Attachment Style:


I'm so glad you took this quiz. Your results show that you have an avoidant attachment style—and you are not alone. Many people who had unmet needs as a child create a belief system that carries over into adulthood. You may believe no one can meet your needs, and this greatly affects the way you behave in relationships.

Being avoidant attached means you shy away from closeness and deep emotional connection with others.

You value your personal space and freedom, and pride yourself on self-reliance—but this might come at a cost. Now that you have a broad sense of your attachment style, let's dig a little deeper!

Your attachment qualities include:

  • You may be turned off when a partner is too clingy or emotional.
  • You value independence.
  • You're an excellent decision-maker.
  • You might feel uncomfortable being vulnerable.
  • You pull back when a relationship starts to get serious.

Are you tired of holding back in relationships or pushing people away?

Learn how to lean into vulnerability while maintaining your independence for deeper, more meaningful relationships.

I’m here to help!

I’m here to help!

Hi, I'm Gabby Bernstein, a #1 New York Times bestselling author named a "new thought leader" by Oprah. I've coached millions of people to manifest the life of their dreams. Now you can experience my methods.

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In your guide you will learn:

  • 10 life-changing methods that will teach you exactly how to navigate your relationships
  • Expanded information about your attachment style
  • The exact methods you can use to heal negative patterns in relationships
  • The proven plan for safely connecting to others
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Be proud of yourself for taking the time to read through these results. It's the first step on your healing path. Give yourself permission to honor all you've been through, and all that awaits you on the other side of anxiety. When you have the slightest willingness to heal, you can begin a radical journey of inner transformation. I hope to support you on your journey inward with your Avoidant Attachment Relationship Guide and free Happy Days eBook.

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