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Let me support you as you read the book!

I’m so psyched you’re reading Super Attractor! On this page you’ll find the resources I mention in the book. These resources will support you as you read Super Attractor and enhance your manifesting practice.

Download this high-res image from the Super Attractor card deck as a reminder that the Universe has big plans for you! Enjoy the card and click here if you’d like to purchase the full deck.

Meditation for Lifting the Veil

This meditation is in Chapter 5 of Super Attractor. It’s a beautiful and moving practice of stepping into the world of light so you can be restored to the truth of who you are. You’ll transcend the energy of this physical plane and step into a place of pure love.

Vision-Making Meditation

The Vision-Making Meditation is found in Chapter 8 as part of the Spiritually Aligned Action Method.

In this meditation I guide you to visualize your desire in detail and feel deeply inspired by it so you can bring it into form. Meditating on the service and inspiration behind your desire helps you believe you are worthy of bringing it to life and attracts massive Universal support.

Get the Full Super Attractor Meditation Album

If you want audio guidance for all the meditations in Super Attractor (plus 2 bonus tracks), you can order the Super Attractor Meditation Album for just $11.11! You’ll get instant access to this digital album, which includes these guided meditations:

Morning Mantras

Start your day with empowering mantras backed by inspirational music! I suggest moving in some way while reciting them, whether that’s jumping on a rebounder, skipping rope, dancing or walking.

Affirmation Meditation

In this meditation I guide you to cultivate the energy of how you want to feel, beginning by writing down an affirmation that makes you feel great.

Meditation for Invoking Your Guardian Angel

We all have guardian angels whose guidance is always available to us. In this meditation I guide you to begin or deepen your relationship to your own guardian angel.

Meditation for Spiritual Guidance

By slowing down your breath and shifting into a peaceful, connected state, you will be able to receive spiritual guidance and free-write the messages you receive in your journal.

Appreciation Meditation

Meditating on the feeling of appreciation can make you a magnet for your desires within minutes. Enjoy this simple and profound practice.

Bonus! Super Attractor Affirmations

This bonus track is a compilation of uplifting affirmations will align you with your Super Attractor power.

Bonus! Unwavering Faith in the Universe

In this bonus meditation, I’ll guide you to tap into a feeling of total trust and faith. If you practice this meditation regularly you’ll live a happy life!

Super Attractor Journal

Develop a daily practice of writing and reflection that will help you connect to your Super Attractor powers. This beautiful journal holds space for you to practice the powerful methods from Super Attractor, with 8 writing prompts that align you with the Universe and activate your manifesting power!

Order the card deck

The Super Attractor card deck makes it fun and easy to live a spiritual life every day, feel empowered to manifest positive change, and experience a sense of awe as miracles begin to unfold.

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