7 Steps to Change Your Habits

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The way to change a bad habit is to replace it with a good habit. Sounds simple, but so many of us struggle to change. Sometimes we can’t change a habit until we get ourselves out of a negative cycle.

In this video, I lay out 7 steps to undo old habits. Watch now!

We need to undo old habits before we can form new habits. Here are 3 ways to get started. 


Notice Your Fault-Finding Voice

Gabby Bernstein Card Deck-Thank you universeWe all have a voice within us that is constantly finding fault. When that voice gets activated, we often fall into a bad habit of avoiding dealing with the thoughts and feelings behind those judgments. The next time you notice your fault-finding voice judging or criticizing you, speak back to it! You can say, “Thank you for sharing, but I don’t believe in you. I can change my thoughts right now.” So many of us have lived with habitual patterns of looking for problems and finding fault. We have to learn to redirect and create a new habit of grounding ourselves in the truth of who we are—which is happiness, joy, peace, and sharing that happiness, joy, and peace with grace. That’s what we’re here for. 

Commit to Your Personal Growth Journey

It can be helpful to find a spiritual method, personal growth practice, or even a book that resonates with you at this time. Commit to this method, then step back and allow the Universe to support the process. Instead of trying to change your bad habits, create positive ones. Give yourself about two weeks to practice new personal growth methods, and you should notice your negative habits subside. When you commit to feeling good, you no longer have the same tolerance for feeling bad. 

May Cause Miracles-Gabby Bernstein


Find a roadmap for personal growth practices designed to create change in my book May Cause Miracles—A 40-Day Guidebook of Subtle Shifts for Radical Change and Unlimited Happiness.

Celebrate Letting Go

Acknowledge that letting go of control is an achievement, because when we’re stuck in a chronic state of trying to control everything in our lives, it’s really a chronic state of trying to make ourselves feel safe. We believe that if we can control other people, our circumstances, our timelines, our manifestations, our health—whatever it may be—we will be safe. But it’s not so. When we actually fully surrender, we start to trust in a plan beyond our own, we start to allow and accept what is, and we begin to lead from a place of inspiration rather than manipulation. That’s when we realize that surrender is our greatest source of safety.

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