How to Get Along with Your Coworkers

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Working with others can be an ego nightmare. Our ego loves to compare ourselves to our coworkers, judge them, hold grudges and gossip.

Whether you have difficult relationships with certain coworkers or just want a more supportive and harmonious work environment, these spiritual tips will help you see your coworkers through the lens of love!

In this video I share my Spirit Junkie tools for creating more positive connections with your coworkers! Learn to let go of resentments and experience miraculous shifts in your workplace.

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  1. Gabby,

    I was wondering, when you pray for people to have the same happiness as you and everything, when you overcome all this suffering and problems you have with others, does that necessarily mean that they will have changed and achieved the same happiness as you as well? I can see the way in a workplace where if they’re not a vibrational match they could end up transferring to another department or changing jobs, but what about family, where you are tied to?

    PS. You look so gorgeous with the nice fancy lighting!! 🙂

  2. Thanks so much Gabby! I am actually dealing with a horribly negative person within my son’s soccer club, and I am going to use this on her. It’s a sad situation, and her negative actions have forced me to make the choice not to be friends with her anymore.

  3. This v-log has come at a perfect time for me. My assistant has recently tried to get me fired by going over my head to my boss over something petty. Although the experience was hurtful and quite frankly pissed me off, I still need to be his boss and mentor. Thanks to my Spirit Junky practice I can honestly say I come to work with nothing but love and support for him and my entire team. Thanks Gabby!

  4. Thanks Gabby! Its like you were watching me at work these last few weeks getting crazy with my own funky crap and calling it someone else’s. I absolutely LOVE the straight up way you talk about stuff.Time for me to get REAL.

  5. I started a new position w a company I’ve been w for a year. A new guy starts and does way better than anticipated. I’ve had to check my attitude around him b/c I’m envious. This was exactly what I needed to hear! My ridiculous ego!

  6. LOVE this Gabby!!! So very true!!! It feels so good to clean out the yuck…thank you for the reminder!!!

  7. Hi, thank you for the vlog, it really helps me a lot to really improve myself and how I see the world.
    This is just great, I am now so positive that i will be enjoy working more!
    Thanks lots?

  8. These are great tips Gabby, thank you. I love this whole aspect of asking yourself where are you feeling lack, negativity or disbelief in yourself. What a powerful aspect of personal responsibility! xo

  9. Uh, i resonated so much with your vlog today! I work in an office consisting of all females and one male (who pretty much tunes us all out). Talk about funky crap and we are all bringing it:) I have been working on this for some time as I have, what i percieve a bully, and have noticed when i go in questioning myself or feeling insecure she can smell it! I have realized that I have been allowing this to go on for so long. When I go to the office feeling confident and with a positive attitude and with kindness and compassion in my heart the energy shifts and others feel it. It’s a beautiful thing. Be the change you want to see in the world. Love this community! Thanks Gabby;)

  10. ugh! I’m trying to be patient and helpful. I was hired a month ago, but the person who is in charge of me is not training me or giving me a schedule. In fact is not allowing me to do anything other that sit there on her days off. The person who did hire me is also out of the office all of the time. I don’t know what it is I am supposed to do other than dust shelves or help customers. I could look at the internet all day, but feel like I’m a waste of space in doing so. I am highly qualified to run this boutique and I just want to be valued for my skills. This woman is shutting me out. Help!

  11. Great Vlog! And great advice for dealing with challenging coworkers. Thanks for reminding me that however you feel about someone or something is always a reflection of how you feel about yourself. And the difficult coworker, or even difficult friend or romantic interest are there to teach you about yourself and help you learn and grow.
    Thanks again!

  12. As always, your message comes at just the right time gorgeous. I am about it head back to the mountains of Australia for last last bartending stint before I start focusing on my own business. Last winter, I wasnt treated very well. But already I am starting to pray and send blessings to my employers. I affirm that my income is increasing and that my bosses respect me and appreciate my work. This is so important. If I project that I{m going to get back there and have a shitty time, I most likely will. Im coming into this work environment with a lot more patience and compassion this time, and Ive got the likes of you, Louise Hay and Wayne Dyer to thank. Cheers woman!

  13. Wow….I am really realizing the negative sh** that I bring in. Whoa…didn’t realize. I set myself up for failure and guess what I get? I work for myself and often feel like the outsider with clients/vendors, etc. Well duh….I put myself in that space. Thanks, GB, for some profound realizations here! Wow!

  14. Hi Gabrielle, thanks for the vlog about co-workers I am a nurse and find it really hard to be able to connect to people at work. I will try these tools you provided. Thanks so much, rock on sister!!!!!!!

  15. I tried this so many times with my co workers, never worked so I quit my job and I am happier than ever looking for new experiences

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