Make Money, Change The World

What is B-School?

This incredibly in-demand course has thousands of graduates, and it’s NO surprise why.


B-School alumni have gone on to:

  • Create 6- and 7-figure businesses.
  • Grow their list sizes from hundreds to tens of thousands.
  • Build highly recognizable brands.
  • Become industry leaders and well-known experts in their field.

B-School teaches how to build standout brands, market with power, and create an online presence that changes the world — and earns serious money.

Is B-School for you?

If so, my friend, then B-School is for you!

The training is released in weekly modules and includes two full weeks of implementation and live group coaching.

Each week’s module is filled with step-by-step training videos, done-for-you templates, resource lists and worksheets. Members have 24/7 access to the private B-School member site to view the training videos and materials.

You’ll experience live group coaching calls where Marie will walk you through the program, answer questions and offer strategic advice. The community is also extraordinarily active and robust, which helps support you as you take action and receive the highest value from the training

B-School also offers outstanding advanced bonus training modules on PR, DIY tech training, basic metrics, social media, productivity, how to get outstanding testimonials, behind the scenes of the B-School launch, and more.

I can testify that Marie is a full-time miracle worker. Her mission is to help you shed old fears and negative patterns that have limited your success so you can create a business and a life you love.


When you join B-School through THIS registration page, you’ll get $1,999 in BONUSES to help you build your business faster!

Bonus 12 Group Success Coaching Calls with Me Bonus 2God Is My Publicist Training
Bonus 3My “Bundle of Miracles” Courses Bonus 4$500 Gift Certificate for My Masterclass Trainings

Sign up for B-School here and score these 4 bonuses!


BONUS 1: 2 Group Success Coaching Calls with Me (Valued at $899)!

When you sign up for B-School here, you’re going to get live access to me for 2 group coaching calls. On these calls I’ll take you through my proven process for building a financially abundant business. Every session will have a 30 minute lesson followed by a Q&A where you can ask me anything! This is the perfect complement to what you’ll be learning in B-School.

This group coaching isn’t like others — it gets you into action FAST. You’ll start making moves during Week 1 and you’ll walk away from Week 2 with a clear plan and direction on how to grow your business and have more fun doing it.

Here’s what you can expect from Group Success Coaching:

  • Week 1: Raise your self-worth, raise your net worth.

    We’ll start by clearing all the limiting beliefs that hold you back from earning for your great work. You know these thoughts: I’m not good enough; I don’t have the chops; everyone else has done it. You’ll wipe away fear and insecurity so you can set yourself up for beautiful work and limitless earning.

  • Week 2: How to make big money doing big work!

    I’ll lift the veil on how I turned my passion into my paycheck. I’ll tell you my insider methods for making money doing awesome work that inspires you and serves the world. I’ll get intimate with the details and reveal it all!

Bonus 2: God Is My Publicist Training (Valued at $200)



In this 7-part video training I share my practical and spiritual tools for manifesting media for your message.

    We’ll cover:
  • How to clarify your message by creating a Desire Statement for your publicity plan and connecting to the service behind your brand.
  • Understanding your core audience and becoming conscious of their media consumption.
  • Creating a wish list using the manifestation process to target the media outlets (print, online, TV, social media) that are most applicable to your brand message and core adopters.
  • My 5-step creative process for developing an authentic pitch story that will energetically spark media interest.
  • Executing a spiritual follow-up that guides you to release all outcomes and reinforce the most important tool for manifesting media: patience.

BONUS 3: The Bundle of Miracles (Valued at $400)

I’m offering 3 of my most powerful digital courses to help you create radical change in your life. All of these courses are 100% online and allow you to go at your own pace, wherever and whenever you want!


Course 1: True Power Workshop

This energizing workshop is a series of streaming audios and videos from my Australian tour. In this program, I teach my favorite techniques to combat our most common problems, from anxiety and addiction to burnout and resentment. Taking inspiration and lessons from some of the greatest spiritual teachings, I offer up spirit-based principles, meditations and practical tools to help you release all the blocks to your true power.


Course 2: Fearless Relationships

I will guide you to release relationship fear and embrace the fullness of love. This workshop gives you ALL the tools you need to heal past wounds and let go of your fear right now, so you can create empowering relationships in the present.


Course 3: May Cause Miracles

The May Cause Miracles 6-week digital course is based on my New York Times best-selling book. This course will help you create beautiful, radical change by adding up subtle shifts every day and every week. Through each simple shift, you’ll be consistently choosing love and acceptance to transform your life in awe-inspiring ways you may never have thought possible.


Bonus 4: $500 Gift Certificate for Masterclass Trainings (Valued at $500)

This bonus is a gift certificate for $500 to either of my masterclasses and is especially close to my heart...

I’ve created 2 transformational and life-changing trainings called The Spirit Junkie Masterclass and The Bestseller Masterclass. Alumni from these trainings have gone on to publish books, lead moving TED talks, transition their careers, and turn their missions into movements.

I hear so many people talk about the amazing work they want to share with the world. They meditate on it and they hold deep visions of greatness. But they don’t actually pursue their dreams … because fear stands in their way.

As a spiritual teacher, it's incredibly important to me to help you share your work with the world and say YES to your dreams. The world needs your light, and you deserve to live a life of inspiration, service and fulfillment. When you show up for your dreams, you begin living. I can testify to this.

These masterclass trainings create major miracles.

If you’re ready to amp up your game, honor your mission and actually DO the work you’ve been dreaming of, The Spirit Junkie Masterclass training is for you.

If you’re called to share your stories, lessons and messages through books to change the world and grow your presence to reach new audiences, The Bestseller Masterclass training is for you.

I’m offering a $500 gift certificate to either of these trainings for anyone who enrolls in B-School here!

(Plus you can even gift your certificate to a friend. Do you know someone who’d love the chance to turn their passion into a paycheck? Imagine how thrilled they’d be if you gave them this $500 gift certificate to put toward one of my masterclass trainings!)

This $500 certificate NEVER EXPIRES.

Are you ready?

Get your great work seen and talked about by more people than you ever dreamed of...

just like I did!

Please note that signing up for B-School here does not obligate you to take the Spirit Junkie Masterclass or Bestseller Masterclass. You can simply rock out with B-School and enjoy my bonus gifts today. You’re eligible to receive my B-School bonus gifts listed above ONLY if you register for B-School through this link, complete B-School, and are current on all payments. The bonuses will be released March 17, 2020. Please note that the $500 voucher cannot be used in conjunction with the Spirit Junkie Masterclass Alumni discount offer or in conjunction with an affiliate bonus.

I'm a proud affiliate partner of Marie Forleo’s B-School because I used it when I was building my own business and I know it works! I may earn a referral fee by linking to Marie’s program.