Check Out My Altar and Learn How to Make Your Own Sacred Space

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When I was growing up, my mother had an altar. This sacred space in her room held pictures of her guru, crystals, candles, incense and beautiful spiritual scriptures. Each day she’d sit in front of her altar reciting mantras in meditation.

As a young girl I wanted an altar too. When I grew up and embraced my own Spirit Junkie path, I created a sacred space of my own.

In this video I invite you to check out my altar and learn how to make your own. Tweet it!

My altar is a holy place in my home where I pray and meditate. It holds space for my dreams and visions, and it’s where I surrender my desires to all the guides who came before me.

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  1. OMG I JUST DID A DOUBLE TAKE, a piece of me is on the spirit junkie alter!
    So perfect!

    Sat Nam!
    PS. Yogi Bhajan keeps showing up in my dreams, do you know the symbolism? I tried looking it up
    What else should I do to feel more connected to him?

  2. I love it! I couldn’t sleep, so all of a sudden I remembered that your vlog was probably up and came to check it out. Now I have to work on making my own beautiful altar!

    Where did you get those blue and green candles that have those beautiful words wrapped around them?

      1. I am dying to find out where I can get those candles with the inspirational words on them. I’ve done a google search and reverse image search and have come up with nothing. Any idea where to find them? LOVED this video and LOVE your books!

  3. I want to create an altar but I face resistance on location and space in the house. I have two spare rooms, one has a double bed which takes up too much room so I can’t create anything in there. The other spare room is full of my son’s toys and lego so it isn’t a calming place because normally it is messy with toys. My bedroom doesn’t have alot of space either. This is my dilemma I feel like I am making excuses because I am a) playing small in my life and not living to my fullest potential with my business and b) worried about being judged if I have my altar in a location where friends and family see it…

    Any advice?

    1. Hey Michelle. I agree with Gabby. Use one of your spare rooms to make a zen den. Maybe put your son’s toys in the room with the double bed or in the attic or basement of your house, if you have one, and then make that room your zen den. I have my altar in a space where anyone coming into my apartment can see it and I’ve actually had criticism from some people about it. But, what I realized was that they didn’t understand what the altar was for and at the time, I didn’t know fully either, so my lack of knowledge came out as defensiveness and insecurity. It made me realize that I needed to know more about what the purpose of my altar is so that I wouldn’t have to be ashamed of it and could share what it means with curious people (and thanks to Gabby, I am a lot more informed, so I am so grateful for this vlog!!). If you are criticized for having your altar, stand firm that it is part of your communication with spirit and no one else needs to agree with it or understand it for it to be “okay” or validated. It’s part of your spiritual journey and you, with the help of spirit, call the shots. I hope this helps 🙂

      1. First of all, I love the concept of the “zen den.” Secondly, I have a similar situation with lack of private space. I am taking about making a portable altar that can be quickly packed away and easily set up. Has anyone done that? Peace

        1. For portability I would suggest picking just 1-3 items which are beautiful/meaningful to you (and hopefully small and light) and placing them on a shelf where ever you are.

          I’ve just had to create a makeshift altar while I’m moving, so all I have is one candle and one book on mine. I’m surprised to find I like this very simple altar a lot better – it feels very clear and uncluttered, and the title of book (the Joy Diet) focuses me on why I want to meditate.

          1. What a wonderful idea. I think of an altar as a type of vision board as well. I am inspired now to make one in my home – just can’t think of the perfect space– but for mine I am thinking to put some photos of my visions for me and my family, crystals, candles, Sage, paleo santo, book maybe fresh flowers for where the water will be and also of course never without my essential oils.

    2. Michelle, I have a small alter on a shelf in my home office. You don’t need something big. I do love the idea of a zen den, however you don’t need something big to create something sacred to you. x

  4. Hi Gabby!
    Loved seeing you explain your alter. I’ve seen it in all the publications that you’ve been featured in…but seeing it in video was so moving. Thank you! I know how sacred that is. A Copy of Add More ~ing is on my altar. I couldn’t not include you on there! You helped me to re-connect in so many ways. Since that time, things have flourished and I am so grateful to you. Your presence motivates me to keep going as I build my business and trust that my book will be published someday soon too. So much love to you! xoxo

  5. Love my altar! It’s my daily reminder to sit down and check in with my guides before I start my day! Thanks for this Gabby! I just wrote a blog post about this very thing a few weeks ago!

    1. I would love to read your blog post. We had a scared space in our family room and I tried to include the kids a few years ago with pretty sea shells and rocks. Candles etc. but now I’ve got a collection of crystals and as much as I’d like to include them I will create it in my bedroom I think so I can do it right when I wake up. With the other one I ended up one day just being really stressed out from all the clutter and cleared it to put a bookshelf instead – it was at the base of our brick fireplace.

  6. I love your alter, I have an amazing alter, I had no idea really what it was, I just reflexively began building it. It brings me positive energy around things I’m working towards and things I’m grateful for !
    Thanks for sharing!

  7. Thanks for the reminder.I have wanted to make an altar and actually started one but the location is not right for me.I would like a more intimate space.So far the area where I do my journaling and praying seems more appropriate even if it’s a smaller space.I will be working it out.

  8. Gabby,
    Thank you…you have reignited my desire to be close to God. I love that you have given me permission to be “hip” and spiritual. I especially love the John of God triangle. Is that something you got in Brazil, or is it something we could make or buy locally?

    Much love, Mairead (rhymes with parade)

      1. I’m so glad you suggested that! I searched all over the internet for one and could not find one. Yesterday I decided that I will just have to make one. <3

  9. We are on the same wavelength! I’ve been working on my altar for the past week and have been wondering how to go about it! Thanks so much!!!

  10. It’s interesting because I have cleansing spaces in my home as well as have created temporary altars or traveling altars, but I have not yet created one single altar space. I think there would be a great benefit to it so I’ll let you know what I come up with! I feel most sacred outside so I think my ideal would be to have an outdoor altar or one by a window. In the house where I grew up we have a sun room with two walls of windows and lots of plants and I think my dream is to create another space like that for my future altar. Getting all tingly just thinking about it!! Thank you, Gabby! xoxo

  11. Now this is something I need to do. I totally get how meaningful symbols can set the mind straight for meditation…especially on the days it seems harder to focus. Thanks, lady! -xo-

  12. Thank you for sharing your alter Gabby! I’m finishing up my Hatha yoga program & starting my Kundalini teacher training in a few weeks. You have taught me how to transform my life through manifesting & I will forever be grateful for your inspiration!!
    Much love,

  13. I know someone who turned a tiny unused coat closet into a tiny meditation space.She built a raised platform with storage under it . A tiny alter and wall hangings make it super cozy and oh so special.

  14. Thank you so much for sharing so freely with us Gabby! I have been wanting to make an alter since I did MCM for the first time. My hubby and I just manifested our little dream home in San Diego, we will be moving in at the end of March and I will finally have space (going from 500 sq. ft. to 720 sq. ft. yeah!) to have an alter of my own. This video is perfect timing! Peace and Love to you!

  15. Something weird has been happening with the sound the past few videos! Totally silent! (Strange :-/)

    Not happening with other videos (including some of your older ones). Any ideas?

      1. Haha, yes, that occurred to me, too 🙂 Volume’s on, and, as I said, other videos are working fine. Might just remain a mystery!

  16. My sacred space is sitting on the floor in front of my bedroom window. This is where I go to meditate and pray. I have my vision board, my mission statement, and quotes taped to the walls. When I sit here I gather whatever I feel I need, my candles, crystals etc… Those I keep on my nightstand beside my bed. The window overlooks our beautiful pond and fields. I feel so safe and protected in this space. I love the idea of adding water. Thank you for that! I have a question about crystals. I heard that you should keep them private and not let others see them? Is that true and if so why?

  17. This is my fave Spirit Junkie vlog to date! I loved being invited into your zen den and felt like I was in the room with you. Your light was shining so bright!!

    Thank you for sharing your sacred space with us and inspiring me to transform my space. I’m excited to create my alter and can’t wait to show you pics. xoxo

  18. HI Gabby,

    You are apart of my spiritual unfoldment ! 🙂 I have been following you since 2012 and had NO idea how important a role your sharing would have on my life journey. You are doing GREAT work and your light is SHINING as bright as the stars! Thank you and LOVE & LIGHT to you.

    Sat Nam

  19. I did the most amazing transformative work at my altar – have moved house to impermanent places twice since then and haven’t had an altar for over two years now – not good!! I still have lots of my treasures waiting to go back on my altar, need to find a nice table to put it all on – what is yours made of? Just a piece of furniture? a table? I love how biiiggg it is! I am now inspired to have a much bigger altar when I set mine up again. Love and thanks xxxx

  20. What a beautiful alter. Thanks for sharing. I have to say how “coincidental” that I saw this vlog today. As a novice in my spiritual journey, I was just listening to a lecture today on finding the time to meditate and I was thinking of creating an alter and Then I see this vlog 😉
    Thank you!

  21. This alter rocks! Beautiful beautiful! Personally there is no other place for me to meditate or focus then sitting in front of the big glass doors at the back of my home that look out into the forest and overlook a creek. The super tall trees and the sound of the flowing water are all I need. I guess nature is my alter as it is what calms, refocuses, and spiritually enlightens me 🙂 Big love to you!

  22. My altar is covered in a silk embroidered scarf from India that was given to me in 2006, and at the back of it against the wall is my huuuuge vision board with photos and mantras. On the altar itself are candles, a whole sand dollar I found on the beach after my birthday last year, angel figurines, found feathers, pictures of the Archangel Gabriel, Lakshmi, Durga and St Therese of Lisieux and a little statue of Kuan Yin. My passport holder is also on there in anticipation of exciting adventures to come!

  23. Hey Gabby. I have been receiving your emails for a few years now and find them very inspirational. I saw your altar blog and I have to say that the moment you put your new book on your altar you could feel something shift.
    Now that is what I call a good altar. keep up the good work and keep on inspiring us. Lots of love and blessings from Canada. Ildi

  24. So beautiful! I have been wanting to make a sacred space in my spare bedroom for meditation and yoga. This video helped me to envision it and create a place that’s much more than a spot to unroll my mat. Thanks! xoxo

  25. What an inspiring message Gabby! Your vlog today reminded me to re-create my altar in my current living space. I had one in my space before I got married and moved. I feel, like you say in your vlog,-its such a beautiful sacred space and I believe it’s where magic happens :).
    Time to re-create one in our new space!! Thanks for the reminder ;)!

  26. I went anti altar a few years back due to my husbands family condemning my worship and practice. Its been long I have craved some form of an altar. Recently I put this together. I am trying to include what calls to me rather than what I grew up with. Buddha, Ganesha and Himalaya the abode of shiva in the form of the himalayan salt rock lamp. I have water representing parvathi or ganges.I have my infant jesus novino prayer, my bhagvatgita, and meditations from Pramahamsa Yoganand. Its beautiful to see and experience the same essence in these 3 books. I also have an offering bowl to offer thank you notes or place a special prayer. I have a bowl for dhoop (smoky incense from south India), palosanto or copal.

    This space keeps me grounded and anchors me through the dance of life.
    Also, provides the space to meditate and connect with myself and the divine who blessed my body with her presence.

    Love to all
    Nivedita ( means Devotion)

  27. Morning Gabby, I loved the vlog on the Altar and you inspired me to do one for myself. I started last night. Without knowing it, I had done my evening homework for day 9 of MCM ?. I had question, if you could answer, I would appreciate. I want to burn sage throughout my place and this would be the first time. Is there a proper way to do so?
    Thank you ! ~ Xo

  28. G’day beautiful Gabby. Thank you for sharing your sacred space with us all. For me, an alter is imperative. When I travel for long periods of time, I carry my ‘alter’ or objects from my alter in my Mesa (from Peru). I obviously can not carry my John of God Triangle or large crystals with me in my backpack, but I do carry a small triangle & small crystals with me in my Mesa (among other things). I also set up my MacBook Air as an alter of sorts – on the desk top – to help keep me focused. I’d love to hear about other travel alter ideas. I also have a manifesting folder, both tangible & on my Mac. This is a space for journaling & self reflection, appreciation & appreciation intentions, a transportable vision board etc. From one spirit junkie to another… Much Love & Appreciation, Leisa.

  29. I’m thinking of making my own, but I’m struggling to know what to put on mine. Do you (or anyone reading) have any tips of where to start?

  30. I have tried for two years to manifest something very specific. I found out today that it definitely is not going to happen. My spirit is feeling crushed. “Am I not doing this right?” “Am I not (enough/worthy/etc)?” “What now?” Girlfriend, how do you keep so positive and move forward when it doesn’t work out?

  31. I have always been curious and loved the sneak peaks of your altar in the past! Thank you for taking the time to give us a detailed look at your sacred space. It’s amazing. You look so comfortable and relaxed there.

    I have a studio in the city which makes space tricky however I converted the top of my dresser into my manifestation stage. Will share on IG shortly!!

    Love & Light!

  32. Mine looks that when I start. However, my 4 yo granddaughter, Samia, likes to take the small Buddha statues and put them on the candelabra (neatly arranged on a silver plate). Then she, well, you get the idea!

  33. I grew up in Haiti and my mom and my aunt always and all her friends had religious altars in the house. we have a Virgin Mary altar in our backyard. I have one in my bedroom! thanks for sharing!

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  35. Hey Gabby! I recently had my cards read and it was recommended to me to build an altar for me ex…to help me in letting him go. Is that a different type of altar then the one you’ve made in your home? I would love some guidance on this…thanks so much!!!

  36. i am being critized by my junior brother because i.have an altar in my room.and he saying lots of negative things .But am ready to defend my altar.

  37. Hi Gabby!

    Thanks for the insightful video! Meditation/prayer is new to me, so this was very helpful!

    P.S. This is a bit off-topic, but I LOVE your top! May I ask where you got it?

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