Attachment Style:


I’m so excited to help you learn more about your anxious attachment style. I deeply honor any struggles you may have in close relationships, because I used to be anxiously attached too.

Take it from me: Knowledge is power when it comes to this style. The more you understand and honor your anxious style, the easier your relationships will be and the more you’ll be able to relax.

Being anxiously attached means you’re afraid of losing a relationship—even if that relationship is not right for you.

Above all, people who are anxiously attached crave stability and security. Because of that, they tend to cling to relationships. They hide their own needs for fear of pushing the other person away, and can easily feel threatened.

Your attachment qualities include:

  • You’re deeply caring, sensitive, empathetic and attuned to the needs of others and yourself.
  • You’re wary of trusting others, even though you deeply crave the security that comes with trust.
  • You may have low self-esteem, particularly when it comes to relationships.
  • You’re extremely sensitive to the actions and moods of others.
  • You may have experienced inconsistent parenting as a child.
  • True intimacy is one of your highest values, but it doesn’t always come easily.

Are you tired of over-analyzing and doubting all your relationships?

Learn how you can overcome your feelings of insecurity and reach deeper levels of connection with my 14-day Relationship Challenge.



Starts October 1


Starts October 1

Let me be your
relationship coach!

Gabby on devices

In the brand NEW Relationship Challenge,
you will get:

  • Healing meditations to release insecurity and judgment so you can feel more confident in relationships
  • Spiritual exercises to learn how to honor your feelings and improve communication
  • Proven techniques to create healthy boundaries and protect your energy
  • Gentle methods to ease anxiety and develop deeper levels of trust and acceptance
  • Plus a LIVE Relationship Q&A Workshop with Gabby!

It's time to release the blocks holding you back from
deeper connections in your relationships!

This challenge
is perfect for you if ... 👇

  • You struggle to manage your expectations in relationships
  • You avoid speaking up about how you feel
  • You carry the weight of judgment in your relationships
  • You don't know how to set healthy boundaries in your relationships
  • You put others' needs and wants before your own
  • You feel uncomfortable being vulnerable, even with those closest to you
  • You’re ready for more harmony in all your relationships (platonic, professional and romantic!)

Get ready to upgrade your life in a massive way! This is what past challenge participants had to say.

  • This challenge was life-changing for me on so many levels. Gabby, you nailed it again. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
    💚 💚 💚

    Samantha S.
  • I’m over the moon with how much progress I’ve made this month, all thanks to this challenge, Gabby and this amazing group 🙏!

    Lisa G.
  • I just absolutely love the journey I’m on! Challenge? It’s not even a challenge for me. I look forward to the meditations every day! I haven’t slept so well in years, I am controlling my anxiety and learning not to react in anger or negativity.

    Jen O.
  • So beyond grateful for this challenge! It’s something that I didn’t even know I needed, but I am so grateful.

    Theresa S.

Feel more confident,
calm and connected in your
relationships than ever before!

Gabby on devices

This challenge will give you the tools you need to show up for everyone in your life with more compassion and confidence.

How it Works

  • 14 Daily Lessons

    Starting October 1, 2022, you'll get a new audio lesson from me each day. Each lesson builds on the last to help you elevate your relationships. Plus, on Day 14 you’ll get to join me for a LIVE Relationship Q&A Workshop!

  • Guided Practices

    This is the “challenge” part of the Relationship Challenge! Along with each lesson, a short spiritual practice will help each day's lesson fully sink in.

  • Exclusive Member Platform

    Inside your portal you'll find all the daily lessons, meditations and a downloadable digital journal. Your journal includes worksheets to go along with each day's lesson. You’ll have access to the portal through October 24, 2022.

  • Community Support

    Join an exclusive Facebook group of people who are committed to cultivating more love and connection.

The Relationship Challenge content and private Facebook group will be available for 24 days, from October 1 through October 24, 2022.

Check Out What Each
Day Has To Offer!

  • Day 1: Relationships Are Assignments
  • Day 2: Get to Know Your Patterns
  • Day 3: Befriend Your Protection Mechanisms
  • Day 4: Clear Your Energy
  • Day 5: Create Boundaries with Love
  • Day 6: Be Unapologetic About What You Desire
  • Day 7: Special Relationships
  • Day 8: Authenticity is Your Superpower
  • Day 9: Witness Your Judgment Without Judgment
  • Day 10: Write Before You React
  • Day 11: See Through the Lens of Love
  • Day 12: Practice the F Word
  • Day 13: Take Care of Your Side of the Street
  • Day 14: Bring in the Love

About Gabby

I'm a #1 New York Times bestselling author. My 9 books have helped millions of people live their best lives. I started hosting challenges 3 years ago as a way to help people manifest their dreams in a deeper, more intimate way. Through daily lessons and actionable steps, thousands of challenge participants have learned to amp up their Manifesting, Meditation, and Body Love practices in weeks. The Relationship Challenge is NEW for 2022!

By the end of this challenge
you will: 👇

  • Communicate your feelings with clarity and conviction
  • Escape the judgment cycle and finally accept people for who they are
  • Set healthy boundaries in your friendships and in the workplace—with zero guilt or shame
  • Feel safe being vulnerable and open your heart to deeper connection

Don’t miss your chance to add
more love
and connection to all
your relationships

(including the one you have with yourself!).

Join the challenge now and
watch your
life transform
in just 14 days.

Find joy and expansion in every
relationship …
whether you’re in a
romantic relationship or not.

In just 14 days you can experience life-changing
shifts and a spiritual uplevel like never before. See what participants in past challenges had to say.

  • I’m filled with so much gratitude! I’ve been going through some hard things this week with overwhelming grief and fear. Day 9 though … wow … the movement piece was huge for me in releasing the energy I’ve been carrying this week. Thank you, Gabby.

    Jessica L.
  • Last year when I joined the challenge, it changed the trajectory of my life. I have been doing your guided meditation for almost a year now. 🌟Life-changing 🌟

    Vanessa H.
  • Day 4, wow! Still basking in the glow of this meditation. Tears of joy are flowing. I am Whole.

    Kim R.
  • WOW!! 21 days ago I said, ‘I’m doing this challenge, and it’s going to be life-changing for me.’ I truly feel that it was. I have struggled with anxiety most of my life. I’ve never had a tool to help myself truly find my calm and my peace. Meditating has been that for me. Thank you for shining your light upon us. I’m thankful for all that is going to come from it for me in the future.

    Jessie H.

It’s time to stop worrying and obsessing about relationships, and start attracting love and connection with ease.


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Please note that the Relationship Challenge is non-refundable. I believe deeply in the miracles you're about to receive. I urge you to enroll with a commitment to seeing the challenge through.

Have more questions?

  • Q: How does the Relationship Challenge work?
    • A: You'll have a login for an online portal containing all of the challenge content. Starting October 1, every day I’ll send you an email with a link to that day's lesson and some encouragement. Each lesson is delivered as an audio recording from me, and I’ll guide you step-by-step through each day’s practice. Each lesson also includes a worksheet for hands-on practice. The worksheets are included in a downloadable digital journal that can be printed. You'll need between 10 and 20 minutes to complete each daily lesson.

      You can join the private Facebook community to connect with me and other challenge-takers, too.

      You'll have access to the content in the portal through October 24, 2022—giving you plenty of time to complete the challenge if you need a few extra days. If you miss a day, don’t sweat it! You can pick up where you left off and catch up fast.
  • Q: What if I don't complete the challenge in 14 days? How long do I have access?
    • A: After the 14 days of the challenge, you'll have an additional 10 days of access to the content in the portal (through October 24). You'll also continue to have access to the private Facebook group through October 24. Creating a new habit takes accountability and commitment. I’ve created a 14-day container for you to stay consistent on your path—plus an extra 10 days. Consistency is key! Please note that you will no longer have access to the Relationship Challenge after October 24, unless you are a Miracle Member. All Miracle Members receive ongoing access to the Relationship Challenge.
  • Q: What is the refund policy?
    • A: The Relationship Challenge is non-refundable. I believe deeply in the miracles you're about to receive, and urge you to enroll with a commitment to seeing the challenge through.
  • Q: I'm a Miracle Member. Is access to the challenge included in my membership?
    • A: Yes! As a Miracle Member you get access to the 2022 Relationship Challenge. You don't need to do anything; you'll automatically start getting emails from me on October 1.
  • Q: What happens if I purchase the challenge after it has started?
    • A: The challenge begins on October 1 and the last day to register is October 5. If you join the challenge between October 1 and 5, you'll immediately get access to the online portal, including that day's lesson and lessons from the previous days.

      You'll start getting a daily email from me the day after your purchase (you won't be missing out on anything, as all the content is in the online portal). You'll have access to the lessons in the online portal through October 24 if you need a few extra days to finish the challenge.
  • Q: I don't use Facebook. Is it required to take the challenge?
    • A: The 14 lessons will be delivered in the online portal on, so you can take the challenge without joining the private Facebook group. Each lesson is delivered as an audio recording from me, so you'll have me guiding you every step of the way.

      However, all the interaction with other challenge participants will take place in the Facebook group, and I may also supplement the core lessons with posts. It really depends on your preference; some people love interacting with other participants on the Facebook group, while others prefer to keep it simple and just stick to having me guiding them daily.
  • Q: Is this challenge right for me if I’m not looking for a romantic relationship?
    • A: YES! The relationship challenge will elevate every connection you have in your life, whether it's with a friend, a family member or a coworker. The practices you learn inside this challenge will open you up to greater connection and love in every area of your life—not just in romance.
  • Q: Can I take the challenge with my partner?
    • A: Absolutely! This challenge is a very powerful tool for strengthening your relationship with anyone—partners included. The daily guidance and practices are designed for introspection and personal growth, so I encourage you to enroll separately so that you each receive your own personal access to the portal and Facebook community. You can even choose to gift your partner the challenge.
  • Q: Will there be a replay of the Day 14 LIVE Relationship Q&A Workshop with Gabby?
    • A: Yes! A replay will be available in your Relationship Challenge portal.

It's the perfect time to attract and build the relationships you desire with MORE love and connection. Watch your life transform in just 14 days!

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