of obsessing over problems and worrying about outcomes, you’ll open up to creative possibilities and dwell in the receptive, high-vibration energy of appreciation.

I’ve turned to this step multiple times throughout a day when I needed it. Return to appreciation again and again.

See your experiences through the lens of appreciation

When I'm in a state of appreciation I'm in alignment with my true love nature | Super Attractor deckWe spend tons of time focusing on what we’re experiencing rather than how we’re experiencing it. As a result, we forget that we can change our experience of anything when we shift our point of focus.

We can experience any situation, even the tough ones, with more love when we choose to see them through the lens of appreciation. When you choose a lens of appreciation, you can start to find purpose in those painful moments instead of remaining the victim of the experience.

When you choose the lens of appreciation, you immediately start to reframe something that may have been very uncomfortable, turning it into a miracle. You can choose to appreciate a heartbreak as an opportunity to deeply feel, or you can appreciate a diagnosis as the catalyst for putting you on a healing path.

When you see your life through the lens of appreciation, you can forgive the past and accept it for exactly what it was. You can see your past as a great learning device on your spiritual path, and you can just let appreciation clear your path. This practice helps you shift your attention from what was to what is.

Take your practice further with Super Attractor

Super Attractor by Gabrielle BernsteinIn my book Super Attractor I teach the most powerful methods for manifesting a life beyond your wildest dreams.

These include more ways to practice appreciation, my Choose Again Method for pivoting into better-feeling thoughts, and SO much more. Super Attractor is the most upbeat book I’ve ever written. It’s filled with methods for feeling good, which is the #1 way to attract your greatest desires.

When you order the book, you’ll also get my Manifesting Jumpstart Workshop free. It prepares you for the methods in the book so you can hit the ground running!

Order your copy of Super Attractor here.

Opening up to creative possibilities is your choice

One small pivot is enough to open you up to creative possibilities. That pivot requires that you talk to yourself gently and guide your thoughts back to love in any moment. Redirect your story and say, “Yes, this is what I want. This is the direction I want.”

Use these steps to guide yourself out of obsessing over a problem, worrying about what you can’t control or resisting. Use them to guide yourself into a story of infinite creative possibilities. The Universe pivots as quickly as you do — there’s no lag time.

If you have no idea how to pivot, ask the Universe for help. Use this prayer:

Thank you, Universe, for revealing to me whatever it is that I need to see. I am open to creative possibilities.

As soon as you realign your energy, the Universe delivers. And then you start to see the creative possibilities you’ve been waiting for. Pay attention to those miracles. When you pay attention to the miracles, and when you say yes to creative possibilities, that’s when you truly begin to live a miraculous life.

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