I created a special meditation for your avoidant attachment style. It's the Meditation for Opening Your Heart.

This meditation will help you feel safe and protected as you open your heart to others. As you practice this meditation, you will clear space for authentic connection.

Are you ready to heal the patterns that hold you back in relationships?

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The meditation will help you feel confident and safe asking for support — and open you up to receiving it!

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You, my friend, deserve to feel
like you can trust and depend on others.

You have a great sense of independence, and are a natural-born leader.

Now, it's time to open your heart to others. As you let your guard down and let others see the beautiful and unique qualities you possess, you’ll start attracting relationships that are deeply fulfilling …. Relationships that let you be YOU.

Test drive asking for help. Learn to breathe into your emotions. Know that it's safe to ask for help. To help you strengthen your relationships and learn more about how you can share your gifts with others, take advantage of my special meditation offer!

Get your meditation for only $2.99

Please note this product is delivered digitally and is non-refundable.