Body Image: Introduction to ‘May Cause Miracles’ Week 3

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Note: I updated this blog post in 2019 for clarity and additional resources.

In this post I’m giving you an introduction to Week Three from my book May Cause Miracles, which is all about body image.

May Cause Miracles Week 3: Body Image

In the video below I talk about how our bodies can be perceived as vehicles for spiritual growth and healing. This perception guides us to respect our bodies in a whole new way. Watch this video to prepare for Week Three of May Cause Miracles!

What to expect from Week 3 of ‘May Cause Miracles’

I’ve learned through my spiritual practice that my body has to be considered a vehicle and a messenger for extending love to every being I meet. When I’m in that place of using my body for all the wrong-minded things — to get something, to feel good enough, to abuse myself — that’s when I detach from my true power.

I share very openly in this chapter about all the ways that I was very abusive to my body for many years, whether through overeating or drug addiction or alcoholism.

Loving and respecting your body

May Cause Miracles by Gabrielle BernsteinAs I gained self-respect through my spiritual practice, I began to respect my body immensely.

Therefore, the main lesson throughout this chapter is how we can gain a greater sense of respect for our body and begin to release the addictions and the fear-based patterns that we project upon ourselves.

This is powerful for anyone who’s struggling with food, body image, any type of addiction. It will also help if you’re abusing yourself through negative thoughts towards your body or even just having too much coffee or too much sugar. Those subtle things that we do to ourselves can greatly affect our physical being.

Ultimately, this chapter on body image is about embracing our body as a powerful vehicle for transformation. Open up your heart and your mind to the lessons, and take each lesson very seriously. Because each subtle shift throughout this book can create miraculous change.

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  2. This week I started to look at different youtube-clipps with you. Maybe the best thing I done in a long time. I Already think in a new and more positive way. Thanks!
    Lots of love from Sweden!

  3. I am in week three and using the book and the meditation album…the meditation titles in the book for days 16&17 don’t seem to match the album track titles…can anyone help?

  4. i am on day 17 today. i have body dismorphia that i have been working on for many years so this week is tough for me! for the first time during the may cause miracles course, i forgot to read the morning passage yesterday. i had to buy the kindle book so that i could read it at work once i got there. i feel like my subconscious mind is working against me!

  5. Our body is also the temple of the Goddess, when we honour our body we honour the Goddess that lives within and we realise in that moment that we are truly Divine. Catherine x x

  6. Gabbi, can’t wait to see you in VANCOUVER – JANUARY 30! Your message and ‘lead by example’ coaching is so timely and empowering, especially at this time of spiritual awakening. I am grateful to have a fierce and beautiful Role Model like you, see you soon!
    Ox Nailia

  7. Hey Gabby I just started with the book and so far it feels great, it is difficult to explain it… definitelly small miracles starting to happen 😉 i hope more to come. meditations are great, i want to buy them but i don’t live in the US, will they be shipped or will i be able to download them? thanks a lot!

  8. omg – so I am on day 24.
    last week was the body image week… on my list of false perceptions i had “my butt is too small” because I picked up the idea that my flat bottom was unattractive somewhere along the way.
    anyways so just now I was walking down the street in yoga pants and saw my reflection in a store window and my automatic thought was, “i love my butt!”
    and then i was like, “omg that felt true. i love my butt.”
    haha so happy!

  9. I’m just beginning the audio series of May Cause Miracles and I’m wondering how I can get access to the worksheets that are spoken of?

  10. Hey Gabby, just got your book, so excited i can’t wait to start this journey 🙂 however i just got “the magic” as well, is it possible to read both at the same time? or should i leave that until i finish yours. Thanks!

  11. Gabby – can you touch on physical illness? I’ve been struggling with multiple health concerns over the last few years even though I’m devoted to taking great care of my body through the foods I eat and through my lifestyle choices. I’ve developed a lot of fear regarding my body. I feel broken. One of my issues is chronic knee pain. I frequently reinjure my knees through my daily movements. I feel like this is something I’m creating but can’t figure out how to break the cycle. I’m reading your book and am very excited about this week’s lesson. Can you shine light on how we can regain our health?

    1. Hi Sherri! I can relate to your experience with health concerns! On a metaphysical level, leg issues are associated with a fear of moving forward. Does that resonate with your experience? Is the knee pain pushing you in a new direction that you otherwise would not be going in? What are you resisting? What has this experience taught you and what has it forced you to do: slow down? What do you think you have still to learn? Are you allowing yourself to play victim to the pain? Just some questions to reflect on. I’m still figuring out my own health situation. I hope this helps! Take care and get well soon!

      1. Bella
        I’m so appreciating this beautiful community of woman who are willing to share their wisdom. Thank you for your feedback. Insightful for sure. Yes, many of the questions you mentioned resonate with me. That’s partially why I’m drawn to Gabby’s work. I’m trying to unravel the subconscious mind with the hope that I can physically let go. I must not have cracked the code yet though since the physical presentation continues. But I do feel like I am drawing in some good people who are helping guide me back to wellness. I’d have to say you and Maria are now part of that experience. Blessings and good health to you both! 🙂

          1. Sending you thoughts of health and wholeness now. Will expect good things to come both our way with this new miracle mindset. 🙂 Best to you.

  12. So great to hear this message! I”m precisely on week 16 and this was the perfect synchronicity 🙂 Having gone through eating disorder recovery, this week truly will allow me to go further and reinforce why my recovery is such a miracle and how important it is to stay healthy, and healing. Thank you Gabby for such a great theme for this week! I love my body now more than ever in my whole life. It takes practice, patience, and LOTS of LOVE. That is the miracle! Namaste

  13. Yay! You are so gorgeous and such an inspiration, thank you so much!! I just bought all 3 of your books and can’t wait to get into all this miracle business!!! 😉 I just went from being vegetarian to (almost) vegan and have noticed such a shift in my body and mind, everything is so much clearer now. Sugar is my last vice though, I’m struggling every minute to give it up… Keep up the amazing work – you rock! Love & light/Emma

  14. Wow. The timing of this is perfect. The universe never fails to deliver!! Thank you beautiful Gabby, you save me every time!!!!!!

  15. I’ve never thought of my body as a resource and using it as a gift for people I encounter – I love it. It reminds me that we are spirits in a body instead of just a body. Kind of like our spirit is the person driving the car, and our car is our body. If we don’t take good care of our car on a road trip (fuel, etc,), it will be miserable. Thanks for all that you do!

  16. Thanks so much for sharing Gabrielle. I’m focusing right now on connecting with and honoring my body as I shed 25 pounds from two pregnancies and a LOT of stress eating. You are a great inspiration. Many blessings to you.

  17. I know that my body is a temple, that I should treat it as such & I am even knowledgeable about what to fuel my body with. My life long struggle is when things get rough (like my current mountain of debt from a failed business) I cannot stop overeating. I know it just makes things worse, but I do it anyway. I guess this is a desperate plea for help. I’ve tried so many things, spiritually & physically & nothing sticks. I am in a place of giving up right now. I don’t want to give up, but I don’t know what else to do.

      1. Gabby,
        Wish I could buy the book, but I can’t buy anything but food right now & pay the bills. That’s one of my major problems. I am 52 & feel like my life is moving backwards. I’m making less money now than when I graduated from college. I know I have more than many people in this world, but that fact doesn’t seem to help me most of the time. I am really hurting & trying to fight off a recurrence of depression.

        1. Kat – if you email me a pobox or address I will purchase the copy of the book and mail it to you. Every woman deserves a miracle – the book will help you accept your situation and find help in your local area. If there is a will there is a way, and there is always someone willing to help another. my email address is

        1. Gabby.. wonderful to hear you share your journey and yes indeed, our body is one of our greatest spiritual teachers. I had a suggestion for Sherri, knees often times correspond with the Kidneys. Try black sesame seed tea, and pumping your navel with your breath held in:) Its a great exercise to strengthen and cleanse your kidneys, and may help your knees.. Oh, and Kat.. there are great OA podcasts…. Thanks for bringing us all together Gabby.. You’re the best!

      1. Susie,
        Thanks for asking.
        I was doing okay for about 2 weeks with no binging, but last night & today I have been overeating again, which is pretty frustrating. My tiredness from lack of sleep set me off & I am kind of upset with myself. I didn’t take any time for journaling or meditation, so that is a factor too. I am changing jobs in less than 2 weeks, which will make some things better, but I just can’t seem to learn how to stop turning to excess food when I am tired, stressed, etc. Seems I’ve tried everything & it just doesn’t get easier.

        1. I am so glad you replied!

          I understand your struggle 1st hand. It was 5 yrs ago (today) that I walked in to my nutritionists office & my life changed. I used to say things like “I could write the book on what to eat, I just can’t follow it.” I am a binger too, especially during stressful times & it never makes your stress better. It’s really a momentary “F%#K-it. I’ll deal with it later” message to your spirit, which means you’re not staying present. It never goes away fully so be gentle with yourself.

          You have taken the time to shine a light on what you want to work on: finances, diet and getting truly getting more spiritually connected. That is brave & you should feel proud of that! That doesn’t mean you don’t have to do the work.

          What has always helped me when things felt overwhelming with food is to simply focus on one meal at a time. Each meal is a choice & when I actually think ‘how will this make me feel when I lay down in bed tonight & put my hand on my belly’ it gets me to stop & think before I start unconsciously binging.

          Meal to meal, not even day by day to start. Small steps start to build the chain. If you slip up, there is always the next meal to do better. Your thoughts are also super important, they become your biology. So when you find inner voice (fear) beating yourself up go into your heart (love) & focus on what you really want. Every time. It’s a behavioral change.

          I believe in you, Kat and I hope that this helped. I’m not a certified coach. I am simply someone that has walked in similar shoes.

          Take care of yourself & things have a way of falling into place. TRUST the universe has your back!

          You can always inbox me on Facebook.
          Feel the Love!
          Susie Mordoh

          1. Susie,
            Thank you so much for your wise words. All I can say is great advice. Maybe you should be a coach. Your words have helped me. Yesterday & today have been better. I refuse to give up!

        2. So, Kat, if you think about it, you have had almost 3 good weeks with a little bump in the road for 2 days…not bad from my perspective. Remember, your thoughts are important!

          Sorry I couldn’t reply to your last post. I think the thread ended.

          1. Hi Susie,
            Thanks for putting things in perspective. I am learning not to expect perfection from myself & others.
            Have a great day,

  18. This topic is so important.

    I decided a while back that if I was to turn pro (in my career & my life) I needed to treat my body as a Temple. This means food that energizes me (yummy greens) , exercise that I truly enjoy (yoga & zumba :), time to chillax, meditate, laugh and a fantastic night’s sleep.

    This daily practice has a tremendous influence on my success and well-being.

      1. Highest Respect and appreciation from the universe for your existence. When you create one miracle it transcends to a multitude of miracles that we may not be prepared for. I see you revitalizing an industry of self empowerement in a new way. People are looking to you for guidance in all ways. Organization is key in everything. I think having ambassadors that help you magnify your miracles who are excellent in the respective field is a key component for your next transition, and to truly answer the call of everyone’s real needs.(someone to listen and talk to). I would suggest 12 😉 to go along with your 40… It will also help you social media site prevail in right intention. Peace To You – Love Light –

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