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I believe in miracles. Period. Full stop.

For some of you that may be a pretty ballsy statement—for others it may seem like an unrealistic pipe dream. Still others may want to believe in miracles but encounter resistance. Why have miracles become a cute concept we tweet about or a possibility we turn to only when all hell breaks loose? Why aren’t miracles an everyday occurrence, a moment-to-moment thought, an expectation?

A miracle is simply a shift in perception from thoughts of fear to thoughts of love. Many of us lost track of this simplicity because we fell for fear instead. When our thoughts are focused on fear we block miracles. Fear becomes the norm and we deny the potential for peace and love.

Six years ago I could no longer deny my need for a miracle. My life had hit a bottom and I had no other choice but to call on a miracle for help. My call was answered when I was guided to the metaphysical text A Course in Miracles, designed to restore our perceptions of fear to right-minded perceptions of love. I’ve been a student of the Course ever since. Through my dedication to the Course’s text, 365 daily mediations and the teacher’s manual I’ve begun the journey of restoring my faith in miracles. Through my internal transformation my external world has exploded with light. Even in the darkest situations I ask for a miracle and I’m relieved of my fear, only to return to love. One day at a time I choose a miracle and now I live a miraculous life. I work miracles like a full-time job.

Working miracles requires faith. If we don’t believe in miracles we won’t experience them. When our focus is on lack, fear, anger and attack then lack, fear, anger and attack will be our life’s experience. But when our focus shifts to peace a miracle can occur. A Course in Miracles teaches, “Miracles occur naturally as expressions of love.” The moment we shift our perception from fear to love we experience a miracle. It’s as simple as that.

We can all be miracle workers if we choose to be. If you want to perceive your world in a bright new light then follow my five-step plan for workin’ miracles.

Step One: Recognize Your Fear
Asking for a miracle welcomes the correction of your mind. The first corrective step in undoing your discomfort is to recognize that your problem isn’t “out there.” Your problem is the fear in your mind. The Course suggests, “Say to yourself that you must somehow have chosen not to love, or the fear could not have arisen.” This step helps you see your fear as nothing more than a misguided thought.

Step Two: Be Willing to Choose Love
The Course teaches, “Fear arises from lack of love.” Identify your fear as nothing more than lack of love. This step will quickly help you disassociate with your fears and prepare you for a full-blown surrender.

Step Three: Surrender your Fear
The third step to working miracles is to surrender. Surrendering comes through prayer. Simply say a prayer to God, the Universe, angels, Grandma (whomever you like to talk to) asking for a miracle. You might say something like this: “I need a hook-up. Things aren’t working out and fear has consumed my mind. I surrender my will. I ask for a miracle.” Give up your fear fully and let the Universe do her thing.

Step Four: Receive Perfect Love
The Course teaches, “The only remedy for lack of love is perfect love.” Once you open your energy to receive a miracle a lot will begin to shift. If you surrender fully you’ll recognize your fear and resentments as not real. You will no longer feel connected to fear. You will be inspired to forgive, choose love and release attack. You will welcome perfect love. This doesn’t require any work on your end. Just stay committed to love and the miracle will occur naturally.

Step Five: Expect Crazy Sexy Miracles!
We must commit to working miracles for the practice to become involuntary. The goal is to practice surrendering your fear to love all the time. The more you practice, the more you can expect Crazy Sexy Miracles.

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  1. I am compelled to share with you my gratitude, Gabby, for your inspirational words. I havn’t seen you in so long! I am in my second year of medical school which is rigorous and constantly tests my spiritual fortitude. Listening to your videos the past two days has caused me to have (another:) spiritual awakening; I want to come from a place of abundance and love! I want to be the best I can and I am no longer going to set limits for myself. You have helped me realize that as long as I practice radiating love instead of anger my life will be abundant. I notice that when I come from love, my interactions with my patients are more healing, for them and myself! Thank you so much. I am glad to see you are well, hope to run into you soon and I wish you the best.

    Francesca O.

  2. You have a great presence when you speak to a group. I need to see what you have going on when I bike through your town. I feel that the aspect of your presentation that touched me the most was your idea of fear blocking miracles. I agree 100%. I was raised being taught that faith and fear cannot be experienced at the same time. Applied to miracles, they cannot happen in your life if fear is present on that particular subject or in that junction in life. I liked how you separated miracles into different areas of life. Simply because you experience great things in work, doesn’t entail that your personal life or relationships are in check. Well said. Miracles to happen in all areas of life need constant positive talk and we need to remind ourselves that simply because miracles are happening one place, that they aren’t or may be more restricted in others. I’ll do my best to enable miracles to continue to happen in my life and more importantly to happen across every aspect of my life not just spiritual.

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