Be the Life of the Party

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Today’s vlog will help you release your expectations of others and find the happiness you’re seeking inside you. This holiday season don’t rely on everyone else to make you happy. Instead, become the life of the party! Watch now.

And get psyched for the launch of May Cause Miracles on 1/1/13!!! OMG OMG!!!

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  1. great message Gabby!! This absolutely works. This was my experience tonight. The party was feeling negative, I went to the bathroom and said a prayer for God to show me how to be a lighthouse and boom! The mood shifted from fear love and that’s a miracle. Thanks again Gabby! Looking forward to the new book. I can be found blogging cool course stuff at
    Happy Holidays
    love light and laughter
    Wally D

  2. Yipppppppppeeeeeeeee I received your book today!!! Best xmas prezzzie ever. Thank you for all your Vlogs and all the work you do. Love and Light. Hopefully see you in London 2013 xxxxxxxxxx Love Sarah Chadwick xxxx

  3. Hi Gabby,

    You hit the nail right on the head! I am part of a huge family, and anytime we all get together it gets very overwhelming for me and I tend to shut down. But through my meditating lately, I’ve been feeling Spirit pushing me to really show up this year – physically, mentally, emotionally, in every way. I am excited for tomorrow because of it. Happy Holidays to you and yours, and I hope to see you in Fairfield next week 🙂



  4. Love your messages ! Inspiring and truthful and from the heart . You truly are a blessing to me and everyone that you guide. Merry Christmas Gabby and may you always be blessed the way you have blessed others. ???

  5. Thank you Gabby – you are such an inspiration to me. Today (Christmas Eve) is my 25th Birthday, and I was so glad to wake up to this beautiful reminder to be the life of my own party. I will be sure to radiate my light this evening!

    Love your work, and looking forward to meeting you on Jan 3rd at your NYC Book Signing!!!

  6. I can’t wait to get MCM – I read the preview pages on Amazon and it’s such good work! What happened to the Lovetarian diet title? I thought that was so cute. I wish you the best Holidays too darling!

  7. This video was exactly what I needed this morning. With all of the Christmas and holiday parties I was feeling like a shadow, which is not typically how I feel. Thank you for the nice reminder that I am the party!

  8. Perfect video for me, as if it was created just for ME. But I know everyone feels the same way too…

    I’ve not been feeling good lately. A few friends couldn’t make it for a hangout recently. They were too busy, I guess.

    I was emotionally and spiritually down for a few days. I kept telling myself, “I’m not worth their time. I’m not worth their effort”.

    Having such negative thought made it worse.

    My Aha Moment came when I realize with or without my friends around – I need to be happy – FOR ME! I need to feel complete, even when the journey is alone.

    It’s a healing process. TQ for this video as I continue this journey…

  9. Yes! I was just telling myself that I need to stop looking for happiness from others….peace as well……thanks this was just what I needed to hear!

  10. I ordered my book…1 month ago…and I can’t wait to get it… Thank you Gabby for everything you do… I hope we will see in London… I think this is a sign..:-)… My birthday is 9/3…and you will be in London 3/9… I feel a strong call to attend you event in London….:-)… wish you all the best in 2013!… much..much love from Croatia…. kissss

  11. Thank you for the great message, G. I used this message as a reminder to be more present with my in-laws and to smile and take time to listen more to others, because even though I can be the life of the party, sometimes the best present I can give to others is to breathe and let others have a chance to take center stage. 🙂 Thanks, as always, for your guidance.

    By the way, any chance you’ll be in DC in 2013? I bought the book and may be tuning into the livestreaming of your 6-week course, but I would love to see you at a reading or in person for a signing!

    Thanks! xoxox – KiKi

  12. Do you have any advice for the people pleasing part of the holidays? To be the perfect gift giver and all the trying to please and make others others happy? I do ok with this the rest of the year, but this problem seems to be worse during the holidays!

  13. Im SO EXCITED to dig into your new book!!! I cannot think of a better time to study it! Kicking off the new year and preparing for a mother load of academia. Your message HAS caused miracles in my life and others around me already and I cannot wait to expand on these gifts. God BLESS YOU! Many thanks for the works that you share!!! XO

  14. Hey Gabby,

    Thanks for this, it really speaks volumes to me.

    Can you recommend any particular meditation or anything else to help prepare us for being the life of the party? Sometimes I need some help with that 🙂

    P.S. you’re awesome!

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