My Book Tour Cleanse … and a Bonus Reading from the Super Attractor Card Deck!

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Every year before my book tour I do a big cleanse.

I go in big before I go out big!

I’m cleansing because I want to have energy, stamina and a greater connection to my spiritual practice.

Watch this Facebook live video to learn about my cleanse and more… Oh, and I pull cards from my new Super Attractor deck that isn’t out yet!

Join me on my book tour!

Join Gabby Bernstein on her book tour for Super Attractor
I’m so psyched to hit the road and bring the methods in Super Attractor to life! You can join me in-person or from anywhere via livestream.

Check out my remaining tour dates:

  • Oct. 6: Houston (as part of Hay House Live)
  • Oct. 10-14: Santa Fe (as part of Deepak Chopra’s Infinite Possibilities retreat)
  • Oct. 15: Los Angeles
  • Oct. 17: San Francisco
  • Oct. 21: Sacramento (hosted by Weber Productions)
  • Oct. 26: Boston
  • Nov. 8: Atlanta (as part of Attune Atlanta)

Click here for all the details!

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  1. Will you be coming to the uk in the near future ? I would absolutely love to see one of your talks ! Please come to the uk xx

  2. Hi! We are very interested in having you as our co-cover feature for Inspiring Lives Magazine. We were working towards the Oct. 6th in Houston… but we have not yet gotten confirmation from your people. Please contact me at(724) 713-7494 to see if we can manifest this. You will see that this is our 15th issue for the national award winning Inspiring Lives Magazine with has been deemed “The magazine for empowering women.” I feel that your Super Attractor book is perfect for our magazine which is sold in all Barnes and Nobles and gets over 5 million impressions. Hugs and blessings!

  3. Good Luck with your book tour and taking your lovely baby advocate with you 🙂
    London 2020 Boom!
    I’m live in Wales the most award winning coastlines and mountains. <3

    Looking forward to receiving your Super Attractor book and meanwhile I love your random lives
    and meditations. My gut plays up through intolerance's and anxiety too!. I prefer how you slow down the flow of your messages. So natural. A signed book please? Peace

    1. Thanks for this lovely message Carolyn! Excited for you to dive into Super Attractor and to see you in London at a future workshop! Sending big hugs your way. XOX

  4. Hi Gabby
    I’m Kellie M Martin
    I live in Koonawarra inner suburb of dapto
    city Wollongong nsw
    Sydney Australia
    When do you propose to get to Australia
    I’m unable to get to USA asinwork casual and on a disability support payment so funds are limited for a huge trip would love to get a heads up for the trip here so I can make sure I’m organised to attend
    With gratitude K
    Kellie m Martin

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