Focus on the Good Stuff When You Collaborate with Other People on Projects

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Note: Updated in July 2018 for clarity and additional resources.

Working with others can be a lot of fun, but it can also be your chief source of stress. Most of us were never taught the art of healthy collaboration. As a result, working with other people on projects can be tricky.

Every collaboration is different

In any collaboration you’re dealing with different personalities and energy. When your energy doesn’t flow with someone else’s, completing even basic tasks can be a massive struggle.

I’ve collaborated with many different people. I collaborate with agents, assistants, family members, friends and clients. Sometimes the relationships seem to flow naturally. But in other situations it’s been tedious and frustrating.

How to collaborate on work projects

I’m committed to a peaceful and joyous life. So I came up with my best practice for collaborating with other people on projects!

This tip applies to work projects as well as projects in your personal life. In the video I share a story about working with a contractor on my home, for example.

If you struggle to get along with the people you collaborate with, then watch this video or keep reading for my guidance!

Focus on the good stuff when you collaborate

One day recently, my husband and I were going through a long list of things that we needed to do. We’d just bought a new home, which is a tremendous blessing. But when you buy a home it comes with a lot of things you need to do.

We were collaborating with a contractor on some projects. We started to get overwhelmed with the projects, saying things like, “We have to do this, and that, and this. We can’t forget this other thing. Oh my God, there’s so much to do. The contractor isn’t doing it fast enough.”

If you’ve ever moved or done construction, you are familiar with this. We were stuck in a negative story and a low-vibe conversation. One night I was going to bed and I felt myself reaching a breaking point. I was like, “I feel crazy.”

Energy flows where my intention goes | Gabby Bernstein | The Universe Has Your Back card deckI sat up in bed and said to my husband, “Listen, we have to stop. We have to choose higher-vibe thoughts. We have to use words that are empowering. If we speak poorly about the contractor not showing up, he’s not going to show up. If we send energy to the house that’s negative, we will have negative experiences in the house.”

I reminded him of a core spiritual lesson: Focus on the good stuff. We made a commitment together. We said, “Together we are going to focus on the good stuff. We are going to remind one another when we go to the negative place that we need to come back and stay on that path of positive thoughts.”

It’s working. Things are changing. The contractors are showing up and things are in motion. We’re focusing on the good stuff and enjoying the collaboration!

Focusing on the good stuff is a big part of ensuring you follow through on your projects.

Bring others into your positive practice

My joy empowers others to be joyful too | Spirit Junkie appThe world is going to reflect back to you what you say, what you think and the vibes that you put out. When you’re collaborating with other people, this positive practice isn’t just about you. You must bring your collaborators into the practice.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s a loved one, a coworker, a friend or even your child. Bring them in and focus on the good stuff together! You’ll experience a lot of shifts when you truly collaborate.

Are you collaborating with someone who doesn’t resonate with spiritual language? In that case, just shift the words you use. Instead of talking about high-vibe thoughts or manifesting, talk about focusing on the good stuff. Talk about positivity. Emphasize that you want the project to be enjoyable for everyone.

Even if you simply shift your energy, other people will feel it. They’ll feel your energy change, and it’ll raise their energy too. Lean toward joy and invite them to join you. This is the key to having healthy, happy collaborations.

Inspire others by doing what inspires you

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