How to Be More Resilient: 7 Spiritual & Practical Tips

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I originally wrote this blog post in spring 2019, when I started my recovery from postpartum anxiety and depression. Now that I’m several months into my recovery, I want to update this post with another tip.

I’ve been strengthening my own resilience, and in this post I’m sharing my practices with you. Here are 7 spiritual and practical tips for how to be more resilient. I hope they serve you.

What is resilience?

Resilience is our ability to recover from difficult situations and adapt to change. We often talk about “bouncing back” — that is resilience.

When you think of how to be more resilient, picture a reed: It’s strong, but it’s also flexible. It doesn’t resist the wind and the wind doesn’t break it. The reed moves with the wind.

I’ve been building my resilience

In May 2019 I was presented with my own spiritual assignment on resilience. That month I finally became willing to accept that I’d been suffering with postpartum anxiety, insomnia and panic attacks.

Since I embarked on my recovery, I’ve been talking openly about my experiences on Instagram, in my live events and in podcast interviews. I’ll continue to talk about postpartum anxiety and depression because it’s so important to me to lift the stigma around mental illness and give voice to unspoken shame.

There’s a lot more I have to say on these topics. But in this post I want to focus on resilience, giving you spiritual and practical tips you can use to be more resilient in all areas of life.

7 ways to be more resilient

These spiritual and practical tools will help you to strengthen your resilience so that you can show up for your life with grace and faith no matter what.

I turn to these tools every single day, and they me stay strong and nurture myself as I continue my recovery and embark on new adventures.

1. Rely on a higher power.

Tweet: When we’re willing to surrender, an invisible strength takes over and we are guided. @gabbybernstein

When you don’t know how you’re going to get through something, the answer is to give it over to a higher power of your own understanding.

Turning it over takes the burden off you to figure it all out. Healing requires our willingness to heal. When we’re willing to surrender, an invisible strength takes over and we are guided. We open up to inspired solutions and support.

Prayer for resilience

You can say this prayer as often as you want in order to surrender, welcome guidance and build resilience.

Thank you, inner guide, for revealing to me what I still need to heal. I accept this as a spiritual assignment for great growth. I am committed to my healing path and my highest priority is to align with love. I take this one day at a time and I know I’m getting better every day. I choose to keep this in the day. I do not regret my past and I am not afraid of the future. I trust that the present moment offers me resilience now.

Pay attention to the guidance you receive

Once you’ve surrendered it, pay attention to the ways that God shows up for you. I know I say this a lot, but it bears repeating because we can forget to pay attention.

Spiritual guidance can show up in any number of ways…

  • You may feel an inner knowing or hear an intuitive voice.
  • An idea may come through while meditating, or seemingly out of the blue.
  • You might experience synchronicity, such as unexpectedly hearing a song that is meaningful to you or reading a passage in a book that seems to speak directly to you.
  • You may even see sparks of light or feel a rush of love.

I encourage you to write down all the instances of guidance you receive. Use the Notes app on your phone or keep a pocket notebook with you. When you ask for guidance, you will receive it. Don’t dismiss anything.

2. Change your story.

At first, the story I told myself around my postpartum anxiety was, “I’m the victim.” I was devastated that this was my experience, and I was plagued by panic and exhaustion.

Telling myself this story only made me feel disempowered. So I changed my story. I committed to shifting my perception of myself from victim to brave warrior. I’m proud of my willingness to witness the problem and choose love instead.

In May 2019 I changed my story from “I’m the victim” to “I’m getting better every day.”

3. Honor your feelings with meditation.

I find a deeper meaning and personal growth amid the discomfort | Gabby Bernstein | The Universe Has Your Back card deckResilience isn’t about pushing past our feelings or ignoring them. In order to be truly resilient, we must be able to feel our feelings.

Meditation is a safe way to honor your feelings, move through them and feel more balanced. I recommend meditating at least once every day. A consistent, committed practice cleans up your energy and helps you to be more resilient.

One meditation I’ve been practicing lately is the Kundalini Meditation for Balancing the Nervous Energies. This is a beautiful practice for calming anxiety and balancing your nervous system.

Kundalini Meditation for Balancing the Nervous Energies

Kundalini Meditation for Balancing the Nervous Energies | How to be more resilientHere’s the breakdown of the meditation.

Posture: Sit in Easy Pose or another comfortable position, with your spine straight.

Mudra (hand position): Bend your elbows and put the palm of your right hand over the back of your left hand. Touch the tips of your thumbs. Move your arms in so that your palms are at heart center. (See the image of me as an example.)

Eyes: Close your eyes or keep them 1/10th open.

Breath: In this meditation you inhale and exhale through your nose. Begin by inhaling deeply through your nose. Calmly hold your breath for 15 seconds. Exhale through your nose. Hold your breath for another 15 seconds.

If 15 seconds is too much for you, you can begin with holding your breath for 8 seconds and then work your way up.

Repeat this breath cycle for 3 to 5 minutes.

Let me help you stay consistent with your meditation practice

Consistency is key in building resilience. When you have a strong spiritual practice, including a regular meditation practice, you’re equipped with resources to help you move through trying times with more peace.

If you want a simple way to stay consistent on your spiritual path, check out my Miracle Membership. Every month I give you brand-new content, including a guided meditation.

Miracle Membership by Gabby Bernstein

Here are a few practices available in the Miracle Membership that can help you be more resilient:

  • Tapping on Anxiety with Nick Ortner (Apr. 2018)
  • Happiness Is a Choice I Make podcast (Apr. 2016)
  • Gratitude Meditation (May 2019)
  • I Am Truly Supported Meditation (Sept. 2016)
  • Peace Is My Path podcast (July 2017)
  • Judgment Detox Workshop lecture (Jan. 2018)
  • Honoring Yourself Meditation (Nov. 2019)

Click here to learn more about the Miracle Membership.

4. Don’t talk about the problem, talk about the solution.

My Energy Creates My Reality. What I Focus On Is What I Manifest | Gabby Bernstein | The Universe Has Your Back card deckMany of us, when we’re going through something really hard, we talk about it a lot. We obsess over it. We go down Google rabbit holes and find even more to talk about and obsess over. It’s a nasty cycle.

What happens when we talk about the problem constantly is that we give it more momentum. As I teach in Super Attractor, what you focus on is what you create. When you think and talk about the problem 24/7, you lower your energetic vibration. As a result, you become an energetic match for more experiences of that same low vibration.

But when you begin to focus on the solution, you shift the momentum. You begin raising your vibration bit by bit, and you start to attract solutions. The solutions might come in the form of doctors or therapists. They might show up as creative ideas or new perspectives. The possibilities are limitless.

The bottom line is this: If you need to vent, vent. But don’t vent all day. Move on and give momentum to the new story.

Build resilience with Emotional Freedom Technique

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), also known as tapping, is one of my favorite practices. It’s the divine combination of acupressure, positive psychology and neuroscience, and it can deliver fast results.

If you want to be more resilient, try EFT. You can do it every day, and multiple times a day if you wish.

Here’s a wonderful EFT video on healing by Brad Yates:

And here’s another EFT video by Brad Yates that can help you be more adaptable and resilient in everyday life:

Note: EFT can bring unexpected emotions to the surface, so practice with caution. Remember to take full responsibility for your well-being. If you don’t find relief right away, you can keep tapping until you do.

I offer more guidance on EFT in my book Judgment Detox as well as in my free Judgment Detox Mini Course.

Be conscious about who you talk to

One other thing I want to note is that it’s important to be careful about who you lean on while you’re going through something really challenging. Is there someone in your life who cares about you in such a way that they get really nervous and scared when you’re not well?

Maybe this is the case with a parent, your romantic partner or a dear friend. They want to support you, but their connection to you is so strong or their own fears are so raw that they end up making you feel even more worried. That’s not going to help you.

Remember that you’re very impressionable when you’re healing. Protect your energy.

As much as you love them, remember that you’re very impressionable when you’re trying to heal. Be gentle yet firm with your boundaries. Have compassion for them, but lean on someone else instead, whether that’s a friend, a sibling, a therapist, etc.

With people who aren’t in a good position to help you, what you can do is stay in your mantra. You can tell them something like, “Things are hard, but I have help and I’m getting better every day.”

5. Get moving.

Gabby Bernstein's walking path | How to be more resilientThis is key. Exercise not only builds physical strength and endurance, but it also makes the brain more resilient to stress, according to Princeton researchers.

And let’s not forget that moving our body feels good! Move in whatever way feels good to you. I’ve been going on walks with my family, because being outdoors energizes me, grounds me and clears my mind.

There’s a lot of research on the ways exercise reduces stress and helps us relax. Your workout doesn’t need to be intense or complicated to have a massive impact on your resilience and mood. Just move.

6. Remember that you can still be healing and have a good day

Gabby Bernstein smiling outdoors | How to be more resilientI saved this tip for last because I want you to walk away with it fresh in your mind. This is something we all too often forget. You can be going through something hard, you can be healing, you can be in the midst of recovery, and you can have a good day.

I often tell people: String together your moments of joy. When you feel good, allow yourself to feel good. Life is never 100% anything, good or bad. You may be going through a really, really hard spiritual assignment, but still experience glimmers of hope, gratitude, humor and happiness. It’s safe and good to feel good.

7. Celebrate your resilience!

2019 was a big year for me. I became a new mom and launched a book, and in the midst of all that greatness I experienced one of the darkest moments of my life.

What I learned is this: Sometimes the great stuff can coexist with the tough stuff.

I celebrate my resilience.

Now I can look back and see how my darkest struggle this year was the catalyst for my greatest transformation. I forgive my experience and release it. And best of all, I celebrate my resilience.

The best way to clear out any negativity from the past is to honor your experience and celebrate your resilience.

If you’ve recently been through a difficult time, take a moment to reflect in your journal. Answer these two questions:

  1. What did I learn from the tough stuff this past month/few months/year?
  2. How can I celebrate my resilience?

Reframe your difficult experiences so that you can clear the way for all you want to create.

Final thoughts…

I’ll leave you with this quote from my dear friend and teacher, the late Dr. Wayne Dyer:

Each experience in your life was absolutely necessary in order to have gotten you to the next place, and the next place, up to this very moment.

Spirit Junkies, I hope these tips serve you. Leave a comment below and let me know how these practices resonate with you.

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  1. I am working through a tough season in my life and this was a gentle reminder that I’m being groomed for brighter horizons. Thank you for sharing your experience and acknowledging that change is uncomfortable yet divine.

  2. Love love love all of it. I think I do so much of it already but needed to read and see /hear/ be reminded of it all especially during some trying times like now. Thank you!

  3. Hi Gabby, since i wrote to you i have experienced a great loss of the fear i was suffering from. I feel protected and watched over. Thank you for your intercession. Ann x

  4. My dear Gabby: from Mexico City I can only say thank you! 2019 was a year of full of tough learnings for me; in less than six months I lost my 45 years old sister, my father and my job, and because of this sadness I start looking for comfort and I found you! Thank you for sharing your knowledge with me. I am feeling depress and anxious sometimes, reading your e-mail, make me feel ok to experience this and recall me that there’s a way out. I have been a warrior all my life. This experiences will make me stronger. I needed to experience this to move to new great places in my life. The Universe has my back.

    1. I’m sorry for your losses, Consuelo. I’m grateful that you felt supported by your spiritual practice. May you continue to be guided to the right and perfect resources as you continue to heal and persevere. The universe has your back!!! xoxo

  5. Just catching up on emails and came across the one this is linked to. WOW! This is exactly what I needed to hear fir an experience I had literally 15 minutes before reading the email! How awesome is that!! Thanks you a million times over!!

  6. I suppose there are many angels walking this beautiful earth, but you may be the only one I know. Thank you for waking me up! If I have any spare energy today I send it to you and your family. Love Maura xx

  7. OMG I have only just got around to reading this just now and last night I was helping a friend deal with trauma and getting back to feeling good. Everything I told her to do was in this post. Wow just goes to show Gabby you are an amazing teacher ❤️

  8. I love ad appreciate this post as I am grateful for the resilience God has given me. I continue to surrender to His highest good for my life. I am willing to heal with Him. I want to be the Lighthouse, not the victim. I choose to focus on solutions rather than the problem and this has strengthened me beyond measure. I feel sustainable joy. My energy does create my reality. I love how you say, “String together your moments of joy”! How awesome is that.

    Love you, Gabby ox

  9. Hi Gabby,
    Thank you so much for all your love. You live what you believe and make learning what you know easy for us. I have had “ prayer warriors “, mostly older women, most of my adult life. They have been my strength and courage in difficult times. But “spiritual warriors “ like you have made me understand what it is to have enough love within me to love the whole world. People like you have also taught me that there is no such thing as “ a bad change “. Change is beautiful, needs not be feared, is a trajectory to evolve more of your loving, higher self, and serves as a reminder that “ life “ is intelligent, perfect, and never makes a mistake.
    Thanks again Gabby

  10. This was exactly what I needed to read right now. This month has been very difficult, and I will read this over and over. I have experienced so many traumatic things in my life, and I need to push forward, thank you for sharing. When I have the funds I am going to subscribe. Thank you for sharing your story.

  11. Hi Gabby
    I too suffered from postpartum depression after the birth of my first child. That was over 27 years ago. No one dared to come forward and admit that postpartum even existed back then in 1992. I was able to come out on the other side and heal after I joined a new mother’s support group. There is power in a circle of women coming together to support one another. I hope you have that kind of support now as you are healing. Now I am facing a new healing journey with stage four Metastatic Breast Cancer. I gather with women once again for their support and strength. Your seven steps are inspiring. Thank you for sharing your story and for your courage and guidance. I would add a step eight…..surround yourself with a circle of strong, uplifting, supportive and authentic women. There is a miraculous power and healing in a group of women coming together each week to be vulnerable and accepting of one another. Be well and enjoy life.

    1. Thank you for your brave and inspiring share Amy. Sending you so much healing love and light on your journey. xoxo

  12. Gabby,
    This was the guidance I needed today.

    My dad has Lewy Body dementia. You may not have heard of it, but it’s the second highest dementia diagnosis after Alzheimer’s. It has elements of Parkinson’s Alzheimers and has a faster progression.

    My dad is still living at home with my mom. His mind is still, mostly, clear but his physical decline is significant. My brother and I are both active in helping our mom keep dad home for as long as possible. Most days I recognize that I am spending more time with my parents than I would have if my dad wasn’t declining. When I’m with them I look for, and find, reasons to laugh and smile. My brother and I normalize the declines we see and use humor to keep the situation light. I am grateful that I learned early enough that time was precious so that I can present in the moments with my dad.

    20% of the time my tear bucket gets full and I’m crushed by the knowledge that my dad is disappearing. When those moments of pre-grief happen I let them wash over me and then I think of my dad’s face lighting up every time I walk through the door. In Gabby-speak I choose again. 🙂

    The prayer of resilience is going to at the ready for the 20% moments.

    Thank you for delivering to my email box exactly what I needed, when I needed it.

    1. Beth, by sharing your story here you have inspired me. And I have no doubt that you have inspired other people who are reading these comments. I’m sending you so much love, compassion and strength as you care for your father. Know that you can call on a higher power of your own understanding (whether that is God, angels, your inner guide, angels or whatever resonates with you) to give you the strength you need during this time. Please remember to also take good care of yourself. Your commitment to a path of personal growth is beautiful, and your positive energy ripples outward to lift up everyone around you. The following prayers may also provide comfort:

  13. Thank you Gabby for sharing this. I really really want you to have a good feeling year 2020. Bless you. Bless Oliver, Bless Zach.

  14. This resonated with me this morning. I woke up feeling like my daily goals and plans will never surface. My energy was low and I began to lose faith. As I parked my car to go to work I had remembered the Surrender prayer from Day 20 and said it out loud 3 times. I then remembered this email about resilience. Such a good read. Thank you Gabby xx

    1. Amazing, Amanda. So grateful that you relied on your spiritual practice and experienced a shift in perception. xoxo

  15. Thank you for these gentle reminders that came over to me at 11:11. With the sudden passing of my brother yesterday these tips came just in time to help me during a difficult time! Xo

    1. I’m deeply sorry for your loss, Karen, and I want you to know that I’m holding you with a lot of love and compassion right now. I’m grateful these practices are serving you. If you’d like any additional grief resources in the coming days, please write to You’re in my thoughts. xo

  16. I am a yoga teacher and learning to be a somatic experience practitioner and am in the process of starting my own business amalgamating the two. I am going through a divorce, living alone for the first time in my life, last child just left, and trying to take re-training to help women with complex trauma through yoga and SE. I have been teaching a lot, not taking the time for self-care, pushing myself with additional online training when the Universe intervened and brought anxiety back into my life as a time out. I can relate to the life circumstance where great and difficult things can co-exist and the same time. It is a reminder to me that in order to help heal others I have to be willing to tend to my own healing as well and practice self-compassion. Thanks for sharing Gabby.

    1. Absolutely, CeeDee. We have much more to share when our cup is full. I hope these practices serve you. Keep shining your bright light. xoxo

  17. Thank you for this message! It was exactly what I needed today. Empty nesting is hard…
    But, I am healing, with guidance such as yours.

  18. Thank you Gaby!
    You think you are helping people, but what you don’t know is how much you are helping.
    Because of you …
    I don’t recognize my self anymore.
    I fell in love with my husband again, I enjoy working with people again, I went through cancer with dignity and courage.
    I could tell you the whole story but just I wanted to say THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!
    And please keep writing!!!

    1. You’re welcome, JuJu. I’m grateful that you’ve experienced these miraculous shifts. Sending you big love! xoxo

  19. Thank you so much for this post your Meditations help me lot through difficult times and being resilience bring me new positives experiences for me .

  20. When my ladies group ask me for my word of the year , I knew it within one second. Resilience ! I didn’t hesitate it came immediately!

    Love seeing this email pop up! The Universe is talking to me through you!

    Thank you !

  21. I am most definitely a believer that all the experiences that come into our lives whether positive or negative are there to lift us up to the next level in ourselves in the most positive vibrations!
    To learn, to grow, to prosper within ourselves and our lives ♥️
    We must honor these life experiences as beautiful lessons from the Universe

  22. My intention word for 2020 is Resilience though I was reflecting today how I haven’t put much intention or mindfulness into this word since the New Year started. I was reflecting on my “resilience path” so far and looking for resilience themed inspiration and there I see the email to this post. <3 perfect universal connection <3 Thank you for this article, this will be my number 1 resilience reference throughout the year!
    -Miracle Member, Rachel

  23. This was beautiful in so many ways. I’m going to keep this as a tool in my back pocket for when things are hard. I wish I had this when I was going through postpartum many years ago. I would have felt better knowing I wasn’t alone as well. Thanks for helping to stop the stigma.

  24. Over the past 6 months I have been through a journey of releasing and exiting an incredibly toxic relationship. This relationship not only affected me but also children who were acting out in some very destructive ways. I knew I had to create movement and leave to save my children at the time. Through the chaos of leaving and the continual backlash from him during this process, my eyes became wide open to realities of the relationship that I just could not see while within it. Trauma has lit the fire for the movement that has been so necessary. It has strengthened me and my kids. I have to deal with it daily at the moment and I know that what has given me resilience to carry on and find the strength show up every day, allow the emotions to come and go but not take over, has been the insight and tools that your books and blog has offered me. Along with other amazing individuals that have endured, found their why in life, passed it on and helped be a tool for healing others, such as Hal Elrod, Dave Asprey, Dr. Wayne Dwyer, Brenee Brown and so many more.

    Thank you Gabrielle for showing up in my life and sharing your vulnerability and living your WHY! You have been such an incredible tool for me to get through this hard but so empowering journey. I can only hope that I too will have the ability to be an empowering tool for as many people with my WHY.

    With much love and gratitude
    Aimee Cholette

    1. Aimee, know that I am holding you in love and compassion right now. I’m grateful that this post is serving you. May your spiritual practice support you during this time. You’ve got this, sister. xoxo

  25. Thank you…. thank you…. thank you Gabby. The last few years have brought many difficulties into my life and they are ongoing . Your book “ the universe has your back “ is my bible and keeps me going and now this ……. it’s just what I’m needing right now……. xxxxx

  26. Gabby…I pray nothing but abundance over you and yours because your work is transformative! thank you thank you thank you

  27. …I was praying for help last night and here it is: your email & the post! Thank you so much, dearest gabby for realigning me again … as you did so many times before … much love ❤️ to you …

  28. I recently went through a difficult time and was able to use all these tools to get through it. The one I can’t seem to connect with is the Higher Power. I’ve struggled with it since I got sober. “God” does not feel natural. I refer to the universe a lot but that also doesn’t seem right to me. I feel detachment from my higher power and I need help with achieving that connection.

  29. Thank you Gabby. This was very helpful. I have fallen of the spirit junkie wagon a bit. I often remember you saying that you don’t care about how perfectly spiritual we are (no such thing right?) but you care about our come back rate. How quickly we bounce back as life will always give us assignments and events to bounce back from. This has showed me how to evaluate my growth. It’s messy but lessons learned from you and others have taken hold, roots are there. A path back has been established. Fog sets over at times but I reach through as I know the way is there.

  30. I am grateful for your energy and wisdom you give freely at this moment in my life. Today I needed this and met another soul who encouraged me to move forward in this way. I am being guided by some very important souls in this world <3

  31. This email post couldn’t come at a more perfect time! Thank you! ☀️

    Looking forward to hopefully coming up for our annual “Boys Trip” to Kripalu in May for Super Attractor! Last year for “May Cause Miracles” was absolutely so much fun, and the tools have been literally life changing in the best way possible. Can’t wait! Thanks again

    1. Love it, Zechariah! Glad the universe delivered this email at the right and perfect time! Looking forward to connecting with you at Kripalu! xoxo

  32. Thanks Gabby! Your guidance is always a lighthouse! These teachings of yours seem to speak directly to me and infact… I asked for guidance a couple of days ago! I am witnessing my path way, my patterns and the emotional responses related to them … I am so grateful for this achievement and feeling supported by the tools your books gave me in the past three years to become creator of my own reality

    1. Beautiful, Chiara. Continue implementing these tips, being patient and gentle with your practice. You’re doing great work! xoxo

  33. 2018 was a very hard year for me. Following you and using your guidance, reading your books or listening to your audios, has been part of the shift to the better. I am pleased to say that I finally learned to love myself and have started to experience joy on a more regular basis. Going into 2020 I have a feeling of peace. I never thought I would be able to say that. Your message today reminded me of the things I need to do more of to stay on the right path. Thank you. ❤️

    1. You’re welcome, Liz. I’m so grateful that you experienced this energetic shift! May these practices serve you as you continue on your healing journey! xoxo

  34. Thank you so much for this Gabby, it has come at the perfect time. I too have been experiencing anxiety after getting assaulted by a client at work. I have been struggling with conflicting information from my work and my insurance company and this has been affecting the rate of my recovery. I really needed to hear what was said about changing your story and not being “a victim”.
    Thank you for your assistance in changing my story, starting today.
    Much love,

  35. Gaby! I’ve been listening and reading most of the things you sent me for the past year and it’s always amazing. So true what you say about you can be on a bad situation and have a great day or you can be incredible and have a sheady day. And meditation and manthras can turn your day around. You taught me that! And I’m the living proof!! It always works. Thank you so much for caring and being so generous!!!!

    1. I’m so glad these practices resonate with you, Maria. May you continue to experience many more miraculous shifts. xoxo

  36. Hey Gabby and anyone else who has suffered from PPD or PPA … PPA wasn’t even a named thing when I had my son. It was hard with loneliness piled on top.
    Now my kids are older and I am a parenting coach. I use my own healing to help others. I made it through the early fire and more fire later on, which built muscle for me to reach out to others. I am new to your work, Gabby, and I really appreciate your teachings.
    ❤️Laine Shapiro Lipsky

  37. Beautiful post about a term I never really considered myself to be until this year with working through a health diagnosis of Chronic Lyme disease and co-Infections. I’m proud of the daily progress and triumphs plus the challenges I’ve experienced because of this illness. I am grateful for the resilience I’ve gained and the growth. Thank you for this post.

    1. I’m so proud of you for showing us for yourself. Nothing is more important our well-being. May your spiritual practices support you during this time and may you be lead to all of the resources that you need to heal. Sending you much love, Alison. xo xo

  38. Gabby,
    Thank you so much for connecting with so many, including me. This was a generous post and so timely for me. I practice meditations you have shared and have the meditation album. So positive
    on my daily journey.

    In my prayers

    Thank you

  39. Going through a divorce… that I don’t want, heart break, grief and pain like I’ve never experienced. This was so helpful… thank you… the prayer came just when I needed it

    1. I’m grateful that these practices are serving you, Nikki. Sending you love and healing light during this time. xoxo

  40. Thank you Gabby! The timing is perfect for this information. 2020 has come in with a bang and all of your points are helpful!! Thank you our Spiritual Junkie!! You are truly a Blessing!!

  41. Thank you. I needed this today. I am resilient and I forgot. My pain is fresh and open but I am going to be okay. I don’t know why this deep pain was necessary but I am going to believe is for the next place.

  42. Gabby, Thank you so much for being a beacon of light to flow with in a world that can be very dim. These tapping videos are exactly what i was needed to take action in my emotional state and break free from this dimness that has overtaken my joy. Your resources and guidance for Spirit Junkies are revolutionary and I honor you for taking all of your experiences and opening yourself to all of us for relatability. You are a gift to our collective healing and Creatrix in the highest! I am grateful for your guidance and love. Blessings to you and yours always.

    1. You’re welcome, Krystal. I’m so glad that you’ve felt supported. May you continue to experience miraculous shifts. xo

  43. I had my baby in May 19 and have experienced the worst depression of my life. I’m on the path to recovery and grateful for my depression for making me face and deal with my past so I can enjoy my future. Bless you Gabby xx

    1. Know that I am holding you in love and compassion, Katie. May you be guided to the resources and support that you need as you continue to heal. xoxo, sister!

  44. Thanks Gabby, a lot of this I had to learn on my own, but see the Universe showing it to me again.
    One thing I wish you would add or addend is in with protecting your energy. I am really glad you pointed this out! Too many people take advantage of those who are vulnerable and those who are healing share their story. I had been faced with not talking about my healing or having to shut up about my healing because people thought I was less than them or made me feel it. I had to understand what they were doing and really understand how to stand up for myself. This was my path and it sucked! I had to not expect and trust people to be kind and empathic. Sad but real and I learned about boundaries and not to say to much to those you hardly know or who you sense (others may not sense) would be up to no good. Sometimes people forgot this about the world, especially for empaths-they need to hear this!

  45. Dear Gabby,
    I’m very inspired by all that you have written. I am going thru a process of healing as I’m dealing with anxiety, insomnia and old traumas. I don’t quite feel like I’m in my life yet, but these words were very helpful. It’s hard to be patient because I want it all better now… but realize it is a process. Any insight on how you dealt with insomnia would be helpful. I do not want to continue to rely on meds altho I know they were an important temporary tool.
    Thanks for all your great work.

  46. I recently had Major surgery which has made my pain worse, my resilience is as low as it can get with many dark thoughts taking over. I’m trying to swim to the top And I’ve begged with the universe, I’ve asked, I’ve prayed, some days I can get through others I struggle and the tears and frustration flow. I’m waiting for a pain specialist appointment and the Drs changed my antidepressant but they take weeks to kick in. I have started to do simple tasks despite the pain as I’m sick of laying around every day and we are walking most afternoons. Patience was never my best ability but it’s really been tested over the last three months

    1. Wendy, I want you to know that I’m praying for you and holding you in healing light. I’m grateful that you have a support team in place and that you are also relying on your spiritual practice. Continue to implement these steps, being gentle and patient with your process. May you experience a miraculous shift soon. xoxo

  47. Thanks you for this Gabby. I myself have fallen victim during a very challenging time for me and this makes so much sense to keep me from going there. I also was turning to my family and they were less than comfortable in that – your comments re: relying on the right people is important. And now I feel less hurt about their reaction to me. Thank you

    1. You’re welcome Tanya. I’m grateful that these practices are serving you. May you continue to be guided to any resources that you need to support you during this time. xoxo

  48. Gabby….thanks for the tips on depression and anxiety.I’ve been dealing with it for quite some time.Meditation,prayer and exercise have helped me bigtime.I will continue these for the rest of my life….Tom

    1. I’m grateful to hear that your spiritual practice is supporting you on your healing journey, Thomas Sending you big love. xo

  49. Thank you for sharing! I imagine this is going to be as vital to the rest of your teachings that have helped me recover from heart surgery and embrace being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis

  50. Thanks so much Gabby. I am so looking forward to seeing you in Sydney Australia on Sunday. I hope you are enjoying our beautiful country. Xoxo Karen White

  51. Beautiful Gabby.. Thank you for all of these grounding suggestions filled with so much love and light:)
    Love you Gabs..

  52. Thank you Gabby! This was exactly what I needed right now. I feel aligned with love again.
    And I love reading Super Attractor! xx

  53. Thank you. Yes every thing you have said resonates with me. Thank you for opening my eyes and teaching me how to clear the block I have gathered so far in this lifetime. You have made me feel I still have so much to offer other people when I can truly be myself.
    Bright blessings Maggie

  54. Thank you so much Gabriele Bernstein. I´m going through the Spirit Junkie Masterclass since the last June & it means so much to me! These tips are gold for us all in every situation and moment.

      1. Gabby,

        This is exactly what I needed today, it showed up twice in my inbox and I thought it might be a sign. I have been struggling so much the last few months with trying to heal from some choices that I made. I had a feeling that I might be blocking my own path forward. The combination of this meditation and tapping was exactly what I needed to start me on my healing journey! I feel better than I have in weeks. You are such an inspiration! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

  55. Thanks SO much! The ideas you have for resilience have been very helpful to me, especially the meditation. I was divorced a year ago after my last of three boys left for college and after 27 years of marriage. We were separated for 3 years prior to that. One thing I really struggle with is judgement from others. Why aren’t you dating? You should be further along, why are you so depressed maybe you need to check into a facility, etc.. I’ve also been working with 2 different therapists. Anyway, thanks for the tips, I found them very helpful!

    1. You’re welcome, Lauren. I’m sending prayers your way and holding you in healing light. If you’re feeling judged by other, here are some practices that you might find helpful: In the meantime, continue to show up for yourself, being gentle and patient with your process. You’re doing great work! xoxo

    2. Wow! I’ve been having a rough couple of weeks with anxiety and fear of abandonment from my boyfriend and I’ve been trying so hard to find a way to feel better. Today, is the second day that I feel a calmness within me…it is up and down, of course, but I decided to recite a little mantra « I choose to feel good and have no expectations » ans it helped!! I wanted to go further in my healing and I saw your email for these practices!! I’ve asked further help and it came through you! I will be doing these as of tonight. Thank you so much for these guidance.

  56. Thank you for this practical advise. It translates the overwhelming into doable. I know my spiritual growth assignment is to not numb out from negative feelings and instead to process them but I had not thought about resiliency on the other side or having a good day while you are still in the mud, learning how to climb out. Great post!

    1. Super insightful, Brandy. So grateful that these practices resonate with you. Implement these steps, being gentle and patient with your process. You’re doing great work! xoxo

  57. EXACTLY what I needed to hear in this moment Gabby. Been praying for spiritual guidance and opened your email to find it and so much more!! When we’re depleted and defeated it’s easy to just focus on that instead of how far we’ve come. Thanks for sharing your story with such love to help us all become resilient! You’re an inspiration!!

  58. Thank you so much for this. These steps for resilience are extremely on time for me. I have taken break from social media for the next 30 to 60 days. I really needed this right now because I am way out of center.

  59. This post made me cry. The combination of the information and the tapping made me feel the most authentically me that I have felt in quite a while. It feels good to release and recognize the healing work I need to do and it is wonderful to have a friend in all of this that just reached me with this email. Thank you Gabby xx

    1. I’m grateful that you’re feeling supported, Juliana! May you continue to access and express your authentic self! xoxo

  60. Gabby, thank you for sending this out today. I too have suffered from severe panic attacks over the years and was actually taken to the hospital via ambulance last night because my heart rate was in SVT and it kept going up. I have now been referred to a cardiologist and want to focus on my journey to healing. I am still shaken up today so this was the perfect post to come across in my inbox.

    Thank you!

    1. Know that I am holding you in love and compassion, Danielle. May you continue to feel supported by your care team as well as your spiritual practice during this time. xoxo

  61. This article came to me in the most beautiful, perfectly timed way – and I know that’s thanks to the Universe and you, Gabby! I’ve been feeling out of alignment these past few days, with work drama, watching the devastations all over the news, and feeling like I was in a constant battle with my anxiety and racing thoughts. I was having a hard time readjusting my energy to choose love over fear; since I knew my fear-based thoughts were winning.

    Well, this morning, I left the office to take a walk outside and hopped on the phone with my mom. I began to cry as I told her about how I felt like I was out of whack and couldn’t figure out how to get back to alignment. I walked back to my office and the first email in my inbox is, “How To Be More Resilient.” WHAT!? I got so emotional reading this article because I know I’m on the right path and the biggest moments of growth happen during the hard times. I’ve seen such a huge energy shift in me over the last 6 months, and I attribute this to you, Gabby. First reading The Universe Has Your Back then Super Attractor, I made tough decisions but got on the path of reaching my biggest desire – love!

    Thank you for showing me how to look at life through “love stained glasses” (as I call it in my journal). I am so grateful every day that the Universe brought me to your work!

    1. You’re welcome, Katelyn. I’m so grateful that these practices are serving you. May your intuition continue to guide you to the resources that you need to support you on your healing journey. Sending you big love. xo

  62. Dearest Gabby, I am always inspired by you. Deeply grateful for this article. I just finished with meditation and gave thanks to you and all persons who inspire me on this journey. And also prayed to read something from you, and find your inspiratonal tips. Truly feel blessed. Love your work.
    Much love

  63. Thank You GABBY! I am new to your world of blogs & literature – well not that new (I have listened almost twice now completely thru to Super Attractor) !! I love it so much, hence listening to it twice already, that I ordered the book too! You have a very eloquent way of putting this, but also grounded and straightforward. I have put into practice your advice on morning appreciation journaling … and I instantly fell in LOVE with the angels, all of them! I have never felt so supported and loved. I have been picking up on all kinds of special signs and symbols … the world is a beautiful place when you truly open your eyes. I appreciate your RAW honesty about the happenings that go on after our sweet little babies are born. So many people don’t talk about it. My life and your life are very parallel (when I read//listened to Chapter 10 of Super Attractor it was like a self biography)… it blow me away. Goosebumps, tears, all of it… I think your next undertaking should be a parenting book (although I am sure I am not the first one to suggest this) XoxoxoxO Rebecca

    1. I’m so glad Super Attractor and the blog posts are serving you, Rebecca! Yes, the world is a beautiful place– it’s all about perspective. I honor your journey, sister! xo

  64. Dear Gabby,
    These tips arrived in my inbox just when I needed them. I knew I had to pay attention. I loved all of them and the two that really spoke to me were “Change your story” and the point about protecting my energy. I had been feeling so resentful toward a friend about not showing up for me during a challenging time and your tip confirmed that she just wasn’t able to do that and I need to adjust my expectations. It was very freeing to have this a-ha moment. Thank you so much for sharing your story and guidance xx

  65. Thanks Gabby, you seem to pop up to me exactly when I need you and for that I’m so grateful. I have learned so much from you. I think you may be one of my angels ❤️

  66. Thank you so much Gabby! I can really use these valuable tips in my life at this time. I am so grateful for you and wish you all the best. This was a true blessing from you and the universe for sharing this email today!!!♥️

  67. Thank you for this. The universe directed me to your Instagram at the exact time I needed it, deep in post partum anxiety and insomnia. You gave me the courage and the “ok” to get help. I tried to deal with it myself for 5 months and was at a rock bottom point when I saw your post about the decision to get help. Please don’t stop telling your story and sharing tips like this! They matter so much.

    1. So proud of you, Alexa. Nothing is more important that your well-being. Holding you in lots of love and compassion, sister. xoxo

  68. Receiving this into my inbox today is an absolute God send. I was in a car accident on Saturday with my son and I’m riddled with anxiety since then. I prayed for guidance and help with being resilient and help me to bounce back and this blog feels like it was written for me personally. Thank you so much, Gabby!!

  69. When I saw the email regarding resilience I KNEW the Universe had my back! THANK YOU!!! I NEEDED to read this today. I am sooo grateful for all your teachings, the Miracle Membership and mostly YOU!!

    1. Grateful that you’re here and part of the Miracle Membership community Kanzeana. The Universe has your back, always. xo

  70. Hi Gabby…….perfectly timed…..I saw it it my inbox at 1:11pm today, Jan28th………Thank you for the always helpful information!

    Goin thru some tough times, like a lot of people on this message board. We all appreciate your work in helping us.


  71. Thank you Gabby. I appreciate how candid you are. Your support and resources are wonderful. Thank you for all that you do!


  72. Thank you Gabby for this. I too had my first child in 2019 and am working through the transitions that come with postpartum and motherhood. Returning to work, shifting into this new chapter of my life has challenged me in ways I never thought possible or could handle. But reflecting on the past few months this way brings light to the darkness. Thank you for shifting our perspective as always to a place of light and love.

    1. I’m glad these practices are supporting you during this time of transition, Leah. Sending you big love, sister! xo

  73. Dear Gabby! Thanks for sharing these tips. I found them really useful. I’ve put some of them into practise already. I’d like to see how can I be more resilient after taking into account this: “The best way to clear out any negativity from the past is to honor your experience and celebrate your resilience” xxxx Euge.

  74. ❤️❤️❤️ thx Gabby!!! I really needed to hear this today! Thanks for sharing your story and helpful tips!!!!

  75. It’s very strange. Just had my fiancee on the phone and decided to split up after 12 years, Im very sad and a second later I got your email.
    Its like I needed to read this, thank you for the post.

    1. Divine timing, Honorine. I’m sorry to hear about your break-up. May these practices serve and support you during this time. Know that I holding you in lots of love and compassion. xoxo

  76. Thank you for this Gabby, I will put these into practice immediately. After a huge fight last week, my husband told me he wants a divorce. Please keep me in your prayers. Love and light to you xx

  77. Thank you for these tips Gabby. My life is changing as I am moving to another country and need all the help I can get to adapt to a new life. ❤️

  78. Thank you I am 7 months post partum and dealing with post anxiety and depression. I really needed to hear this. It was because of your bravery to speak openly about your experience, I went on the show The Doctors this past week to open up about my own experience post partum. I’m hoping that someone who sees it will feel less isolated just like your vulnerability and honesty with this issue has made me feel. The ripples keep going and thanks for the post on reminders of ways to keep the healing going!

    1. So proud of you, Katie. Right now, nothing is more important that your well-being. May you continue to be guided to all of the resources and support you need during this time. Sending you big love, sister. xoxo

  79. Thank you to you and the Universe! Exactly what I needed to hear again today! Love and blessings from spirit junkie Reenie

  80. Thank you thank you gabby. I needed to read this and also do the EFT today. I feel so much better after doing both EFT and reading this. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart.

  81. Thank you, Gabby, for your insights and your unabashed willingness to share your joys and challenges with us. Sometimes, when we think we’re the only ones going through a tough time or a rough patch, it’s important to realize that WE ARE NEVER ALONE! In the last few months, I have been able to experience many joyful moments, amidst some family turbulence. When negativity strikes, choosing another thought is very powerful. Being aware of the negative thought is a sign of growth for me. I look forward to your emails and cannot thank you enough for your powerful words. Wishing you only the best! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    1. Amazing, Carol. So grateful that you have experienced this energetic shift. Continue to let your intuition guide you. You’re doing great work! xoxo

  82. Thank you SO much Gabby beautifully and simply put deep truths. On the Manifesting challenge I had unexpected life changing opportunities come into my life once I totally let go and surrendered and then asked for and listened to and acted upon the guidance. My next manifesting challenge is to continue to trust that I am worthy of fully embracing and receiving these wonderful new opportunities into my life. Like building new muscle strength, one workout at a time, I am building new beliefs. Thank you for all your generous wisdom and your demonstration of strength in vulnerability and for so eloquently and simply sharing this process. Bless you.

  83. Today is my 56 birthday. My mom has always said I was resilient and tenacious. I accept this beautiful blog post as the perfect spiritual birthday gift. Thank you.

  84. You have no idea how much I needed this. It’s as if this was a sign from the universe for this to enter my email today. I am going to put those practices to use. You’re an angel Gabby and I am so grateful for you.

  85. Thank you so much, I too have been through a really dark time with overwhelming anxiety last year and you have played a huge part in my healing this year through your book and the manifesting challenge and now this article is just what I need right now to build my resilience. I thank you so so much from the bottom of my heart xxxx

    1. You’re welcome, Helen. I’m so grateful that my work is serving you. Sending you much love as you continue on your healing journey! xoxo

  86. Thank you so much Gabby. You’re so kind to share all those tips. I just really need to be reminded that. I’m really touched by your generosity and your help. I’m so happy for you that you managed to go through this tough experience and felt good now. Wish you all the best and keep feeling good. With Love,

  87. Thank you so much for these insights. I practice meditation. It just feels good. I enjoy the way that tapping rewires my nervous system. I’m 3 weeks into training to walk a half marathon. I’m training with a group and we have excellent coaches. I’m a fan of Dr. Wayne Dyer. I watched him for years on public television, and purchased his whole program. Your message reinforces much of my life experiences and personal spiritual growth. Thank you Gabby.

  88. This e-mail is a sign, especially after just losing my Father to Alzheimer’s and Demensia. It’s been three weeks to the day, I am starting my day with an open heart and willingness to see the signs and benefits from resilience. Thank you Gabby for these email’s and spiritual offerings. Have a beautiful day beautiful souls!

    1. I’m so sorry for your loss, Nicole. I’m grateful that your spiritual practice is supporting you during this time. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. xoxo

  89. Thank you for these 7 ways to heal my resilience
    You always seem to know what I need at the exact moment in my life (you are my mentor)!!
    I will definitely use these!!
    Love to you Gabby❤️

  90. This sentence :
    “ What I learned is this: Sometimes the great stuff can coexist with the tough stuff”
    Is exactly what happened to me in depression in the end of last year. I was succeeding at work has a good life but deep inside I was suffering and questioning why am I not thankful!
    Really, just reading this makes me feel relief ♥️
    I’m committed to these 7 steps to pass through my healing
    Appreciated Gabby

    1. Amazing, Wafaa. I’m grateful that these practices are serving you and that you’ve experienced an energetic shift. xoxo

  91. You are such a beautiful soul Gabby. Your genuine honest spirit makes connecting to your practices and content easy. Day 6 of the 21 day challenge, along with your 5 minute HAR tantrics kundalini meditation for courage (YouTube) has become my daily practice everyday, and I am finally coming out of a 3 1/2 year dark hole after the passing of my mother and a chain of horrific events that followed that. I finally feel hope. I’m learning to shift my perception and find inner peace when things are out of my control. Though I wish it hadn’t taken me until 51 to find a new way, I’m very grateful I found you and your gifts. I look forward to your emails in my box everyday.

    I pray Num 6:24-26 over you and your beautiful work you share with the world ~


    1. I’m so to hear about the loss of your mother, Maria. Grateful that your spiritual work is serving you. It’s never too late to make meaningful change in your life and I’m proud of you for the steps that you’re taking! xoxo

  92. I love that you include EFT, Gabby. It’s a big part of my spiritual/self-care practice. It’s one of my favorite tools in my spiritual toolbox! I recommend it as often as possible 🙂

  93. Thank you Gabby! This hit home on so many levels! I can’t wait ti tey the tapping..heard a lot of great things about this technique to help with panic/ anxiety .

  94. I love these, thank you Gabby! They are such great practical tips to build resilience while practicising surrender and self-compassion. I think focusing on the solution is a great reminder; we all too easily bring way too much energy to the problem and unwittingly keep more of the same coming to us.

  95. Thank you for sharing Gabby, so powerful. Us followers are blessed that whenever you are being ‘refined in the fire’ that because of your strength, wisdom and amazing style you help many more be refined too 🙂 Thanks for reminding us that being spiritual is an ever unfolding thing and that these practices are a daily task. Enjoy Sydney x

  96. Hi Gabby I have been on this spiritual journey for almost a year now, I loved your books The universe has your back and super attractor I have it both on podcasts, I also especially love listening to Abrahams hot seat videos on you tube
    I would like to tell you my story on how my resilience has help me through some very tough times, I have been in bad relationships of abuse I have been raped I have been homeless and still something in me just keeps going, I always have this attitude of I will not let this or that story control my life
    I have overcome loads of obstacles throughout my life, but one thing that has always had a nasty grip on me is around money I always just seemed to either just have enough or not enough at all last year I started my journey as a part Herbalife health coach and that’s where my journey of mind power and spiritual journey also started as I saw a bigger picture of true financial abundance and I realized that I need to first believe it before I can see it.
    Well I am definitely climbing the ladder to that financial abundance but every now and then this insecurity about finances greeps up and bites in the ass then I get into a negative spiral and it takes me an entire day to get back into positive thoughts about money, I know it’s because in that specific moment I am focused on the now and not the promise of the vision and I am using the emotional scale to guide me and I know the reason why I am feeling that way is because I am not thinking what my inner being is thinking, as it is now, I have done the Manifesting Challenge and it has helped me a great deal in identifying where my blocks are and I want to thank you for that, sometimes it take me the whole 15 mins of meditation to reach that quiet place and other days I am flying instantly this is all fairly new to me but I think I have come a long way from where I started, any help or advice on that money energy will help I know it’s blocking what is meant for me….
    would love to talk more about this with you, you are a superhuman ❤️

    1. Abraham-Hicks created a practice called the Prosperity Game, which is a fabulous technique for shifting your vibrational stance around your finances so you can attract abundance. Acknowledge the resistance when it comes up, but then tap into your joy. When playing the Prosperity Game, bring your focus back to fun. What would feel fun to spend the money on? What lights you up and makes you happy?

  97. THANK YOU GABYY, I did the EFT practice while watching the video. The video was very good as a guide. Yes , I’m moving deeper into doing the work both thru meditation and moving thru physical activities such as yoga calm ( a class offered in Sydney) plus other resistance weight training.

  98. Since working hard on letting go and shifting my energy to high vibe ,this has shifted the energies of family members around me.During the toughest moments I now have the tools to switch the energy.
    Super attracting is happening and I am now seeing my sign in creative ways of how it shows up!Freaky but wonderful!Being super aware of appreciation and the driftwood.I am super excited of all the new learnings and choosing change and growth.
    So much
    Gratitude Gabby as so much has happened from doing the 21 day challenge.Appreciate that all the tools are serving me and continuing to.
    Thank you

  99. Thank you for sharing this Gabby. I have postpartum anxiety too (my twins are 17 months old) and I am working through it. I have saved this post

  100. Dear Gabby, in the midst of darkness you have always ‘shown up’ in my life with the right messages at the right time. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for you, your wisdom and guidance. May your journey continue to get better every day for you too.
    You are a blessing to me and so many too ~ Thank you. xx

  101. Hi Gabby I’m so sorry to hear that you have been suffering from post partum depression. I know it’s a terrible thing and unfortunately it can affect women who have suffered a big emotional trauma in their earlier life, so I just wanted to offer you my support and to say that you will come out of this but it might take a bit of time. Going for walks sounds great. Eat well. The good news is that as far as I can tell, it usually only happens in this situation with a first child. I don’t have any children but I am well acquainted with depression and what it feels like and I have a great affinity with how we function in this regard. With best wishes and love. Ann xx

  102. Thank you so very much for sharing your knowledge and teaching …. finding you was a miracle for my new awakening….

  103. Recovering from loss of family members and now my daughter is graduating which is awesome, but also a loss. My energy is low, sleep is limited and my tummy is upset

    Many challenges along the way and I am growing tired of my my ‘pity party table for one’

    Thank you for the perfect timing of this spiritual assignment ❤️

  104. Thank you for your words of spiritual wisdom and healing. I’ve just begun my spiritual journey and have learned so much from you already. I have healed in so many ways already and am so motivated to learn more to support my family and me. Stress and anxiety was taking over while being a caregiver to my husband who suffers from PTSD and traumatic brain injury from combat. It was easy to absorb the negative emotions that these illnesses cause. I appreciate all of the insight and guidance from you and other inspirational authors and spiritual leaders. Thank you for all that you do. You are amazing. ❤ I am excited to continue this spiritual journey.

    1. Thanks for this gorgeous share Meggan. Sending you and your husband lots of peace and continued healing. <3

  105. Thank you for sharing this. I wish you well on your spiritual assignment. If anyone can tackle this it is you. You have a lot of love surrounding you.

  106. Thank you for sharing this blog.
    Very inspiring as I struggle with anxiety daily basis and I have made improvement by doing meditation, exercise like walking, breathing taking the time for a mindful moment, drink less coffee, and best of all I sleep my biggest helpful thing that helps me as I’m at risk of seziures if I don’t get sleep and reduce stress where possible.

  107. Thanks so much for sharing this! It arrives exactly at the right time as I change my own story every day going through some bottoms.
    Love and light!

  108. I resonate with so much you have shared here. I am probably very resilient. When I think of a reed in the marsh, blowing in the wind, it feels like me. I am not at peace, however and/or feel free. I have a deep spiritual connection, daily. I have been using movement to help myself, regularly for the last 2 months. I get up. I show up every day. I keep a gratitude journal. I use art to heal. I have not yet used meditation. I guess I don’t motivate myself and I feel alone with it. No, not alone maybe rather like I don’t know how to begin or I feel if I do I won’t stick with it and I am tired of that. I think I am just tired period.

    1. Hi Lee. It sounds like you have many beautiful spiritual practices. Meditation personally changed my life as did making joy a focus. In addition to your daily practices, what’s something that you can prioritize that is FUN and brings you lots of joy?

  109. I love n°6 and Wayne Dyer thought.
    Today, i m feeling that i did a lot of healing but i feel stuck in the same patterns…so i struggle thinking i did all these and i am kind of in the same place. I am at the right time? path? What more i have to do? will i ever change the lovers i choose.

    1. Hi Nicky. Know that this is a practice. Please be gentle and patient with yourself as you incorporate these steps. Showing up and sharing here is a sign that you are truly ready to make some big shifts.

  110. Wow Gabby! This post was spot on for me. Thank you. I’m going thru a tough time and your post gave me the answers I was looking for.
    On another note, my heart goes out to you. My daughters are 17 and 13 and I also had terrible anxiety when I had them. Yoga and meditating helped me tremendously but I know what you’re going thru. Stay strong and may the Universe guide you to a calmer mind.

    Sat Nam

  111. Wow thank you Gabby! This article is so great to remind us of the simple things we can do consistently to move through things, rather than get stuck and dragged down by our trials and difficulties. I especially love the daily meditation and exercise. Even just 10 minutes of each, done every day, can produce miracles! Thank you for your teachings and your courage. And of course, your resilience!

  112. This is exactly what I needed to hear today! A moment of synchronicity for me this morning; I am already receiving guidance! Thank you Gabby

  113. Wonderful! Thank you Gabby! I had my second baby boy three weeks ago and 9 days later suffered a spontaneous coronary artery dissection- or a heart attack. Supposedly it was caused by pregnancy hormones and is very rare. I’m currently struggling with fear….that it’ll happen again or fear of leaving this planet before I’m ready. So I love hearing about being resilient and changing my fear into love. All of Gabby’s tools are so appreciated

    1. Thank you for this brave share mama. I hope these tools offer you some support. Sending you lots of healing energy and appreciation. XOX

  114. Thank you for sharing all this goodness in one blog! It’s amazing how we can simply shift our perception and say a new prayer to help us on our way and to help us feel better. I love waking up Monday mornings and reading your emails – they inspire me to be my best self and to keep showing up no matter what’s going on around me.


    Lots of love!


  115. Gabby thank you for bringing to the forefront resilience and how we can build it with spiritual practice. Through my personal experiences and what I saw in my professional practice as a nurse I started to learn the importance of resilience. I wish when I was going through these experiences I had fully embraced my spiritual practice. As a nurse I had the knowledge but that it was not always enough. Over the years as I have grown and learned from my clients/ communities I worked with and more recently students that resilience is important and so needed in todays world. We all have the strength within us to bounce back but sometimes we need guidance and support to help facilitate our potential. Since working with you in Spirit junkie level 1 & 2 my understanding has been expanded. I am learning how meditation, EFT and a spiritual practice can enhance our resilience. If it was not for being introduced to you and your practices I would not have been able to see resilience in a new light. Since Spirit Junkie level 2 I have been trying to figure out how I can blend my knowledge of nursing with these spiritual practices. I started to be intentional and use some of the kundalini meditations with my students who I noticed where filled with overwhelming anxiety. I became trained in EFT so that I could not only use it on myself daily but also with my friends, clients and nursing students. I have been afraid to put myself fully out there. I have let my ego and fear rule me instead of leaning into the love. However, seeing this post this morning was a sign from the universe that I am on the right path. Thank you for all that you do and for bringing to light this important topic. >3>3>3 ❤️

  116. What are your thoughts on therapy and manifesting the undesired because you are working through it?

    Example – I’ve had some disturbing thoughts recently and I want to move on but I also want to know what the heck brought them to the surface.

    1. Hi Kody. I believe that Source/the Universe/God works through amazing therapists and highly advocate for seeing a trained therapist. Sometimes when we are in a place of major healing and release, challenging things come up to be healed.

  117. Thank you so much for your transparency and vulnerability to me… I am using all of these techniques and they are working… Love you Gabby.

  118. Dear Gabby,

    I am sending you light and love as you recover from postpartum anxiety. I experienced the same thing after I had my child, and it was very difficult. It will get better, just keep taking it one day at a time like you are. Your baby is so blessed to have you as a mother. You have been such a positive force in my life with your knowledge and advice. Thank you for all of the good work you do. Hope today has lots of joy and peace for you. 🙂


  119. Thank you, thank you, thank you. As always, it was timely and definitely needed. You put into perspective tips that I haven’t fully thought of before and made me change my perspective on a situation I’m going through. I’m going to look at it as a spiritual assignment and trust that it is given to me for a reason. Easier said than done but going to take on your mantra “I’m getting better everyday”

    Thank you again

  120. Gracias Gabby!
    Estos consejos me vienen como anillo al dedo, más en estos momentos. Te lo agradezco.
    Un abrazo desde Chile!

  121. Thank you so much Gabby. I had postpartum anxiety and insomnia as well which lead to adrenal fatigue. I have learned to be kinder to myself throughout. I found yoga nidra which helped immensely at the time. I then didn’t have the lightheaded/dizziness/heavy feeling in my body for awhile. But now it’s back but I trust and know it’s just another layer for me to release. I know my body knows how to heal I just need to give it the space to do so and to love it no matter what and be willing to feel what I feel and not make my emotions/reactions wrong but rather see them with curiosity and know that my body is screaming for love and attention. To feel into what is in the depths and to just allow. This has given more more tools and I trust that I was guided to read this post. Thank you for the prayer, the great EFT tapping (I already did one) and the wonderful meditation. I just did that while the kids play downstairs. I could hear them which normally stresses me out as I can’t get as deep into a meditation. But I said to myself this is a practice and an invitation to go within despite the noises from downstairs to let it go and let them be kids and play! Another lesson in resilience:) Thank you for sharing your story!

  122. These are amazing!!! I can’t say enough about moving your body and the power of walking in nature! It heals the soul on every level . Thank you Gabby for ALL that you do. Knowing that we are not alone in our struggles is very powerful❤️

  123. Thank you for sharing this blog and your journey. Thank you for sharing your talents and gifts. Sending you positive energy, thoughts, vibes, strength, prayers, hugs, healing, light and love. Namaste

  124. Thanks for your words of wisdom.I am sending prayers up for healing and an increase of joy for you.I am excited for this new level of authenticity you are expressing. May we all cherish the light we find in dark times.Yes, that is a true Spiritual Warrior.
    God Bless

  125. Oh Gabby, you are so sweet and open…thank you for your great quote and blog…JUST WHAT I NEEDED♥️ I know i’m growing every day…I just FEEL it‍♀️ and loving it!

    Love you…and keep up your great work So great how you help yourself and others…You are one of my INSPIRATORS and TEACHER

  126. Amazing blog, anxiety is at the forefront for me today. I have a constant spiritual practice, but reading that I should honour what’s up is the message I needed to hear today. Thank you, much love

  127. Dear Gabby, Thank you for your thoughts. I had to look up the word ‘resilience’. It means ‘veerkracht’ in Dutch. It resonated deep in me. I going to make it the theme for my yoga classes this week. Thank you for your inspiration. Always looking forward to your mails. Warmly Anette

  128. Thank you so much for this blog. It has been an incredible tough period in my life and just reading through this blog has given me a new perspective on the issue. Have a wonderful day and blessings for a remarkable day Gabby. <3 <3 <3

      1. Thank you Gabby. These practices are spot on. Sometimes when the waves hit it can be blinding forgetting the life jacket. I do appreciate the reminder today. Much gratitude.

  129. Gabby your prayer for resilience is absolutely beautiful!! It’s really hit home for me lately how much more valuable resilience is than stability. I know having a good routine and healthy habits is key, but ultimately being resilient is so important!! Life is unpredictable, and that’s kinda one of the most amazing things about it! Resiliency is how we keep getting back up and having the courage to shine another day.

  130. Hi, Gabby! I’ve been following your blog since I read The Universe Has Your Back, and I’m so thankful for your guidance; I believe you truly were a godsend. I normally don’t post anything online, but I’ve been following your postpartum journey and feel compelled to tell you it WILL get better. I went through this when my son was born and felt like the rug had been pulled out from under me. No one talks about this at the cutesy baby showers. It’s almost purposely NOT talked about, so I deeply respect your honesty and vulnerability. Just know that it’s perfectly normal what you’re experiencing. You’re just transitioning from a life lived on your own, from doing your own thing to a life now dedicated to another human being that is completely dependent on you. It’s really hard for independent women like us, but I know you’ll ace this assignment just like every obstacle you’ve encountered. It took me time, tears, prayer, and a wonderful, supportive husband, but I got through it…and so will you. My little man is now going through his terrible twos…which is a whole different level of parenting, lol. I wish you the best and the strength you need to adjust. <3

  131. I had the same spiritual assignment given to me after the birth of my first born in November 2012. It shook me hard to the core, but it was the beginning of my spiritual journey and the birth of finding a better version of me. My experience lead me to who I am today and I wouldn’t change it for the world. Your courage in sharing your most vulnerable moments is inspirational and I am positive you will make a difference in many new mums’ lives by doing so. Thank you for your bravery and teachings.

  132. Thank you, Gabby, for embodying and sharing, your beautiful spirit of honesty and integrity. You have been a spark of God for me, many times ..a wonderful solace and an admirable example .. prayers of peace and blessing today and always
    ps have you researched the anti-anxiety effects of st.john’s wort?

    1. Sending big hugs your way Kate! I can’t speak on St. John’s Wort but deeply believe in the healing powers of certain herbs. XOX

      1. Thank you Gabby for this timely advice on the resilience we all need to weather the inevitable storms we encounter in our lives. I am so sorry to hear you have been going through post partum depression and anxiety and I honour your courage and honesty in sharing this. Your work has literally changed my life – a process which is ongoing and which only began after years of struggle when I was drawn to one of your books. I want to thank you and I want you to feel supported by the same love which you have shared with so many – and uplifted by the life changing effects your work has had on so many lives. As you observe – All things do pass and I send my heartfelt desire that you will be healed . I know you will emerge from this time in your life with resilience and grace – sending love and light to you S x

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