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Hi Spirit Junkies! This month my theme is authenticity. In my weekly vlogs I will heighten your awareness of how deeply you connect to your inner guidance system. In today’s vlog I invite you to ask yourself, “how deeply am I connecting?”

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    1. I believe this so fully.. this is so important as the seasons change, perception changes and bodes feel the light to honor our truth and however it shows up for us!!
      thanks Gabby

  1. Loving your Vlogs this week- THANK YOU so much! Any tips on how to really connect better during meditation? Esp. when trying to gain more clarity and guidance.

  2. Hi Gabby! I LOVE this today – it was so beautiful, and something I’ve been thinking about this week. I’ve been writing a blog and had recently felt like my posts were falling flat. One morning I woke up with the inspiration to write something deeper and more emotional (something I perhaps would have felt embarrassed to publish before), but five minutes after it went live, the love & support was flowing in. What an amazing feeling 🙂

  3. I think this vlog of yours has resonated with me the most out of them all! Especially in these last few weeks, I have felt so overwhelmed and burden by the thought of having to try and work so hard to accomplish anything in my life. I love that you take us back to this idea of deep connection because ultimately I do believe that is what it’s all about. Thank you for the reminder; it was so timely. As always, Gabby, you rock, and keep on inspiring!

  4. It’s funny Gabby… I had signed up for Deepak’s 21 day meditation, beginning today, and about 5 minutes into the meditation I was getting restless and didn’t feel like doing it anymore. And so you’ve put a piece of the puzzle together for me as I realize it is so not about the time of meditating but the ease and awareness of just being, allowing the Greater field of Life to speak or not to, just quieting myself for a moment or two, or three. So thank you for awakening the awareness within to be motivated not by time but by deep connection. For it only takes but a moment for a revelation, shift of consciousness- a miracle to occur. Silly me.

    From one spirit junkie to the next,

    1. Meg, I signed up for the 21 day meditation challenge too! It was a great first day of meditation – I was restless too – probably putting too much pressure on how it should be so great – instead of just letting it happen. Good luck with the 21 days!

  5. Aloha Gabby and thank you! I recently finished your life-changing 40-day fear cleanse (a xmas gift from my mamabear!) and I have to say the 1 everlasting gift you taught me that I deeply CONNECTED with is the mantra “I choose to have faith in love. I release my faith in fear.” I am now able to repeat this every day, it is a lovely golden nugget right when I need it. It works because I truly 100% believe in it. Whether I say it for 3 seconds or 5 minutes out loud or silently, I am able to connect with my spirit, breathe, and move on. Yes~
    Love you!

  6. Love this!!! As a writer/blogger I can say that the times that I am connected to sharing my truth with readers always results in content that is more well received than when I push, try and slave over my laptop all night to deliver what I think readers may want. Also gives me some food for thought for other areas in my life.

  7. The timing of the universe will never cease to amaze me. I saw a friend of mine today while on campus. We often have dinner and I feel connected to him. Last year and this year I pushed both of them to show at an art fair with me. To my joy they are. But then in my conversation today I found out that they had special meetings with the art fair people and not invited me nor told me about them. My feelings of loneliness and rejection all came flooding back, dredging up loner memories and painful solitude from childhood through now. My first instinct was to be angry at them for rejecting me. All I wanted to do when UI heard was to run away. I came home with my son and went through my emails. I got the weekly VLOG and opened it up. Your message and homework were exactly what I needed. I have spent the rest of the day allowing my feelings of rejection and loneliness to be present in my body. I am trying to analyze where it was I have been inauthentic. It isn’t like I don’t know, but somehow I have allowed myself to use inauthenticity as a protective shell that has perpetuated my moments of rejection and loneliness. Owning the inauthenticity feels oddly good, and a little (maybe a lot) scary. I am sick of just going through the motions and doing what I think I am supposed to be doing in order to find peace. Breaking down the shell I have created in order to expose my glowing inner peace and happiness can happen, and will, but man is it scary to be totally honest and real with myself.

  8. Gabby,
    This message is so amazing, it’s excatly what I needed and was suppose to hear. I’ve been struggling with my morning mediations and prayer and now I totally understand why! I will be signing up for your monthly coaching class. Your messages are inspiring and are changing my life. I want you to know your impact on ME and how special I think you are!!!

  9. Your message brings to mind two phrases! First: “Quality over quantity.” It’s not necessarily about counting how many moments you have so much as making the moments count. It also makes me think of the saying, “Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.”

    As always, thanks for sharing your beautiful wisdom and light, Gabby! Love ya!

  10. Great Blog! I’ve felt at times more connected and then times a disconnect. When I’m disconnected I definitely feel just blah and in a haze. As compared to connected, I feel the energy flowing love & just inspired especially when working my graphic design projects. I’ve been starting meditation & setting my intention everyday to be in the flow not the haze. Because of course the haze is another form of the ego. It’s time to be and stay awake in each moment.

  11. Hi Gabby,

    I was journaling today (yes, doing an ing write) and I felt led to check out your website and then onto your ‘Are you Connecting?’ vlog…I have tears on my cheeks now (happy tears) because the very thing I wrote about struggling with you mentioned – I’m an actress who’s ego has convinced her time and time again that she doesn’t “look” the way she should. No one has ever told me that but my stupid ego!! Where does it come up with this awful stuff?! Haha. Anyhow, crazy synchronicity and perfect timing, of course. Thank you for doing what you do everyday and sharing with me and everyone. I felt like you were talking right to me; eerie but also super cool. I’m letting miracles in 😉 I wish you many blessings today.

    Thank you,

  12. such good advice! all those things are so true! the relationships with ourselves is definitely the most important. it’s so great to cultivate loving just being with yourself 🙂 🙂 when you do that the spirit just seems to flow with you. this week i had a blog reader write it and ask about how to move on after a breakup. I wrote this: and last week i wrote about ways to love yourself: . . . I feel like both so apply to this post. Enjoy guys. Love to you! xoxoxoxooxoxox

  13. Love this! For years I used ‘push’ energy to force myself to get the work done, now I just say ‘what does my heart need’ and honour that – I do less, but with much bigger results, and less stress. I believe this is because being authentic and open with yourself feels like coming home. xx

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