How to Create Your Faith Statement So You Can Trust You’re Being Guided

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Note: This post was updated in November 2018 for clarity and additional resources.

In my book The Universe Has Your Back, I have an exercise where we create a faith statement.

Perhaps you’ve already done this while reading the book — but if you haven’t, then I want to share this opportunity with you right now.

Follow my guidance to create your faith statement!

Your faith statement will help you know that you’re being guided

I believe that creating a faith statement is imperative to trusting that we’re being guided.

This statement is about what our spiritual relationship means to us on a gut level. You can turn to your faith statement regularly to guide your spiritual practice and reinforce your faith.

If we want to co-create with the Universe, we need a great amount of faith in our connection to it.

You can watch the video below for guidance on creating your faith statement. Or you can keep reading for the steps.

Answer 5 questions to begin creating your faith statement

The practice of creating a faith statement involves answering some questions. So open your journal and answer these:

Question 1: What would your life be like if you knew you were being guided?

Take a moment to write down the answer. There is no right or wrong answer. Write down whatever comes to mind. Don’t edit yourself.

Question 2: What would you do differently if you knew the Universe had your back?

Free-write, letting your subconscious come forward. Don’t edit yourself. Think big! Let yourself truly imagine what you’d do differently if you knew the Universe had your back.

Question #3: What spiritual proof do you have that the Universe is guiding you?

For instance, throughout the book I share people’s stories of when they noticed or realized that the Universe was supporting them.

If nothing springs to mind, that’s totally fine! If you’re new to this practice of consciously co-creating, you likely have never even thought to pay attention. If that’s the case, just use a story from the book that resonated with you, like when I kept getting my sign during my house hunt, for example. Or maybe you have a friend who’s shared stories of synchronicity that are proof to you that the Universe guides us.

Tweet: We want to make a faith statement that ignites love and joy and enthusiasm and excitement when we read it. @gabbybernstein #TheUniverseHasYourBack

Even if it’s not directly related to you today, you can lean on the guidance other people have received and strengthen your faith.

Feel the faithful energy that the story you thought about/wrote down ignites. Take a few moments to tap into the feeling of that faith.

Questions #4 and #5: How does it feel to be in faith? What does faith give you the freedom to do and be?

Again, free-write and make a list. Get honest! Don’t hold back. Let it flow. Don’t edit yourself.

Now you’re ready to create your faith statement. We want to make a faith statement that ignites love and joy and enthusiasm and excitement when we read it.

Here’s mine, which I also include in the book:

I know that the Universe is an ever-present energy field of love. I know that when I align with the energy of love through thoughts, actions and beliefs, I am given infinite support and guidance. I know that I can co-create my reality with this loving presence so that I can live in joy and spread light.

Now it’s your turn!

How to write your faith statement

Revisit all the answers that you wrote down and free-write your faith statement. Start with “I know” or “I believe.” Let it move through you. Trust it. Don’t edit a word.

When you’re done writing, read what you’ve written. Take out the three or four sentences that move you to tears. That is your faith statement.

I hope that once you’ve written your faith statement, you come back here and share it in the comments. I would love to read what you create. And it’s so powerful to read other people’s faith statements! When you’re ready, come back and share yours with everyone here.

I hope this serves you, and I cannot wait to see your faith on the page.

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  1. I know that I am a marvelous creation of the Universe and that It want to give me all the beauty and joy out of life. I know that there is a big source of love in me that I have access at all times. The Universe and me vibrate together in high frequencies and attract like wise situation, people and opportunities. This love and this certainty make me able to let go and give me a peace of mind. I am loved in every moments in my life. With this love energy, I am able to create and have all that I want. This love shows me every day how to accept who I am and be the best version of myself. No fear, doubt and apprehension can weaken that light.

  2. I know that I am guided by the best the Universe has to offer me
    I believe that when I put out positive energy I receive it back in both big and little doses. I am worthy of living my best life and I will use that to serve others through the work I help send out into the world. I know that my faith in myself will bring me unbounded abundance.

  3. Thank you Gabby for your work!

    My faith statement: I know that God has my life in the palm of his hand. When I give myself over to him I am the best version of myself. When I let go, I receive, and am able to fully give all that I am.

  4. I believe that I am always guided to exactly where I am meant to be. I trust that when I focus on love, I will be presented with love. I know that by living a life full of love, I will no longer have fear. I love myself and will only allow positive energy into my life. I choose to be an inspiration and to set a spiritual example for myself and others. I will always choose love over war, laughter over sadness, faith over doubt, and positive over negative. By default, I will endure health, wealth and true happiness. I vow to keep myself whole, happy, healthy and away from all negative energies. I vow to trust myself and to trust the Universe.

  5. I believe that my faith in you keeps me safe and lends me a daring attitude so that even wen I have to work in beyond my comfort zone I feel comfort which gives me extra points to achieve excellence.

  6. I believe we do not get to know our way. We get to find it and that discovery and exploration is where the true magic happens. I believe in the curious soul and the ability to be the light where ever you go. I believe that we are all connected and this connection creates meaning and power. So be the light, take risks, and stay curious.

  7. I believe that my life is guided. I am a true teacher and I shall live KNOWING the guiding light is ever present! In every moment I can acknowledge, be the nonjudgemental witness, forgive myself and others, emulate love, be grateful, be gentle and live in the joy that my life IS guided! Namaste

  8. I’m a little late to the party, but I came across your video on this topic via YouTube and given that the new year was approaching figured that this would be a good exercise to help me map out 2017. This is my faith statement:

    I know that God loves me and that He always shows up at the right moment. By trusting in His plan and saying “Yes” to His will for my life, He will meet my needs in order to propel me into my destiny and aid me in becoming the woman, artist and leader that He has called me to be. All I have to do is rest in His love and align myself accordingly.

  9. Thanks for this, Gabby. I arrived at your book launch in NYC late, frazzled, and really feeling like I had been beaten down by the day. It actually crossed my mind to just pick up my books and take off. And then I saw you through the glass doors of the church, radiant as an angel, and I knew that I had to walk into that church and that all would be well. Thank you for bringing light to the world.

    I believe that divine love and community are the source of all life, that goodness can come from adversity, that challenges are merely a call to greater faith and to higher and more creative action. I believe that when I listen to the Universal Wisdom, in the fall of rain, the whisper of the wind in the trees, the cries of anguish and heartbreak, the ripples of laughter, the vibration of a real hug or a lover’s embrace, I am able to live more fully and freely in the faith that we are all one. When I honor myself in order to serve my community, I live in faith. Full of love. Joyful. Whole.

  10. God is Love. My faith in God’s love reminds me, I am surrounded by Angels and the Love of past Relations, aka “My Posse.” Faith in my Divine Covenant to be here, for a purpose decrees my Light must shine in Service. The joy of Service, allows me peace to tap into the infinite wisdom of the universe, at any time. My belief in the power of prayer comforts me and solidifies the knowledge that I may always Choose Again. I believe in Miracles.

    I have completed the above in this go round. I have done this before and it always felt forced. I also tended to mix up my mission statement with my faith statement. This time it was easier. I had a lot to say (free writing) and picking out the best bits was more fun. Thank you for sharing your gift with me. I look forward to seeing you in a month at Level 2.

  11. I know that fear is no longer an obstacle on my path because I have aligned myself with a force far greater than any other in all of the Universe: Love. I surrender completely to this miraculous power of Love, and I know that I am always being guided by this presence of unlimited joy, compassion and abundance. I live in a world full of infinite possibilities, a world that wants me to be joyful. The light HAS COME, and I smile compassionately at each and every being that crosses my path, for I know that we are one. I am now free. I am now awake. I have released my victim mentality and I let love pour in to heal all wounds. I am a radiant being of light and I fully embrace my strength and beauty. I am full of gratitude for every tear I have cried because I am here now, exactly where I am supposed to be, and I know that my presence alone has the power to heal the world.

  12. I believe the Universe is looking after me and looking out for me – and my loved ones. I believe I am who I am and where I am because I’m meant to be here and I have been guided through the loving spirit of the Universe. I believe the Universe has everything under control for my highest good and I can trust and let go and be assured that if I am guided by love, tolerance, compassion, light and joy then I am and can be at peace NOW. I believe the Universe has had and will always have my back and I can continue to flow through my journey.

  13. My Faith Statement
    I believe that the Universe connects with me and lives through me always. I have faith that it will bring me what I need at the most perfect time. I will live in presence, peace. love & joy in the full knowledge that the Universe is within me. I have faith that it is working through me & with me. With it’s power and presence in my life I have absolute faith that all is as it should be, life is beautiful, loving and good. All is well

  14. Here is my faith statement….
    “I know that I am love, and my love is supported by the universe, the universe gives me peace, joy and certainty. I can live free with the support of the universe guiding me to the outcome of the highest good for all.”

    Thank you gabby for sharing your light with the world!!!
    ❤ April

  15. I know that the Universe is always there for me guiding me. I know that when I am in alignment with source, I feel joy, am carefree and feel pure excitement with life. This is when I am co-creating to support my love of self and for others.

  16. I know that I am already free. I know that there is an abundance of love and beauty in the universe. I trust the universe to guide me to love. I know when I align with the energy field of love I can live free of fear, full of gratitude and tap into my power to co-create a life full of purpose.

  17. I believe that life is all about giving and receiving love. I believe that the journey can be easy, light, good and simple for everybody. I believe that peace is our true destiny. I believe that you are part of me and I’m part of you, so I love myself and love you the same. Your pain is my pain, my cure is your cure.

  18. Thank you so much for sharing this and helping bring to the forefront what matters to us and a vision of how we could be leading our lives. Today*, my Faith Statement reads:
    * I say ‘Today’, as I would like to reserve the right to hone and develop my language as my faith and belief develops and emerges further.

  19. I believe when I am deeply connected to the loving, benevolent universe my life is rich with love, joy, and abundance of wealth, freedom, friends and family. I have loving, meaningful exchanges. I am open to seeing, feeling, touching and tasting. My senses are on fire and I am open to receiving.

  20. I am always in partnership and never alone. My journey is a collaboration with the Universe, rooted in peace and love. I have a unique set of gifts that allow me to fulfill my divine purpose. Sometimes I lead and other times I follow, draw by a power greater than myself. The ebb and flow is a dance, it’s peaceful and exciting, challenging yet graceful, harmonious yet mysterious. I may not always know where I am going, but when I remain present and open to creative possibility my path is always affirmed. Resistance is an internal and eternal reminder to pause, look for love, surrender, and trust that I am exactly where I need to be.

  21. My faith statement: I trust in my angels and higher power. I know fully I do not walk through my life alone. When I am in an energy of love, acceptance, and forgiveness I can manifest some really cool shit. Reliance on my angels protects me now and always. I am present. I can see clearly. I see love. Everywhere. ❤️️

  22. Thank you, Gabby! Your impact on my life on this part of my journey has been profound.

    My Faith Statement
    I can see that I am being guided. I can see that the love that the Universe has for me is opening up paths of least resistance for betterment and improvement. My new vision is allowing me to begin to understand what real faith is and what real faith is for. I am learning anew that there is reason for faith, faith in a divinity that can only, ever love its entire creation, unconditionally. I am leaning, more and more, into that faith that allows me to rest, knowing that under all circumstances, I am loved beyond all condition.

  23. When I read this chapter last week, I loved doing this exercise. So powerful! Thank you Gabby! xoxo

    My faith statement:

    When I tap into my higher power…God, my soul and the Universe, I am free of worry and anxiety. I am filled with love and joy. I am in a state of TRUST that everything will be okay. They are on my team. We work together. When I tap into them and ask them for their help and guidance, I know that they are ALWAYS there for me.

  24. I feel very “guided” a majority of the time. But sometimes the guidance just stops. Sometimes it almost takes me to a dead end and then poof, no more guidance. I’m just stuck there thinking “what the hell? Why did you bring me here? Did I misunderstand?” It comes back eventually but in the interim, I get very confused and lost. why does that happen?

  25. I know I am constantly supported and surrounded by protecting, loving, guiding and abundant energy that serves me to live my life at fullest expression and bring my truest desires to life.
    Aligning with this energy guides me to co-create a life where my gifts are shared in a way that uplifts, heals and transforms the world.

    Thank you for your book and this exercise, such a powerful reflection. I already feel much more clarity, direction and peace.

  26. To the Universe..

    Thank you for always having my back. You’ve always had my back. Whenever I let go of my resistance, fear, desperation and surrender to you, I know you’re always there for me. Loving me, guiding me in the right direction. Thank you for helping me figure out my new assignments and gently letting me move onto my new path of freedom, creativity and spreading light to the world.

  27. I am confident in myself and will work to create the world and life I desire, that will benefit both me and those around me. I am able to practice self-love that will lead to growth and allow me to radiate positivity. I have trust in myself and the Universe that I have a purpose and pathway, and everything that happens is for a reason. I can collaborate to merge the Universe’s plan for me and my own personal desires and beliefs to create positivity and light wherever I go and with whomever I interact with.

    Love you Gabby! 🙂

  28. I believe in you, Gabby… the one who provides us these wonderful moments and reminders to root into ourselves.

    I believe in myself, my voice, my choices… and I delight in this dance of life!

    (most of the time:-)

  29. I believe by getting out of my own way and surrendering my faith to the universal higher power I am being divinely supported and with that support I am free to allow happiness, abundance, love, peace, light and creativity to flow effortlessly to me.

  30. Thank you for this book Gabby. Beautiful messages that will transform the lives of many.
    I believe that when i trust the universe I am in flow. Perfect people, meetings, information and guidance appears. I believe when i am ready loving guidance appears by my side. I have faith that all will be well and that my life is unfolding perfectly.

  31. Thank you Gabby, I am so excited to read your book. Fingers crossed it arrives in the post today! Here is my faith statement –
    Everything I need in this lifetime is within me. The things that are meant to be in my life will naturally gravitate towards me. By trusting this and understanding that the universe is in fact pure love I can truly flourish and live up to my name and potential, Ellen – Light & Bright.

  32. I know that I am not only connected to the Universe, but I am an integral part of the energy that it is. I know there is harmony in my life when I am living and speaking this truth. When I align with the Universe, I am honoring my spirit, soul and purpose of this lifetime.

  33. I believe there is a God watching over me and guiding me
    I believe I am in this moment of my life for a reason and it is safe to be honest, authentic and true.
    I believe I can slow down and stop with all the effort, thinking, and directing – I can let go and know I am being taken care of.
    I believe this next phase of my life will be guided by my God and the love in the universe

  34. Thank you Gabby. This has been a nice set of reflection questions. See you this Friday at your book launch in Vancouver. My faith statement is, “I believe that the Universe is and always has been there and as I choose to feel and see it’s guiding Light, like a Lighthouse, it will show me how to set myself FREE”.


    What would your life be like if you knew you were being guided?

    I know I’m being guided. I know I have a purpose and am protected with this.

    What would you do differently if you knew the Universe has your back?

    Just reading this, helps me to be MORE confident, and reiterate this in my mind with every thought, speech and action. I wish I could tattoo this to the back of my eyelids tbh!

    Do you have Spiritual proof that the Universe is in fact, guiding you?

    Yes! I see the number 1 all the time. Often with my thoughts I check the time to see which level of vibration I’m working / thinking with. I started thinking, working and speaking about female energy, and aligning with the moon. With this, I knew my personal cycle was out of alignment, but (not so) strangely, when I checked in with my current cycle, I noticed for the first time it was EXACTLY in sync with the moon cycle, and when I finished, it was a full moon. It was exactly 4 weeks apart! I has synced myself with the divine feminine energy through working, talking about, helping people with, this EXACT topic and energy. My reward was the gift of alignment and a real proof statement for me.

    How does it feel to be in faith?

    Wonderful! It’s my reassurance that I’m being looked after. The proof is a profound KNOW feeling. My husband asks me all the time, “yes but, how do you know? What is your proof?” The answer is, I’m at a level where I don’t need or ask for proof. I just know.

  36. Perfect moment for the perfect exercise! I believe joy is always at my fingertips, I believe love is always within me. I believe guidance is always mine, ready and waiting for me to be open and willing to receive. I believe I am a whole and holy child of the universe; held, cherished, blessed and guided in every moment.

  37. Gabby – thank you so much for this book! So many miracles have happened since starting this book and May Cause Miracles. My faith, intuition, and the Universe give me freedom to take every step out of my comfort zone and toward my higher purpose – helping women and children release fear and spread love in the world. The signs are everywhere and always present.

  38. I fully believe the Universe has my back. I feel the constant high energy of this spiritual presence running through to my very core. The Universe helps me feel safe, guided, supported, and most of all loved. It’s an indescribable feeling of pure joy. I know through the loving energy of the Universe I can reach for the stars and help to create a magical awareness in the hearts of many.

  39. Because I have faith that the universe is guiding me, I can let go and be fearless in my pursuit of taking my life back and living it to the fullest expression of Love, Peace, Hope and Happiness.

  40. I believe everything in my life is meant to be, I am being divinely guided, loved and propelled. I believe the universe is orchestrating something unimaginably wonderful. When I tap into this truth – when I embrace it, this is where I find my joy, my inspiration, my peace.

  41. My Faith Statement:
    I believe I am a perfect child of God and by the grace of God and my angels I have been blessed with a pliant, open heart. I am limitless. I brim over with love that I share freely, joyfully. God and my angels support me in the dimness and in luminosity, inspire me to create and uplift with words, songs and artistic gifts. I am pure light, radiant and life-giving. There are no mistakes only bridges. God is with me on the other side of All.

  42. Perfect timing! I just got to this part last night while reading before bed and stopped because I wanted to be awake and sound before writing my faith statement. Then like magic this email came through to watch this video on creating my faith statement this am! 🙂 #theuniversehasmyback <3

  43. I believe that I am being guided on my life path that will show me the ways to fulfill my life’s purpose, with love and dedication. With the universe by my side, I am present, trusting and fully me. I know that the dreams that I hold in my heart are seeds that the universe has planted in me and for me to gestate, nourish, and give birth to.

  44. I believe my life is guided by the universe every single, breathing moment. A work in progress. I believe that the universe has my back, I am not allowing it to help me all the time. There are layers that weigh me down. Although I have experienced glimpses of the light, I am now ready to open the blinds fully, to let this amazing energy so stong and beautiful, but not controlling. Once again Protected but totally free. My eyes are open to crystal clear awareness.
    I want to accept this guidance and protection to make my life pure, clean and effortless. So powerful that others can see,feel and want the same.

  45. Thank you so MUCH!
    (I’ve been going through a very very difficult time, and this EXERCISE moved me to tears. It instantly moved me back towards kindness, gentleness, connectedness, love, and peace. Which have felt so elusive.)
    I am loved, guided and supported– not in the way I imagined, but in a much greater way.
    Before I act frantically, I can trust, breathe, and listen.
    My as my faith reminds me I am gently guided and loved, I can move in the world with kindness, gentleness, and loving light and trust that things are working out.
    My faith nourishes and calms me as I go into the world and help to remind others of the same.

  46. I believe that I was put here to help people feel comfortable in their own skin. I believe that I have the power to guide people to a place where they can come to know and fully understand that they are perfect just as they are. I believe that the Universe is conspiring with me to establish myself as a healer and a spreader of divine love and light. I believe that the Universe is working through me to create a brighter world.

  47. I believe that when I surrender completely to the Universe, I am supported, loved and a magnet for all abundance. Love flows through me to others and I am a beacon for those who need my service.

  48. I know that the universe is using me as a tool to spread a needed message in tough times, and is teaching me through my own path how to experience true love for myself and others. I trust that every step I make on that path is guided and necessary for me to be a teacher, lover, and friend. I have been held and loved and protected my whole life, and that will continue as I listen for the infinite guidance from nature, trees, my body, and the rest of creation and act from a place of love and not fear. I know that bliss lies in honesty, trust, and generosity, and I am learning every day how to be light and love in the world, knowing that I am not in the driver seat but am instead walking side by side with a guide that loves and nourishes me as her creation, friend, and greatest love. I believe my body is incredible and capable of great feats and acts of creation, and everything is as it should be. I believe that I am a gift, that my life is a gift, and that there is nothing I need to do or become in order to share that gift. I believe that I am a teacher and a student of life simply by being myself and living each day with curiosity, connection, trust, and faith in the abundance and beauty of the universe.

  49. I believe that with the love and backing of the Universe, I am a confident, capable and loving person. I stand ready to receive love and abundance, co-creating my dreams and sharing them with the world.

  50. Loving the book Gabby! My statement is:
    I believe that we are instruments of God/Universe and I want to be so finely tuned that the sound that he is able to make through me is heavenly and brings love and joy to others.

  51. I put my faith into the Universe and I know that the Universe is full of infinite and endless loving energy that is here to guide me. The Universe has my back and I am being guided towards my wildest and most abundant dreams.

  52. I believe in the universal truths. I believe she will guide me to the place of growth within myself to be the light for others to grow. I believe this light will bring forth Love – Joy- Laughter and the abundance of disapline to stay focused on the truest of prizes ( the best version of ME). I am grateful for the lessons in my past that have stretched me beyond my truths, and I trust the lessons that are set before me in the future. I am willing to go through these lessons with an open mind and a loving heart -trusting the universe has my back! ❤️

  53. Thank you Gabby for this wonderful book, I read it slowly because I want to let it melt like a delicious chocolate for my soul.
    My faith statement is: With the help of the Universe, I can do anything. Life smiles to me and I smile to Life+ I believe that Love is so powerful that it can accomplish miracles.

  54. Through my connection with the Unlimited Power and Resources of the Universe, I am guided daily to unapologetically be myself and serve the world for the greatest good of all.

  55. I have loved this book from the very first page and it has opened up such a loving conversation between myself and the Universe again. Here is my faith statement:

    “I believe that the Universe is a loving, guiding presence that is always available to me and is continually working behind the scenes to create opportunities greater than I ever imagined possible. I am never alone due to the loving presence of the Universe and by following the guidance I receive I shall manifest all of my deepest desires – to create a better life, a better world and a better story for everyone!”

    Thank You Gabby for bringing this to the world!

    1. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful faith statement! I’m so happy you’re loving the book. Big love to you! xo

  56. I know that God, that Universal energy, guides me to total awareness and involvement in everything I do so I may feel and experience the joy, the abundance, compassion and love throughout my life and in my daily relationships. I know I am summoned to teach, to share and to learn from others so that I can jump into my dreams & adventures, my purpose, my epic mission…in order to live a prospered and uplifting life and to help to guide others to guide their self to being well. I feel supported in harnessing my intuition and knowingness and in trusting what I don’t yet know, to live a loving life on earth and beyond.

  57. I believe that I am totally protected, loved and guided. That there are no coincidences and that all is part of the orchestra. I believe that ONLY love is real, we are all one. I believe that I am capable, powerful and meant to fulfill my mission here on earth.

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this.
    Love and light

    1. These statements are words’s mine..
      I step aside and let the Divine Guidance of the Universe lead the way.
      I know the Universe is preparing me for my desires. My heart beats so I can be of service to others.
      I am a love vibration, creating loving vibrations with the Universe, for love connects us all.
      My commitment to this world is to share my gifts to create more love, peace, and joy.
      I know that faith, hope and the greatest power of all, LOVE will guide my way on.
      I am the Grace of God.

      Gabby, I am so touched by your loving vibrations. GRATITUDE, LOVE, and Light! Adela

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