New and Classic Videos on Spirituality and Happiness: Check Out My IGTV Channel!

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I’m so excited that Instagram recently launched IGTV! Now I have an awesome new way to share videos with you.

If you’re not familiar with IGTV, it’s a new feature on Instagram that lets you share videos that are up to 10 minutes long. We’re not limited to super-short clips anymore! This is great, because now I can upload longer clips from my lectures and workshops. Or just turn on my camera at home and riff!

Basically, you’ll see that I’m sharing a mix of short and longer videos so you can get a quick hit of inspiration or join me for more of a spiritual deep dive. Either way you’ll get spiritual lessons and tips so you can amp up your happiness fast!

How to watch my IGTV videos

It’s really easy to watch my IGTV channel. Just go to my profile in the Instagram app and click on the TV icon. It’s just to the left of my highlighted Instagram Stories.

If you’re reading this blog post on your computer right now, I suggest you open the app on your phone and check out my profile @gabbybernstein. There you can see my IGTV and follow me so you don’t miss any videos!

What you can expect from my IGTV channel

Here’s a little sample of what you can expect from my IGTV channel. You can click this link to check it out on Instagram and leave a comment.

Keep reading for a longer breakdown of the lesson I teach in this video…

Ask the Universe for what you want!

Do not be shy, Spirit Junkies. Ask the Universe for what you want! You have full freedom and permission to ask for whatever your heart desires.

The only way to deactivate a thought is to deliberately activate another thought. In this video I talk about how I was worried about the internet messing up during my talk and ruining the live stream. I had to deactivate the thought. So I chose again. My new thought became, “Everyone is joining us on Livestream tonight.” That new thought felt better. It moved me and changed my energy.

If you’re struggling to get a negative thought out of your head, then make your new thought a mantra. Every time that negative thought pops into your head, deliberately switch to your positive mantra. You can even write it down.

When you activate the new, positive thought, you change your energy. And that is what the Universe responds to: energy.

You’re always asking the Universe for something — whether you want what you’re asking for or not. Every thought you have is a request that you send to the Universe. Your thoughts have a vibrational frequency that emits energy. That energy is picked up and then boomeranged back to you.

Every thought you have is manifesting something into your life. So every time you ask, consciously or unconsciously, the Universe delivers.

You might be thinking, “I can’t control every thought that comes into my head.” Don’t sweat it. You don’t have to monitor every thought. But you can pay closer attention to your thoughts. You can catch yourself when they start spiraling into negativity. Just start the practice of becoming aware of your thoughts and activating better-feeling thoughts.

Sometimes you may not be able to activate a really positive thought and that’s okay. If your anxiety is very heightened and your mind is racing, slow down that momentum with this thought: “I want to feel better. I know the Universe has my back.” Repeat this thought. It is a prayer and a request to the Universe. Trust in that and then pay attention to the guidance and help you receive!

What I want you to take away from this video is that you have the power to manifest what you want. All you have to do is ask the Universe for it. Activate a new thought and put your energy behind that.

The really beautiful thing about IGTV is that I have other videos on my channel right now that will help you raise your vibration and embrace feeling GOOD!

Other lessons I’m sharing on IGTV…

There’s a lot more on my IGTV channel. Check it out for videos on spirituality and happiness! (Remember: If you’re reading this post on your computer, it’s best to open the Instagram app on your phone and go to my profile @gabbybernstein there.)

I’m going to be adding to my IGTV all the time. Right now you can find videos about:

  • What happens when we wake up to our spirit
  • The key to manifesting
  • The importance of meditation
  • The power of asking the Universe for what you want
  • What to do when someone is blocking your high vibes
  • How following the fun lets your life flow
  • What to do when you feel judged

Check out my Instagram here. Make sure you’re following me so you get my newest videos!

I’m having a lot of fun with this and I’m psyched to serve you in a new way! Leave a comment and let me know what you’d like to see!

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  1. Thank you ! Thank you! Thank you! I love your videos, quotes, and recipies 🙂 Ive checked the IGVT Channel, is there anyway to get updates when a new video is ON? Recently I have felt lot of anxiety and disconection with my purposes…. my son is 18 now! and will travel abroad for 10 months, it makes me feel happy for him, anxious, a mix of feelings. … how can I control anxiety more? Congrats for your baby! all the best energies from Quito, Ecuador. Karla

    1. I’m excited that you’re connecting with the videos Karla! Please check the orange banner across IGTV for new video notifications. Many thanks for all the baby love <3 If you're experiencing anxiety, please try the helpful breathing exercise in my blog post on alternate nostril breathing. Even practicing for one minute can help you feel calm and grounded XOX

  2. Absolutely Amazing, You have helped transform me from a once opiod addict to a man, father and new Fiance with an inner peace that is loving and is full of God’s Grace , you along with Pastor Steve Furtick w Elevation church has inspired me to be what I am today and My family thank’s you.. Keep allowing your gifts to glow and brighten this earth Gabby!!

  3. Absolutely AMAZING, I am smitten as a fan and as an admirer of all your work, it has transformed my life in such a positive and amazing way.. 1 yr ago I was a opiod addict with over 13 surgeries and have since turned my life over to the lord and I also thank you Gabby and Pastor Steven Furtick with Elevation church for a miracle transformation!! Keep sharing the glow of your gifts with the world and we will change one human being at a time!!

    1. I’m grateful that you’re connecting with this work Eric! Congratulations on your recovery. Keep shining your bright light!

  4. Thanks for inspiring me. I feel to inspire a lot of people with your help in the future. I follow your level 1 training right now and hope to see you in the future in real life.
    Lots of LOVE ♥

  5. Recently discovered you~ Thank Goodness! You Rock! Loving everything you have to share. Totally awesome!xo

  6. Thanks for the guidance Gabby.
    I am a survivor of abuse, etc. and have many health issues. I learned from many teachings but they didn’t seem to help me truly let go.
    I realized from reading your teachings that in holding on, I was harming myself. Although my abuse came from my abusers, I was choosing to replay that abuse and continue harming myself. In some cases I can’t even remember exactly who my abusers were because I blocked it out. In others, I forgave them. I can’t be around all of them, the pains to much in some cases but I’ve forgiven them. Memories would come in peices though and often the ones that would harm me most. I didn’t deserve that and truly believed that not dealing with it, was dealing with it. Thank you for helping me truly put my past behind me. I’ve been through so much that it’s a daily process. The truth is though that we all have issues we struggle with. I am no different.
    My question is how do I get my family and friends to see that? How do I get them to break free from their shell? What if they don’t open their minds and let go? I am thinking about moving but what if I can’t? Do I deserve freedom if my own family doesn’t want freedom? Am I being selfish?
    I do trust that the universe will provide but tend to question that when around family. They don’t mean to but tend to drag me into negative thinking. My friends then don’t want to be around me, which makes it even harder. Should I let go of the fact that I may not be able to save them. They did try being vegan after my becoming vegan and talking about Kris Carrs crazysexyjuice nonstop. That means that small things can help them want to be free, doesn’t it?
    Anyway, thanks your book Judgement detox is one that has helped a lot! I thought because of that I’d ask.

    1. Angela, thank you for this beautiful and brave share. You’re doing amazing work. As we step into our light, it’s natural to want to lift up and heal others. By continuing to share your powerful and transformative healing story, you’ll do just that. Remember that everyone is on their own healing journey at a pace that works for them. Leave the door open for friends and family to be on board, but allow them to come to their own conclusions rather than push in a certain direction. Your inspiring journey and all of your work is a major act of self care and self love, as is deciding to move and making your needs a priority. Sending you lots of love. Keep shining your light!

  7. Thanks Gaby for sharing all your valuable thoughts and practices ❤
    I would love to know your thoughts on asking the universe for whatever is important to you and at the same time believing in the fact that the universe has a better plan than we do. I somehow find those thoughts contradictive…could you share a little something in that?
    Thank you soooo much,
    Loads of love from Zuzan

  8. Thanks Gaby for sharing all your valuable thoughts and practices ❤️
    I would love to know your thoughts on asking the universe for whatever is important to you and at the same time believing in the fact that the universe has a better plan than we do. I somehow find those thoughts contradictive…could you share a little something in that?
    Thank you soooo much,
    Loads of love from Zuzan

    1. Beautiful question Zuzan. When you get clarity on your dreams and desires, share them with the universe, and take action steps to reach those dreams. Remember to allow rather than push. When we allow, the universe works with us. Often things show up in a different way that we expected, so remember to stay open to all the amazing possibilities!

  9. Thank you Gabby for these amazing e-mails! I’m having hard time in my life but these e-mails and your book “The Universe has your back” has supported me so much during my journey. I’m new in relationship with Universe but still I know I can make it! Greetings Pepifrom Finland!

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